Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 447

He wants to prove himself, then he should prove it by himself. How could he just ask money for her? Is it what so-called proving yourself?

Dou Weir thinks about it but she doesn’t say it.

“How much do you want?” She asks.

“Give me 200,000.” Dou Jin Wen says: “Wait till I earn more, I double it up. I also will return everything.”

Of course Dou Weir knows it’s just an empty promise, but she doesn’t expose him. “Tomorrow I’ll transfer it to you.”

For her, 200,000 is nothing.

“I know that for this matter, I shouldn’t talk about it. But you and Sao Zi just married for two years, Miao Miao is still little. You could have business party , you could join in the fun on occasion, but don’t do it for real. Also for Sao Zi, tomorrow buy something for her to apologize and let this matter go.”

Dou Jin Wen doesn’t catch her sentences. His mind is full of He Yi Yi’s cute face.

Dou Weir notices that Dou Jin Wen is thinking about something, she thinks that he is considering her words. She doesn’t really care about it. She just says: “Da Ge, I will go home first. You should rest roo.”

She recognizes Dou Jin Wen’s car so she just leaves him.

Dou Jin Wen waves his hand.

The next afternoon, Dou Weir gets a call from Old Madame Dou. She says to her that Dou Jin Wen has successfully persuaded Hu Jing to go home.

At night, He Ji Fan comes back.

He comes back a bit late. Dou Weir and Zhou Zhou have finished their dinner. She thinks that He Ji Fan is coming over to pick Zhou Zhou home so she puts all Zhou Zhou’s stuffs inside the suitcase again. Who knows that He Ji Fan just holds Zhou Zhou and sits down on the sofa.

Dou Weir frowns and looks at him.

He Ji Fan ignores her frown and smiles happily. “I just got off the plan and rushed over. I haven’t eaten my dinner. Do you have anything for me to eat? I’m so hungry.”

“There’re lots of restaurant outside.” Dou Weir poitns at Zhou Zhou: “Zhou Zhou need to sleep, yet he hasn’t showered. Now you should go home and help him to have a shower home.”

He Ji Fan lowers his head and asks Zhou Zhou: “Zhou Zhou, do you want to leave Mama ah?”

Zhou Zhou hears He Ji Fan’s words and shakes his head like a rattle drum. He gets off from He Ji Fan’s lap and runs toward Dou Weir. He holds Dou Weir’s leg. “Zhou Zhou doesn’t want to leave Mama. Zhou Zhou wants to be with Mama.”

Now he could say a lot of words.

Dou Weir looks at this miserable kid. She sighs and kneels to look at his eyes. “Zhou Zhou, go home with Papa alright? Tomorrow come over and play with Mama again okay?”

“No NO.” Zhou Zhou’s face turns sad: “Zhou Zhou wants to be with Mama. It’s been a long time since I met Mama….”

“We are not leaving, we will be together with Mama forever okay?” He Ji Fan comes over, He Ji Fan strokes the little guy’s head to comfort him.

Dou Weir glares at him. “Who wants to be with you forever? It’s late. I want to have a rest. You guys could leave.”

He Ji Fan ignores her and looks at He Chi Zhou. “Zhou Zhou, Mama doesn’t want you anymore.”

He Chi Zhou just cries loudly and runs to hold Dou Weir. “Mama…. Mama…. Zhou Zhou will be good, I’ll listen to you…….”

He cries pathetically and Dou Weir feels heartbroken. She punches He Ji Fan’s arm. She hugs him and persuades him. She promises to not abandon him. He then stops crying and holds him. He acts like he is afraid that she will vanish.

“Zhou Zhou wants to be with Mama.”

“Okay, we will be together forever.”

“Mama needs to do as promised.”

“Em. I promise.”

Dou Weir says it and glances at He Ji Fan. He Ji Fan just stays on the sofa and looks at them. He just smiles.

“What are you smiling, how could you be a father like this?” How could a father try to scare his own child.

He Ji Fan’s smile turn light and he says: “I’m hungry. Cook for me.”

“I cannot do it. If you want to eat, then cook it by yourself.” Dou Weir will not want to serve him.

“Ahyoo. You couldn’t sleep, then it means my life in the future will be hard.” He Ji Fan sighs and stands up.

“If you want to find someone to cook, then just hire a maid. I’m not a maid.” Dou Weir says hostilely.

