Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 441

Cheng Ru Yu’s so-called gathering is held by his pretty good friends. Cheng Ru Yu forgot about it and he just remembers by the time one of his friends call him.

At first he wanted to refuse, but he thinks Jing Suo Suo loves crowds and gathering so he agrees to go.

The time he picks her up, he is amazed by her. She dresses up meticulously and shows different appearance from last time. She is so beautiful.

“Cheng Da Ge, do I look okay? Jing Suo Suo looks at how he looks at her. She is nervous yet her eyes are glistening. She turns her body around to let Cheng Ru Yu looks at her.

She wants to twirl her body beautifully but who knows because of her high heels, she almost falls down. Cheng Ru Yu is quick to hold her.

Cheng Ru Yu could smell Jing Suo Suo’s scent.

“Are you okay?” Looking at how Jing Suo Suo frown, he thinks that she sprains her leg.

Jing Suo Suo blushes, her heart is beating so fast. “I, I’m okay.”

“Are you really okay?” Cheng Ru Yu kneels down to examine Jing Suo Suo’s ankle. She moves it lightly. “Is it painful?”

“No, I’m okay. Let’s go.”

Cheng Ru Yu is a surgeon, he just examines her in simply way and notices there’s no trouble. He is relieved. “In the future be more careful. Why should you wear this tall high heels. What if you sprain your ankle?”

He also takes off his coat and wraps her with it: “It’s cold outside, wear this.”

After the New year, Jing City’s weather turns cold.

Jing Suo Suo knows that it’s cold so she just lets him be. She looks at him and her gaze falls into his lips.

She doesn’t know how would it feel to kiss with Cheng Da Ge.

Jing Suo Suo thinks of it and she blushes. She swallows her saliva and lowers down her head.

Cheng Ru Yu takes her to have dinner first then they would go to the gathering.

It’s the first time for Jing Suo Suo to get into Cheng Ru Yu’s social circle.

Because of her appearance or it’s the first time he brings a woman, a lot of people are curious about Jing Suo Suo.

“She is your girlfriend? She is…… young.” The host of gathering is chatting with Cheng Ru Yu and looks at Jing Suo Suo. His gaze is a bit mischievous. He didn’t expect that Cheng Ru Yu would be with this young young girl, his taste…. is very unique.

Cheng Ru Yu holds Jing Suo Suo’s waist and introduces her. “Jing Suo Suo, my girlfriend.”

The host of the gathering hears her name and he is shocked: “You are Jing?” Jing family member.

“Yes, but let me be clear. She is not close to Bo Wei group’s boss so don’t think about take advantage of her.” Cheng Ru Yu warns.

The host of the gathering smiles: “What are you thinking about, we have been friends for so many years? How could you not understand me? Am I that kind of person?”

Cheng Ru Yu glances at him. Aren’t you?

After several introductions, Jing Suo Suo keeps on smiling. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable to be examine.

She knows that everyone should be curious about her because of Cheng Ru Yu. But she is happy to be with Cheng Ru Yu.

She has been introduced for al the people, then Jing Suo Suo finds a corner to sit down. She watches Cheng Ru Yu chats around and laughs around. She couldn’t help but to smile.

“Are you free to chat?” the time Jing Suo Suo is staring, someone is sitting beside her.

Without looking, Jing Suo Suo knows that it should be a woman, that gives an infatuated glance at Cheng Ru Yu. Her name is Sun Lin, she is ophthalmologist. She has the same age as Cheng Ru Yu. She is not really pretty, but she is elegant.

“What do you want to talk about?” Jing Suo Suo looks at her.

“I am Cheng Ge’s junior high school classmate, I’ve known him for twenty years, what about you? Since when did you start to know him?” Sun Lin says. Though she says it in gentle and soft manner, but Jing Suo Suo feels there’s something behind her words.

Jing Suo Suo doesn’t say anything. Sun Lin says: “Looking at how young you are, you guys just know each other right? Cheng Ge is a good man. But he is a bit unable to know his feeling, if not….”

