For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 14

Wan Kun sits down on the sofa, He Li Zhen opens the lid. She has washed her hands. She then looks at him. Wan Kun has thrown his bag to the side. He lifts up the hem of his tee. He takes off his tee.

He Li Zhen suddenly turns her head and goes to wash her hand again.

Wan Kun is waiting for her there with his bare back. He doesn’t look awkward. Wan Kun’s skin is a bit dark. He is muscly. Moreover Wan Kun looks like he is proud of her body. He unconsciously spread out his arm and shows his flat belly. He wears his jeans low, he could see a bit of his skin under the belly.

He Li Zhen finishes washing her hands and walks to him. She stops behind him.

“Bend over.”

Wan Kun shifts his body and bows down his body like a big shrimp. He Li Zhen looks at his back. She just forgets her awkwardness again.

“Why is it so serious?”

He Li Zhen opens her eyes big as Wan Kun’s back is all red. He seems hasn’t treated it at all.

Wan Kun says: “It’s okay.”

He Li Zhen bites her lips and then takes a basin of clean water. Then she puts a bit of salt. She takes a towel and wipes his back lightly.

“Is it hurt?”

Wan Kun shakes his head.

He Li Zhen looks at his side face: “Are you hurt?”

He Li Zhen knows that it should be so painful, she says with a low voice: “You… you are great..”

Wan Kun suddenly laughs for a while, he sounds like a bit cocky and proud. He Li Zhen looks at him but he doesn’t look at her.

He Li Zhen smears it on his back, she looks so serious, she says nothing for a while.

“Lao Shi….” Wan Kun suddenly speaks up.

He Li Zhen stops for two seconds because of his words. She really wants to ask him. Didn’t he say that in the future she should not think him as her student anymore?

But she doesn’t say anything, she thinks it’s normal for a young student like him to change thier mind easily. She doesn’t need to think too much aboutit.

Wan Kun looks at his palm and says: “Your hands are too cold.”


He Li Zhen takes her hands off his back and says: “It’s cold?”

“Then…. I will wash my hands with warm water then I’ll smear it again.”

“No need just continue.”

He Li Zhen says: “Didn’t you say that my hands are cold?”

Wan Kun plays with his hand: “It’s comfortable to be a little cold.”

He Li Zhen looks at him for a while and then she just continues to smear the ointment. She thinks about his words and just realizes that his back is so warm.

When she is done, He Li Zhen asks Wan Kun to wear her clothes again. Wan Kun nods and sits down on the sofa.

He Li Zhen says: “Sit down here for a while, I want to make a call.”

Wan Kun watches her go inside the room, she makes a call.

The sofa is closed with the door so Wan Kun could hear her voice clearly.

“Right, Peng Qian, It’s me.”

“Today I’m not going to work, is there any problem?”

“Oh, okay….”

“Ah, nothing happened, I’m not sick.”

“Okay, thank you. I’ll go to work tomorrow. Goodbye.”

The call is short, she just says few words. Then she goes outside the room. Wan Kun is still there on the sofa and watching her.

He Li Zhen closes the door and goes to her working table: “When would you leave?”

Wan Kun looks at her and says calmly: “If you don’t want me to stay, then I’ll leave now.”

“The medicine is not dry yet, how could you leave?”

Wan Kun is calm and looks at the other side, he takes his clothes and stands up. He Li Zhen sees that he wants to do something. She just says —-

“Eat lunch before you go.”

Wan Kun stops and watches her again.

He Li Zhen says to him. “Get a rest, I’ll work now.”

She says it and then goes to her working table. After a while, she hears a noise. Wan Kun seems to sit down on the sofa.

What time should she cook?

He Li Zhen looks at her watch. They returned from Wan Kun’s house at 06:00 a.m., now it’s 10:00 a.m. He Li Zhen sighs, it feels like a whole day.

She puts down her book and then takes her notes. He holds his pen and writes down something.

She is focused on her works that she forgets about Wan Kun for a while.

When she is done making notes, she puts down her pen and releases her breath. She looks around and notices there’s no Wan Kun.


He Li Zhen stands up and walks around, then she notices that Wan Kun is asleep on the sofa.

She doesn’t know when he fell asleep. He has his clothes on, his shoes on the floor. He nests on her sofa. He Li Zhen’s sofa a single sofa. It’s not big.

