Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 59

Meng family residence.

Meng Yan Chen is standing there and watching Xu Qin leave. His expression is cold.

Fu Wen Ying’s body trembles, she tries to remain calm. “Yan Chen, when are you back?”

Meng Huai Jin also turns his head to look over.

Meng Yan Chen just looks at his parents and says nothing. His stillness make his parents panic.

Fu Wen Ying walks toward him: “Yan Chen, hear Mama out——“

“Hypocrite.” Meng Yan Chen says.

Fu Wen Ying’s expression changes, then in a next second, she regains herself. “What did you say to your parents? Where’s your manner?!”

She thinks Meng Yan Chen would refute, or get angry.

But he does nothing.

The living room is quiet.

Meng Yan Chen says nothing and just looks at her silently. He acts like his whole world or his belief is crumbling.


They educated him a lot with it, how to be an upright gentleman. He thought they are upright people too.


His manner makes him always be respectful toward them, he always be filial toward them.

Because of his manner, he never acts recklessly, he restrains himself to get close to the woman, who he thought they regard as their own daughter. He prefers to live in suffering rather than hurt them or makes them losing face.

These years it’s been hard for him, but now everything seem to be a joke.

He never vents his anger. He never does anything as he wishes. Now he even loses the woman he loves.

This time he is standing here at his house.

He looks at them and laughs lightly. His laughter is terrifying.

He walks toward the door.

Fu Wen Ying is panic, she has a bad premonition. “Stop!” She takes a deep breath: “Mama is talking to you!”

“I’ll go out for a while.” Meng Yan Chen says calmly.

“Today you are not allowed to go out. Meng Yan Chen, you——“

“Mama.” He looks at her. “Look at me.”

He walks toward her: “Mama, look at my face. This is your son. These years he lives a life that he feels it’s better to die than to be alive. Couldn’t you see it?”

Fu Wen YIng looks at him, her tears start to trickle down.

“You couldn’t see it.” Meng Yan Chen says, he walks out.

Fu Wen Ying wants to chase after him. “Yan Chen—-“

“Okay, stop!” Meng Huai Jin stands up: “Don’t force him again! Do you really need to force him till he becomes crazy then you’ll stop?!”

Fu Wen Ying takes several deep breaths and then she turns her body. She has regained herself. She shows her perfect demeanor again: “Rule is rule. Indeed I was wrong for doing that matter. But Meng Huai Jin, for whom did I do all of these? I did all of these for you. For Meng family. You have your prestige, but for the dirty things I am the one that does it. You have no right to teach me!”

Meng Huai Jin: “For Qin Qin’s matter, I opposed it because they had broken up. Why should you do that thing to that kid?”

“Because Meng family shouldn’t permit any person that wants to climb to “its branches”. That year his Ma also approached you to be a rich woman. You was so enchanted by her that you almost abandoned everything to be with her. Now it’s her son’s turn to do it!”

Meng Huai Jin is startled: “You ——“

Fu Wen Ying says sternly: “You think I don’t know about it? You think that I don’t know that you almost cancelled our marriage because of her!”

Meng Huai Jin chokes, he sits down. Then after a while, he shakes his head and sighs: “Wen Ying, I feel nothing to that woman anymore, you ——“

“Yes, she ran away to be with Jiang Ke Qun, she was willing to be his lover. How could you still have feeling toward her? She is just a woman who love money. What do you think of her son? Her son should be like her? You want me a family to be that kind of person. It’s impossible!”

Fu Wen Ying finishes her words, then she kneels down to pick up the shattered glasses. Then she picks up the photo frame and puts it on the table

At first Meng Huai Jin wanted to say something but looking at her appearance, he finally says nothing.


On the Shi An street, it’s not crowded. The lights are on.

Xu Qin is on the taxi, she looks around.

Now she is calmer than before, her tears have stopped. Her mind is blank, she just feels so tired.

She looks at the window for a while, then she remembers to look at her phone. There’re messages and missed calls from Song Yan an hour ago.

“Where are you?”

The ceremony ends around 12:00 p.m., now it’s already 11:55 p.m.

The taxi stops in front of the front gate of the venue.

Xu Qin asks the driver for a bottle of water then she gets off the taxi.

