Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 65

After Xu Qin waves her hand, and everyone returns to their own seat.

Jiang Yi is curious: “How did Song Dui (Team leader Song) chase after Sao Zi?”

Song Yan laughs: “We were senior high school classmates.”

“Ah?” Everyone is so surprised.

“This was too early!”

Yang Chi roars: “I am right. Last time when we went to the hospital to check up on the teeth, Song Dui was acting strangely! I said it to you guys, but you guys didn’t believe me.”

Jiang Yi: “That’s right the time I rethink about it, he acted really strange that time. So it turned out he met again with Sao Zi after a long time.”

Xu Qin thinks about that moment, she is a bit embarrassed about it. But looking at how Song Yan doesn’t mind about it, she laughs about it and chats with them.

These guys have been in the military camp for so long, they are training hard, they have limited way to interact with other outside the military camp whether with a man or woman. They are still young, of course they want to date. Last time when they know about Tong Ming gets himself a girlfriend, everyone is so happy about it like everyone of them gets a girlfriend.

This time it’s Song Yan turns. Everyone seems to be curious at Xu Qin, how could she get the heart of their team leader.

Everyone starts to ask question to Song Yan and Song Yan answers it one by one.

Xu Qin keeps on smiling.

He is playing around with them.

The atmosphere is joyous. Song Yan looks at the time, it’s not early anymore. They need to get ready for dismissal ceremony.

He says: “Let’s get ready. Later on let’s gather on the training field. Today everyone needs to be happy okay.”

Everyone turns silent.

Everyone knows that today there would be a separation between them. Song Yan comes over to their dorm to make the atmosphere not to be too sad.

But all of them are feeling so sad.

“Jiang Yi and friends would be dismissed today. After the New Year, team leader would also go to detachment department.” Yang Chi sounds disappointed. “Though……”

Xiao Ge: “It’s a great thing for team leader to go to detachment department, but indeed for Jiang Yi and friends, we might not be able to meet them again.”

Everyone turns quiet.

Jiang Yi and friends take a deep breath, their tears are on the rim of the eyes.

Song Yan says: “In our team, it’s a good thing that someone could be dismissed in a good state. I hope that everyone could be dismissed in a good state too.”

“Let’s go down.” Song Yan says.

Everyone stands up and leaves the dorm, they go to gather on the training field.

Xu Qin and Song Yan are the last ones.

In the morning 07:25 a.m., everyone gets ready.

07:30 a.m. the ceremony starts. The national anthem is played.

Jiang Yi and friends’ eyes are getting red, they bow down and looks at the army flag.

The political commissar, Suo Jun, takes a folder and starts to read the declaration of dismissal:

“On the basis of <<People’s Republic of China’s Military Service Law>> and <<People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s regulation> it is decided Jiang Yi, Tong Ming, Chen Guang Ming, and Xiao Ke would be dismissed from their active service at 24:00 of 29 January 2017.”

Song Yan: “All the discharged soldier, give a salute toward the national flag!”

Four of the soldiers give their salute.

“Turn back!”

“Give a salute toward the comrades!”

Those four people are facing their comrades, they raise their arm and this time their eyes are full of tears. They give a salute for a minute.

“Turn left!”

“Give a salute toward the barracks, and armed vehicle.”

Several fire engines are out of the garage, they are parked nearby.

After the salute, Jiang Yi goes over and touches the car. He covers his face and his shoulder is trembling.

Everyone is watching them, their eyes are wet.

Song Yan’s chin strains for few seconds and finally he says: “Remove your badge.” Those four, who are being discharged, need to remove their cap insignia, collar badge, shoulder strap, badge… every symbol that shows that they are soldiers.

JIang Yi couldn’t control himself, he covers his eyes and cries. “I’ve been a soldier for eight years. Today I have finished my duty. I don’t let down my country, I don’t let myself down.”

Song Yan takes a deep breath and looks at the sky.

Xu Qin also feels sad.

After removing all the badges, those four are not military personnels anymore.

Jiang Yi’s eyes are teary, he orders: “All the discharged personnels.”

Four of them stand up straight.

“Give a salute to the team leader!”

Four of them give salute to Song Yan.

Song Yan lifts up his right hand slowly and returns the salute.

The simply ceremony of dismissal ends quickly.

Four of them carries their own traveling bag, Jiang Yi goes toward the police dog, who he has raised. He kneels down and holds its head. The police dog seems to know that they would part forever, it keeps on swaying its tail and licks his face.

Jiang Yi cries and finally stands up, he walks toward the exit.

Xiao Jiang runs over and bites his trouser leg. It seems to not wanting to let him go. It keeps making a sound, its eyes also get teary.

