Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 445

Jing Suo Suo returns back to fine jewelry box to Ji Yan Xi, Ji Yan Xi looks at it for a long time and looks lost.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, are you okay?” Jing Suo Suo notices that he doesn’t look good. She is worried. Ji Yan Xi and Ji Lin Yuan are paternal male cousins, he is also Jing Suo Suo’s Biao Ge (older cousin).

Ji Yan Xi regains himself and smiles bitterly: “I’m okay. Thank you. Let’s go, let me treat you a meal as my token of gratitude.”

“No, I already have a date with Cheng Da Ge, I’ll leave first.”

Looking at Jing Suo Suo leaves, Ji Yan Xi’s gaze shifts to the Vinci group’s building near the cafe. It’s a very luxurious SCBD building.

This time Ji Yan Xi sighs unintentionally for what his family has, he remembers what happened between him and Dou Weir. He used to think that he and Dou Weir have no fate. But now he just realizes that he missed the chance to be with her.

Missing the chance is worse than having no fate. If that day he didn’t get a call from He Yi Yi and leave Dou Weir, or perhaps if he brought her with him. They might not have this kind of ending.

In this world indeed there’re things that hard to buy even though you have money.

Ji Yan Xi holds the box. Inside the box, there’s a diamond necklace that he bought two years ago when he planned to confess to her. It’s a pity that before the necklace is done, Dou Weir has drifted apart from him.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, indeed you are here.” He Yi Yi’s studio is suffering loos. Every day except dancing and doing nothing serious. He Zhang Ju lets He Ji Fan arrange a position for her to exercise. He and Vinci group always have a good partnership. Today she came over to send over a material, of course she wouldn’t let the chance to find Ji Yan Xi. JI Yan Xi isn’t at his office, his secretary told her that he was having a coffee with a woman at the coffee store nearby.

He Yi Yi and Ji Yan Xi have a good relationship, the secretary has met her for few times so she doesn’t hide anything from He Yi Yi.

He Yi Yi doesn’t notice there’s something wrong with Ji Yan Xi, she doesn’t care about anything and just sit down in front of him. She smiles and says: “Yan Xi Ge Ge, are you free tonight? Let’s have dinner together.”

Ji Yan Xi used to blame He Yi Yi for calling him that time, it makes him miss the chance to be with Dou Weir. The day after his drunken fit, he blamed himself as he knows that He Yi Yi did nothing wrong. They grew up together, she is like his biological sister, he shouldn’t be too fierce to her. So he called her to apologize.

After He Yi Yi heard the apology, of course she cried. Ji Yan Xi then asked her out for dinner and pampered her. After a while, their relationship get better.

“Yi Yi.” Ji Yan Xi lifts up his eyes and looks at He Yi Yi. “Tonight I have things to do, I couldn’t dine with you. Find another person.”

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, your eyes…” Ji Yan Xi’s eyes are red. He Yi Yi thinks about what the secretary said to her. “Did you meet Dou Weir?”

Hearing Dou Weir’s name makes Ji Yan Xi feels a bit emotional. “No, I have work to do. I’ll go back to my office first. You should go home, drive safely.”

Ji Yan Xi just stands up and holds the box.

He Yi Yi holds his hand.

Though Ji Yan Xi said that he didn’t meet Dou Weir, but it should be related to Dou Weir. If not, how could Yan Xi Ge Ge cry?

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, Dou Weir is with my Ge right now. Please forget her okay. You have me, I would stay beside you forever.”

Ji Yan Xi hears it.

He strokes He Yi Yi’s head and smiles like a brother. He says softly: “Yi Yi, listen to me. Go home, remember drive safely.”

Ji Yan Xi doesn’t refuse He Yi Yi with sarcastic comment.

He is too gentle.

He Yi Yi likes Ji Yan Xi since she was a little girl, but he always sees her as his sister.

He possibly will think her as his sister forever.

This realization makes He Yi Yi’s tears start coming down nonstop.

She drives her car quickly. Suddenly she notices a car in front of her. It’s too late for her to step on the brake.


He Yi Yi’s car bumps the car in front.

The crashing sound is not too loud. He Yi YI’s head bumps the steering wheel, she feels a bit dizzy.

“How could you drive this recklessly?” Dou Jin Wen gets off the car and looks at his car.

Though his car is not a luxury car but he just got it so he feels so heartbroken for it.

It’s a new car.

“Hey! Get up, you bumped my car. You need to compensate me!” Dou Jin Wen says furiously. He points at the woman.

He Yi Yi lifts up her head and her eyes are on tears.

Dou Jin Wen doesn’t expect that the driver is He Yi Yi.

Since the day he helped her, they never met. Dou Jin Wen has changed his impression about He Yi Yi. He is scared of her status, and also…… he feels a bit interested to her.

“You bumped my car and I’m not cry. How could you cry? You are rich, you should be able to compensate me?” Her car is a Ferrari.

Dou Jin Wen’s tone gets soft and gentle.

He Yi Yi wipes clean her tears and looks at the person in front of her. She looks at the car. She says: “How much it is, let me compensate you.”

