Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 23

After the performance ends.

The audiences are silent for a while.

Till Chen Xing Ruo stands up and everyone starts to clap.

Then there’s a great noise around.

At last Liu Fang also starts to clap too.

The performance would not be published its result directly. But everyone is quite certain that Chen Xing Ruo would be selected.

Because a lot of great students are joining, then the event is quite excited.

They are waiting for Chen Zhu’s performance, the atmosphere starts to turn lively.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t stay to watch Chen Zhu to sing a song. She finishes her performance and sits down on the audience seat for a while. Then she suddenly remembers that the Mathematic teacher, Liang Dong, is looking her to try out Grade 10’s examination paper. She goes to find the teacher with Shi Qin and Ruan Wen.

Looking that she is leaving, He Si Yue also stands up.

Lu Xing Yan also wants to leave, but he sits down for two other performances. Then he yawns: “Okay, I’m tired, I would return to the classroom to sleep.”

Xu Cheng Zhou stops him: “Ay, it would be Chen Zhu Jie’s turn soon. Are you crazy to leave now?”


Xu Cheng Zhou is confused, he looks around and lowers his voice. He asks: “WTF, you don’t plan to pursue Zhu Jie again? I think in this semester, you are getting even weirder!”

Lu Xing Yan peeks at him: “In the future, stop making rumor, who said that I like her?”

“Didn’t…. you say it?”

Xu Cheng Zhou opens his eyes big.

“What did I say?”

Xu Cheng Zhou is speechless.

It’s too unreal. Does this man wants to deny what he said previously?

But Xu Cheng Zhou isn’t dare enough to argue with him, he just scolds him inside his heart for several times.

Because of Xu Cheng Zhou’s words, it’s finally Chen Zhu’s turn. She gets on the stage.

Lu Xing Yan is unfocused, he doesn’t listen clearly to her singing. Anyway he just claps with everyone. Then he just plans to leave.

He doesn’t expect that Chen Zhu would run toward the group.

She is curious and slaps Lu Xing Yan’s desk. She asks: “Ay, the one that plays piano, is it Chen Xing Ruo? She is from your class?”

Li Cheng Fan chips in: “She is Yan Ge’s desk mate.”

“Lu Xing Yan, you are so lucky!” Chen Zhu opens her eyes big: “That girl is too fairy. Introduce her to me, introduce her to me. If not, ask her whether she is lacking of friend. I’m quite lacking, I want to have a face.”

Lu Xing Yan looks at her expressionlessly: “Why do you always like to show off? She definitely doesn’t want to be your friend.”


“Your temper is so bad, she is your desk mate!”

“Just shut up.”

For the afternoon class, Lu Xing Yan is unfocused.

Of course he always be unfocused during the class, but today it’s too obvious.

He doesn’t have any feeling to go to sleep. From time to time he glances at his desk mate.

For the second period, the History teacher has something to do so she just asks the students to finish the mock exam.

When she is done with half of it, she finally responds.

She stops writing and asks: “Why do you keep on looking at me?”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t feel panic to be caught, he just leans back on his chair and plays with his pen lazily. He jokes: “Oh, I am being amazed with your good look.”

Chen Xing Ruo is silent for three seconds and says: “For some people, they usually love to hide their true feelings inside their jokes.”


Lu Xing Yan is being shocked.

After half day, he just regains herself and says: “Don’t be so non-mainstream.”

At first she wanted to attack him back with her words but suddenly she notices that she has 53 minutes left to finish her works. She doesn’t say anything else.

The time she is done, she glances at Lu Xing Yan’s blank paper. She asks: “Do you want to copy?”

Lu Xing Yan glances at her: “Tell me, what is it?”

“I have no money.”


Lu Xing Yan puts down his pen and turns his body to look at her: “Didn’t your Mama leave her property for you? Then Papa also gave you several houses for you? What is your condition?”

Chen Xing Ruo turns silence: “For the cash, my Pa helps me to manage financial transaction so I couldn’t take it. The houses also couldn’t be sold now.”

Lu Xing Yan understands

So that day her words are —— all rubbish.

“Then how could you be firm and unyielding to use your Pa’s allowance?”


Chen Xing Ruo suddenly turns her body and says coldly: “Forget it if you don’t want to lend it to me.”

Why does she make that it’s his fault.

Lu Xing Yan pauses for few seconds and pats her pencil case: “How much do you want?”

Chen Xing Ruo starts to calculate and estimates: “2500?”

“Da Xiao Jie (Big Miss), you just want me to spend half of my allowance to provide you? You even aren’t my girlfriend.”


Actually Lu Xing Yan just says it in casual way.

But when he is done, they both just turn silent.

Then Lu Xing Yan takes his phone and says nothing. He transfers it to her.

On Friday before the class ends, the result of the performers’ selection for school anniversary is out.

He Si Yue gets the news and comes to tell Chen Xing Ruo about it.

“Chen Xing Ruo, the result is out, your piano performance…… there’s a bit of problem.”

Chen Xing Ruo lifts her head up to look at him.

