For the Rest of My Life (有生之年) by Twentine ~ Chapter 2

His voice sounds fresh and relaxed, he is a bit indifferent and wild. Hearing this makes He Li Zhen lowers her head even more.

He stands on the end of the line. Previously he was blocked by the door so they couldn’t see his face clearly. But now he stands out and Shang Jie’s eyes turn bright.

“Come over come over, come a bit closer.” Shang Jie calls him over.

He looks young, his hair is black. He doesn’t color his hair or does his hairstyle. His bang is a bit long and a bit messy. Maybe it’s his first day of work so he doesn’t wear his work clothes today. He just wears a simple black trousers and grey shirt with folded sleeves.

The cloth looks cheap but on him, it’s look differently.

Shang Jie examines him, he says nothing. He just lets her looks at him.

Shang Jie laughs and says: “Stay here.” Then she looks at the man, who recommended this man before.” You also need to stay here.”

The other men just bows and says: “I hope you would have fun.” The other men just leave.

The door is closed and then the man just opens the jukebox to play the music.

Then the man starts to sing.

He is singing a very old song of Zhang Xue You <<The Folklore of Ravenous wolf/ E Lang Chuan Shuo>>.

This song is too old, but he could sing it very well. His voice is hoarse and clean. Shang Jie follows him singing.

Both of them sing happily. He Li Zhen feels that someone is sitting down beside her.

Her first response is shifting her body to the side, that man notices it but he doesn’t draw near her. He just lowers his head and says to her: “Do you want to sing a song?”

He Li Zhen shakes her head, and that man says: “Then what do you want to hear?” He says it and glances at those people, who are singing. He laughs and adds: “I sing better than him.”

He Li Zhen doesn’t say anything, she just shakes her head. Now she finally understands what Shang Jie said about “finding a pleasure” and “relax”. He Li Zhen knows that she is a conservative woman.She even never goes to the bar. Now she is so nervous.

Shang Jie finishes the song and returns to her seat. Because she is too emotional and excited, her forehead is sweaty. She takes her handkerchief and wipes her forehead. Then she says to He Li Zhen: “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat anything?”

He Li Zhen feels something suppressive here in the room, her whole body feels uncomfortable. She shakes her head and says hurriedly to Shang Jie: “I’ll leave first.” Then she just runs outside without lifting up her head.

“Ay——!” Shang Jie stands up and says to those two men. “Wait for a while, I’ll check on her.”

The man, who is sitting down beside He Li Zhen, just looks at the closed door and eats the fruits. Then he lays down on the sofa.

The man, who is holding the microphone, chooses another sing and asks: “What happened? You are not treating her well?”

The man on the sofa just looks at the ceiling and says carelessly: “She is a conservative one, she looks like she doesn’t want to play. For this, would they cut our salary?”

“No. It’s okay. She is not the one that pays, we could accompany the other.”

The man on the sofa just yawns.

“You are sleepy? It’s still early. Don’t we as youngster should be able to stay up till late? It’s your first day working here, you should be energetic. Don’t let the supervisor sees you.”

That man just sighs and stands up. He stretches his body: “Do you have cigarette?”

“No, but the guest should have one. But it’s better to wait till she is back, don’t touch her handbag.”

“Forget it.” He says: “I’ll go out to buy one. I also want to let air passes through. D*mm*t, I’m really sleep.”

“Come back quickly.”

He Li Zhen comes out through the very noisy passageway, she covers her ears and runs. Shang Jie follows after her and just stops her in front of the store.

“Why are you running?” Shang Jie is a bit fat, she also wears high heels today so she is panting hardly after running few steps.

He Li Zhen glares at Shang Jie: “How could you take me to this place!”

Shang Jie: “What’s wrong with this place?”

He Li Zhen pursues her lips because she is too shock, she is a bit speechless: “You are, you are……. Anyway we should leave.”

Shang Jie looks at her.

“What are you afraid of? We just ask them to sing and drink with us, we don’t pay him to get on the bed. What’s wrong with it.” Shang Jie looks at He Li Zhen: “I earn my own money, why I couldn’t find a bit of pleasure. Why are you so timid?”

Every time Shang Jie is angry, He Li Zhen wouldn’t say anything, she just lets her be and lowers her head.

