Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 47

“Song Yan, I would love you.”

Her words are echoing so loud in the silent atmosphere.

Song Yan’s gaze fixes on her and says: “I know.”

He looks at her coming over, he takes out his hand out from his pockets and holds her hand. He pulls her to her side and walks toward Fu Wen Ying. He nods and says: “A Yi, Ni Hao (Hello).”

Fu Wen Ying holds her bag and stands so gracefully. She just smiles lightly.

She is angry but she is an expert in controlling her feeling. She wouldn’t uncovers her true nature or feeling.

Moreover in this lifetime, she never fights and argues in public. No matter it’s about teaching her kids or her subordinates. She would only smile and maintain her calmness. Her smile seems to be more terrifying than her angry expression.

Song Yan looks at Fu Wen Ying’s face and finally realizes that Xu Qin’s calm composure could be traced back to Fu Wen Ying’s teaching when she was little.

He holds her hand even tighter.

But he knows that the woman in front of him is Xu Qin’s other, he has no way to make Xu Qin to be in ha hard situation.

He just says politely: “A Yi, today it seems to be so hasty, in another day I would come over to the house to visit you.”

“No need.” Fu Wen Ying just refuses yet she doesn’t express it so clearly. Fu Wen Ying looks at Song Yan with hostile gaze, then she looks at Xu Qin. “Qin Qin.”

Xu Qin takes a breath and says: “Ma, tomorrow I need to go to work. Now it’s already in the afternoon, I wouldn’t go back home to the west area.”

Fu Wen Ying looks at her and smiles: “Okay.’

She gets on the car.

As for Hang Ting, he stands on the side and watches them interacting. Unexpectedly he doesn’t act so awkwardly. He just smiles politely and says goodbye. Then he leaves with Fu Wen Ying.

Di Miao sighs: “Finally you do something about it.”

Then she looks at Xu Qin: “Cool, I feel I have an increase respect of you.”

Then suddenly ——

Song Yan pulls Xu Qin to his embrace and hugs her tightly. His palm is stroking her head and says with a low voice: “You should suffer a great inconvenience.”

He frowns and sticks his chin on her head. He holds her like a man who discovers a lost and found again gem.

He knows that she feels wronged, if not she wouldn’t act in that way. She wouldn’t say those words in public.

Xu Qin holds his waist and shakes her head.

She doesn’t need to say anything as he knows everything about her.

He feels that what she did is worthwhile.

“Next time I would come over to accompany you to go over.” He says: “In the future, every time I would come and accompany you.”

“Okay.” She nods. They just being away from each other for a day, but it feels like they are being away from each other for a year. They have a lot of things to talk to each other. Finally, she just says: “Do you miss me?”

“Of course. I keep on missing you.” Song Yan says lowly on her ear. “I thought I wouldn’t meet you before I return to the camp.”

“I also think that way. I think I need to wait for next weekend.” She says: “Luckily.”

He also says: “Luckily.”

Di Miao is holding a pack of doughnut, which is not belonged to her. Indeed she couldn’t endure it anymore: “Ay, there’s a ‘third party’ here.”

Song Yan says nothing and lifts up Xu Qin’s chin. He lowers his head and kisses her lips.

Di Miao: “………”

She rolls her eyes and looks up.


Xu Qin goes back to Zong Lu Hua Yuan’s apartment to pack up her things, Di Miao also goes with her to help.

The time they enter the apartment complex, the security guard see them and asks Song Yan: “Your keys——“

Song Yan: “Now please give it back to me”

The security guard returns the keys to Song Yan, then Song Yan passes it to Xu Qin.

Xu Qin is puzzled: “What is this?”

“This my house’s key.” Song Yan says “In the past I worried that you would go back the time I am at the camp so I leave the keys to the security guard. I asked him to give it to you when you are back.”

There are two sets of keys. One for the courtyard’s front gate and his bedroom.

Xu Qin just lets go off her privilege of having a convenient life.

“How do you know that I would be kicked out?”

“No. I just take a precaution.” He laughs bitterly for a while: “You always act so sudden and impulsive. I’m afraid that you would have no place to go and you would be boastful.” He says.

“I would leave for a week, I’m afraid there would be something during that week. I couldn’t mind you so I left my keys so you would have place to stay and family members to depend on.” he sighs: “I didn’t expect that it would be so fast.”

Xu Qin is startled a bit, she feels safe. She holds the key tightly and also holds his hand too.