“Forget it. My car isn’t expensive one. I’ll repair it later. I also have insurance for my car. What about you? Are you okay?” He thinks that He Yi Yi is in pain. “I’ll send you to the hospital to have a check up.”

“I’m okay.” He Yi Yi takes out her wallet: “I bumped your car, I should pay you. Take this, it should be enough.”

Dou Jin Wen looks at his hands. There should be more than 10,000. He Yi Yi is really great, she could just pass him her wallet without even blinking her eyes.

She acts like 10,000 is 1.

“I’ve told you, no need to compensate me, we know each other.” Dou Jin Wen gives back the money. “If you feel sorry, you could treat me a meal as your token of apology?”

He Yi Yi doesn’t have a good mood. She is preparing the find a place to have a drink. She usually acts like a spoiled kid so she has no best friend. She has friends, but those people just be friend with her for her status.

“Okay.” Dou Jin Wen helped her. From her perspective, he isn’t a bad person. Why couldn’t she treat him a meal. She indeed should treat him a meal to thank him.

“But you have injury on your forehead, I think it’s better for you to check on it.” He extends his hand and presses it.

“Ssshhh!” He Yi Yi takes a deep breath. The time Dou Jin Wen extends his hand, she smells quite a pleasant smell. She agrees to his advise.

After the check up, the result shows that He Yi Yi is okay.

“Look, I said that I’m okay, yet you didn’t believe me.” The time they are out of the hospital, the sky has turned dark. He Yi Yi’s impression about Dou Jin Wen has changed.

He is a caring one.

“It’s better to be sure.” Dou Jin Wen laughs: “What do you like to eat?”

Dou Jin Wen is a handsome man, he is a young man too. The time he smiles, it’s like a morning sun. It’s warm.

“I’ll treat you so I should be the one that asks you what you like to eat.” He Yi Yi says. She feels that he is a really good friend. She knows that Dou Jin Wen might changes his attitude because of her status but she doesn’t hate it.

Since she was young, a lot of people have been approached her for her status.

“Since you already said it, then I’ll not be modest anymore. I know a new restaurant, let’s go there.”

Dou Jin Wen takes her to a fine dining restaurant, it has a luxurious design.

Inside the private room.

“Give me Pa Tu Si (Petrus), thank you.” Petrus is one of the most expensive red wine. No matter what year it is from, it costs at least 20,000.

Indeed she is a rich one. Dou Jin Wen smiles, yet inside his heart, he is getting nut. For this meal, he planned to pay for it but turns out that He Yi Yi orders that kind of wine.

After ordering, the waiter comes over and pours them a glass.

Dou Jin Wen takes a sip and says: “We have met for three times, but I still don’t know your name.”

“He Yi Yi.”

“Ms He, my name is Dou Jin Wen.”

“You can call me Yi Yi.”

Dou Jin Wen: “Yi YI.”

He Yi Yi drinks her wine and she turns silent.

She drinks three glasses of wine. Dou Jin Wen realizes that there’s something wrong with her.

“You have an unhappy thing happen?”

He Yi Yi doesn’t plan to spill over her feeling, she just asks him. “Why everyone always thinks that I am unhappy when I drink? Who make that kind of rule?”

Dou Jin Wen laughs: “I guess it.”

After the dinner, He Yi Yi’s face is red. She couldn’t walk straight, she even couldn’t recognize other people.

Dou Jin Wen supports her. He just signed the bill and felt so heartbroken. This meal has costed him his entire saving.

This woman said that she would treat him, but she is drunk that she forgets about everything.

“You know her?” Cheng Ru Yu asks Jing Suo Suo, who is looking at a couple.

Jing Suo Suo shakes her.

She only sees the man’s face and recognizes him to be Dou Weir’s Tang Ge (Cousin), she isn’t interested to about him. But the woman, who is holding by him. She seems familiar…….

Outside the restaurant.

Dou Jin Wen puts He Yi Yi inside his car and he gets on the car too. He notices that she hasn’t put on her seatbelt. He leans over and helps her to buckle up.

Because they are too close, he could smell her scent. It makes him feels complicated.

The parking area has a dim light. He looks at He Yi Yi and notices that her eyes are closed. She is asleep, her breath is shallow. She is a pretty and cute one.

“Yan Xi Ge Ge, I don’t want to be your Mei Mei (younger sister), why… why you….” He Yi Yi mumbles and frowns. She sounds hurt.

Dou Jin Wen sits back and smiles. So it turns out this young woman has relationship problem.

On the way back to send He Yi Yi back home, He Yi Yi covers up her mouth and forebears the pain. Dou Jin Wen is surprised, he stops his car on the side and helps He Yi Yi to get off the car. He is quick but he is late. The time He Yi Yi’s feet touch the ground, she lowers her head and throws up. Dou Jin Wen immediately could scent the vomit. He tries to hold his breath and his face turns green.

He helps He Yi Yi out of the car and throws up for a while. Then he puts her back inside the car. Dou Jin Wen takes off his coat and throws it up. He glares up at He Yi Yi for a while, then he gets on the car again and drives it.

