For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 13

Wan Kun sits on that rock for the whole night, He Li Zhen just watches him for the whole night.

After the midnight, He Li Zhen is too sleepy. She dozes off. Her sense turns blurred. She cannot see Wan Kun anymore.

Wan Kun keeps on smoking. Till late night, he has finished a box.

He Li Zhen dozes off yet she doesn’t have a good sleep. She wakes up. The time she wakes up, she notices that she is on a hard bed. Her head is in pain, she sits down.

Beside the bed side, there’s an old sofa. He Li Zhen sits down and notices Wan Kun is sleeping on the sofa.

He Li Zhen looks around. This room is very small, she looks at the window. She knows that it’s Wan Kun’s house.

She gets off the bed and finds her back. She looks at the time. Then she looks at her phone. She opens the door silently and makes a call.

Now it’s 06:00 a.m., the head of teacher Jiang hasn’t even woken up, but he answers the call.

“…. Hey? He Lao Shi?”

He Li Zhen says with a small voice: “Sorry, He Zhu Ren (Head of teacher He) to call this early. I’m He Li Zhen.”

“em, it’s okay. What is it?”

He Li Zhen says: “Today, I’m unwell today, Could I ask for half day leave?”

“You are unwell? Are you sick?”

He Li Zhen forces herself to lie. “Myabe….”

“It’s okay. That time I’ll arrange the class. Get rest.”

“Okay, so sorry to trouble you.”

She puts down her phone and returns to the bedroom. She keeps on looking at her phone and notices that there’re another canvas shoes. She lifts her head up and notices that Wan Kun is standing in front of her.

He Li Zhen says: “Why don’t you make any noise?”

Wan Kun lowers his head and looks at her. He says nothing.

He Li Zhen looks at the bed and says: “Last night you took me home?”

Wan Kun just looks at her coldly and answers: “Yes ah, I couldn’t act like someone who took someone home and kicked him out.”

He Li Zhen’s body turn stiff and her face also changes.

“Why do you think those are same! Do you know what did you do?” She says. Looking that Wan Kun is about to speak up, she immediately cuts him off: “Let’s not talk about it, you also need to forget it.”

Wan Kun just watches her, He Li Zhen suddenly doesn’t dare to lift up her head. She comes over and holds her handbag. She says: “I leave first. Remember to come over to the school.”

He Li Zhen wants to open the door, but a hand stops her.

He Li Zhen doesn’t even turn her head, she just says: “Wan Kun, let go. I want to go back.”

Wan Kun’s voice is on the top of her head, it’s low. She couldn’t make out how he feels.

“I’m poor, my family is poor. You despise me right?”

That moment, He Li Zhen’s heart is twisted. She feels sorry for her. She is silent for a while and says: “Indeed I have a lot of things that I despise you, but I never despise you for being poor.”

Wan Kun doesn’t say anything. Both of them just stand there for a while. Wan Kun moves his hand. He Li Zhen opens the door and wants to go out. Wan Kun holds her wrist and takes her back to the room.

“Wan Kun —-!”

“Wait here, I’ll look for a taxi for you.” Wan Kun says lightly and then he leaves the room.

He Li Zhen looks at his figure from the window.

She looks around the house and someone comes out.

Wan Kun’s Papa, Wan Lin.

After Wan Lin comes out, he tidies up the things. Then he looks at He Li Zhen, who is inside the room. He doesn’t expect that He Li Zhen is awake. The time their gazes meet, he just turns his head away.

At first He Li Zhen wanted to nod her hand and go out of the room, but she looks around the house. She feels she should greet his father. But where is the mother? He Li Zhen remembers the scolding of the bald man and makes a guess.

The time her mind is still in chaos, Wan Kun comes back home. He enters the house and says to He Li Zhen. “I’ve gotten one, wait for me a while.”

He takes out his backpack and says: “Let’s go.”

He Li Zhen looks at him: “You are leaving with me too?”

Wan Kun says: “Em.”

They go out of the house and He Li Zhen asks Wan Kun: “Aren’t we going to say goodbye with your father?”

Wan Kun says: “No need.”

This time the sky is turning bright, the view around is quite good.

Wan Kun is holding his backpack. His steps are a bit slouching. But he is walking faster than He Li Zhen.

He Li Zhen tries to speed up.

