Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 25

For that lunch, Lu Xing Yan is eating so silently.

During the lunch, only Zhou Pei Yue and Zhou Yi are talking with each other. Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t talk much. From time to time, she just answers their questions.

When the lunch is over, Pei Yue looks at Lu Xing Yan and feels a bit puzzled: “What is it? Are you being given dumb medicine?”

Lu Xing Yan: “……”

No, it’s possible that he is being given aphrodisiac.

Hearing him saying nothing, Pei Yue feels he is getting strange. She asks: “What mistake did you make? Today you are so quiet unlike your real self. How could I be worry-free?”


How could there is so ruthless biological mother.

Lu Xing Yan is speechless, he just eats little food. Then he just puts down his chopsticks and leaves. He says: “I’m sleepy. Okay, I’ll go back to my bedroom.”

Pei Yue looks at his lazy figure, she is thinking about him and chews her food.

The time she sees that Lu Xing Yan is gone, she puts down her chopsticks and approaches Chen Xing Ruo. With a low voice, she says: “Ruo Ruo, this afternoon Pei Yi would go out. Help me to watch him. If there’s something wrong. Please call Pei Yi okay?”

Chen Xing Ruo nods.

Pei Yue has made appointment to play cards with her friends so after the lunch, she just goes to tidy up.

Zhou Yi is cleaning up the dishes and then she makes a shopping list. She plans to go to the supermarket with Driver Liu after Driver Liu sends Pei Yue off.

At firstChen Xing Ruo wanted to go with Driver Lu and Zhou Yi, but because she gets a ‘great trust’ from Pei Yue, she stays at home.


Spring days always feels so warm.

After the lunch, Chen Xing Ruo is free. She goes to the garden to sprinkle water for the flowers.

She looks around and suddenly lifts up her head. She glances at the window on the third floor of the house.

She narrows her eyes to look——

Then she just goes back to spray the water.


The time Chen Xing Ruo goes upstair, just in time Lu Xing Yan is going downstair.

They bump with each other, it’s too shocking.

Chen Xing Ruo examines Lu Xing Yan and notices that he is holding a bamboo basket. “Lu Xing Yan, what are you doing? Why do you look so sneaky?”

Lu Xing Yan is startled and looks away. He rubs his neck.

“What do you mean sneaky….. Choose your words nicely. I’m, I’m just going to wash my clothes.”

He is so nervous that he couldn’t say his words calmly.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at the bamboo crate. There’s his uniform and something else under it.

She says nothing and just lets her pass away.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t think that it’s easy to persuade her. He looks at her for few minutes and continues to go downstair.

He then looks back after few steps: “Why are you following me?”

Chen Xing Ruo is calm: “Who is following you? Couldn’t I go downstair too?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”


Ruo Jie is very omnipotent.

The time they reach the first floor, Lu Xing Yan looks back and goes to the laundry room.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t follow him, she goes to the fridge to take a bottle of milk.

He is relieved. He opens up the washing machine lid and just throws the dirty clothes.

The time he takes the bed sheet, he feels something is wrong. He turns his head back.

He sees that she is drinking her milk and standing less than two meters from him.

She has milk stain on her lips.

He pauses, he remembers last night dream again.

Chen Xing Ruo notices what he is holding is bed sheet. Because her bedsheet also has the same pattern as his, it just has a different color.

It’s just a bed sheet, why should he cover himself up.

He sees that Chen Xing Ruo seems to know what he is holding.

Actually there’s only little stain, it couldn’t be seen so easily. He keeps on trying to be calm.

“I…. I am just.” Lu Xing Yan closes his eyes, he feels somehow frustrated. He resign himself to fate: “Da Xiao Jie, just think that I beg you okay? Could you stop watching me?”

Chen Xing Ruo says nothing and just stands up for a while.

Suddenly she just leaves.

Lu Xing Yan is waiting for her insane humiliating words. He is shocked. He sees from the window that Chen Xing Ruo returns outside to spray water for the plant.