“Then in the future, I’ll cook for you, I can cook, just accept me. What do you think?” He Ji Fan bends his body and smiles shadily.

“If you keep on making trouble, then just leave!”

“Okay, I’ll stop.” He Ji Fan goes to the kitchen. After a while, he says: “Weir Weir, do you want to try my cooking? I’ll cook more, accompany me to eat.”

Dou Weir looks at him from the glass window of the kitchen. He Ji Fan is wearing his apron, he looks comical, yet he looks ………. sweet and warm.

In the past when they were together, they never do any domestic trivialities. Most of the time, they would spend time freely outside.

Dou Weir looks away, she takes He Chi Zhou back to the room and helps him to get shower.

Maybe because of He Ji Fan’s words, when Zhou Zhou is taking showering, he feels sleepy yet he doesn’t dare to sleep. His small hands are holding Dou Weir’s lower hem of cloth.

“Zhou Zhou, are you sleepy?” Dou Weir puts on Zhou Zhou’s clothes on him. Dou Weir persuades him. “Mama promises Zhou Zhou that I would not abandon you okay? Zhou Zhou, sleep quickly. Wait till Zhou Zhou wakes up tomorrow, Mama will still be here.”

“Mama would stay beside Zhou Zhou?” The little guy is very worried. He is just two years old. He is worried yet he looks so cute.

“I would. Mama would stay beside you.”

Zhou Zhou finally sleeps.

Dou Weir looks at his face and be absent-minded.

Perhaps because she knows that she wouldn’t have a kid, she feels somehow connected with Zhou Zhou. She loves that he depends on her.

But she couldn’t forget that he is Shi Ying’s son too.

She lowers her head and kisses Zhou Zhou’s face, she makes sure that his body is covered well with the blanket. Then she leaves the room.

She notices that He Ji Fan is in front of the door watching her.

She closes the door and her face just changes. Her face turns cold. “Aren’t you cooking? Why are you here?”

He Ji Fan stands in front of Dou Weir. Though Dou Weir is a model, but she is still shorter than He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir’s hand and laughs; “You really like kid? Let’s have one. Let’s have one that belongs to two of us. A daughter like you or a son like me.”

Dou Weir shakes his hands: “Who wants to have kid with you. Dream on!”

He Ji Fan follows behind him and his eyes are full of happiness.

“This is what you called cooking?” Inside the kitchen, Dou Weir looks two bowls of lump of noodles. There’re also black things on it….. is it soy sauce? Her face changes.

He Ji Fan touches his nose and says: “This is my first time cooking, I think it looks okay……. Though the appearance is bad, but I’ve tasted, it’s quite good.”

He places the chopsticks on Dou Weir’s bowl and says sincerely: “Try it, it’s good. Believe me.”

Dou Weir looks at it and pouts: “I’m a ghost if I believe you. Wait, I’ll make one for you.”

Then she takes the apron and wears it. She takes out ingredients from the fridge. Dou Weir is not a great cook but compare to He Ji Fan, she is better.

She cuts the veggies, He JI Fan looks at her.

The water is boiling, Dou Weir is getting ready to boil the noodle. Then suddenly she feels two arms are on her waist. He Ji Fan is holding her. She turns her head and her lips touch his face.

“What are you doing? Move away.”

“Weir Weir.” He Ji Fan hugs her tighter. “I really hope that in the future I could see you everyday like a understanding young wife. Weir Weir…….”

Then He Ji Fan kisses her neck. Her scent makes his kiss even more impatient.

“He Ji Fan!” Dou Weir doesn’t expect that he would kiss him like that.

The noodle falls down from her hand.

“He—-“ She wants to push him away. But He Ji Fan kisses her lips.

Dou Weir feels that her cheeks get red. The boiling water makes a great sound.

“Weir Weir, let’s start over. This time, I will not disappoint you.” He Ji Fan’s lips stick close to her.

Dou Weir says: “If you don’t let me go, the water will be gone soon.”

“Weir Weir….”

“Do you want to eat or not?”


He Ji Fan touches her ears and looks at her for a while and finally he lets her go.

Dou Weir continues her cooking absentmindedly, she puts the MSG like a salt.

He Ji Fan eats it and nearly throws up. At last under Dou Weir’s gaze, he just eats and swallows it.

“When you are done, go back. Zhou Zhou can stay here. You could pick him up tomorrow.” Dou Weir has regained herself.

