For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 7

She thinks for while and then thinks of his expression when he blocked her on the alley.

He Li Zhen sighs and thinks about it. She writes two words “Jia You (Fighting)” on his blank paper

She hopes that he could study well.

There’s unwritten rule in Yan Cheng Er Zhong. The rule is on Friday, the students can leave school earlier. He Li Zhen’s subject is the last subject on Friday. During her period, every student seems to move restlessly.

He Li Zhen looks around, she notices that Wan Kun is gone. Wu Yue Ming is present. He is sleeping on his desk.

He Li Zhen passes out the homework and hands over the diary back. Then she lets them go.

She returns to the office room and notices that Peng Qian is looking outside the window.

“What are you looking at?” He Li Zhen asks her.

“Those who are playing ball.” Peng Qian says.

He Li Zhen looks over and notices there’s someone jumping out and shooting. She could recognize him to be Wan Kun.

05:30 p.m. The sky is a bit dark.

The weather’s today isn’t very great. The wind blows greatly and makes the dust and sand in the air. Wan Kun just plays alone there.

Peng Qian suddenly laughs and says: “Tell me how could this student be so bold that he could openly skip his class.”

He Li Zhen just regains herself when Peng Qian has tidied up all her things to get off work.

“Would you leave now?”

“Ah….” He Li Zhen says: “I’ll wait for a while.”

“Then I’ll leave first.”

Peng Qian leaves and there’s only He Li Zhen alone there. She goes to pack her things and the time she passes the window again, she takes a look.

He seems to be tired. He is standing near the sport field and having a rest.

The wind blows his hair.

Suddenly Wan Kun turns his head.

He Li Zhen takes few steps back and just notices that he is not looking at the school building but toward the entrance of the sport field. After a while, a person is coming toward him. He Li Zhen knows that person is Wu Yue Ming.

Wan Kun throws the ball toward Wu Yue Ming and Wu Yue Ming catches it.

He Li Zhen doesn’t look at them again, she turns her body and takes her bag to leave.

On the sport field, Wu Yue Ming and Wan Kun go toward to flight of steps and sit down. Wu Yue Ming passes a thing to Wan Kun. Wan Kun takes it. “What is it?”

“Diary.” Wu Yue Min says: “I help you take it.”

Wan Kun frowns and opens it up. The first page is completely blank, then he flips around and notices He Li Zhen’s writing.

[Jia You (Fighting)[.

The writing is very beautiful, the strokes are very pointy and small just like her.

Wan Kun looks at that blankly for seconds then he snorts. He laughs till he feels he has side cramp.

Wu Yue Ming couldn’t control himself, he also laughs.

“…… Where is this…… weirdo lao shi (teacher) coming from?” Wu Yue Ming covers his belly and laughs loudly: “No, I couldn’t bear it. Give me a cigarette, I want to get over my shock.”

Wan Kun takes out a box of cigarettes and throws it to Wu Yue Ming. Wu Yue Ming takes it and smokes a cigarette.

“Do you really think that she would say nothing about it?” Wu Yue Ming asks Wan Kun when he is done laughing.

“I don’t know.”

“Actually I feel.” Wu Yue Ming holds the cigarette and says to Wan Kun. He says with a low voice: “No matter how old she is, to make a woman be more well-behaved. There’s only one way.”

Wan Kun glances at him for a while, Wu Yue Ming extends his finger and says. Wan Kun smiles, he knows what he mean.

“Screw her.”

Wu Yue Ming once again laughs loudly.

Everything is going in right direction. In the weekend, He Li Zhen is idle. She tidies up her room and the time she goes out, she notices there’s a marketplace, which sells birds, flowers, fishes and worms. She strolls around and at last buys a gold fish back home.

This gold fish has white and red stripe, it’s too fat. Its belly is so big like a balloon. He Li Zhen buys a small fish bowl for him and buys a bit waterweed. She places the fish bowl on her table.

The fish is lazy, it acts like it is saying “Don’t mind me”. It keeps on swimming lazily.

On Monday during the class, Wan Kun doesn’t come to school, yet Wu Yue Ming comes to attend the class. He Li Zhen is a bit curious but she doesn’t think too much about it. At night after getting off work, He Li Zhen bumps into Wu Yue Ming when she is coming out of her office.

“Why are you here? Are you looking for Hu Lao Shi (Teacher Hu)?”

“No.” Wu Yue Ming shakes his head and says: “Lao Shi (Teacher), I come to look for you.”

He Li Zhen is confused and says: “Me? Why?”

Wu Yue Ming looks worried and anxious: “He Lao Shi (Teacher He), I want to ask for your help.”

“What is it?”

Wu Yue Ming takes out his phone and says to He Li Zhen. “I just answered a call from Wan Kun. A waiter called me. He said that Wan Kun is drunk. He is laying there, he is unconscious.”


“His house is far away, he usually lives alone. Our friends are gone, I’m afraid that I could take him by myself.”

He Li Zhen takes out her phone and says: “I’ll help you find Hu Lao Shi, he just ——“

“Don’t ah.” Wu Yue Ming holds her bag and says: “If you don’t go, it’s better for me to go then.”