Wan Kun doesn’t get a regular taxi but unlicensed taxi. Except the front passenger eats, there are six seats. The time they get in, there are four people inside. They sit at the back seat.

He Li Zhen gets on and sits down. Wan Kun sits down beside him.

He Li Zhen is petite so she feels okay to sit down like this.

But for Wan Kun, it’s clear that it’s quite stuffy.

The car is full so it starts to drive away.

After they are on the car, Wan Kun just closes his eyes. He Li Zhen looks at him.

“What are you looking at?”

He Li Zhen is so surprised, Wan Kun doesn’t move. He doesn’t even open his eyes.

He Li Zhen doesn’t know how could he know that she is looking at him. Wan Kun doesn’t move, he also doesn’t open his eyes.

He Li Zhen just looks at her hands. Then she suddenly realizes something. She turns her head and looks at him. He is holding the crossbar and doesn’t lean back on his seat.

“What are you looking at…..” He seems to be impatient.

He Li Zhen says: “Your…”


He Li Zhen feels it’s hard to talk, she says: “Your back, is it well now?”

Wan Kun pauses and finally knows what she is looking at. He lets go the crossbar and folds her hands in front of his chest. He leans back and says: “I’m okay.”

He Li Zhen looks at him and says: “If you feel painful, then don’t lean back.”

Wan Kun says nothing.

He Li Zhen feels that he has made her be impatient, He Li Zhen holds his arm and notices that his arm is stiffen. She doesn’t care too much about it and drags him to sit up.

He Li Zhen looks at his back and notices a red mark on it. She is panic.

“You… how could it be so serious? Why don’t you treat it?”

Wan Kun is indifferent: “It’s okay.”

“What do you mean it’s okay? It’s a boiling water, you ——“

Wan Kun suddenly laughs. He looks at her and says: “You were the one that splashed it. You should be so angry that time. If you splashed it to my face supposedly, I’ll have a damage face”

He Li Zhen doesn’t say anything.

“Don’t let me remember what happen that day. Next time if you dare to mess things up, I’ll also splash you.”

Wan Kun says nothing and He Li Zhen continues: “Later on I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No need, I’m okay.”

“If the doctor says that you are okay, then I’ll not say anything.”

The car keeps on moving for two hours before the car reaches Yang City. He Li Zhen feels nauseous. She feels that Wan Kun should be more tired that her.

But when she looks at him, she doesn’t notice any hint of tiredness from his face.

They get off the bus and He Li Zhen says; “Let me take you to the hospital.”

He Li Zhen gets a taxi. She doesn’t know which hospital is the nearest one. She asks Wan Kun about it. Wan Kun thinks about it and tells the driver an address.

He Li Zhen dozes off on the taxi. She just wakes up when they arrive. She gets off the taxi and notices that they are at the road behind her apartment.

“Wan Kun?”

Wan Kun looks at her without any expression, he says: “Do you still have that burning ointment?”

“Yes, at home.”

Wan Kun nods.

“What do you want to do? You want to go up?”

Wan Kun looks at her: “Treat my wound.”

“I want you to go to the hospital, you—-“

Wan Kun seems to dislike the fact this woman is wasting too much of his time. Without waiting for He Li Zhen to finish her words. He just turns his body and leaves.

He Li Zhen stands there for a while, she is tired and hungry. Wan Kun is gone so she just walks and follows him.

The time He Li Zhen enters her apartment complex, Wan Kun is standing there in front of the entrance of the apartment.

Today the weather is nice. There are yellow leaves all around.

He Li Zhen feels that he looks charming. She walks toward him and notices that Auntie Zhang is watching her. Auntie Zhang is washing veggies now.

He Li Zhen nods at her. Auntie Zhang smiles: “He Lao Shi is back.”

He Li Zhen feels a bit diffident.

He Li Zhen walks to her door and opens it. Wan Kun gets inside.

She puts down her bag and says: “Let me find the ointment, wait here.”

He Li Zhen gets inside her bedroom, while Wan Kun just stands in her living room.

It’s not his first time here. The living room is small, yet it’s neat and tidy. He looks around and notices the fish bowl. He looks at the fat gold fish.

He Li Zhen comes out of the bedroom with the ointment. She says to Wan Kun: “Sit down.”


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