Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 40

Once again Song Yan and Xu Qin return back to the apartment. Both of them are walking without saying anything. Xu Qin tries to urge him to go back upstair. “It’s cold, let’s go up and drink a tea.”

The room is warm.

Xu Qin takes off her coat. She feels her movement is a bit overtone, she just pats her skirt.

“I would make the tea.” She goes to the kitchen.

Song Yan changes his slippers, he throws the coat on the sofa.

Xu Qin plugs the kettle on and places the tea leaves on the tea cup.

She turns her head back and sees that Song Yan is sitting down on the sofa, he is playing the candies.

Xu Qin comes over: “Taste one.”

She takes one stripe of the candy from him and kneels down near the coffee table. She tears open the pack.

Song Yan glances at Xu Qin and continues to play with the remaining stripes. Xu Qin says: “Taste it.”

This time he lowers his head and bites one of it.

“Before you said that you don’t want to eat it.” Xu Qin says.

“It’s not the same before.” Song Yan says.

“What is the difference?”

“Before you weren’t my girlfriend.” Song Yan looks at her.

Now she is.

Xu Qin feels something is sweet, she asks: “Is it delicious?”

Song Yan says: “It’s sour.”

“Ay?” Xu Qin takes a bite and says: “This one is much more sour.” She looks at the package: “It’s grape flavor. Before it was strawberry.”

The time they are eating candy, the water is boiling.

Xu Qin looks at the kettle and her gaze meet Song Yan’s. She just laughs.

“What are you laughing?”

Xu Qin shakes her head: “I don’t know, there’s no other reason.”

Song Yan asks: “Are you happy to be with me?”

Xu Qin nods: “I am.”

“I could see it.” He also laughs. He seems proud.

“What are you laughing about?”

Song Yan shakes his head too.

The water is ready, Xu Qin stands up and goes over. She pours the hot water to the cup.

Song Yan comes closer to her, he hugs her from behind. His chin rubs her hair lightly.

Xu Qin shivers.

He lowers his head and kisses her neck.

She closes her eyes and feels like she is electrified.

His lips are on her ear, he asks her: “Do you miss me?”

Xu Qin’s eyes turn teary and nods: “I do.”

“How much do you miss me?” Song Yan says.

She suddenly shivers and stands on his tiptoe, she leans her head on his shoulder.

One of his hands holds her both hands. “Be careful it’s hot.”

“Tell me.” He is teasing her.

“I miss you so much.” This is the truth.

“Do you know what would I do next?”

“I know.”

“Do you want it?”

She does her crazy talk in a soft voice: “If you don’t want, I wouldn’t invite you upstair.”

He suddenly lowers his head and laughs, he buries his head on her neck and laughs a while.

“Xu Qin, you are very well-behaved (Guai).”

“I always be a well-behaved one.” She says: “Like that year.”

That year, it’s her who provoked him: “What are they doing?”

Remembering that, Xu Qin’s thought turns misty. Right, she wasn’t a well-behaved young ‘wood’ woman. Being with him, she feels alive, she feels that she has bad and good side.

How could she forget about that important thing.

Her long hair is shifted to a side. He kisses her.

“Xu Qin, do you remember?”

“Remember—-“ Xu Qin mumbles: “I want to hold you——“

Song Yan keeps on kissing her and holding her hands. She realizes something. She wants to withdraw her hands but he holds it.

“Xu Qin.”


“Be well-behaved. I have injury on my body.” He says hoarsely.


Xu Qin feels that she is being schemed by him, yet she doesn’t dare to move carelessly.

Song Yan’s black eyes are watching her face, she is blushing.

Their eyes are on each other.

Outside the apartment, it’s still snowing heavily.

In a dim room.

‘Spring has come and the flowers are in bloom”.

He lowers his head to kiss her sweaty forehead. She hasn’t regained herself.

He holds her face and kisses her again, it’s like his promise.


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