She goes to wash her face nearby. When she washes her face, she remembers about Song Yan again.

He doesn’t say anything to her about what her parents did to him.

Perhaps he is too though and stubborn. maybe for him it’s too humiliating and like a failure. Perhaps he loves her too much, and doesn’t want to let her feeling guilty; perhaps he is too proud; perhaps he feels heartbroken for her, he doesn’t want to let her feel disappointed toward her parents………

No matter what kind of reason. As long he doesn’t want to mention about it, she also would pretend like she doesn’t know about it.

She almost cries again but she tries to control herself.

She washes her face and then wipes it with the sleeve of her doctor’s robe. Then she throws the bottle to the trash bin. She runs toward the venue.

People are dispersing from the ceremony. She runs around and looks for him.

She is worried so she calls him. It’s unanswered.

Suddenly someone holds her hand. “What are you looking for?”

Xu Qin lifts her eyes and then she just hugs him. She hugs him tightly.

Song Yan is startled and looks around. Several military personnels look over.

Song Yan uses his military cap and puts it on her head. He turns her body so he could use his body to shield her.

She says nothing and just holds him, like a kid she is unwilling to let him go.

Song Yan strokes her back:”Your stomach is still unwell?”

She shakes her head: “When could you come home? I miss you too much.”

His heart melts, he couldn’t say anything. He lowers his head and kisses her temple.

She suddenly wants to cry again, today she has been crying too much. This moment her eyes are tingling.

“What happened?”

She doesn’t want to let him know, she finds a reason quickly, she lifts up her head: “Oh I’m okay. I don’t know what happened with Xiao Yi Xiao. He is in a bad mood, he called me to chat.”

Indeed Song Yan’s attention shifts, he looks at her and says: “How long did you guys chat?”

“Just for a while.” She says with a low voice: “Recently he doesn’t have a great dating life.”

His hold turns a bit tighten.

Song Yan asks: “Why should he talk to you about it…. Oh! It seems that I need to have a good talk with him.”

Xu Qin feels indeed it’s dangerous to lie, she says quickly: “Next time I’ll not chat anymore with him, I’ll not do it anymore.”

“Be good, then I don’t need to sort you out.”

He looks at her and actually doesn’t mind this thing. He looks around, people are gone and they are about to go back to the camp.

She understands and feels a bit reluctant to part with him: “You need to go now?”

“Em.” He wears his military hat and asks: “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” She looks at his handsome face and hugs him again. “I hope it’ll be weekend soon. You need to be go back to me soon.”

She rubs her face on his chest and doesn’t let go.

Today she is too clingy to him. He notices it, he doesn’t know whether it because she is unwell or because she relays more on him now.

He turns silent for a while and says: “Wait for me for a while.”

He leaves.

She stands there for a while. Then he comes back and holds her hand. “Let’s go home.”

She is startled; “You don’t need to go back to the camp?”

“I asked for a day leave. Tomorrow it’ll be the second group’s turn to work a shift. The training would be handled by Suo Jun.”

She is still startled: “Then…”

He smiles: “these two three years I never ask for a leave even once. It’s okay.”

“But you…….”

“Didn’t you say that you want me to come home.” He looks at her: “Are you lying to me?”

Xu Qin immediately shakes her head and holds his hand back.

The more he spoils, the more she feels heartbroken.

On the way back, she leans on his shoulder and says nothing. She feels so tired.

Song Yan looks at her from time to time, but he doesn’t disturb her.

Song Yan remembers what happened before. After he got off the stage after getting an award, he looked for Xu Qin. He met with Chen Zhu Ren (Director Chen), he asked whether he is willing to get into the Ministry of Public Security. He asked him to consider.

He wanted to tell her about it but he thinks it’s better to wait till he knows what would be his job duty.

When they arrive back, Song Yan goes to take a shower. Xu Qin takes that opportunity to calm her feeling. She is determined to not let him know.”

But when she takes out her phone, she notices there are missed calls from Meng Huai Jin.

There’s a message: “Qin Qin, Papa wants to find a time to chat with you. What about tomorrow?”

Xu Qin looks at the phone and feels heartbroken. At last she replies: “Let’s talk later in the future.”

Now she doesn’t know how should she react when she meets them, she doesn’t want to think about it.