She seems to realize that she is saying something that she shouldn’t. She covers her mouth surprisedly. Then she smiles and shifts the topic of conversation. “You are still a student right? I have a niece around my age. This year she just get into the university. I always tell her to not only care about playing around and dating. A woman should have knowledge so she could be able establish herself in the society. Don’t you think so?”

Jing Suo Suo frowns and she knows that Sun Lin is trying to provoke her.

“I and Cheng Da Ge have known much earlier than you. We have been known each other for twenty three years. Em, this year I’m just twenty three years old. Since I was born, we know each other.” Jing Suo Suo smiles happily. “Your niece just gets into the university this time? It means that she couldn’t study well, A Yi (Auntie).”

Sun Lin’s face changes. It’s the first time she is called A Yi (Auntie) by a twenty years old woman.

A woman is sensitive toward her own age. “You….”

“What are you guys talking about, you guys look so happy?” Sun Lin speaks up. Cheng Ru Yu comes over and sits down beside Jing Suo Suo naturally. Beside him there’s a young man. Cheng Ru Yu introduces him to be his college classmate, he is an outstanding surgeon.

“We just talk. This A Yi said that she blesses us. She said that when we hold our wedding, she would definitely come and give us a huge sum of red envelope.” Jing Suo Suo says excitedly, she seems to be expected that red envelope. She laughs and smiles at Sun Lin. “Thank you ah Sun A Yi (Auntie Sun).”

Sun Lin is furious, she really wants to splash the wine in her glass to Jing Suo Suo’s face but everyone around knows that she is a doctor. She needs to act politely. She forces a smiles: “If I’m free that time, of course I’ll attend. You guys could chat, I would leave first.”

“Sun A Yi, I love to chat with you, let’s continue later.” Jing Suo Suo says.

Sun Lin staggers, but she just leaves.

“I’ll go to the restroom first.” Jing Suo suo stands up, she shows her cold face.

This woman should be unhappy. Cheng Ru Yu rubs his nose. This realization makes him having a bit of headache. He looks at Sun Lin’s direction and his gaze turns cold.

“Where do you find this fierce one, she is great.” A friend of Cheng Ru Yu is laughing while taking pleasure in his misfortune.

Everyone knows about Sun Lin’s feeling toward Cheng Ru Yu, they know that Sun Lin doesn’t marry till now because of Cheng Ru Yu.

It’s easy to guess why Jing Suo Suo is angry.

Cheng Ru Yu just ignores his friend, he is thinking hard how to make the little woman happy again.

“You’ve been an old virgin man for thirty years, now you are opening your eyes. At first I didn’t trust it, but now I’m. I didn’t expect that you’ll be with someone much younger. I see you from different perspective right now.” ‘

Jing Suo Suo is not tall, she is a petite girl. She looks childish and young.

Cheng Ru Yu drinks his champagne, indeed that’s why he doesn’t really dare to do anything with Jing Suo Suo.

If not, he would do more than just kissing.

“Is it true that you feel that you are a beast so you don’t dare to do anything with her?”

Cheng Ru Yu glances at him.

Cheng Ru Yu looks at his watch and notices that Jing Suo Suo has gone for ten minutes.

This time Jing Suo Suo is standing on the corridor, she is facing Jing Fen Fen, who is dressing brilliantly.

Jing Fen Fen notices Jing Suo Suo.

“Jie, why are you here?”

Jing Fen Fen has someone beside her, a woman. It should be her friend. The friend looks at Jing Suo Suo. Jing Fen Fen turns her head and says to her friend: “This is my Mei Mei, you could go back first, I’ll be there soon.”

Her friend nods and smiles toward Jing Suo Suo, she just leaves.

“Am I wrong to be here? Perhaps I should be dispirited?” JIng Fen Fen says rudely.

“Jie, you know that I don’t mean it, I’m happy that you could go out.”

“You are out with Cheng Da Ge?” Jing Fen Fen shifts the topic and looks at Jing Suo Suo’s face.

Jing Suo Suo nods.

“There’s nothing great about it. I also come with Lu Da Ge (Bro Lu) together.” Jing Fen Fen walks toward Jing Suo Suo’s side and says to her ear. “Jing Suo Suo, I would live happier than you. Just wait and see it.”

