Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 48

The first night of living in Song Yan’s house, Xu Qin feels a bit hard to sleep.

For the dinner, Xu Qin eats with Jiu Jiu and family. Song Yan would be late if he has dinner again so he doesn’t have dinner together with them.

As for why he tries to catch up time, everyone knows it clearly.

But Xu Qin also is too lazy to be awkward as anyway thing has happened.

Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma are good people, they are not not punctilious and quarrelsome. This meal passes so naturally.

After the dinner, Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma tidy up all the utensils. Xu Qin looks at it and wants to help; Di Miao is playing with her phone on the sofa. She doesn’t even lift up her head, she just warns Xu Qin: “I even don’t help, don’t you intervene. They could do it by themselves.”

At night she does a wood carving with Jiu Jiu for a while. They don’t talk much, she just carves and carves.

After a while, the elders are going to sleep early so Xu Qin also returns to her bedroom to sleep.

But no one knows why, she couldn’t fall asleep so quick.

The night turns late, but she still even gets into sleep.

She looks at the time, it’s already 01:00 a.m.

Xu Qin lays down on her bed and keeps on tossing around. Suddenly she notices that moon is out.

The night is very beautiful.

Suddenly her phone rings.

She knows that it’s a call from Song Yan, she immediately takes her phone: “Hello?”

“You are not sleeping?” He asks.

“How do you know?” She asks.

“You answer the call too quick.” He loves: “I guess that you also shouldn’t be able to fall asleep….. Why is it? You aren’t used to it?”

Xu Qin says: “A bit.”

He turns silence for a while and asks: “You are sad?”

“No.” She laughs.

Song Yan is taking a walk around the sport field: “I’m sorry I don’t expect things happen so fast. If not I would stay at home and accompany you for few days so you would get use to it faster.”

“It’s okay. It’s not the first time I met Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma. They also liked me when we were senior high school students.”

“Now they still like you too.” Song Yan says.

“Do you feel natural to interact with them?”

“Em, I did wood carving with Jiu Jiu.” Xu Qin says: “What about you? What did you do last night?”

“I handled internal affair, trained the the members and dog.”

“The rescue dog from last time?”

“Em, you might know. It has a great performance, now it is in Merit Citation level.” Song Yan says: “This dog is too clever. It knows that it has make contribution, this day it keeps on waving its tail. These days I would teach him again.”

Xu Qin laughs. “What is its name?”

He laughs lightly and answers: “Xiao Meng.”

“…….. Is it because of me?”

“What do you think?”

“It only could be because of me, if not wait for it.”

He laughs.

She also laughs. “how old is it?”

“Almost four years old.”

“You have a great relationship with it?”

“Nonsense.” He laughs again and says: “Just like me, ……… only like me.”

Without she being aware, her heart beats so fast. She smiles.

“Why are you sleeping so late?” She asks.

“I also don’t use to it.” He sighs slightly, he is helpless.

“Why?” She asks: “You were having too much holiday?”

“Because I leave you alone at home.” He says.

In the past he didn’t have anyone that waits for him, but this time he has someone to care about.

She lowers her head and laughs soundlessly.

She knows it clear but hearing him saying it directly makes her even happier.

She laughs.

“What are you laughing about?” He asks.

“On your bed, everything has your scent.” She says softly and gently.

He imagines what she is doing on his bed. He feels something on his heart.

She is laying on her bed, she feels warm. He is running around the sport field surrounding with cold wind. Suddenly she feels so sleepy, she yawns.

He asks her to sleep and hangs up the phone. “Xu Qin.”


“I’ll be so busy later on, I might not be able to communicate with you frequently. Don’t think wildly about it.” Song Yan says: “But I would send the message to you when I have time.”

“I get it.” Xu Qin curls up inside her blanket and says softly.

“Be good.”


She curls up inside the blanket and closes his eyes. He enters the sleep.

The next day morning, Xu Qin wakes up. Though she sleeps late last night, but she feels in a good spirit.

After the shower, she eats the breakfast, which is prepared by Jiu JIu. She goes to the hospital by taxi.

She sits on the backseat of taxi and looks at the tall buildings around.

She suddenly remembers what happened during the heavy rain, when her car broke down. How did she feel that time.

Though she would be separated with Song Yan for a week, but she wouldn’t let it affect her job. This feeling for her, their relationship for her like her support and backer.

It’s just sometimes during the break, she would read his short messages. She would send him back message. Though it might be replied the next day.

