Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife – 名门豪娶:大叔VS小妻 – by 艾依瑶 Ai Yi Yao ~ Chapter 438

Cheng Ru Yu’s car just enters the main gate of Cheng family and Old Madame Cheng just welcomes him. “How is it? What did Jing family say? Are they approving your relationship? When would we meet to discuss about the marriage of you and Suo Suo?”

Cheng Ru Yu takes his car key and smiles. “Nai Nai, you are too overestimating your Sun Zi (Grandson)’s charm. They are disliking your Sun Zi to be old.”

“Though you are indeed old, but how could they see you are older than A Yuan? A Yuan is two years older than you, yet he marries a woman around Suo Suo’s age. How could they dislike you to be older? Is it because “only the official is allowed to light the fire”? How absurd this is, now I would call her t talk!”

“Ay, Nai Nai……” Old Madame Cheng is quick, Cheng Ru Yu just shakes his head and he feels worried about Jing family’s attitude.

“Huh, you disapprove them, I also disapprove them. Our Xiao Yu is a great man, he has a great career. There are lots of women want to marry him. Who feels pity for your young woman!”

Cheng Ru Yu gets inside and listens at how furious his Nai Nai is. “Nai Nai, I’m not asking for you to help me, but how could you make a trouble with this?”

He hangs up the phone, Old Madame Cheng is regretting this. She has been waiting for some time for her Sun Zi to like someone, this woman is a good man with family background. She is happy fro him. But who could expect that old woman dislikes her grandson because of his age.

“Who asked that Old Madame Jing to say that you are old. I’m so angry so I scolded him back.” Old Madame Cheng is embarrassed: “Then what should we do now? Jing family seems ot be unhappy. If not, let Nai Nai helps you to prepare another gifts?”

“Nai Nai, don’t worry. I would handle this, don’t add the trouble for me alright.”

“Then this end of year, could I have my Zeng Sun Zi (Great grandson)?” Old Madame Cheng’s eyes turn bright.

Cheng Ru Yu: “….. Nai Nai, you have a great dream on.”

“Nai Nai.” Song Xian Yu comes down from the upstair. “I heard that you were fighting with someone, what happened?”

“Huh, it’s the Old Madame Jing. She dislikes your Da Ge to be old. She doesn’t approve your Ge to be with Suo Suo. So what if he is older? Lin Yuan is also older than you for more ten years, but you guys are living a great marriage.”

Song Xian Yu also knows the relationship between Jing Suo Suo and Cheng Ru Yu. Of course she supports him. “Da Ge (Big Bro), don’t be too worried. Supposedly they couldn’t accept it at the moment. After all, Fen Fen used to like you, just give them time.”

“I’m okay.” Cheng Ru Yu smiles: “Where are Lin Yuan and those two kids?”

“Lin Yuan is wiping clean Xian Xian’s butt, Nian Nian is sleeping.”

Cheng Ru Yu looks at her: “In other family, wife is the one who takes car eof the kids, but for your family, it’s not the same. You are the most idle person.”

Song Xian Yu laughs: “It’s most the capable person who does the most work, it means that our Jing Xian Sheng is a capable one.”

“That’s right. If not how could you keep on chasing after him.” Cheng Ru Yu recalls the past.

Song Xian Yu doesn’t think badly about the past. “Da Ge, you are just jealous of me.”

On the other place, Old Madame Jing is furious of how Old Madame Cheng acted toward her. She curses: “Dream on if you want to let Xiao Yu marries our Suo Suo. Even in next life, I wouldn’t allow it. Huh!”

Jing Suo Suo: “…..” She feels that this matter is getting out of control. Before she hoped that both elders could talk well. But now her hope just vanishes.

She looks at Ye Qing Xin and wants her to help her to persuade Old Madame JIng. Old Madame Jing always loves Ye Qing Xin dearly, she should be willing to listen ot her.

Ye Qing Xin looks at Ji Yi and then Old Madame Jing. Both of these people’s attitudes are important. It’s clear that both of them are on the same sides. Ye Qing Xin knows that they act this way because of JIng Fen Fen, not only because for JIng Suo Suo.

After Cheng Ru Yu leaves, Jing Fen Fen doesn’t say anything.

Ye Qing Xin feels that it’s not good for her to say anything. She thinks for a while then takes the gift Cheng Ru Yu gave to her and smiles: “Cheng Yi Sheng (Doctor Cheng) is very considerate.”

