Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 459

She makes a pretentious reason, but Dou Weir could see the hint of greediness on Mother Dou’s face. She is sick of it.

Nai Nai’s funeral process just finishes and now this woman is cursing something happens to the tombstone.

“Don’t say it anymore. We wouldn’t take any money from this. You guys could take it.”

Dou Weir’s tone and face are hostile. Mother Dou feels a bit unhappy. “Am I wrong to say this? I’m not using this money for ourselves.”

“Stop it, don’t talk anymore.” Father Dou tries to mediate. But there’s no use.

“I make a fuss? Look at your niece’s attitude. She acts like I’m a greedy woman.” Mother Dou is unhappy.

Dou Weir laughs coldly. “Aren’t you?”

“Ay what do you mean? You lived with us, and we raised you? If it’s not because of us, how could you go to university? How could you find a rich boyfriend? How could you make rapid advances in your career? Do you dislike us because we are poor? In your eyes, we are greedy and poor ones right?”

Mother Dou sounds like she is wronged. Her tears are falling down.

Dou Weir is too lazy to see her performance, it’s been twenty years.

Hu Jing sits on the side. She is still worried. Dou Weir doesn’t want to fight with Mother Dou. She turns her body and wants to return to her bedroom. On the way, she notices that Hu Jing is weird. She is confused.

Dou Weir knows Hu Jing quite well. Hu Jing seemed to have unfavorable view of treating Old Madame Dou in Jing City. For her, it’s a waste of money. Though it’s not a waste of her money.

Nai Nai’s death should be a relaxing thing for her.

So Dou Weir feels that Hu Jing shouldn’t be sad for Nai Nai’s death.

Hu Jing looks like she is afraid of something.

“Da Sao are you afraid of something?”

Dou Weir’s voice makes Hu Jing regains her mind. She stands up from her chair.

“No, NO. I’m just sad.”

Dou Weir raises her eyebrow:” You are sad because of Nai Nai? It’s just pity that Nai Nai couldn’t see how filial you are. If she can, she would be so happy.”

Hu Jing knows what Dou Weir means. Her heart beats so quick and she says: “I”m a bit tired. I’ll go back to my room first to rest. I’ll also need to take care of Miao Miao.”

Dou Weir watches her go back to the room. She is suspicious of her. She feels that after Nai Nai passed away, Hu Jing has been acting weirdly.

She looks at Dou Jin Wen and feels that he also has something on his mind.

Indeed Dou Jin Wen has a heart problem. Since he kissed He Yi Yi, he tried to call her the next day but she didn’t answer. These days, he also have been tryin to call her but there’s no response. This morning he also couldn’t reach her.

He is worried.

He Yi Yi will not be friends with him anymore.

Also for Hu Jing’s stupid action. If Dou Weir knows about this, supposedly everything will be a mess.

Now he also doesn’t dare to mention the divorce. If she acts impulsively again, he also will be in trouble.

Dou Jin Wen is irritated.

He Ji Fan’s bedroom is next to Dou Weir’s. Dou Weir couldn’t sleep, she sits up and takes her coat. She goes to his room.

He Ji Fan wakes up the time she open the door. He turns on the light and waits for her to get closer. He pulls her hand and lets her sit down beside him. “What is it? You couldn’t slee;?”

“Could you help me to find the phone number of the doctor-in-charge for Nai Nai?”

“You want to ask about Nai Nai’s condition?”

“Em, the time I left, Nai Nai was okay. But she suddenly passed away. I have my doubts. The time Nai Nai passed away, I didn’t investigate anything. But now Nai Nai is buried. I want to make everything clear.” Dou Weir thinks about it and says her doubt. “After Nai Nai passed away, my Da Sao has been acting so weird. Da Ge has been acting weirdly too… I want to know whether something happened when I was away…”

He Ji Fan looks at her face and suddenly notices that the woman in front of him isn’t someone that could be deceived so easily.

She has been in modeling world for so long, she should have experience. Though he is also the one that helps her but if she has no ability, she shouldn’t make this far.

Perhaps his gaze is too direct, Dou Weir notices something. “Why are you looking at me this way? Something is wrong?”

He Ji Fan shakes his head: “Your words are too true.”

Dou Weir is startled: “What do you mean?”

“You should promise me, don’t be too emotional for what I’m gonna to say.” He Ji Fan is serious.

Dou Weir turns serious too. “Tell me.”

“I heard from Xiao Yu, before Nai Nai had an outbreak, your Da Sao came to the hospital. She sent the nurse to go and by breakfast. The time the nurse returned, she found that Nai Nai faints. From the CCTV recording, your Da Sao looks panic when she was out of the room.”

Dou Weir’s face changes, He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir’s hand. He doesn’t plan to hide this fact from her. He would respect her choice. No matter what she would do, he would support her.

“The doctor-in-charge said that Old Madame received a provocation, she was furious that she vomited blood. Because it’s too late, she couldn’t be saved. No one knows exactly what happened inside the room. We could make a guess, but we have no proof.

Dou Weir’s body trembles. Her Nai Nai’s death is not worthy!

She thinks about it. There are things that Nai Nai doesn’t know. Only few things that could provoke her. Among those three, it should be for knowing her profession as a model.

Did Hu Jing tell her that? But why? What would be her benefit?

Dou Weir is confused. They always take that thing to blackmail her for money. How could they tell Old Madame Dou?

Dou Weir racks her brain and finds a possibility. It might be because Dou Jin Wen and He Yi Yi.


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  1. Thanks so much for this update!
    I’ve refreshing your blog for a long time…..HJF and DW are together now! I’m so happy 💃

    But for Her cousin and wife? What a shameful act and the mother😤 the attitude is a smoke that cannot be hidden.


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