Di Miao also says: Right Sao Zi. In the future when my Ge is in the camp and couldn’t go out. You could come in find me, or my Pa or Ma. Okay?”

She sounds like Song Yan.

The time they are talking, suddenly Di Miao gets a call. She answers it: “Ma?”

“…. No need Papa to come to help. Three of us could do it…. I know it ah. I wouldn’t be lazy… Yes yes yes, I don’t use my hand to hold scalpel. It’s okay for me to break it off.”

Xu Qin: “………”

Di Miao then asks Xu Qin: “Sao Zi, what food do you like?”

Xu Qin is startled and just understands that Jiu Ma wants to prepare the meal. She thinks about it and says: “Fish.”

Di Miao says to Jiu Ma: “She wants to eat fish.” Then she asks Xu Qin again: “What else?”

“……..” Xu Qin says: “beef, broccoli.”

Di Miao is done reporting and listens to Jiu Ma. Then Di Miao says again to Xu Qin: “My Ma said except all of these, she would make you a lotus root spareribs soup? She said that people from Liang City loves to eat this?”

Xu Qin nods, she feels her heart is melting.

She looks at Song Yan, she uses her gaze to thank him. He doesn’t mind about it, for him, it’s a natural thing to do.


It’s the first time for Di Miao to come to Xu Qin’s apartment. The time she gets inside, she feels that it somehow widen her view. The apartment is very big and new, it’s decorated in fine style; moreover, it’s in a high building. It has a good field of vision. It’s not an apartment that a commoner could live.

But the only thing is missing in the house is there’s no sense that someone is living here. It’s too plain for an apartment that is lived.

Di Miao grumbles with a low voice to Song Yan. “She really lives here? How much is this apartment cost?” Then she just cheers him up: “But don’t worry, your place is not too lacking. I think when it’s done, it would be better than here.”

Song Yan says: “I would try my best.”

Xu Qin doesn’t have a lot of things in her apartment, she does need to tidy up her clothes, shoes and her daily essentials.

Di Miao enters Xu Qin’s bedroom and helps her out. She looks at the big and large bed Xu Qin has. She looks at her closet and asks: “You would move out, would you be sad?”

I never think of it.” Xu Qin thinks about it seriously and says: “It’s okay. I always be so busy working, I rarely stay at home. So this place for me just a place to sleep.”

Di Miao: “Oh. If I thought of leaving my own house with a lot of memories, I would be so sad.”

Xu Qin considers for a while. This apartment for her, it’s only a place for her to sleep after she comes back from the hospital. She only drinks water, takes shower, wakes up and goes to work again.

Sometimes she wakes up early and comes back very late night; Sometimes she leaves at late night and comes back home in the early morning.

Day in and day out, she is living her life alone.

People in this area don’t know and interact with each other. Her Papa Mama never come here. Only Meng Yan Chen and Xiao Yi Xiao sometimes come over to visit her.

So the time that she think as memory is the time there’s a fire. The sky is in orange. She was preparing tea and Song Yan was sweeping the floor.

“If someone asked me to leave my courtyard house, I would be so unwilling.” Di Miao grumbles.

She notices that there are a lot of branded bags inside her wardrobe, she asks: “You don’t take all of these?”

“These are from my Ma.” Xu Qin looks at it, and at last she chooses several bags: “These are fro my friends.”

Xu Qin places the bags and goes to fold her clothes. She just tidies up without show any expression or say any words.

Di Miao looks around the house and notices that Xu Qin just takes few things. Di Miao thinks that Xu Qin should be so sad. She considers for a while and goes over her side. She says with a small voice: “Don’t be sad, our whole family would be good toward you.”

Xu Qin is startled, she doesn’t prepare to be ‘stabbed’ directly. She looks at her curiously.

Di Miao thinks that Xu Qin doesn’t believe her, she says busily: “For real. We wouldn’t bully you. Look at me, I was the person who hates you the most in our family member. Even I could say this, so it’s true. You should believe me.”

Xu Qin smiles and nods.

“Also, for these bags. Don’t be so depressed to be not able to take it. In the future I would earn a lot of money to buy for you. My Ge also would. Actually though my Ge doesn’t talk a lot, but he really loves you. He is willing to do anything to you. For real, you would know it in the future.”

Xu Qin smiles brightly.

