Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 41

Song Yan wakes up in the early morning, the curtain is pulled close, the room only has a dim light.

Xu Qin is still on his embrace, she is sleeping soundly.

He gets up slowly and withdraws his arm. She opens her eyes: “Where are you going?”

He says: “Are you awake?”

“Em.” Xu Qin rubs on her eyes and hugs his waist: “The time you move, I wake up.”

“Then it’s my fault.” He laughs lowly and then flips his body to take a glass of water. He drinks half of it and passes the rest to her: “This.”

Xu Qin gets up a bit and takes the glass. She just notices that her whole body is aching. Last night because she was worried about his injury, she just cooperated obediently with him. She let him do what he wanted; Instead he didn’t know how to restrain himself. He kept on doing those things over and over. But to think about how deep his gaze was when she did it. She felt happy and safe.

Song Yan extends his long hand and holds up his cigarette box.

“You want to smoke?”

“No, I want to take my phone.” He finally gets his phone. He takes a look at the time, it’s already 06:00 a.m. “Do you still smoke?”

“….. How do you know?”

“Last time the time I cleaned up your house, I noticed that you hid an ashtray in the cupboard under the vanity unit……. What a great doctor you are.”


Xu Qin returns the glass to him and he puts it back.

“Sometimes when I feel to much pressure, I would smoke one. Recently I have smoked less.” She says: “To mention it, wasn’t it you who taught me to smoke. I was led to astray by you.”

“Huh. You have face to mention this? You were the one that wants to taste. Who could stop you from it.”

He lays down again, and her arm just hugs him back. She acts shamelessly. “Really? Oh, I forget about it.”

He smiles.

Xu Qin leans on his shoulder: “So everyday you would wake up at ease around 06:00 a.m.?’

“Em, I am.” He hugs her back again. His nose rubs around her cheek. He says with a deep voice: “What about you?”

“I work in shifts, it doesn’t have any regular patter. I usually wake up around 07:00 a.m., anyway my apartment is close to the hospital.”

“07:00 a.m…….” Song Yan mumbles and holds her waist again. He starts to suck and lick her earlobe: “There’s an hour more……”

His voice is hoarse, she couldn’t help but to be instigated. Her breath turns rush: “Yesterday you were too rushing, I’m still in pain.”

“Really? Let me touch it.”

“Ah….” She curls up lightly.

It’s very hot and passionate. Xu Qin is teased till her ears are red. She pushes him powerlessly: “How could a man keep on thinking about this nonstop? The time he thinks about it, he immediately turns vigorous.”

Song Yan hears it and buries his face on her neck. He laughs loudly.

“Why are you laughing?”

Song Yan clutches her chin and pecks on her lips. “Stupid, do you know what a man wants to do most when he be together with his beloved woman?”


“He wants to press her down 24 hours and try several different positions. If not, then that man is impotent.”

“Vulgar.” Xu Qin pushes him away.

He hugs her: “You also need to consider. Your man is still young and energetic, he is still the same.”

Being in love, people would be drowned in emotion. Xu Qin thinks about it. Not only for a man, a woman would also be like that. Because love, she would be infatuated to have a contact with each other.

They keep on dillydallying till 07:15 a.m., Xu Qin gets up and gets ready to go to work.

Song Yan also gets up and freshens up.

Xu Qin wears her slippers and goes to the bathroom to freshen up. When she just washes her face, her phone rings. She takes several tissues to wipe her face and goes out of the restroom. She thinks that it’s a call from the hospital.

The time she looks at her phone, it’s a call from Fu Wen Ying.

It feels like she is waken up from a dream.

She glances at Song Yan, Song Yan is standing near the bed and wearing his coat. She goes out of the bedroom and closes the door. She answers it with a low voice: “Ma.”

“Why is your voice sound so small? You are still asleep?”

“I’m awake.” She adjusts her voice volume. “I’m getting ready to work.”

“I and your Pa saw you on TV.”


“Ay though you acted first and reported later about going to the help the disaster victims. I am not supportive of it. But luckily you are save. Now you have shown how dedicated you are. Your Pa feels very proud of you. Me too. Xu Qin, this time you are doing something great.”

“Thank you Ma. Then this means….. You don’t oppose me being a doctor anymore right.”