He Li Zhen lifts up her head and says: “Why couldn’t we find Hu Lao Shi? He is your homeroom teacher.”

“Wan Kun would butcher me.” Wu Yue Ming shrugs his shoulder, he says coldly: “Forget it, I’ll go by myself.” He turns his body and whispers with a low voice: “It’s good that you still write “Jia You (Fighting) for him.”

He Li Zhen doesn’t know when he looked at Wan Kun’s diary. She also doesn’t know whether he is saying that in purpose. But she feels somehow that he is a bit false

She calls after Wu Yue Ming.

“Where is he?”

The bar Wan Kun in is not far away from the school, it’s quite near her apartment too. The bar is selling hotpot and roasted food. Now the weather is quite hot but the bar is quite crowded.

Wan Kun is sitting outside, He Li Zhen could see him immediately.

The time she is looking at him, she feels something is wrong. She notices that he is wearing a suit, which he wore that day.

“Wan Kun!” Wu Yue Ming calls after him and shakes his body. It seems that Wan Kun is really drunk. He takes chance when He Li Zhen is still far away to say on his ear side: “Hey! Wan Kun? Wake up, I already bring her over!”

“You guys come to take him?” A waiter comes over and asks hm.

Wu Yue Ming says: “Ah, right.”

The waiter says: “Then settle the bill first. In total 86.”

Wu Yue Ming frowns. He Li Zhen comes over and takes out her wallet. She gives 100 to the waiter. The waiter gives her back the change.

He Li Zhen looks at Wan Kun and asks Wu Yue Ming: “Do you know where does he live?”

Wu Yue Ming says: “I don’t know.”

He Li Zhen bends her waist and extends her hand to push Wan Kun.

“Wan Kun, Wan Kun?”

He doesn’t respond, He Li Zhen frowns and stands up. She says: “So now what should we do? Where should we take him?”

Wu Yue Ming says: “I also don’t know.” He lifts up his head and glances at He Li Zhen. He Li Zhen is looking worriedly, she doesn’t pay attention to anything. Wu Yue Ming tries t say: “Lao Shi, I really live very far away. It’s inconvenient for me to take him home. If not, let’s take him to the hotel to stay for a night.”

“Hotel?” He Li Zhen shakes his head and says: “NO, he is drunk. How could we leave him alone at the hotel?”

Wu Yue Ming raises his eyebrow and says awkwardly: “Then what should we do? I know no one nearby.”

He Li Zhen looks at Wan Kun and couldn’t help but t say: “Tell me what do you guys do everyday? How could you not just go to school and learn well. Why should you to the bar and get drunk? Is this what a student should do?”

Wu Yue Ming rolls his eyes and says: “Right right, I feel that his behavior is too shameful, but now what should we do?”

He Li Zhen says: “Let me hold him, I would get a taxi?”

Wu Yue Ming calls after her: “Where would he go?”

He Li Zhen doesn’t answer her, Wu Yue Ming pouts and takes Wan Kun.

“How could you be so drunk?” Wu Yue Ming shakes him, and finally Wan Kun responds. He opens his eyes.

“You are awake?” Wu Yue Ming pats Wan Kun’s face and looks at him. Then he says: “He Lao Shi is here. I think it’s possible that she would bring you home.” He says and looks around. He takes out a box and puts it inside Wan Kun’s pocket. He laughs and says: “You should get lively, don’t waste my effort.”

Wan Kun is slow in responding. His hair is so messy. He opens his red eyes and asks hoarsely: “….. Where is she?”

“She is getting a taxi.”

The time He Li Zhen is back home, Wu Yue Ming already supports Wan Kun to stand up.

“Let me help you.”

Wan Kun is too drunk, he is so sweaty. She could feel his body is so hot.

He Li Zhen and Wu Yue Ming put Wan Kun inside the taxi, Wu Yue Ming asks He Li Zhen. “Lao Shi, where are you taking him?”

He Li Zhen says: “He shouldn’t stay outside in drunken state. It’s too dangerous. My rented apartment is nearby. I would take him there. Oh right, do you know the contact information of his parents?”

Wu Yue Ming shakes his head and says: “I don’t know.”

He Li Zhen says: “Then let it be, tomorrow I would find Hu Lao Shi (Teacher Hu).”

Wu Yue Ming says nothing, He Li Zhen loos at him and says to him. “Go home early.”

“Okay, I’ll go home now.” Wu Yue Ming waves his hand at He Li Zhen and says: “Thank you, Lao Shi.”

He Li Zhen watches Wu Yue Ming till he is gone. The taxi driver is a bit impatient: “Are you going or not?”

“Yes.” He Li Zhen closes the door and says: “Go to the backdoor of Er Zhong.”

The taxi moves. He Li Zhen and Wan Kun are sitting on the backseats. Wan Kun is leaning back on his chair. His eyes are close. From time to time he sometimes gulps down something. His Adam’s Apple moves.

The alcohol smell inside the taxi is too strong, He Li Zhen lowers down her car window to let the wind inside. The wind blows Wan Kun’s hair.

He Li Zhen looks at the night scene from her window.


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