Sometimes she would think what is he doing. Whether he is in training or be trained. Or whether he is in rescue mission or not.

Her work in the hospital is so busy. The patients keep on coming and going.

The middle-aged man and his mother, who are hard to convince and deal, come to the hospital everyday and blames Doctor Li for the death of his wife and son.

The hospital considers the safety of Doctor Li so they give her day off.

The middle-aged man and his mother couldn’t find a way to vent their anger, they start to post about it online, they stay in front of the door. They would scold every medical staff, who are coming in and out of the hospital. They even scold those patients.

The police has come over several time to persuade them, but those two are not budging so they just let them be.

Those two get even more unbridled. Supposedly they think that they would be so shameless and sooner and later the hospital would not be able to sustain in anymore.

After several days, the colleagues also have complained about it. As their works are very tiresome work. Now they are pressured because of two people’s anger.

So most of the medical staffs are in bad mood.

As for Xu Qin, she is unaffected with it, she just doesn’t listen to them.

Several nurses aren’t as calm as them. Xiao Xi used to discuss what would they eat for lunch, but now she just keeps on roasting:

“Before I was scolded again. How could those two still be there? Aren’t they shameless?”

Xiao Dong says: “Just let them be. I don’t agree to let the hospital gives them money.”

Xiao Nan says: “Don’t worry. They wouldn’t. I heard from the leader that this time everyone seems so determined to pass the case to the tripartite to decide. They are firm to not compensate even for a penny. They are afraid that this would happen again?”

Xiao Bei: “That’s right. If they compensated them, it means that Doctor Li is wrong? How would she get back to work again?”

Xiao Xi says: “That’s right. Just let them scold us. Don’t let them win.”

Xu Qin is calm, she doesn’t say anything. She just gets ready t work.

After the last rescue mission, Xu Qin has become a famous doctor.

Professor Xu Ken starts to call her for joining his operation as an assistant. Sometimes he also would let her be the operating surgeon. He would teach her.

But Professor Xu Ken still shows his sour face toward her, he is even stricter to her, he seems to be picking her fault. Several times he would scold her in front of the nurses and other doctors.

Anyone else would feel embarrassed.

But she doesn’t mind it too much. She just takes the main points and learns about it.

But then there’s a gossip circulating around the hospital. Someone discusses about Xu Qin’s strong and influential family background. Because this time she was in rescue mission, the leader is considering to promoting her. So Professor Xu Ken is also forced to train her.

The gossip is too controversial and sensational yet Xu Qin doesn’t feel that Professor Xu Ken is someone like that.

Xiao Xi is angry for Xu Qin, she says: “That Doctor Yang Si Jia is too annoying. Her skill is lower than Doctor Xu. That’s why she keeps on badmouthing Doctor Xu.”

Xu Qin doesn’t mind it, she just washes her hand carefully and thinks about the previous surgery she did with Professor Xu Ken, whether she makes any mistake.

Xiao Dong also says: “Professor Xu Ken is also a stubborn person. He doesn’t have a good impression with Doctor Xu, it is not easy to change.” She also doesn’t have a good impression of Xu Qin, but after half year, she just realizes that Xu Qin doesn’t like to talk but she is responsible and serious. She feels so relaxed and comfortable to work with her.

Xu Qin doesn’t really hear them.

Till Xiao Bei gets inside, she pants: “It’s over, it’s over. There’s a problem. That man and his mother would jump from our building. Now they are on the top floor!”

“Who ah?”

“Those two who are for 2.000.000!”

Everyone: “…….”

“Just let them be, I hope that they die!” Xiao Bei says.

Xiao Nan pushes her a bit and says: “They wouldn’t jump, they just want to make fuss. Supposedly they have been making fuss of this matter so long. Looking at how the hospital isn’t budging, they want to play this trick. They are too much.”

“But this might make the road toward our hospital be paralyzed.”

They go out to see what’s happening.

Xu Qin just stays and finishes washing her hands, she returns to her own office room.

She has no interest to watch the crowd.

She still could hear Xiao Dong’s voice:” If it depends on the life, this time hospital would have no way. If they really jump off the hospital, our hospital would be done.”

Xiao Xi: “Don’t talk about it. They have contacted 110 and 119. They would solve this matter.’

This time Xiao Nan also couldn’t help but to think her boyfriend, Tong Ming. She is so furious: “They are wasting society’s resources. Why don’t those people……”

They should just die.

She frowns.

She thinks and turns her body. She decides to go and take a look.


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