“At first I was just worried that you would be suffering because of the workload of being a doctor. You would forget about your family. Forget it, if you love it, just do it. Actually being a doctor, actually is very honorable job.”

Xu Qin could listen to the other meaning of her words, she wants to do probe deeper but because Song Yan is at home. She could only be clueless. “Ma, let’s talk later, I need to go to work if not I’ll be late.”

“Okay. This weekend come back home. Because of rescuing those victim, it’s been half month since you came home. Your Pa misses you. Yan Chen too. These period of time he seems to be so busy. I don’t see him. If you have time, call him.”

Xu Qin is silent.

“Recently do you contact him?”

Xu Qin says: “During the rescuing time, he called me for several times but I was too busy so I didn’t answer…. I also had no time to reply. Then I forget about it.”

Fu Wen Ying sighs and says nothing else: “This weekend remember to come home.”


Xu Qin puts down her phone, she feels she has a headache.

She returns to the bedroom, Song Yan is standing near the window. His back is facing her.

She comes over: “What are you doing?”

Song Yan looks at her and points to the window: “Look.”

Xu Qin looks around.

The roads and streets around are covered with snows.

“Now the garden in the courtyard would be very pretty.” Song Yan says: “It would be full of snow.”

Xu Qin nods.

“Do you like courtyard house?” Song Yan asks.

“em?” Xu Qin doesn’t ready, she is startled: “Your family’s courtyard?”

“That kind of courtyard, but with only a family living there.”

Xu Qin couldn’t figure what his words mean.

“You would be late if you aren’t hurry.” Song Yan reminds.

Xu Qin regains herself and tidies up her things. She goes out of the apartment building. She asks him: “Today you would rest at home, would you feel bored?”

“It’s okay. In the morning I would have a rest, then this afternoon I would meet a fri—-“ Song Yan corrects: “Colleague.”

Xu Qin senses something: “Friend or colleague?”

“You can regard as both.” Song Yan picks up his coat from the sofa.

“Do I know that someone?” During the rescue time, she knows a lot of his teammates.

“You know. Li Meng.”

Xu Qin opens up her shoes cupboard and finds her shoes. Her tone is natural: “You have work with her.”

“It might not be work.” Song Yan follows her and takes her shoes too. “Last time I disobeyed an order, so I need to get a punishment. She is thinking of a way to help me.”

He sounds too normal. But Xu Qin senses something.

Is this…… a beautiful woman rescues a hero?

Xu Qin is calm, she sounds generous: “Then you should thank her well.”

Song Yan is wearing his shoes, he lifts up his head to look at her. “Don’t worry. I would thank her carefully.”

Xu Qin says nothing else, she just puts on her shoes well. She then leaves.

Song Yan watches her back and he smiles.

They enter the elevator, Xu Qin doesn’t talk a lot. She just looks at her phone like she is checking on many messages; like she is so busy. …. But this morning, it’s an early morning. There would be no one sends her message.

Instead Song Yan’s phone keeps on ringing. He lowers his head to take a look. He looks at his phone, he unexpectedly laughs for a while.

Xu Qin does’t have any thought of peeking at his phone. She just stands there quietly. She wait still he is done. When they are exiting the elevator, she asks calmly: “Do you use WeChat?”

“For work.” Song Yan says, “It’s bind with my phone number.”

Xu Qin looks for his WeChat account.

“She likes you?”

He looks at her: “Who?”

“Li Meng.”

Song Yan finds it to be funny: “How do you know?”

“Then do you like her?”

He holds her neck and pecks on her lips: “What do you think?”

This kiss is like a breeze brushes away a ripple clear and crystalline lake. The wind put down the wave of the pond.

Yet she is still unhappy.

Song Yan asks: “What time are you getting off work, I would find you to have a meal.”

He seems to want to shift the topic, but Xu Qin doesn’t let it go easily.

In the normal situation, shouldn’t this man say that he doesn’t like her, then he should coo his girlfriend?

She doesn’t want to be seen as petty-minded and unreasonable. “I am not sure. If I have an emergency surgery, it would be late.”

Song Yan answers quickly: “Okay, I’ll not disturb you. So call me when you are off work.”

“………” Xu Qin feels something stuffy inside her chest. “Okay.”

On the way to the hospital, she couldn’t help but to think that time how Li Meng acted toward Song Yan. She concludes briefly —- Song Yan is an attractive force for opposite gender.