Jiang Suo comes over and holds Xiao Jiang. Jiang Yi keeps on walking.

When he is out, Xiao Jiang barks and shakes off Suo Jun’s bound. It runs toward the exit and looks for Jiang Yi from the fence.

Jiang Yi kneels down on the other side and holds it. He cries again but at last they still part it.

The police dog is lef there.

Xu Qin takes a deep breath and looks at the sky. She looks at Song Yan.

He looks calm and says to other solider: “In half an hour we need to gather to train!” Then he walks toward his room.

Xu Qin knows that he is not in a good mood, yet he is asking them to train. He wants to shift everyone’s attention.

She chases after him and follows him to his room.

He is staying in the single room, the room is not big but it’s very clean and tidy.

Today the weather is fine so the room is well-lighted.

Xu Qin sits down on his bed and touches the bedding.

The room is quiet and silent.

She breaks the silent and asks: “Where would they go after being discharged?”

“They would return to their own home.” Song Yan answers shortly and takes the result table.

She thinks about it and comes over to hold his hand: “Didn’t you say that it’s great for them to be able to be discharged in a good state?”

Song Yan smiles helplessly.

She strokes his arm and sways: “Don’t be sad.”

Song Yan looks at her.

She coos him: “I’ll always be with you, I would never be dismissed.”

He pulls her to his embrace. He hugs her.

He hugs her so tight like he wants to stuff her inside his body.

She is a bit panting but she just lets him be.

She holds him back and her little hands stroke his back.

He finally calms down and loosens up his hold.

She coos him again: “Okay, later on you need to train again. Loosen up.”


She then acts coquettishly: “Later on take me to play on the fire engine okay?”

“Okay, after the training, I’ll take you.” He says.

He looks at his watch, he still has fifteen minutes to get ready.

He goes toward his wardrobe and starts to take off his military clothes.

Xu Qin is startled and looks at him.

He notices her gaze and feels interested: “What are you looking at?”

He takes off his coat and shakes it off orderly. Then he puts it on the wardrobe.

“You would change your clothes ah?”

“Em, later on I need to do the training, I need to wear the camouflage clothing.” He says and unbuttons his clothes’ button one by one. She could see his muscle.

He knows that he is looking at her.

He takes off his top and hangs it.

Xu Qin comes over and strokes his muscle.

He stops and asks: “What are you doing?”

“This is mine, I could do anything I want.” She talks back, she seems greedy.

He couldn’t help but to smile.

She opens up her fingers and touches his chest. She lifts up her eyes and says: “Last time, it was half month ago.”

She means making l*v*.

He watches her face for a while, then his gaze turns dark. He suddenly holds her wrist and takes her to the ed.

She is surprised by the turn of the event and yells lowly. Then she covers up her mouth.

He holds her and smiles wildly: “Then let’s do it, anyway…….” He starts to take off her clothes: “On this bed, I’ve been thinking of it for so many times. You asked me that how did I solve it without you by my side?”

He touches her and says hoarsely:

“Xu Qin, on this bed in my dreams, you’ve been with me so many times in different positions.”

His words make her blush. Her heart is beating so quick. She is melting.

He knows what should he do.

They only have a short time, he is afraid that it would be too long. He keeps on controlling himself till he is so sweaty. Yet he pleases him.

He keeps on watching her face, he observes her expression. She is his life.



The time they are out of the room, Xu Qin is still blushing hard. Before they leave, Xu Qin looks back a the room and notices the wet mark on the bed. Her face turns even redder.

Song Yan looks indifferent, he just closes the door.

The time they are downstair, Xu Qin tidies up her appearance.

Song Yan finds it so funny, he asks: “Are you feeling well?”

They are out of the dorm room so she glares at him.

He clicks his tongue: “You’ve used me but you are now falling out and becoming hostile.”

Xu Qin takes opportunity when everyone is not paying attention to kick him lightly. She changes the topic: “Would I affect your guys training?”

“It’s okay to have lively atmosphere.”

The soldiers have changed into their training clothes.

Xu Qin follows behind Song Yan like a little secretary.

Song Yan arranges the troops: “Stand up straight! …. Stand at ease!” He looks at Xu Qin and says softly: “Roll call.”

Xu Qin: “Me?”

“Yes.” Song Yan says: “Get to know them.”

Those guys are looking at Xu Qin with their glistening eyes. For a moment, they seem to forget their sadness of Jiang Yi and friend’s dismissal.

Xu Qin holds the name list while her face is still blushing.

Her voice is not too loud and she starts to call everyone’s name.

“Yang Chi ——“

“Here!” Yang Chi answers loudly.

