Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 45

Xu Qin wakes up early, she just notice that her toothpaste is finished. She opens up the cupboard behind the mirror and notices there are several boxes of medicines, which she asked from doctors in the hospital.

She extends her brain and looks outside the bathroom, Song Yan is in the dining room.

Xu Qin throws all the medicines to the trash bin and takes a tissue to cover it.

After getting ready, she goes to the dining room. Most of the breakfast dishes are on the table. There is a sunny fried egg.

Xu Qin picks up the trash bin and places it near the door. She goes to wash her hand again and asks: “Two days later would be Monday, would you go to work?”

“Em.” Song Yan is scooping a bowl of porridge: “I think I have a enough rest for my injury.”

“Ao.” Xu Qin closes the water tap and asks: “Then I need a month more before I could meet you again?”

Song Yan hears it and looks at her. She is taking a tissue to wipe her fingers and hands. Surgeon’s hands are white and slender. Her fingers are tall. She looks calm.

He teases: “You would live alone, aren’t you used to it?”

“Yes, in the past I lived alone too.” She tried to show off,” These days you are staying here, I am not used to it.” She takes a bowl of porridge from him and goes to sit down on the dining table.

Song Yan finds this to be hilarious, he sits down in front of her and says: “Perhaps I could come back on the next weekend.”

Xu Qin’s eyes turn bright, though she still controls her expression. “Why are you saying that way?”

“Last year at the end of the year, we got a document that there’s a reformation regarding our group’s working system. We could have a holiday roster on the weekend.”

Xu Qin haggles over small matters: “What do you mean by holiday roster on the weekend? The group would take turn to be off on the weekend. On the weekend you could leave the camp, and you will have two days right?”

“These period of time I haven’t returned back to the group, so I am not really care about it.”

Xu Qin starts to eat the porridge and nods slightly. No matter it’s a day or two days, she already feels satisfied but she doesn’t need to wait for a month.

She says: “it’s quite great.”

Song Yan watches her expression and laughs, he says: “There’s a greater news.”

Xu Qin: “What?”

Song Yan: “If someone is married, they could go home everyday.”

“…….” Xu Qin is half believing and half doubting, “For real?”

“Real.” Song Yan leans closer, he watches at her face and seduces her: “You could consider about it, how about if you rescue me?”

Xu Qin’s face is red.

What does he mean by saving me? Letting him to go home every night to torture her?

She blushes and looks at his face. She wants to decide whether he is joking or saying the truth. Suddenly her phone is ringing.

Xu Qin immediately shifts her gaze and takes her phone.

Song Yan laughs and starts to eat.

Xu Qin takes her phone and looks at the screen. Her heart is clicking but she does’t look at Song Yan. She takes her phone and goes to the balcony: “Hello?”

“Qin Qin.” Fu Wen Ying says with a low voice. She sounds to be in a good mood.

Xu Qin says: “Ay, Ma.”

“You are working on the weekend?”


“Last weekend I asked you come home, but you didn’t. You are older now but you are getting more disobedient.” Fu Wen Ying says: “You aren’t missing Papa Mama.”

Xu Qin says with a low voice: “My work is busy.”

“Look at it, in the past didn’t I say that your job doesn’t attend to a family. You have no time to go on blind date, you have no time to go to date. Later on you might have no time to have wedding. Qin Qin, you are 28 years old, you are not young anymore. Do you understand me?”

Xu Qin looks at Song Yan. He is eating his breakfast and doesn’t look at her. She looks at her head and looks at Wu Fang Jie. She bites her lips and says: “Ma, I would handle my own matter.”

Fu Wen Ying turns silent.

She rarely says those kind of words.

Xu Qin is a bit anxious to get no response from Fu Wen Ying: “…… Ma?”

“Qin Qin.” Fu Wen Ying speaks up again: “Tonight come back home, it’s been a month since you came back home.”