“Go back with me. If you don’t like them, then I’ll ask them to live.” Shang Jie holds He Li Zhen’s hand. He Li Zhen shakes her hand away and says: “I’ll not go back, I’m dizzy because of thesmile inside.”

“You ——“

“You could go and play, I’ll wait outside for you.” He Li Zhen looks around and points at a small restaurant nearby and says: “I’ll go and wait there.”

Shang Jie feels furious, at last she just stamps her foot: “Forget it, forget it, I’ll not play anymore. Wait there for a while, I’ll go inside and settle the bill first.”

Shang Jie returns and keeps on complaining on the way back: “You deserve to be mistreated this lifetime, your courage is small as sty.”

He Li Zhen smiles at her and goes to buy a bottle of water.

The store is not big, she takes a bottle of cold water. Then she goes to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier is a young woman. She scans the barcode while looking at her phone, she seems to watching a drama.

The door bell rings when she is paying on the cashier, someone gets inside the store. He Li Zhen is taking the money out of her wallet. She looks over when she hears the noise.

The one gets inside is a young man, a very young man. He is looking at He Li Zhen and pauses for a while. Then he goes to the cashier and throws a ten dollar.

“Ruan Hong Ta.”

He Li Zhen hears the voice and pauses.

She seemed to hear that sound inside.

This time He Li Zhen lowers her head even lower and quickly takes out the money. She puts it on the cashier. She wants to leave quickly.

“You are not going back?”

He Li Zhen hears his question. He sounds casual, he sounds really relaxed.

He Li Zhen answers “Em” to him politely. Then she just goes out of the store.

Wan Kun looks at her figure and takes the cigarette box from the cashier. He unpacks the cigarette box directly.

“Lend me a lighter.”

The female cashier regains herself from the drama, she looks at him and passes him a lighter. Wan Kun lights his cigarette and smokes it.

Then he gives the lighter back, the cashier looks at him and says: “Just take it”

Wan Kun smiles: “Thank you.”

He Li Zhen runs out and waits for Shang Jie next to her car. After a while, Shang Jie comes out, she looks at He Li Zhen. “Why are you hiding in that dark section, you want to pretend to be a ghost.”

He Li Zhen knows that Shang Jie is furious and just lets her to joke around. “Even though pretend to be a ghost, I wouldn’t scare you off.”

Shang Jie snorts coldly and opens the car’s door: “Get on, let’s find another place to eat. I’m so hungry.”

He Li Zhen moves around and finds to get on the front passenger seat. The time she walks over, she consciously looks at the small store.

She just glances at that man and gets on the car.

On the car, He Li Zhen asks Shang Jie: “In the past have you come over here?”

Shang Jie says “Em. Not very often.”

He Li Zhen nods.

Shang Jie starts to drive and snorts and says: “It’s too pity.”


“That one before.”

Shang Jie smiles and looks at He Li Zhen: “You even didn’t take a look at her. That one is really great.”

“Especially his legs, he is young and his body is—-“

HE Li Zhen glares at her: “Shang Jie!”

“Ahyoo, alright, we wouldn’t talk about it anymore.” Shang Jie looks at the road side: “what do you want to eat?”

He Li Zhen is a bit angry: “I could eat anything.”

Shang Jie looks at her and pokes her shoulder: “Let’s not talk about it anymore. Come on, tomorrow I’ll leave. Don’t be angry with me anymore.”

“Em, I should go back to my hometown to handle few things. What about you? When would you leave?”

“The time the administration is done, maybe around a week. I want to get it done soon.” She says. “I want to be able to be there for the autumn.”

Shang Jie: “Have you told your parents?”


“Have you found a place to live?”

“Not yet, I have booked a bus ticket to go there tomorrow. I want to look around first. I want to rent an apartment there.”

“Find a boyfriend.”

“Em…. ah—-?”

He Li Zhen looks at Shang Jie, Shang Jie laughs: “Find a man to cure you from your ‘conservative’ sickness. You are like a country bumpkin.”

It’s not the first time He Li Zhen said those words to her, she just pouts and acts like she doesn’t hear it.

“Do you need any money?” Shang Jie suddenly asks.

“What? No it’s okay I have it.”

“If you have difficulty, you should tell me. No need to hold it back from me.” Shang Jie stops the car near a hotpot store.

They both enter the hotpot restaurant. They eat and talk till late night.


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