He Ji Fan eats the noodle and lifts up his head. “I also will stay here.”

Dou Weir: “…….. Up to you. I have bedrooms here, you could choose one. I’ll go back to my room.”

She just ignores her and returns to the room to have shower. She just falls sleep. Today it’s a very tiring day. She falls asleep quickly. The next day she wakes up around 08:00 a.m. She freshens up and comes out of her bedroom.

The first thing she sees the time she is out is He Ji Fan’s face.

“You are awake, come over and have a breakfast.” There are lots of breakfast dishes round the table.

Of course Dou Weir isn’t stupid, she knows that He Ji Fan bought the breakfast.

She looks around for Zhou Zhou, Dou Weir sits down and asks: “Zhou Zou?”

“Mama, I’m here.” Zhou Zhou is under the table, Dou Weir kneels down to see that little guy. That little guy is taking his ball.

“Zhou Zhou, why are you there?”

“Ball……” Zhou Zhou stands up and holds his ball: “The ball is under the table.”

“Okay, Mama is here. Let’s wash our hand and eat.” He Ji Fan waves his hand at Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou just ignores her and holds Dou Weir’s leg. “Mama washes it, I don’t want Papa.”

“You brat, before you said that like me the most. How could you just have a change of heart after mama comes?” He Ji Fan pokes the little guy’s head: “Mama just woke up, she should be hungry. Papa would help you Zhou Zhou to wash up. Zhou Zhou, let’s not hold up Mama to eat okay? Zhou Zhou loves Mama right?”

Zhou Zhou couldn’t really understand his words, but he guesses that He Ji Fan says that Mama is hungry, Mama wants to eat.

“Mama, eat. Zhou Zhou will wash my hands.” Zhou Zhou is obedient and understanding.

“Little brat.” He Ji Fan laughs. He holds Zhou Zhou and goes to the restroom.

He Ji Fan helps to wash his hand and wipe it.

“Papa, let’s be quick, we need to accompany Mama to eat.” Zhou Zhou frowns.

“Mama!” The time everything is done, he just runs back to the dining room.

He Ji Fan looks at Zhou Zhou’s small figure, he remembers the feeling he had the time he got DNA report. He was indeed furious angry, but he was a bit rejoice and happy. He remembers the recording that Shi Ying had. That’s right. After all Zhou Zhou is Shi Ying’s biological son. Shi Ying and Dou Weir have grudges with each other. Now Zhou Zhou might love Dou Weir, but in the future he might betray Dou Weir.

But now as Zhou Zhou is not Shi Ying’s son, then there’s no hidden trouble. Old Madame He and Cheng Meng spoil and love Zhou Zhou, they might not be able to accept the fact that Zhou Zhou is not theirs. It’s better to just raise him up. It’s nothing for He family to raise a kid.

“Mama, this is delicious, eat it.” Zhou Zhou eats the delicious one and shares it with Dou Weir.

Dou Weir eats it, Zhou Zhou is happy.

He Ji Fan looks at them and thinks about their future together with their own child. He couldn’t wait for it.

“You are not eating?” Dou Weir notices He Ji Fan.

He Ji Fan sits down beside her and watching how she feed the congee for Zhou Zhou. He is shameless, he opens up his mouth: “I also want you to feed me.”

Dou Weir looks his face, which looks like he cries out to be fed. Dou Weir rolls her eyes. She just ignores him.

After the breakfast, Dou Weir says: “These two days I didn’t go to Nai Nai’s place. Today I will stay over at the hospital, it’s inconvenient for you to stay here.”

He Ji Fan asks Zhou Zhou: “Zhou Zhou, mama wants to go to take care of Lao Lao (Great great grandmother), let’s go together okay.”

Zhou Zhou nods: “Em, Em. Let’s go together.”

Dou Weir: “…… When will you go away?”

He Ji Fan shows his innocent face: “I don’t say that I will go away. We are family. Wherever you are, it’s a home.”

Dou Weir holds up the plastic bags, she is too lazy to talk nonsense with He Ji Fan. “I’ll go to the hospital. If you want to leave, don’t forget to lock the door.”

He Ji Fan holds Zhou Zhou and follows behind her like a tail. Dou Weir neglects He Ji Fan but Zhou Zhou’s voice calling her Mama. She couldn’t ignore him.