Xu Qin raises her head to press her forehead: “Tomorrow okay, tomorrow I’m off. I’ll go back in the morning——“

Fu Wen Ying cuts her off: “Tonight you should come back. If you are so busy that you couldn’t go home tonight, I would call your leader to ask for a day leave>”

“……” Xu Qin frowns.

They both just turn silent for a while.

Then Xu Qin says: “Okay.”

Fu Wen Ying hangs up.

Xu Qin goes back inside the room, and takes a deep breath. She tries to calm herself down.

Song Yan doesn’t ask about what did she say on the phone, he just asks her to eat the food before it’s getting cold.

He says nothing, yet her heart knows it very clear. Last weekend she hid and didn’t go home, he knows about it.

The time they get into the elevator, Xu Qin asks: “What are you doing these two days?”

Song Yan: “I’ll be at home and resting.”

“Oh.” Xu Qin nods and says: “My Ma asked me to go home.”

“Em.” Song Yan examines her and asks: “You feel difficult about it?”

“No.” Xu Qin immediately denies and wants to say something. The elevator stops at a floor and several people get inside.

Xu Qin straightens her lips and doesn’t continue. She waits till they are out then she says: “I almost forget about it. In the past I met Di Miao at the hospital…… Did you tell your family members about us?”

“They asked me so I answered. I didn’t say too much.”

Xu Qin says: “Di Miao’s attitude toward me, I feel that she changes a lot. I thought you said a lot of things to your family members.”

Song Yan simply says: “No”

He asks again: “Why, does it give you any pressure?”

“No ah.” She immediately denies.

Between words, both of them are exiting the building. Song Yan looks up at the grayish sky, then he looks at Xu Qin and says: “Go to work, be careful.”

“Em, have a good rest at home.”


Xu Qin is about to leave, then she just turns her body again to face him. She says: “Right, tonight I wouldn’t come back home, I would go back to my Ma’s house.”

Song Yan takes out his cigarette box and nods to express that he understands her.

Xu Qin thinks about it and adds: “Tomorrow I would go and look for you.”

“Okay.” Song Yan says: “I’ll wait for you.”


Xu Qin arrives at the parking area of the hospital, it’s only five minutes before she needs to start working.

She goes inside the building and changes her clothes. Then she goes to wash her hand. The nurses are not there, supposedly they are already at their own station.

She tidies up herself and goes to the emergency room. On the way, she passes the lobby. She could hear shouting. “It’s your doctor that operated my wife, return my wife, give me back my son!”

There is a group of people fighting with Doctor Li and his group.

A fifty years old middle-aged woman yells: “It’s just a childbirth, how could she die? You think that I never give birth! It means that you don’t have a good skill!”

Another thirty years old man roars: “My son was alive in my wife’s belly, we came to your hospital and both of them are dead now. You are the one that killed my son!”

So it turns out that this man is the husband of that pregnant woman, who experienced a car accident. This time they are making fuss. They start to want to beat up Doctor Li. Several doctors and nurses are coming over to help. Even the security guards are called over.

The others are watching it.

“What are you watching at! This hospital has killed two people!”

Xu Qin doesn’t get close, she just takes a detour and returns to her own office room. She is preparing to call 110.

Xiao Xi says: “I had called them two minutes ago, the police would arrive soon.”

Xu Qin puts away her phone.

Xiao Nan frowns: “What are they making fuss about? What do they want?”

Xiao Xi: “They want the hospital to compensate for around two millions.”

Xiao Nan is shocked: “What?”

Xiao Bei immediately snorts coldly: “Huh, now they should think that easy to earn money. That day the time the pregnant woman is sent over, Li Yi Sheng (Doctor Li) had informed them that baby couldn’t be saved, only the mother could be saved. But the man and his Mama didn’t want to approve, they insisted to save the kid. Li Yi Sheng had said that it’s impossible. They were debating for sometime so the time was delayed too. Now both of them are dead, the man and the mother insisted that it was Li Yi Sheng’s mistake.”

“Those kind of people are too rascal, they just wanted to blackmail us. They might want to use the money to find a new wife to give birth to a son.”

Xu Qin says nothing and looks at the medical record.

