For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 9

He is sick?

He Li Zhen’s first response is thinking the reason is because the heavy rain that day, then she also thinks of the time she splashed the hot water to him.

Wu Yue Ming also says: “He is wet because of the rain, today he has a fever.

The time Wu Yue Ming is talking, he keeps on watching He Li Zhen. He Li Zhen could guess what he is thinking. He should be blaming her, he should feel that she is irresponsible as she said that he would not kick him out.

What does he know?

She says nothing, she puts down her attendance list and turns her body. She turns her body to start teaching.

Wu Yue Ming snorts behind her with a low tone yet, He Li Zhen could hear it well. She holds her chalk and releases a deep breath. She pretends like she doesn’t hear it.

After the class, He Li Zhen returns to the office room. She doesn’t know why but she feels furious. She just puts down her books by slamming it. Peng Qian is shocked.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Peng Qian asked.

He Li Zhen shakes her head and says: “Nothing.”

He Li Zhen covers her face and sits down on her chair. She doesn’t have heart to read book right now.

“Come over, He Lao Shi (Teacher He), help me to pick clothes. Tell me which one is great?” Peng Qian asks. He Li Zhen comes over and looks at it. One is green, one is yellow.

“I feel they are looking great.”

“Ck, give me an opinion please.”

He Li Zhen looks at it and says: “Then just the green one.”

“Yes, you think that it’s great?”

He Li Zhen says: “This yellow one, the back is too exposed.”

“……….. what do you mean too exposed? Don’t play me. Do you always wrap yourself while you are going out with your family?”

He Li Zhen says: “I have no boyfriend…”

Peng Qian looks at He Li Zhen, she raises her eyebrows and says: “Do you need my help you to introduce one for you? I have a lot of friends, what is your type?”

He Li Zhen stands up and says: “Don’t teasse me.”

“I’m serious, what is your type?”


“Do you want the mature one, or the young yet strong yet?” Peng Qian explains: “Let me tell you. After my boyfriend graduated from the university, he has a lot of single friends. Tell me your type, I will help you out.”

“Your boyfriend is young?”

“Yes, we were introduced by someone. It’s good that he is young. Who would like old one.”

He Li Zhen suddenly shivers, she lifts up her head. Peng Qian is still interested in talking about this topic.

“Hurry up choose your dress, isn’t it a deadline?”

“Ah, that’s right. I almost forget about it.”

She checks it out quickly. He Li Zhen returns to her seat.

Then she asks: “Peng Lao Shi (Teacher Peng), do you have any cold medicine?”

“Yes.” Peng Qian says: “Go take it on the second shelf. What happened? Do you feel unwell?”

“Nothing.” He Li Zhen goes to take it then notices there are a lot of medicines. There’s even burning medicine.

“This…. how could there are so may medicines.”

“Oh, the teachers prepare it for convenient.”

“Could I use it?”

“of course, you are newbie so you might know about it. Though we are poor but we have social welfare too.”

He Li Zhen is teased by her and laughs. She takes the medicine.

During the afternoon, He Li Zhen goes to the nearest pharmacy and buys a box of scalding ointment. She also buys some to put inside the shelf.

After she is done, she looks at the two boxes of medicine on her table for ten minutes. Then she stands up.

In the afternoon at 03:00 p.m., the 12.6’s students are having sport lesson. The male students are playing ball in the field. He Li Zhen looks at the window and notices that there’s no Wan Kun. She goes to the class to find him, but at the class, there are only several female students talking with each other and Wan Kun lays down at the corner back of the classroom.

One of them notices He Li Zhen. “He Lao Shi, why are you here?”

He Li Zhen smiles and says: “It’s okay, you guys should continue to chat.”

She comes over and goes to the last row.

“Wan Kun.”

She calls him, Wan Kun doesn’t move.

He Li Zhen watches him for a while and then lowers down her head. She says to his ear. “Don’t play around. Before you should hear Tan Xia Lan called me.” She noticed before that Wan Kun’s body move.

He Li Zhen says: “Come out.”