People are strange, when they are not together, everything is easy to deal with;

But when they are together, they would have requests and would bicker.

After all people have a desire to possess, it’s the same for male and female.

Xu Qin looks at the mirror on the car, she could see the black circles under her eyes. She has been tired for quite some time so for period of time, she couldn’t recover. She looks at her nose and lips. Her nose is small and delicate, her lips are quite great. It’s just a bit pale.

Em, she hasn’t applied her lipstick.


For the whole morning, Xu Qin is concentrating for her work. But during the lunch, her mind is unfocused—— she notices that there’s no message or incoming call on her phone.

She notices that several nurses, who are eating with her, keep on getting continuous messages.

As for her and Song Yan, it seems that their relationship is still the same.

Xu Qin is not a clingy person, but last night they were so close and intimate, yet now he seems to distance himself from her.

Yet this thought just passes quickly, she doesn’t think too much about it. She considers of his words that he wouldn’t disturb her work. Xu Qin just forgets about that matter. After all, she couldn’t be distracted.


In the afternoon, Song Yan goes to the Shi Li Tai’s fire station’s military group department to find Li Meng.

The time Song Yan arrives, Li Meng is busy with a pile of works.

He asks: “Are you distributing flyer to the public?”

“It would be winter soon.”

“Right. In more month, it’ll be Spring Festival, the whole city would be filled with fireworks.”

“Exactly. Ay, how is your injury?” Li Meng asks, she prepares a glass of hot tea for him.

“It’s okay. Next week I’ll start working again.” Song Yan sits down and takes the glass from her. He takes a look at it, then remembers the tea he drank yesterday at Xu Qin’s house. He also recalls the how she ‘blossomed’ under him. Without him knowing, he just smiles.

Li Meng sits down and finds it to be strange. “Why are you smiling when you look at the tea leaves?”

Song Yan just shakes her head and doesn’t answer. He moves his chair and looks at her: “Suo Jun said that I’m alright?”

“Em. You didn’t tell me so I had no idea. If not I would help you.”

“This favor, it’s better to not owe someone.” Song Yan says.

Li Meng knows about his temper, he wouldn’t ask for her help. “Thanks to your boys, they submitted a joint letter to explain the situation so the higher authority doesn’t cut your points. The baby you saved also somehow helps you out. You are hurt too. So no way he would punish you.”

Song Yan laughs: “I am okay, I am not injure too seriously, I am not dead too. It’s in vain.”

LI Meng: “……..”

“Now for the public, you are the model of the firefighters’ groups. You would get an award. But for the internal, you should write a reflection report.”

“Okay.” Song Yan says: “I would let Xiao Ge to write it. I would hand it over to you by next week.”

Li Meng: “…..”

“I’ll leave first.” Song Yan is about to stand up.

“Finish your tea first before leaving.” Li Meng wants him to stay for a while. Then she notices something on him. “Ay, your neck is bitten by an insect. It’s big and red.” She opens up her cupboard, I have an ointment here.”

Song Yan is confused, he touches his neck: “Where is it?” He touches it and just realizes that it supposedly Xu Qin’s love bite.

Li Meng looks at his expression and responds a bit late. She also understands it and her face just changes.

“You have a girlfriend?”


“That doctor?”


For a moment, Li Meng has nothing to say. She has unrequited love, Song Yan refuses, he just does things in a strictly businesslike manner, he always distances herself with her; he doesn’t accept her help, he never gives her any hope or acts vaguely with her. She couldn’t blame him. With this result, she is heartbroken, she also finally could free herself though she still has hard to relieve her resentment.

“Then I’ll wish you guys well. But since we are talking about this, I want to remind you a sentence. People are valuing their own love, they would despise those who love them. You should be more careful. Though you are standing at the ’peak of my food chain’, yet you are standing at the ‘most bottom of her food chain’. These years you keep on thinking about her. You have rationality but you aren’t concerned. You couldn’t leave her. You act passively. I’m afraid the result would be troublesome. In this relationship, the one that would be hurt deeply would be you.” After she gives vent to her feeling, she feels her words are excessive, she says with a lower voice: “Of course, I still hope that you guys would be alright. Really.”

“Thanks so much.” Song Yan just smiles and looks at her with silent yet decisive gaze. He says: “Don’t worry, she wouldn’t be able to leave me.”


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