He just puts everything back inside. Then he just stays silent.

D*mm*t, how to operate this one?

The washing machine is too advanced, there’s a lot of buttons. He tries to consider what should he choose.

After five minutes, he knocks on the window. Chen Xing Ruo lifts up her head and looks at him.

Lu Xing Yan does a hand motion to ask Chen Xing Ruo to come inside.

She thinks about it and gets inside.

“What is it?”

Lu Xing Yan coughs awkwardly: “That, could you use this washing machine?”


Chen Xing Ruo says nothing and just passes by him. She stops in front of the washing machine.

Lu Xing Yan didn’t expect that she would look so expert in this.

She looks at the washing machine for a while then starts to press the button.


No response.

Chen Xing Ruo thinks for a while and looks at the option: rinse, cleanse, heavy cleanse….

Lu Xing Yan finally doubts her ability to operate this washing machine too: “You also couldn’t do it?”

Chen Xing Ruo glances at him and her eyes say: “What kind of wild talk are you doing?”

She just presses a button, then the washing machine just rings “Di Di Di”.

Both of them turn silent.

Lu Xing Yan thinks of something and asks: “Is it because there’s no water?”

It seems to be.

Chen Xing Ruo looks for the ‘water’ button and presses it.

Then finally the washing machine starts to work.

They both just sigh relievedly in silent.

The time Chen Xing Ruo feels that everything is successful, Lu Xing Yan suddenly asks: “We haven’t add the detergent?”


He seems to know a lot of things.

Chen Xing Ruo looks around and couldn’t find it. She feels that detergent should be around.

Lu Xing Yan also looks for it, but he couldn’t find it too.

Chen Xing Ruo starts to look at the front panel.

Then she just realizes that it’s already installed inside so she could just choose it from the button.


After solving this matter, Chen Xing Ruo feels like she just finishes math problems. She feels a great sense of achievement.

But Lu Xing Yan seems to be so at loss.

He suddenly jokes: “I saw that you were acting like you are an expert but turns out that you also don’t know about it.”

“But now it’s working right?”

Chen Xing Ruo shows no expression.

Lu Xing Yan: “If it’s not me, I think you would wash it up with your hands.”


How could I know that you are not putting water or detergent inside yet? You are really a thankless man?”

Lu Xing Yan wants to say something more but Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t give him any choice to refute. She looks at him coldly and continues: “You are bed-wetting right? Why should you cover it up and be so sneaky? Someone with a low IQ like you, it’s nothing strange if you could bed-wetting? I came over to help you wash your clothes, how could you mock m? Every day you try hard to win me over small matter? Is that really make you feel proud?”

“Do you think by proving that I couldn’t wash your clothes mean you could win over me? Or perhaps you could get 400 by proving me not able to wash my clothes?”

“It’s better for you to show off your skill rather than stress on this small matter. Childish-we.”


Lu Xing Yan couldn’t regain himself for a moment.


Who was bed-wetting?

Lu Xing Yan regains himself and tries to explain: “Ay, no, Chen Xing Ruo!”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t mind him, she wants to leave.

“WTF, I didn’t wet my bed!”

Lu Xing Yan immerses in shocking state,he is completely confused how could Chen Xing Ruo just thinks that he was bed-wetting?”

But how should he explain.

It seems that he only has two ways of explaining it and those explanation are complicated. So at last he just shuts up.


Finally a complicated week of ignoring each other ends.

On Sunday, both of them return to the school.

These two days, Lu Xing Yan doesn’t have a good night sleep. The time he lays down, he couldn’t help but to remember that dream.

In his dream, Chen Xing Ruo is asking for him, she is tangling with him.

He couldn’t sleep well at home, he is thinking whether he could have a good sleep at the school.

In his dorm room, everyone is making a noise.

After the time of turning the lights off, Zhao Lang Ming and Li Cheng Fan start to discuss about “Scientific approach to development”.

Even the most well-behaved Bian He, comes over to Zhao Lang Ming’s bed to take a look.

