Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 460

Dou Weir thinks a lot about it, but it’s just her guess. She also knows that she asks Hu Jing directly about it, Hu Jing will not admit it.

The third day during the breakfast, Hu Jing suggests that she is going to go back to Jing City because the funeral process of Old Madame Dou is done right now.

Before her marriage with Dou Jin Wen, Dou Weir had helped them to pay for the down payment and renovation so they have apartment to live in.

“Then should I go over and help you to raise Miao Miao over there?” Mother Dou also wants to live in the city. But she couldn’t deal with her ‘great’ daughter-in-law. She never lets her and Father Dou to come over and live at their place.

“No need, it’s inconvenient for you to go over there. I’ll raise Miao Miao by myself. It’ll be troublesome for you to move around.” Hu Jing always use different reasons to refuse.

Mother Dou feels unhappy about it: “That apartment is from us, we bought it and renovated but we never stay there. Our neighbors are laughing at us because of it….”

“Ma, we have agreed at the first that you that we will not live together.”

“Nai Nai just be buried, is it appropriate for you to fight to leave? Is it good?” Dou Weir suddenly speaks up. “Da Ge Da Sao, before Nai Nai passed away, she loves you guys dearly. Everyone says that after seven days, it’s the last day to see each other. That time if Nai Nai doesn’t see you guys here, she would be very sad. We shouldn’t let Nai Nai look for you at the city right?”

Hu Jing feels something wrong in Dou Weir’s words, she couldn’t help but to imagine the last moment between her and Old Madame Dou.

Of course Mother Dou tries to help her daughter-in-law to sepak up: “Xiao Jing could go back, if she wants to go back. Here there’re two of us. Ma would be okay. We will not let her starve.”

Dou Weir looks at Dou Jin Wen: “Da Ge, what do you think?”

Dou Jin Wen receives the warning from Dou Weir. Now he couldn’t contact He Yi Yi, he does not know what is going on. Maybe in the future he still needs Dou Weir’s help. Now he shouldn’t offend her. “Mei Mei (Little sister) is right. We should wait after seven days. We should stop other people wanting to talk bad about us. Xiao Jing, Nai Nai loves you the most.”


“Of course it’s better for you to stay. You have a big house, it’s empty. What if Nai Nai comes over there and scare you. It’s better to stay here, where a lot of people are around.

Hu Jing’s face turns pale.

Dou Weir once again reminds her that Old Madame Dou will look for her. She keeps on imagining it. Her body turns cold.

Hu Jing forces herself to smile: “Then, then okay….”

After the breakfast, Hu Jing gets into her bedroom again. Dou Jin Wen and Father Dou go to do their business. Mother Dou is busy cleaning up. When Dou Weir is home, usually Mother Dou will ask Dou Weir to clean up. But because of He Ji Fan, she does nothing.

“Do you like kid so much?” He Ji Fan looks at how happy Dou Weir plays with Miao Miao. These days she was sad, but today she is getting better. He Ji Fan thinks about the moment of how happy Dou Weir was when she played with Jing Bo Yuan’s triplets and Zhou Zhou. Though she hates Shi Ying, but she could treat Zhou Zhou well, it means that she likes kids.

“Kids are cute.” Dou Weir lifts up Miao Miao’s chin and wipes his mouth.

Dou Weir continues to He Ji Fan: “He Ji Fan, your choice to be with me, in the future you might not be able to have other kids.”

“Then we could spend days with just two of us, it’s great too.” He still remembers Dou Weir’s words.

“I’m afraid that you will regret.” Dou Weir says. “but you have no time to regret anymore.”

He Ji Fan gets closer to her. “You could try it out whether I will regret it or not.”

His gesture is a bit shady, Dou Weir’s face turns red, she pushes him. “It’s better for you to be more serious.

Dou Weir opens up her mouth, she wants to say something. She glances from her side eyes that Hu Jing is coming out from her bedroom and going to the back of the house.