Not far away, there’s a woman taking photo of both of them.

On the photo, Dou Jin Wen holds He Yi Yi off the car, He Yi Yi is leaning on Dou Jin Wen’s body. Their positions looks shady.

Because of the darkness of the night, the photo isn’t really clear. But there relatives should be able to recognize them.

“Xiao Jing ah, on the way I seemed to see your husband with a woman, what do you think of the photo?”

Hu Jing just finishes her shower and just applies her mask. She notices there are two messages on her WeChat. She opens it up and notices that her friend sent her a photo and a voice note. She opens up the photo and she just stands up from her sofa.

Hearing the voice note, her whole face turns green. Recently Dou Jin Wen always go home late. She has no objection toward it, she knows that he wants to expand his business. She also wants to be able to live like Dou Weir that she could live anything he could. So she doesn’t feel unhappy or fight with him about it.

But she didn’t expect that he would have another woman outside! Hu Jing throws away her mask and dials Dou Jin Wen’s phone number.

He Yi Yi throws up again, Dou Jin Wen is holding her on the road side. His phone rings and he takes it out.

“Dou Jin Wen, where are you? Who is with you? Is it a woman?” Hu Jing roars.

Dou Jin Wen is having a headache: “What are you thinking? I’m so busy right now. What do you want to say?”

“Do Jin Wen, go home now. If in ten minutes, I don’t see you, let’s just get a divorce!” Hu Jing says it and hangs up.

“Crazy!” Dou Jin Wen swears. He just puts away his phone back into the pocket. He doesn’t mind Hu Jing’s threat.

Hu Jing hangs up and she is so furious. She lifts up her phone and smashes it. She then kicks her coffee table.

After a while, she picks up her phone again and opens up her Wechat. She replies with a voice note. “you are wrong, Jin Wen is home. He is borrowing his car to a friend. But thank you, next time I’ll treat you a meal.”

Dou Jin Wen drives the car to the complex area but this time he couldn’t get in as his car is not a taxi. He Yi Yi is drunk so the security guard calls the He family’s house.

Chen Meng just finishes her bird nest and gets ready to go back to her room. The maid answers the call and tells her that He Yi Yi is drunk and sent back by a stranger.

“What?” How could she act like that? It might ruin her reputation. “Why are you startling? Go quick and bring back Yi Yi…. No, I’ll go with you.”

Her voice is a bit loud so He Zhang Ju also could hear it. He Zhang Ju asks what happened and follows her to pick up He Yi Yi.

He Yi Yi is his youngest and she is a daughter. He always cherishes and pampers her. How could he sit still to hear that his beloved daughter is drunk and sent back by a stranger?

“You are the one who sent my daughter back? What is your name? What is your relationship with Yi Yi?” He Zhang Ju checks on He Yi Yi and notices that she is well. Then he asks Dou Jin Wen.

He Zhang Ju is a bit aggressive, Dou Jin Wen feels unhappy to be doubted. He answers: “I am Dou Jin Wen, I’m Yi YI’s friend. She is in a bad mood so she drank alcohol.”

He Zhang Ju just glares at him.

Chen Meng and the maids take He Yi Yi out of Dou Jin Wen’s car and put her inside their family’s car.

“Zhang Ju, let’s go. Yi Yi is too drunk. We need to go back and feed her soup.” Chen Meng holds He Yi Yi.

“Thank you for sending my daughter back home. Today it’s too late so sorry to not inviting you to our house. Next time I’ll treat you well.” Of course Dou Jin Wen knows that He Zhang Ju’s words are polite remarks.

“It’s as easy as lifting my finger, He Bo Bo (Uncle HE) no need to mind it.” Dou Jin Wen is modest.

“Everyone should be busy today, come over to our house and take midnight snack. Don’t be modest.” He Zhang Ju tells the security guards. He says it to let them to not say anything about this matter.

“Thank you He Dong Shi Zhang (Chairman He).”

He returns back to the house at 10:30 p.m.

The time he reaches her door, he gets a call from a friend asking him out to have a drink. Dou Jin Wen is impatient, yet he says: “I have matter to do tonight. I’ll not go, you guys have fun.”

He gets inside and then there’s something coming over toward him.

The flower vase is breaking into pieces.

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I want to ask you, what were you doing?” Hu Jing is a spoiled daughter too, she always has trouble to control her anger.

Being interrogated by his wife makes him feel a bit diffident, he calms his tone down: “If I’m not preparing for my business, of course I’m having business dinner to get to know several big bosses….”

Hu Jing waits till he is done and asks: “There’re women?”

Dou Jin Wen knows that Hu Jing should be suspicious with him. He comes closer and hugs her. He says: “Women, of course they brought women. But I have no feeling toward them. Moreover, I have a pretty wife at home, I don’t want them.”

But his words don’t make Hu Jing’s face change. She is even angrier. She takes her phone and shows him the photo. “Who is this woman? Tonight you should make it clear to me, if not, I’ll not let this go!”


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