The time she thinks about it, she feels her heart is smashed so hard. It’s too painful. She doesn’t want to check their feeling toward her. She doesn’t want to know who owes who, she doesn’t want to hate them for hurting Song Yan. She doesn’t care if they see that she is avoiding them, or whether she thinks that she is unfilial. But now she doesn’t want to meet them.

“Okay, Pa will wait till you are willing to talk.”

Xu Qin throws away her phone and her tears trickle down again. Then she hears that Song Yan seems to will be done soon. She wipes her tears and closes the main light. She runs toward the bed and lays down.

Song Yan enters the room and gets on the bed.

Her back is facing him so he just hugs her from the back.

Xu Qin is a bit panic. She doesn’t know whether he want to m*ke l*ve today. But now with her condition, she is afraid to be noticed.

But he doesn’t do any movement, he just uses his palm to stroke her belly. After a while, he asks: “Are you okay now?”

“Em.” Actually she is okay.

“Xu Qin.” He suddenly speaks up.


“Wait for a while. I’ll be able to come home everyday very soon. Believe me.”

He misunderstands her. He thought that she is worried for his promotion.

She is unable to explain it to her so she just closes her eyes and lets her tears trickle down.

She enters a deep sleep.

In the middle of night, her phone suddenly vibrates continuously.

Xu Qin wakes up, Song Yan also wakes up.

Song Yan looks at Xu Qin’s phone, it’s a call from Xiao Yi Xiao.

Song Yan doesn’t show any expression, he just passes the phone to Xu Qin.

She looks at the phone and she feels like her head would be exploded soon. “Xiao Yi Xiao, you——-“

“Something bad happens to Meng Yan Chen.” Xiao Yi Xiao says. “Hurry up come over, I’m in front of the Wu Fang Jie.”

“What happened?” Xu Qin sits up: “Tell me is he okay?!”

Song Yan turns on the light.

“He is okay, but now he is at Ba Yan Qiao public security bureau. Come out, let’s talk on the car.”

Xu Qin hangs up and immediately gets off the bed. “Something bad happens to Meng Yan Chen, I must go and take a look.”

Song Yan lifts up his blanket; “I’ll go with you.”

Xu Qin is startled. She thinks for a second and doesn’t refuse.

In late night.

Xiao Yi Xiao waits on the car. He doesn’t say anything when he looks at Song Yan.

Xu Qin and Song Yan get on the car, Xu Qin asks: “What did happen?”

Xiao Yi Xiao passes the phone: “Look at this.”

There’s a post in a forum.

“Forwarded message: “I was raped by the third generation military personnel, I want to report the police, but his family threatens to kill me.”

Xu Qin is stupefied.

That person involved is Ye Zi, she is a college student, she was taken by her friend to meet that man. That man looks refined and educated. She fell in love for the first time. He also liked her. After some time, she realized that his heart was not fully devoted on her, she wanted to leave him. But she didn’t expect that he would get angry and r*pe her.

She also retells that she is stress and threatened by the family of that man.

Xu Qin doesn’t dare to believe it. “She means Meng Yan Chen?”

Xiao Yi Xiao’s face is sour: “He is unwilling to talk, he keeps on being locked. Your Pa Ma just know about it, how could they go and threaten that woman!”

Xiao Yi Xiao is worried about Meng Yan Chen.

Xu Qin’s body starts to tremble, he says nothing.

Song Yan holds her.

“Is there anyone that holds grudge with Meng family? so they want to attack him.”

“I don’t know. But now all Meng family members are worried. The most important thing is… Meng Yan Chen acts so crazily now. He doesn’t want to meet anyone. He even doesn’t want to meet his parents. He just wants to meet Qin Qin.”

Xu Qin is startled.

Song Yan pursues his lips and doesn’t say anything.

“Qin, later on you should persuade him. Let him speak up. If he keeps on dragging this up, it would be too difficult to solve this matter. He is so crazy!”

Xiao Yi Xiao bites his lips.

“Is he crazy! Ba Yan Qiao is controlled by your Pa. How could he not let the police knows who he is. It’s great that they could take that crazy woman’s phone. But he is unwilling to talk. He just let himself to be locked up. Isn’t he crazy?!”


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