Dou Weir looks at He Ji Fan for a while and follows her silently.

The toilet in the village is a pit toilet, it’s hard thing explain the cleanliness. Hu Jing used to grow up on the village but she also could not bear it. She holds her nose and tries to look up. She finally hears Dou Weir’s voice.

“Why are you calling me? You sound so mysterious. You are asking me to find somewhere without anyone. Alright, now there’s no one around. Talk to me.”

Hu Jing immediately holds her breath in concentration. She feels that Dou Weir will say something mysterious.


Dou Weir pauses and says: “Are you crazy? How could you not like anyone else? Why should you like my Da Ge? You should know that he has wife and son. You are acting like you are a mistress. Your Ge will not let you off, he knows about it. What is so good about my Da Ge that a daughter of rich family like you could like him?”

“What? You are pregnant? He Yi Yi….. You…. what do you want me to say? When was it? You just got to know my Da Ge? How could you guys… Ahyoo, you guys make me so furious!”

“Alright, alright, dont cry anymore. You are Ji Fan’s Mei Mei (younger sister), of course I’ll support you. But does Da Ge know about your pregnancy? ….. He has known about it? What did he say? Did he say that he would marry you? Why should you worry? It’s okay if Da Sao doesn’t agree to divorce him, I’ll help you.”

“Don’t worry. My Shu Shu Shen Shen (Uncle and Auntie) will like you. I know him too well. They should know who should they choose. Em. Don’t cry. Tonight I’ll talk to them, we would think how to kick out the Da Sao, then letting you guys married.”

Hu Jing is so furious that her body is shaking so hard.

How could they want to do thi!

“Ah!’ This time Dou Weir screams. She continues: “He Ji Fan, since when you are here, you scare me!”

“Who are you talking with?” He Ji Fan says.

“No, No one…..” Dou Weir is a bit diffident. “Ahyoo it’s too smelly here, let’s go back.”

“Who is pregnant?” He Ji Fan seems to be pursuing this question.

“You heard all of these?” Dou Weir says weakly. “It’s , it’s Yi Yi. She said that she, she is pregnant with my Ge’s kid…. Don’t be angry. Listen to me. It’s too late. It’s nothing you could do even though you are angry. Yi Yi said that she also likes my Ge. I think it’s better to bless them. Then all of us will be closed right?”

“Dou Weir! How could you think that way? Don’t forget your Ge is married!” He Ji Fan is furious.

“Da Ge already said that he wants to divorce Da Sao. Wait till they are divorced and Da Ge will marry with Yi Yi. Anyway Da Ge and Da Sao have no feeling with each other anymore. Sooner or later they would divorce. Ji Fan, Yi Yi is pregnant. She and my Ge are in love with each other. Let them marry okay? What do you think?”

He Ji Fan is silent for a while, before he says: “That dead girl, how could she not conduct herself with dignity? I’ll settle with her later!”

“Then you are agreeing?” Dou Weir is surprised.

“You are siding with her now, how could I not support you guys?” He Ji Fan is helpless.

“Our hard problem is only making Hu Jing agree to have a divorce. Now I’ll go to Shen Shen and discuss what we should do to Hu Jing. Oh it’s great if Da Ge marries with your Mei Mei. All of us we have higher status….”

“You ah. Couldn’t you cover up your greediness? Don’t worry. In the future, you guys will have He family on your side.”

“Ji Fan, you are so great!”

Hu Jing is still holding her breath, she is biting her lips.

So it turns out these people are forgetting what is right at the sight of profit!

They want to rise into high status? Dream on!

Hu Jing is so furious that she forgets what her father ordered her. She puts on her pants and goes back to the house. This time Dou Jin Wen and Father Dou are back from the city. Mother Dou and Dou Weir are talking with them. Dou Weir is saying something with a low voice.

Hu Jing runs toward them! They should be talking about kicking her away.