She is not a stupid one, she knows that he likes her so much. His family members even could change their thought so easily. They would treat her well, spoil her just because —— she is Song Yan’s true love.


The sun sets in the west, the sunset glow covers the courtyard. It warms up Song Yan’s bedroom.

The wardrobe in Song Yan’s room couldn’t be compared to Xu family’s wardrobe, but as she doesn’t have a lot of clothes, she could tidies up her things and it still has some spaces left.

Song Yan kneels down on the ground and opens up the box, he is surprised to see those two fire-extinguisher that he gave to her previously ire there. He looks over and notices the safety hammer too in it. “How could you take these things are too? No wonder I feel that this is too heavy.”

“Those are given from you to me.” Xu Qin says, then she sits down on the sofa and folds her clothes again.

“Before I didn’t see you go to the basement,” Song Yan looks at her, his eyes are dark, “I put it in the car for the emergency and you just take everything out. How could you take it out from your car? Xu Yi Sheng, you are very great.”

“No, I put it in my car previously but because I wouldn’t drive car again, I take it out.” Xu Qin says.

Song Yan finds it funny: “It should be so heavy for you to bring it up and down. You should tell me.”

“I just want these all.” Xu Qin says.

She is focused in folding her clothes.

It’s so gentle and soft atmosphere.

Xu Qin notices that his gaze is on her, she lifts her head and looks at him. She looks at him on the eyes and turns silent for two seconds: “What are you looking at?”

He smiles and shakes his head. In next second, his gaze turns even darker. He stands up and closes the door. He comes to her side and holds her waist, he takes her to the bed.

“Song Yan, hold it for a while ——“ She calls out in a small voice.

“It’s been a week, I couldn’t.” His voice turns hoarse.

She doesn’t have time to flip her body, he just presses her down on the bed. His hands get into her clothes.

She struggles and wants to push his hands away but she couldn’t. He is getting even skillful in this. In just a while, they could just take off all of their clothes in a short time. He flips her body.

She is worried and annoyed, she says with a low voice: “In a while, it’ll be dinner time, what if Jiu Ma comes over and calls us?”

He says: “You are too stupid, in this time we close the door. How could they not know what we are doing? Who would be so insensible and knock to the door em?”

She blushes. She couldn’t make out whether she is shy or nervous.

“Does this room have a good sound insulation?” She is sweating, she is moved by him. “What if someone hears us?”

“Then control yourself, lower yourself.” His voice sounds poisoning and bewitching.

Xu Qin kicks his leg lightly, she bites her lips. She just takes a pillow to cover her mouth.



After a round, Xu Qin lays down on Song Yan’s embrace. She rest for a short moment.

Outside, the sky is dark.

Song Yan extends his hand and takes his phone to look at the time. He moves lightly and she wakes up: “You are leaving?”

“Em.” He puts down his phone and positions himself well. He holds her and tries to adjust her position so she would be comfortable.

When she sleeps, she always shits her body easily. This moment all, she is curling up on the body. Her head is placed on his brain. Her breath sprays on his chest.

He feels itchy but he smiles. He holds her face, her lowers his head and kisses her head.

“Xu Qin.”

“Em?” She lifts her head, “What is it?”

His coarse thumb strokes her eyebrow: “The time you live here, no need to purposely make Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma feel happy. You don’t like to talk, they know it clearly and don’t mind it. You could just act naturally.”

“Em.” She curls up in his embrace, she nods. She could hear his heartbeat beating so quickly on her ear. She is sleepy.

He lowers his head and be reluctant to part with her warmth. He says: “Temporarily living with elders, you should put up with it for a while, just wait till one to two month, we would move out.”

Xu Qin wakes up and lifts up her head: “Where would we live?”

“Our own house.” Song Yan holds her waist.

Xu Qin is surprised: “Where is it?”

Song Yan smiles: “You would know later on.”

There would be a light blue bedroom, pink bedroom; there would be a lot of things, things that you like.

Xu Qin’s eyes turn bright and she wants to speak up again. But Song Yan laughs and stops her: “You are not allowed to ask, make it a surprise.”

She pursues her lips and couldn’t hide her smile.

He looks at her and couldn’t hold it anymore, he pecks on her lips. Then his phone just rings.

He lets her go and looks at her for a while again. Then he says: “I would leave first.”

She nods with a hint of sadness: “Em, go.”

He strokes her face and just stands up. He sighs.

Leaving her alone at home, it’s really hard for him to bear.


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