He strokes his own back head and think that the school indeed is too unreasonable. “Your performance itself is not problem, but this time stage layout of the school’s anniversary’s wouldn’t fit piano…….”


“But Liu Fang Lao Shi (Teacher Liu Fang) seems to very appreciate your performance, then other teachers also think that you are very suitable to perform in that event. They are asking if you could just sing or reading verse or anything.”

He Si Yue adds: “If you couldn’t do it, then it’s okay. I just want to make sure.”

Chen Xing Ruo heard from Shi Qin that if she could be in the top three rank in school’s anniversary performance, there would be a money award.

Though it’s not much but now she has immersed into temporarily poor condition, she thinks this might helps.

She mutters to herself and says: “I could play violin.”

He Si Yue is startled and suddenly smiles: “You are too great, you could play a lot of artistic instruments.”

Chen Xing Ruo says: “I could, but it’s not as great as my piano skill. But it think it would be okay.”

He then suddenly adds: “Okay, then I’ll go and talk with Liu Fang Lao Shi (Teacher Liu Fang) for a while —— Oh right, have you thought of any song? This time you could use around five minutes.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “Let me think about it.”

He Si Yue smiles happily: “Don’t worry, you could think about if for a while first. I would go and find Liu Fang Lao Shi first.”

Then finally it’s Friday.

After doing cleaning duty, Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan are playing a game of rock, paper, and scissors to throw the trash bin.

Because today there’s a male student threw up on the trash bin, there’s a strange smell from it.

“Scissors—— ay, you lose.”

Lu Xing Yan raises his eyebrow and shows his scissors.

Chen Xing Ruo straightens her lips and says nothing.

She looks at Lu Xing Yan with her disbelieving eyes. —- How could a man like you be so calculating.

Lu Xing Yan feels a bit uncomfortable with it.

He looks at how Chen Xing Ruo seems to be so reluctant to throw it. Her white and fair hands go and pinch the corner of the trash plastic.

He looks at her hands and remembers the time her hands are playing the piano so lively.

Forget it.

Let’s not argue with this female student.

He holds her hand and stops her.

“Okay, Da Xiao Jie. Let me do it.”

This is too disgusting. He picks it up the corner and ties it. Then he takes it to downstair and throws it out.

When he is done, he goes to the restroom to wash his hands.

Chen Xing Ruo also goes to the restroom to wash her hand. Both of they leave the school together.

On the way, Lu Xing Yan feels something is not right, he looks back and asks: “Why are you walking so far away from me?”

Chen Xing Ruo answers honestly: “You have a strange smell.”

She then takes a tissue to cover up her nose.

Wow, is that too over?

He was helping her, shouldn’t she just endure the smell?

Lu Xing Yan didn’t think too much before, but after he hears about her disliking words, He holds his collar and smells it.

He doesn’t know whether the smell is real or not, but he unexpectedly feels that there’s a smell on him.

Looking at how Chen Xing Ruo be persistent in maintaining three meters distance, he is so furious: “Are you going or not? Do you want to go home with me in one car or you want to go and take taxi?”

“I couldn’t. It’s better if you want to take taxi by yourself.”

“Why don’t you take taxi by yourself?”

“I have no money.”

Lu Xing Yan looks at her for a while and couldn’t say something out for a while. He feels that he couldn’t win over her. He is quite regretful to be a hero.

At last they don’t go on separate way, they get on the same car but Chen Xing Ruo sits on the front passenger seat. She shows clearly how she dislikes the smell.

Lu Xing Yan is so annoyed, he says nothing. He just directly goes up to his bedroom.

Pei Yue is calling a beautician to do her nails. The time Chen Xing Ruo is back, Pei Yue asks her to come over to help her choose the color. She asks: “Ay, Ruo Ruo, what happened to Lu Xing Yan? He looks like he is in a bad mood, he says nothing and just goes upstair.”

“He should be taking shower.” She says and helps to choose marble color for her: “Pei Yi (Auntie Pei), this one is great. Your hands are very white, this color would look pretty on you.”

Downstair Pei Yue and Chen Xing Ruo are so happy in chatting with each other. Lu Xing Yan takes half an hour to have shower.

Chen Xing Ruo is really capable in making him angry os much. But unexpectedly he doesn’t feel so tired of it or get mad.

If other people do this to her, he definitely would get mad.

After taking shower for the fourth time, Lu Xing Yan feels that something is wrong, he once again uses his shower gel again.

The time he is out, it’s already 06:00 p.m.

Just in time someone knocks on his door.

With this rhythm of knocking, he could guess that the knocker is Chen Xing Ruo.

He takes his towel to dry his hair and goes over to open the door.

Indeed, Chen Xing Ruo is standing there in front of the door.

“It’s dinner time.” Looking at how wet his hair is, Chen Xing Ruo asks: “You just finish your shower now?”

Lu Xing Yan says nothing and shows his expressionless face.

She feels that his reaction looks like an angry kindergarten student, who is annoyed and afraid that the adults would know that he is angry.

“Your body is quite fragrant, there’s a smell of green grass.”

She says it and then approaches her, and inhales.


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