Mother Dou is holding a basin of water, Hu Jing takes the basin and splashes the water to Dou JIn Wen’s face.

“Let me tell you Dou Jin Wen and all of you! You want to kick me away and enjoy a new rich life, dream on!”

“Hu Jing, you are crazy!” Dou Jin Wen is so angry.

Mother Dou is unhappy to see how Hu Jing treats her son. She pushes her: “Why are you splashing the water to my son?”

“I’m crazy, but that is all because of you! Alright, Dou Jin Wen, I’m so stupid. You just met her, yet you could make her pregnant? You want to kick me out to marry her? Dream on! I’ll not agree for a divorce. I want He Yi Yi to be a mistress and your kid be scolded as illegitimate kid!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Dou Jin Wen doesn’t understand Hu Jing’s words, he feels that this woman is too unreasonable. How could he like this woman.

“Stop pretending. You guys want to get rid me. I was so blind to want to marry shameless person like you!”

“What are you talking about? What do you mean he is shameless? Aren’t you shameless too? That time your family said they are marrying their daughter, yet they were acting like you are ‘selling daughter’. You guys were asking for house and betrothal gift. For the betrothal gift, you just wanted for more than 100,000. Your Hu family is very great.You should take a look at your first, you are not even graduated form high school. If not because of how Jin Wen like you, you think I’ll take you as my daughter in-law?”

Mother Dou is protecting her son.

“Da Sao, aren’t you making a fuss for compensation? How much do you want? Just tell me. We are all experienced ones, you should hurryup!”

Dou Weir wants to provoke Hu Jing.

Hu Jing laughs coldly at He Ji Fan and says: “This greedy family, how could you treat her well? How could you let your Mei Mei to marry to this kind of family?”

He Ji Fan is expressionless: “As long as Weir is happy, then it’s okay!”

“Huh!” Hu Jing is laughing furiously and then she looks at Dou Weir: “What about you? What do you want? If Dou Jin Wen and He Yi Yi are together, what will you get?”

Dou Weir is serious: “We are family.”

“Family? He harmed Nai Nai. Don’t you have a good relationship with Nai Nai? How could you help him? You are unfilial!” Hu Jing roars.

Father Fu and Mother Fu are worried about their daughter so they come over to visit her. They don’t expect that from the front door, they could hear the roar from their daughter.

Father Hu is worried so he quickly gets inside.

Dou Weir stands there with her hands clutched, she acts like she is shock and surprised. “You are too funny. Nai Nai was having a relapse so she passed away. Da Ge should have nothing to do? You think you could instigate us?”

“Xiao Jing!” Father Hu and Dou Jin Wen call after her at the same time.

Hu Jing has lost her rational, she doesn’t listen to both of them. “If it’s not because Dou Jin Wen and He Yi Yi were too shameless and kissing. If he didn’t ask for divorce, how could I go over to the hospital and find Nai Nai. Nai Nai was so furious when she heard how Dou Jin Wen wanted to have a divorce! Dou Weir, please don’t help the one that caused Nai Nai’s death!”

“Xiao Jing!” Father Hu is filled with bitterness. He slapped Hu Jing.

Hu Jing is stupefied: “Papa?”

“Are you drunk? What nonsense are you talking about?” Father Hu is so furious that his face turns red.

“I….” Hu Jing looks around. “It’s….. It’s Dou Jin Wen. He and He Ji Fan’s Mei Mei were together, she even get pregnant. All of them want to kick me out. Then let him marrying He Ji Fan’s Mei Mei (Younger sister). Pa, they are bullying me!”

“Right, right, just like this, Pa, Ma. All of them are bullying me! You should support me!”

“Hu Jing, what are you talking about? I and Yi Yi are friend, how could you say that she is pregnant? Are you crazy? Nai Nai just passed passed away, how could you want to make a fuss for our family?” Dou Jin Wen really hates this idiot, how could he like this very idiot woman.


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