Jing Suo Suo is startled.

“It’s great, I really hope that you would live happier than me.”

Jing Suo Suo turns her body and watches Jing Fen Fen’s proud figure.

“Why are you here?” Jing Suo Suo turns her body and notices that Cheng Ru Yu is standing over there.

“You are too lsow, I come to find you.”

“There’s a close female friend that could accompany you, why should you find me?” Jing Suo Suo feels wronged and acts impetuously.

“I have nothing to do with her. Don’t think too wildly about it.” Cheng Ru Yu holds her arm. “If you don’t want to stay, then let’s go home.”

Jing Suo Suo shakes away his hand and rolls her eyes at him. She walks toward the elevator.

“It’s still early, do you want to watch movie together?” On the car, Cheng Ru Yu asks.

Jing Suo Suo doesn’t mind him.

Cheng Ru Yu looks at how her pouting, he feels that she is so cute. He strokes her head and asks: “Do you want to eat Dun Diao Zi )like a herbal soup)? It’s your favorite.”

Jing Suo Suo’s eyes turn bright after she hears about food. But quickly it turns dim. She snorts and ignores him.

Cheng Ru Yun laughs. “I just want to bring you out to eat. After you finish your food, you are not allowed to be jealous.”

“Who is jealous of you, dream on!”

“Alright, if you say you are not jealous, then you are not. I will listen to you.”

There’s an old restaurant in Jing City. It’s located near the alley. It sells an authentic Dun Diao Zi. Cheng Ru Yu knows about this because of Jing Suo Suo. The first time they came over to eat it, Jing Suo Suo kept on praising it so he remembers about it. From time and again he would take her to eat there.

The owner of the restaurant is old couple. They are clean and neat. The restaurant is also clean and fresh. That’s the reason Cheng Ru Yu frequently takes Jing Suo Suo over.

After they are done eating, Jing Suo Suo has forgotten about Sun Lin. She looks satisfied and sits on the front passenger seat.

She looks at Cheng Ru Yu, she looks at his face. His lips so attractive, They look so soft…….

She suddenly remembers what Ye Qing Xin told her that she should communicate her worries.

The car stops in front of the entrance gate of Jing family’s house.

Jing Suo Suo keeps on watching Cheng Ru Yu, her face blushes. She feels so hot. Cheng Ru Yu notices it. Their gaze meet each other. The atmosphere inside the car changes.

“Cheng Da Ge….” she moves her lips. her tone sounds like she is inviting him to do something.

Cheng Ru Yu leans over. Jing Suo Suo closes her eyes and she just lifts up her face a bit.

Click! There’s a clear sound. Jing Suo Suo’s seatbelt is off. Cheng Ru Yu says: “Go back and sleep early.”

“Cheng Da Ge (Big Bor Cheng)…..” Jing Suo So opens up her eyes and shows her feeling. She is doubting herself. She feels that maybe it’s because she has no charm. She couldn’t provoke him to kiss her? If not, that time shouldn’t he take initiative to kiss her.

“Why….. Why..”Jing Suo Suo really wants to kiss him. But she is a woman, it’s hard for her to ask about it. She holds back and says nothing. She runs toward the door.

Cheng Ru Yu closes her eyes, his mind is full of Jing Suo Suo’s eyes. He wants to kiss her. But the time he thinks about how close they were when they were little. Cheng Ru Yu had ever changed her diaper. How could he kiss her?

“Xin Xin, is it because I am not pretty enough?” Jing Suo Suo takes a shower. She stands up in front of her mirror and examines herself. She pours out her feeling toward Ye Qing Xin.

“Ay, tell me. Do you think that Cheng Da Ge has problem?”

Jing Suo Suo is getting more unreasonable, Ye Qing Xin stops her. “For this matter, I also don’t know how to explain it. If not, as Bo Yuan is closed with Cheng Yi Sheng (Doctor Cheng), I would let him to ask Cheng Yi Sheng (Doctor Cheng) out and beat around the bush about Cheng Yi Sheng’s thought. Don’t overthink, sleep early.”