Xu Qin is shocked and looks over. Yang Chi is looking at her too so their gaze meet with each other. Xu Qin smiles and remembers his name.

Her voice raises for calling the next name.

“Ge Yi!”


Xu Qin smiles at him too.

Afterwards, everyone seems to be excited.

Her voce is getting louder and clear. Song Yan is watching her with a smile.

“Li Cheng.”


“Zou Xing.”


There are still Jiang Yi and friends’ name, Xu Qin joins the dismissal ceremony so she knows their name. She doesn’t read those name so everyone doesn’t feel sad.

When it’s done, she looks at Song Yang and acts as if she is taking thing very seriously: “Report team leader, everyone is here.”

Everyone is laughing to see her appearance.

Song Yan also doesn’t lame them, he just says: “Stand up straight.”

Everyone follows his order.

“Go around the sport field, warm up, ten rounds.”

Yang Chi: “Turn left! Start run!”

Everyone starts to run. Song Yan passes Xu Qin’s side and says: “Wait for me.” Then he just runs passing her. He goes to warm up with the team.

Xu Qin holds the name list and stands there. She smiles.

This time, the weather is very good. The sun is not too hot.

Xu Qin looks around.

In ten minutes, everyone has returned.

They start to do the training. They do push-up, chin-up, jumping, sprint……

Xu Qin continues to be a clerk, she records their recored.

With a woman around, those guys start to work very hard to break the record.

The training goes smoothly and happily.

Xu Qin also gains knowledge about the life of the military personnel.

Time passes quickly, now the sun would be set soon.

The troop is dismissed, everyone bids their goodbye to Xu Qin and returns back to their dorm to clean up.

Song Yan still remembers to take Xu Qin to look around the fire engine. He takes the key and they go to the carriage.

The fire engines are parked orderly.

Xu Qin is excited to look at it, she couldn’t help but to touch it.

She goes around and looks at the detail.

“This looks like a Transformers.” Xu Qin sighs in admiration: “This is very great. Our ambulance is much simpler. There’s nothing on it.”

Song Yan smiles.

She remembers something: “Last time when there was someone wanted to jump off the building, I think the fire engine is much more complicated.”

Song Yan laughs: “That one is fire engine with escalation machine, there’s also a fire engine with water container, bubble fire engine, fire engine with dry powder. There are lots of different kinds.”

“They are lots of different types of fire engines?” She feels like she gains another knowledge. “It’s like fire extinguishers.”

Song Yan cannot help to laugh: “For this one, it could extinguish the fire, for emergency rescue cars there are different types.”

“You guys have all of those here?”

“No. We only have those cars with common usage and two other special ones.”

Song Yan opens the door and says: “Go up and take a look.”

Xu Qin’s eyes turns bright and she gets on the fire engine.

Song Yan helps her.

She touches everything and observes everything. She feels everything is so amusing. “Could you drive this?”


She looks at the buttons. “Actually every time I look at the red color, I would remember you. That time you said to me to not meet again. There are lots of red color things in this world. Red traffic light, fire hydrant….. I don’t why, but I really like fire engine.”

Song Yan looks at her and smiles.

He actually also experience the same thing. Every time he looks at the white color, or people with white t-shirt, he would remember on her white doctor’s robe.

She holds the steering wheel and says: “Sometimes I feel a bit regretful, I should reconcile with you earlier. I feel that I had missed a lot of good things… I’m very sorry for that.”

He smiles at her and says: “Good thing. Later on we just need to cherish every moment.”

Xu Qin listens to it and be silent. She smiles and sits up, she looks at the back seat.

Song Yan just watches her playing around.

He suddenly asks: “You really like this?”


“You really like fire engine?”

“Em, I like it so much.” Xu Qin bends her head and holds the steering wheel again.

Song Yan stands there and looks at her for a second. “Let’s come here and do our wedding photos here okay?”

Xu Qin is startled and doesn’t respond for a second.

“Really?” her eyes are glistening.

He smiles: “Since when have I ever say something invalid?”

“Never. So we could take photo here?”

“You are a family member of the firefighter, how could you have no that benefit?” he says that again.

“Wait till the weather is much warmer.” He says: “we would take our wedding photos here at the firefighting station, school, courtyard, and hospital.”

“Wow—- that much?” Xu Qin smiles.

“You don’t like it? Don’t all the woman value great wedding photos?”

“Yes. I also like it.” She nods and keeps on smiling.

“Are you happy?”

“Yes I am.” She nods and wants to hold him. She doesn’t want play with the fire engine again.

“Hold me.” She opens her arms wide and lets him hold him.

He smiles and hugs her. He helps her down by holding her.

She holds him and kisses his lips.


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