Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 465

“Little brat, how could you never act that warmly and kindly toward Gu Gu?” He Yi Yi sees that He Chi Zhou acts like a man who is family-oriented and protective. She is quite jealous.

This little brat. Though she never really looks after him but she watches him grow up. When he was a baby, she used to change his diaper too. He is a thankless one. How could he treat an outsider better than his own family.

Dou Weir feels happy to see how He Chi Zhou act, she hugs him and says: “Thank you Zhou Zhou. Mama isn’t in pain anymore. But Zhou Zhou is a grown up now. You should walk by yourself.”

“Then in the future if I have a Di Di (brother), does Di Di need to walk by himself too?”

“Of course, no matter who is it. As long as he could walk, he should walk by himself. Papa Mama also walk by themselves. Gu Gu also walks by herself. Ye Ye Nai Nai (Grandpa & grandma), Tai Nai Nai (Great grandma) also walks by herself. Zhou Zhou, why do you need to be held?”

Zhou Zhou doesn’t really understand about it, but he also doesn’t ask to be held anymore. Dou Weir holds his little hand. He Yi Yi just takes them around the house.

When they are in the garden, there’s swing. Zhou Zhou wants to play with it. Dou Weir holds him to let him sit on the swing and she pushes him lightly.

He Ji Fan watches them from the window of the library. He looks gentle and soft.

He Zhang Ju stands beside him and notices his gaze, he pats his shoulder and says: “You little brat, you love to play around. I thought that you will play around for your whole life. I don’t expect you to be conquered easily.”

He Ji Fan leans on the window lazily and says: “At first I planned to be, but after all life is short. I could only play around for several years.” Who knows that the time he was with Dou Weir, he felt that he is satisfied.

“Alright, we are done right. I’ll go down now.” He Ji Fan goes out. He uses the back door and goes toward Dou Weir and He Zhou Zhou. Dou Weir notices his footsteps and looks at him. “You are done?”

The sunlight of May is very bright and beautiful.

He Ji Fan comes over and lowers his head. He kisses her. “It’s too hot and bright, aren’t you afraid that you’ll get sunburnt? How could you play here?”

Dou Weir is shocked to be kissed. She looks around. She notices that no one is around. She is relieved. “Don’t act this way. It’s not good.”

Not all of his family members aren’t accepting her. What would they think of her if they see how they act intimately?

“You are my future wife, who would dare to mind me if I want to kiss you?” He Ji Fan doesn’t care and he just holds Dou Weir’s waist.

Dou Weir steps on his foot. “Zhou Zhou is here, couldn’t you control yourself?”

“It’s too troublesome.” He Ji Fan lowers down his head and looks at He Chi Zhou’s big eyes. He lets her go.

Dou Weir glares at him. “He is your son, how could you say that he is troublesome.”

He Ji Fan sits down on the outdoor rattan chair beside the swing. He looks at Dou Weir and says: “Wei Weir, if Zhou Zhou is not my son, will you treat him well too?”

Dou Weir laughs: “Not your son? You fond of being daddy? Then let me congratulate you first.”

He Ji Fan: “……” This d*mn young girl.

He Chi Zhou seems to not listening to them, he just plays happily.

When it’s lunch time, the maid calls them over to have lunch together.

Yun Xi Miao has left. Chen Meng feels panic to see the foxy Dou Weir. She looks at how close Zhou Zhou is with her.

“Zhou Zhou, come and sit down beside Nai Nai.”

Zhou Zhou is unhappy, he curls up in Dou Weir’s embrace.

Chen Meng is so angry. Her son is not listening to her, now her three years old grandson is also unwilling to listen to her.

Chen Meng comes over and takes Zhou Zhou. She says to the maid. “Move his plate beside me.”

Zhou Zhou pouts and looks at Dou Weir with his teary eyes.

Dou Weir knows she cannot say anything about it as she hasn’t married into He family. After all He Chi Zhou isn’t her biological son, it’s not good for her to say much.

Moreover she is feeding her own grandson.

Dou Weir glances at He Ji Fan. He Ji Fan could say something. He is He Chi Zhou’s father.

He Ji Fan just stays silent. It’s great that now that little brat will not tire Dou Weir.

During that meal, He Chi Zhou looks so miserable. His tears keep coming. He looks so heartbroken. Finally, Old Madame He speaks up and lets the maid moves Zhou Zhou to Dou Weir’s side. He Chi Zhou turns happy.

“Weir ah, in the future please take care of Zhou Zhou. He has no mother since he was young. He is an unfortunate kid. You guys should have fate with each other that he could easily admit you.”

Chen Meng says: “It’s not settled yet. Who knows what will happen in the future.

He Ji Fan serves Dou Weir a bowl of soup and says: “I am planning to get register our marriage first tomorrow, then will discuss what happen next.”

“I disapprove!” Chen Meng is so furious: “Marriage is a big thing, it’s not a child play. How could you be so careless, you should consider it.”

“I already consider it clearly.” He Ji Fan says.


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