“Ah? Would Da Ge (Jing Bo Yua) despise me?” Though Jing Suo Suo is insensitive but for this kind of matter, she is much more sensitive. Da Ge might take offense of this.

Of course, Da Ge might not show it off with his face, but inside his heart, he should be laughing at her.

“Then let me go?” Ye Qing Xin says: “I’m afraid that Cheng Yi Sheng wouldn’t respond me.”

Jing Suo Suo considers her choice. She feels that rather asking it by herself it’s better to have her Da Ge to say it. So she chooses the former.

“Xin Xin, when you talk to your Da Ge, please be more indirect. If not, he would think I’m ‘hungry and thirsty’ and impatient.”

Ye Qing Xin laughs: “Alright.”

Every year during the Spring Festival, businessmen usually have a lot of gatherings. Jing Bo Yuan is not home this time. Ye Qing Xin hangs up Jing Suo Suo’s call. She looks at the clock and calls Jing Bo Yuan.

The it’s answered. Ye Qing Xin just reminds him to not drink too much alcohol. She says nothing else, yet Jing Bo Yuan reports honestly about his schedule and he says lastly: “I’ll be done in thirty minutes. Don’t wait for me.”

Ye Qing Xin: “Em.” She hangs up and just sleeps. Now she is pregnant, she is unsuitable to sleep late.

Jing Bo Yuan is done with his gathering. Since he gets stomach problem, Ye Qing Xin keeps on talking about his habit of drinking, so now every time he is out, he would take two people to keep of the alcohol from him.

“You drank a lot, be safe.” Jing Bo Yuan reminds He Gu. He Gu nods and gets on the car.

Jing Bo Yuan gets on his car after He Gu leaves on his car with his driver.

Jing Bo Yuan drank two glasses of wine, though he isn’t drunk but he isn’t driving.

Driver Lu passes him a box: “Tai Tai (Mrs) calls me to buy you this.”

Jing Bo Yuan smiles, his face turns gentle. He opens it up and drinks it.

His phone suddenly vibrates, it’s a call from Cheng Ru Yu. “Bo Yuan, do you have time, let’s go out and rink.”

Jing Bo Yuan looks at the time, it’s already 11:00 p.m.

“I have no time.” He refuses coldly.

“I have a problem.” Cheng Ru Yu says: “Come out and help me.”

“Where are you?”

“Shi Guang Qing Cheng.”

Not only Jing Bo Yuan, He Ji Fan, Yu Geng Xin and Ji Lin Yuan are coming too.

“Why are you calling me here?” He Ji Fan sits down and pours a beer for himself.

“Right.” Yu Geng Xin yawns: “I was sleeping. If you have no important and urgent matter, I would beat you out.”

Jing Bo Yuan and Ji Lin Yuan just sit down on the sofa and watches Cheng Ru Yu. They have no expression.

Cheng Ru Yu finishes his fifth glasses and looks at his best friends. He suddenly feels impulsive. At first he wanted to ask these men, who are married to young women. Now he feels that he would be disdained by them.

“What is it? Last night I didn’t sleep. Today I was so busy. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to sleep first.”

Recently Dou Weir is so buys, she just got a day off yet, He Ji Fan seized the chance to chat with her for few hours. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep till the morning. This morning he went to the hospital to accompany Old Madame Dou. He just slept and he was disturbed with a call.

Yu Geng Xin was unhappy to be disturbed. “Are you just calling us for diver yourself? Say it, quickly!”

Cheng Ru Yu thinks about it and is ready to risk everything.

“Lin Yuan is fifteen years older than Xiao Yu, Bo Yuan is fourteen years older than Xin Xin. Ji Fan is fourteen years older than his current girlfriend. Geng Xin is nine years older than his wife. I just want to know. When you guys are affectionate to your own wife. Would you somehow feel that you could not do it?”

This question is a provocative question for a man. Cheng Ru Yu realizes that these men’s gazes suddenly change. Especially He Ji Fan, he immediately turns excited. He shifts his body and asks Cheng Ru Yu: “What is it? How couldn’t you do it? Are you having problem?”


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