She just gets on her car and drives away.

He Ji Fan also gets on his car and drives the car behind her.

Dou Weir passes by an automobile repair shop, she sees Dou Jin Wen are standing on the road side waiting for taxi. She drives the car to the road side: “Da Ge, I’ll go to hospital to see Nai Nai, will you go?” Nai Nai loves her grandson dearly. She never sees it but she should hope to meet him. Dou Weir wants her grandma to live happily in the last part of her life.

Dou Jin Wen gets on the car.

“Where is your car?”

“It was bumped so I sent it over to the repair shop.”

“In the future be more careful, safety is the first.”

Dou Jin Wen doesn’t say anything else, it’s all He Yi Yi’s fault.

Old Madame Dou notices Dou Weir and Dou Jin Wen are coming over to visit her, she is so happy.

She cares about both of them. She talks about Hu Jing and He Ji Fan.

The time she is talking about He Ji Fan, He Ji Fan comes. Zhou Zhou is a bit unhappy. He pouts and walks toward Dou Weir. He holds her arm and accuses her: “Mama, how could you ignore Zhou Zhou? Zhou Zhou could be more obedient.”

Dou Jin Wen knows that He Ji Fan has a son, yet he doesn’t know that Dou Weir has a good relationship with the son. He is surprised.

“He Zong (Chief He), why are you here?” Dou Jin Wen says politely.

Old Madame Dou isn’t surprised that Dou Jin Wen knows He Ji Fan, but she is quite confused how could Dou Jin Wen act so politely.

“Jin Wen, you and Ji Fan…..”

Dou Jin Wen thinks of his company that needs investment, he smiles and says: “I and He Zong have met for several time, I keep on hoping to work together with He group, but I have no chance. I am nothing compared to He Zong. I need your opinion.”

Old Madame Dou doesn’t understand about business world. But she knows from how Dou Jin Wen act, he is doing this in purpose. Though it’s clear that He Ji Fan cares about Dou Weir, but Old Madame Dou doesn’t want to use it for Dou Jin Wen’s benefit. She just pretends to not understand it. She shifts the topic of discussion to Zhou Zhou. “Zhou Zhou, it’s been a long time since you came over to see Lao Lao, do you miss Lao Lao?”

Zhou Zhou is in Dou Weir’s embrace and nods. He says sweetly: “I miss you, Lao Lao. Lao Lao needs to get better soon, then we could go to the amusement park together.”

Zhou Zhou has a low immunity level, he frequently gets sick. The time he was sick, Old Madame He used to pamper him to get well soon then he could go to the amusement park. Going to amusement park for him is the best prize.

Old Madame Dou smiles: “Okay okay, let till I’m well then I’ll go with you.”

Dou Jin Wen looks at how Old Madame Dou responds, his expression stiffens. He doesn’t believe that his grandma doesn’t get his ‘signal’. He is a bit unhappy. Then he just finds excuse to leave.

When he is gone, Old Madame Dou says to He Ji Fan: “Jin Wen, this kid is eager for instant success and quick profits. Ji Fan, don’t mind him, don’t mind his words. Just let it be.”

It means that she wants that He Ji Fan to not give preferential treatment to Dou Jin Wen just for Dou Weir.

Old Madame Dou knows Dou Jin Wen’s temper clearly.

Old Madame Dou wants her grandson to do business based on his own skills. She doesn’t know what He Ji Fan’s job but based on what she saw from Dou Jin Wen’s action. He Ji Fan’s status shouldn’t be looked down. Old Madame Dou is a bit worried. The richer a person is, the family should value more about family background.

But quickly her worry is shifted by Zhou Zhou. Because of Zhou Zhou, the room turns livelier.

Old Madame Dou is happy and smiling.

He Ji Fan doesn’t really mind about Dou Jin Wen’s words. He knows clearly that business is business, and feeling is feeling.

When it’s afternoon, He Ji Fan asks Dou Weir out to have lunch. Without waiting for Dou Weir’s response, Old Madame Dou just helps her to agree t it. “You guys are here for a half day, it’s good for you to stroll around for a while. Weir ah, take a good care of Zhou Zhou.”

“I could take care of Zhou Zhou, she just needs to take care of herself.” He Ji Fan holds Dou Weir’s hand.

Old Madame Dou is happy and satisfied to see how He Ji Fan treats Dou Weir. Her worry is gone.


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