Cheng Ru Yu presented an outstanding jade, it hasn’t carved yet. It is as big an adult’s fist. It’s noticeable that Old Madame Jing likes it so much but for her appearance, she doesn’t show it. Because of Ye Qing Xin’s reminder, she once again picks up the jade and looks at it.

After a while, she puts it down and then passes it to Ji Yi” “Find a time to send it back, we couldn’t take things from other like this.”

“Nai Nai, this is given by Cheng Da Ge especially for you, how could you let him down by sending it back? You couldn’t send it back.” Jing Suo Suo takes the box: “If you don’t want it now, then let’s put it in my bedroom first. Wait till I be with Cheng Da Ge, then you could take it back.”

Though she is stupid, Jing Suo Suo knows that giving this gift back, it would make Cheng Da Ge feels sad.

“Anyway I wouldn’t marry someone else beside Cheng Da Ge. If you want to let me marry in my thirties, then just oppose it till then.”

Jing Suo Suo says it and then she goes upstair.

“That kid….” Old Madame Jing glares at Jing Suo Suo’s back. Her grandchildren are great, they are so stubborn.

“Xiao Yi, go up and take a look at Fen Fen.” Old Madame Jing: “This matter has a great effect on her, talk to her. You Yuan is a great kid.”

“I know.” Ji Yi is also worried about Jing Fen Fen, she immediately goes upstair.

Jing Fen Fen has changed into her yoga clothes, she is following the music to do yoga.

“Fen Fen.” Ji Yi knocks on the door twice and opens the door. Jing Fen Fen’s eyes are closed. She looks calm. She goes to her side and sits down.

“Mama knows that you are sad. If you want to cry, then cry it out.” For Ji Yi, it’s better for her to cry rather than be silent.

“I’m okay.” Jing Fen Fen opens her eyes. “Mei Mei (Little sister) could find her happiness, of course I would happy too.”

“Fen Fen, you are my daughter. No one understands you more than me.”

Jing Fen Fen stops and leans closer to Ji Yi’s embrace. “So what if I am unhappy. Actually I already know from earlier that Cheng Da Ge likes Suo Suo.”

Ji Yi is surprised: “Since when? Was it the last time you didn’t want to eat or drink?” No wonder, Fen Fen keeps on saying that Xiao Yu doesn’t like her.

“Stupid kid.” Ji Yi feels sorry for him.

“I know that they would be together. I’ve prepared my heart. But the time this happens, my heart is still hurt. Ma, my heart…”

“Ma knows it, Ma knows it…..” Ji Yi strokes her daughter’s hair. “You and Xiao Yu have no fate. You should try to accept You Yuan, You Yuan is as good as Xiao Yu.”

“I know that he is a great man too, but….” Jing Fen Fen closes her eyes and rethinks of Cheng Ru Yu’s appearance. His smile, his angry face, his appearance when he was young.

“Fen Fen, in life people need to learn a lot of things. Forgetting also something that we need to learn. Learn to forget him. The time you let go of our feeling, you would notice the world is broader than what you imagine.”

Jing Fen Fen also knows about it. In the past she wanted to learn from Wen Ren Xi to wait for Cheng Ru Yu for twenty years but she said those words only for making Jing Suo Suo be furious.

But forgetting, it’s really hard thing for her.

Jing Suo Suo returns to her bedroom and immediately calls Cheng Ru Yu.

“Suo Suo.” Cheng Ru Yu says softly. It makes her heart feels secure.

“Cheng Nai Nai is still angry?” Jing Suo Suo asks. She is afraid that Cheng Nai Nai wouldn’t like her anymore because of her fight with Old Madame Jing.

“Nai Nai actually regrets to say those words. Is Jing Nai Nai okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s just…..” Jing Suo Suo bites her lips. She doesn’t know how to tell Cheng Ru Yu. Nai Nai and Mama don’t approve their relationship. To the extent, Nai Nai wants to return her gift.

Cheng Ru Yu seems to understand her words. He comforts him softly: “As long as you have the same heart as me. Actually there’s no problem. I would think of the way to make them approve us. Don’t worry.”

“Em.” Jing Suo Suo smiles: “Cheng Da Ge, I…. miss you.”

“Tonight let’s have dinner together.”

“Okay, where will we meet?”

“I would come over and pick you up.”

“Is it okay? What if my Nai Nai and Mama see us…..”

“I’m there with you. Don’t worry. Now I would go over, wait till I have arrived, I’ll call you.”