Both of them are discussing excitedly about it.

Lu Xing Yan suddenly just be furious: “WTF, could you guys stop? Would you slep or not?”

“Yan Ge, comes over! This 1080 clarity, I spend 60 Yuan for this.”

Lu Xing Yan ignores them and just covers his head with the blanket. He tries hard to sleep.

“Her chests are very great!”

“It’s look fake….”

“No ah, it’s charming!”


Their words make Lu Xing Yan unconsciously remembers that dream again.

Before he gets into sleep, he suddenly has a daring thought. Okay just let it be, let the dream progresses.

He just sleeps.

How could he keeps on thinking of that white peacock, he should very shameless.

NO, he is a blind man.


Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t know what that v*rg*n man thinks about her.

On Monday, she has a lot of things to do.

Everyday she would find a hour of time to go to the music room to practice her violin skill. She also needs to prepare for the next week mid-term exam.

At Ming Li, the minor examinations (like quiz, test, mid-term examination) are hard to do, but the final examinations are verye asy.

After the mid-term examination, they usually hold a parents’ meeting.

For most people, easy exams are great thing. But for the top students, it’s not a good thing. If it’s too easy, it’s hard to increase the gap.

Recently the time Chen Xing Ruo browses through several exam papers, she is careful in writing the steps.

She is so busy, though she is tired but she is very hardworking one.

This week too, their class need to do sharing event.

The people who would share are the students on the top ten.

The people on stage feel like nothing should be talked about, the people off the stage feel this is a useless event.

Till Di Jia Jing gets on the stage, people are still bored.

Ten minutes later after Di Jia Jing finishes her sharing.

“………. So this is what I want to share with everyone, I hope that it would be a great help for you. Thank you.”

Di Jia Jing’s voice is soft and tender. Then she bows.

Everyone shows their respect, they claps for her.

Chen Xing Ruo also claps for her.

The time He Si Yue gets on the stage, she looks at her notebook.

It’s unlucky, Di Jia Jing’s experience looks like one-third of her writing.

When it’s Chen Xing Ruo’s turn, she stands up and doesn’t take her notebook.

Chen Xing Ruo is a popular student in her class. She looks beautiful and has a great achievement. She is also a friendly girl.

She even hasn’t reached the stage and everyone has given her a big applause.

She gets on the stage and turns silent.

“Actually I prepared a note to talk about but other students had said about it. I think it’s too perfect so I wouldn’t say anything more about it.”

Everyone is startled.

Chen Xing Ruo says again: “I think that susceptibility of learning means being immersed in style of learning process and slowly foster your own learning style. You need to accumulate your way of exploring as it’s hard to reach the goal in one step. Just like playing a game, you could buy a first-class equipments or possess the most abundant strategies and knowledge, but it doesn’t mean that you are a master.”

“So I think we could change our interaction today. Everyone could ask me questions, I would answer in my scope. If you don’t think what I said is reasonable then you could tell me what you don’t agree. We could discuss on it.”

Everyone is looking at each other.

After a while, suddenly someone raises up her hand.

It’s Ruan Wen.

Ruan Wen asks: “Chen Xing Ruo, I want to ask you how should we write an English essay. The time I read the essay prompt I feel very dizzy. I keep on being confused on where to start.”

Chen Xing Ruo considers for a while and says: “The time I write an English essay, I would circle the key words of the topic. For example, for the last month exam…”

Chen Xing Ruo could answer Ruan Wen’s question in detail.

After Ruan Wen, a lot of other students start to raise up their hands and ask question.

Lu Xing Yan feels confused about Chen Xing Ruo’s friendly attitude.

After several questions, he suddenly raises up his hand asks: “Chen Xing Ruo, excuse me, please tell me how to review a history lesson. I never pass my history exam.”

Hearing Lu Xing Yan’s lively and joking remark.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at him and says flatly: “Lu Xing Yan, I feel you don’t need to worry about reviewing, you could do a preview first.”


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