Then she walks out of the classroom. The time she comes out of the classroom, she passed by Wu Wei. He Li Zhen smiles at him and says: “You are reading book?”

Wu Wei greets the teacher. He Li Zhen nods and says: “If you have something that you don’t understand, you could come over to my office and ask me. Don’t let it go.”


Wu Wei is a chubby guy with a thick glasses. He doesn’t look like a smart student but he always listens to the lesson seriously. He Li Zhen likes him.


There’s a cold laughter behind her. He Li Zhen turns her head and looks at a tall figure coming toward her.

Wan Kun is out of the classroom.

He Li Zhen talks few more sentences with Wu Wei and then leaves the classroom.

Wan Kun stands at the end of the corridor, He Li Zhen comes over, she says to him. “Come here.” Then she directly gets into a small room near the laboratory. The room is smelly. He Li Zhen lets Wan Kun gets in and closes the door.

She then takes out the medicine.

“For you.”

Wan Kun looks at it but doesn’t take it.

He Li Zhen says: “Take it. You have a flu because of the rain right. Also, your back….” He Li Zhen looks at his eyes and couldn’t say anything. She just moves her hand for him ot take it.

Wan Kun speaks up.

“….. What happened to my back?”

Wan Kun’s voice is low and hoarse. Perhaps because he is sick, his voice is weak.

He Li Zhen is furious. “Your back is scalding right, have you put on anything?”

Wan Kun just watches her. He Li Zhen says: “Take this and let Wu Yue Ming helps you to put it on. It would be less painful.”

Wan Kun still says nothing, the room is quiet.

He Li Zhen doesn’t want to look at him anymore, she feels it’s hard to bear. This time the bell rings. He Li Zhen just puts down the medicine at the nearest table and leaves.

“You aren’t afraid that anyone knows that you harmed a student?”

He Li Zhen stops.

“No need to worry, no one would know.”

Wan Kun leaves first, he doesn’t even take her medicines.

She just takes the medicine into the office room.

It’s Wednesday.

The day before, Er Zhong had teachers’ meeting. Leader Jiang explained what would they do for two days. Actually they would observe another school and make note.

Peng Qian pouts and He Li Zhen notices it. Peng Qian gives her a comic face.

“Tomorrow let’s gather in front of the school gate.”

The meeting ended

Peng Qian said to He Li Zhen. “Liu Lao Shi (teacher LIu) is far away so she would go over by herself.”


He Li Zhen and Peng Qian comes to the school on Wednesday at 08:30 a.m. They both go to Yu Ying middle school. He Li Zhen would be observing Grade 12.

The teacher is a male teacher called Li Chang Jia. He is around thirty years old.

He is a great teacher that even He Li Zhen listens to his lesson with keen interest.

After the class, Li Chang Jia as the coach, gives tips and tricks for the teachers. During the meeting, He Li Zhen asks several questions and Li Chang Jia answers her patiently.

In the afternoon, the training ends.

On the way back home, she gets a call.

“Hey, Li Zhen. Where are you?!” Shang Jie calls her.

He Li Zhen says: “I just finished my training, I’m on my way back home.”

“It’s great!” Shang Jie says: “I’m on the way back to the city. I’m free today, so I want to come over to visit you.”

He Li Zhen says: “Alright, when would you arrive?”

“In two hours.”

“em, then could you find my school? I would there for you.”

“Alright, wait for me.”

He Li Zhen puts down her phone and walks to the school.

Because of this training, the grade 12’s schedule is adjusted.

He Li Zhen returns to her office to wait for Shang Jie. The office is empty.

He Li Zhen walks to the window and looks around. There are male students playing ball and the female students are chatting.

She notices Wu Yue Ming is jumping high to snatch ball.

He Li Zhen looks around and notices Wan Kun is sitting down.

Wan Kun is sitting down there and smoking. There’s no one around him.

The rule of no smoking in the school seems to be a joke for him.

She looks at her and couldn’t help but to think whether he doesn’t play basketball because his back.


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