Walking through Fire for You 《他从火光中走来》by Er Dong Tu Zi 《耳东兔子》~ Synopsis

Taken from: https://www.yanqingla.com/taconghuoguangzhongzoulai/


When Nan Chu was sixteen years old, her house was on fire. She was locked inside the room. In a daze, she saw a man with firefighter uniform. He emerged from fire and walked toward her.


As the female leading role in upcoming movie called <<Pao Hong Qian Nan You / a bombarded ex-boyfriend>>. She joined a variety to promote it. She lost the game and punished to call her ex-boyfriend. Nan Chu called Lin Lu Xiao. All people were watching her an waiting for the man to answer the call.

Du—- Du—- Du—— it’s hung up.

Every star on the sky is the martyr of life ——Nan Chu

My life is for my country, but my heart is hers —— Lin Lu Xiao


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