After the call ends, Jing Suo Suo immediately opens up her cupboard and starts to choose what clothes should she wear. She throws all the clothes out yet she couldn’t find one that she is happy with it. Ye Qing Xin gets into Jing Suo Suo’s room and sees that the room is so messy: “You are going to have a date with Cheng Yi Sheng? “

Jing Suo Suo glares: “How do you know?”

“I guess it.” Ye Qing Xin says flatly.

“Your guess is accurate.” Jing Suo Suo takes a dress and asks; “How about this?”

Ye Qing Xin shakes her head and takes a cloth: “This one is more suitable for your personality.”

“Really?” Jing Suo Suo takes it. “Ay, tell me what kind of personality do I have.”

Ye Qing Xin looks at her baby face and flat-chest: “Childish.”

Jing Suo Suo: “………”

The time Cheng Ru Yu comes, he doesn’t do it in discreet. He comes and picks her up through the main door. Old Madame Jing is so surprised to see him come back. With a cold face, she asks why he comes back. Cheng Ru Yu smiles brightly. “Tonight, I ask Suo Suo out to have dinner, I come over to pick her up.”

Though Old Madame is unhappy, yet she knows that she shouldn’t act coldly toward him. “I thought you are a smart kid. Previously, Xiao Yi has also made it clear. Suo Suo is young, you are unsuitable for each other.”

“Jing Nai Nai, you also watched me growing. This is my first time to like a woman. I know that we have a big age difference. But believe me, I would make Suo Suo happy. My Nai Nai and Ma likes Suo Suo too. In the future, when she marries into my family, she would get everyone’s love. Isn’t this what you wish for her?”

Of course Old Madame Jing knows the situation in Cheng family. Old Madame Cheng is longing for a grandson till she could act crazily. It’s true that Jing Suo Suo might be spoiled rotten there.


Old Madame Jing looks at Cheng Ru Yu and thinks of her Suo Suo, she still feels unhappy.

Hearing the sound of engine car, Jing Suo Suo just comes down hurriedly. Before she enters the living room, she hears what Cheng Ru Yu said to Nai Nai. She feels happy for her words.

There are few people in the living room beside Old Madame Jing. She is a bit shy to show up.

“Nai Nai, congratulation, you are getting a great Sun Nu Xu (grandson-in-law).” JIng Xian Xian is leaning her head on Gu Ting’s shoulder: “I also think that Cheng Da Ge is suitable for Suo Suo. Aren’t you keep on wishing that three of your granddaughters could marry soon? Now Suo Suo and Fen Fen are about to marry out. You should be happy.”

“That’s right. Even though Xiao Yu is older than Suo Suo for more than ten years, but look at Xin Xin and Bo Yuan, they are having a great marriage. You just need to wait to have your Ceng Wai Sun (great grandchildren). You told me that you want to have more kids home. It would happen soon.” Wen Ren Xi has a great relationship with Cheng Ru Yu. Of course she would help him.

Thinking of the unborn kids, Old Madame Jing smiles. Jing Xian Xian is pregnant now. Indeed she wants to have more kids around.

Ji Yi is still upstair and accompanying Jing Fen Fen. She doesn’t know what is happening downstair. But even if she sees it, she wouldn’t stop Jing Suo Suo for going with Cheng RuYu.

“Nai Nai…..” Jing Suo Suo comes inside the living room after seeing Old Madame Jing’s happy face. “I will go out to have dinner with Da Ge, you guys don’t wait for me……”

Old Madame Jing looks at her granddaughter’s shy face, she glares at her.

She just waves her hands and let them go. Just go, go away, you are an irksome presence.

Jing Suo Suo is happy and holds her grandmother. She even kisses her grandma. “Thank you Nai Nai, I love you Nai Nai!”

Old Madame Jing acts like she dislikes her action but her eyes show how she loves her youngest granddaughter.”

“Ma, I also feel that Xiao Yu is suitable for Jing Suo Suo.” He Su E says. She isn’t someone that loves to intervene with other people’s matter.

Hearing his wife said those words, as a husband, JIng Zong also says: “I also think that way.”

“But it’s not easy to handle Fen Fen.” Jing Yan speaks out.

“For a moment, it might be hard for Fen Fen to think it through, but we shouldn’t delay Suo Suo’s life because of Fen Fen.” Jing Si is pertinent. “Should we stop them be together for a lifetime because of Fen Fen?”

“I don’t mean that way.” Jing Yan says.

“I think it’s better to decide on Fen Fen’s wedding date. Let’s cut her off to have a wild imagination.” Jing Si says.


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