He seems not having a good sleep.

He Li Zhen watches him for a while then she goes to the fridge. She opens it up and looks at the ingredients inside it.

She thinks what should she prepare for meal.

He Li Zhen just takes out several bowls of flour, then she fills another bowl with water.

She breaks the egg, mixes the eggs. She adds it to the flour….. Every time He Li Zhen does each procedures, she will glance at Wan Kun. But all along Wan Kun seems to be undisturbed, he sleeps too soundly.

He Li Zhen starts to be relieved and doesn’t look at him. She just cooks with full concentration.

She places the frying pan on the stove, she starts cooking.

During cooking, she suddenly hears something.

“… What are you cooking?”

He Li Zhen slips her bowl. She just picks up the bowl, the flour is sprayed out on the floor.

He Li Zhen turns on the stove and turns her body. She looks at Wan Kun.

“Next time could you give any sign? Don’t surprise me like this?”

Wan Kun just wakes up, he even haven’t worn his shoes. His hair is so messy. He just nods and says: “Okay.”

He Li Zhen looks at him and frowns, she continues to cook. Wan Kun yawns and says: “Where is the bathroom?”

He Li Zhen says: “Inside the room.”

Wan Kun just gets inside the bedroom, He Li Zhen sighs.

He Li Zhen’s apartment has a simple layout, the living room and the kitchen are outside, the bathroom is inside.

It’s the first time Wan Kun gets inside her bedroom, the bedroom is not big. She could smell a faint perfume smell. The room is neat and tidy. The sheet and blanket are in light yellow color. There’s a panda design on it. Wan Kun laughs when he sees it.

He gets inside the room. Wan Kun stands in front of the vanity unit for a while. He looks at the mirror expressionlessly for a while. Then he washes his hands, face and neck.

There’s a pink towel beside, but Wan Kun doesn’t use it. He lowers her head and lifts up his tee to swipe his face. The time he comes out of the bathroom, he notices the clothes hanger.

There’re few clothes hanging there. There’re two panties over there.

The panties are in white and plain. There’s no pattern. It’s so small.

Wan Kun looks at it for a while and raises his eyebrow. Then he scratches his belly then goes out of the bathroom.

There’s a smell of the food in the living room. Wan Kun stands behind He Li Zhen and unconsciously glances at her bottom. He guesses that now she should be wearing the same pattern of panties.

Wan Kun thinks and thinks about it, he wants to touch it.

He Li Zhen flips the pancake with spatula, Wan Kun suddenly regains himself. He takes his hand back and comes over. He asks: “What are you cooking?”

This time He Li Zhen isn’t surprised, she doesn’t even look at him and answer: “Egg pancake. It’ll be done soon. Arrange up the table.”

Wan Kun nods. He walks toward the table, then he notices the chubby gold fish.

He Li Zhen adds ham and julienned potato for the egg pancake then she rolls it up. She looks at Wan Kun and notices he is not arranging the table but he is playing with her pet fish.

“…..” He Li Zhen puts down her spatula and goes over: “What are you doing?”

Wan Kun says: “I help you to feed your fish.”

He Li Zhen lowers her head and looks at the fish bowl. There’s a pile of food fish there. He Li Zhen takes the fish ball and transfers the gold fish to another fish bowl.

Wan Kun says lazily: “It’s wasteful.”

He Li Zhen turns her head and says to him: “You cannot feed the fish this way.”

“Then how should I feed it?”

“Haven’t you heard that a fish could be fed to dead, a flower can be watered till dead?”


He Li Zhen looks at him.

Wan Kun looks at her innocently. “I never hear of it.”

He Li Zhen just puts the fish bowl back on the table. “Arrange the table, hurry up.”

Wan Kun arranges the table, He Li Zhen places the egg waffle on the plate. Each one of them get one plate.

There’s no excess chair on the table, He Li Zhen thinks of a way. But before that, Wan Kun already takes a stool over. He Li Zhen glances at him and lowers her head and starts eating.

Wan Kun makes a clan sweep of the food. Less than two minutes, he has finished the egg waffle. The time He Li Zhen lifts up her head, he just looks at her with his miserable expression.

He Li Zhen looks at him for a while and says dryly: “It’s done.”


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