“For our profession, the more we work, the more we would be oppressed.” Xiao Nan lowers her head and tidies up her bandage.

Xu Qin says lightly: “Don’t think too much, it would be solved. Doctor Li is not wrong, everything would be solved.”

Xiao Bei: “Xu Yi Sheng, you don’t understand. You could think that way, but they might make create a great sensation, maybe the hospital would gloss over problems to stay on the good terms by giving compensation. It would really be advantageous for that cruel man.”

Xiao Xi: “Looking at that kind of man, I really don’t hope to get marry. What is marriage.”

“There’re good and bad men.” Xiao Nan doesn’t feel in despair as she just starts dating: “But for real getting married you need to be serious, you should choose a good man. If not, it’s better to not get marry.”

Xu Qin listens to them and suddenly remembers Song Yan’s black eyes

You could consider about it, how about if you rescue me?

This time there’s a siren noise, the police is coming. No one knows how does the police solves that matter, but finally the lobby turns much peaceful.

Except that matter, that day passes smoothly though everyone is so busy.

Before getting of the work, Xu Qin has a minor surgery so she gets off work thirty minutes late. On the way back home, she gets into a traffic jam so she arrives at Meng family house at night.

Meng Huai Jin and Fu Wen Ying are waiting for her to have dinner.

Meng Yan Chen isn’t home as she doesn’t see his car.

“Yan Chen came home last week, so he doesn’t come home today; This week you come back, yet he is not here. Are you guys purposely agreeing on something?” Fu Wen Ying asks.

Xu Qin takes a hot towel to wipe her hands clean and says nothing.

“Qin Qin ah, come on, let’s drink the soup. It’s been a month since Pa saw you. Why do you look even skinnier?” Meng Yan Chen takes a bowl of soup for her. “Drink more.”

“Thank you Pa.”

“Have you met your Ge?” Fu Wen Ying asks.

Xu Qin drinks her soup and replies vaguely.

Fu Wen Ying folds the table napkin and seems lost in thought: “Recently how do you always have something on your mind, you always be so depressed. Qin Qin ah, if you have time please ask him. I’m asking you, he always be so depressed and not answering.”

“Em.” Xu Qin is eating depressingly.

Fu Wen Ying watches her and sighs: “Both of you don’t like to talk. You guys always be so cold. You guys should marry quickly and have kids so this house would be so livelier.”

Xu Qin hears and she turns alarmed. She starts to form her words yet before she says anything.

Fu Wen Ying speaks up: “Next week which day you are off? Last time Ge A Yi (Auntie Ge) came over to our hose. She said that her nephew seems to be suitable to you, he also is looking for a girlfriend. He likes a girl like you. Mama saw his photo and feels that he is quite good. That time just agree on time to meet.”

Xu Qin says nothing.

Fu Wen Ying is waiting for Xu Qin’s respond, she turns her head and looks at Xu Qin: “Qin Qin?”

Xu Qin puts down her chopsticks: “Ma, I have a boyfriend.”

Her father and mother are surprised.

Fu Wen Ying asks: “How long have you been together?”

“Ten days.”

“Em.” Fu Wen Ying nods and be calm. She is sure that this is only small matter: “Then as soon as possible break up with him.”

Xu Qin says: “I’ve known him for ten years.”

This time Fu Wen Ying looks at her and be alarmed

Xu Qin sighs: “He is my senior high school boyfriend.”

Fu Wen Ying raises her eyebrow and seems to recall him: “Song…”

“Song Yan.”

“Em, what is his job now?” Her mother asks slowly.

Xu Qin says: “A firefighter.”

Fu Wen Ying picks her chopsticks again and says firmly: “Then you couldn’t, I and your Pa wouldn’t agree.”


3 Replies to “Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 45”

  1. God , when the mother tells her to go and break up with her boyfriend as if nothing … don’t let them decide for you girl, fight for your happiness

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  2. Seriously? Go and break up? Just like that? She called herself a mother and she doesn’t even think about her daughter’s feelings?…..this is so unacceptable!

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