Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 35

The car, which brings Song Yan, disappears from her sight. Xu Qin stays there for a while, she wipes her eyes and runs toward the emergency center.

The night around is so peaceful and cold.

It’s too cold that she feels her whole body is freezing. She keeps on shivering and couldn’t show any respond. Her heart is cold too, she couldn’t feel anything.

She has no feeling of sadness or suffering. She feels like she is living the sad fate world. Everyday there would be someone losing their beloved relative, everyday they would be someone who watches how they lose something.

Her tears just start to fall dow, though there’s nothing to cry about.

It’s all useless.

But when she passes a desolated road, she hears the blowing wind. She could hear a utter sad calls, it seems like the Heaven is taking pity on her.

Without any sign, she suddenly just kneels down and howls. She cries loudly.

She doesn’t want to hide anymore, she doesn’t want to constrain it. She is so afraid. She is too terrified. She doesn’t want to avoid or conceal it anymore. No one knows that she is here, no one could hear her heartbreaking cry.

There’s only the north wind.



Xu Qin returns to the emergency center, her tears are drying.

Song Yan has been sent inside the surgery room.

Xu Qin is leaning on the wall, her face is so pale. She has no expression. After venting her sadness, her mind is blank. She has no feeling, she just feels the most primitive feeling —— Tired, she is too tired.

These two nights she hasn’t closed her eyes, her mood is numb.

That time Xu Qin thinks. If Song Yan is dead, what should she do.

Her heart is twisted, it is so painful that her tears fall down.

She immediately looks at the ceiling and blinks.

Then she towards the lobby.

She looks around the lobby. There are people around waiting for their injured loved ones.

Being doctor for so many years, she never really pays attention to the patients.

This moment she notices that her fate is held by someone much greater than herself.

She lowers her head and covers her face.

“Doctor!’ Someone yells.

Xu Qin immediately raises her head and looks over. She suddenly turns cold and runs toward the one that yells.

A group of soldiers are taking a young man, who has buried inside the ruins for 37 hours. He breaks his arm and the blood is coming out.

Xu Qin holds his bleeding arm quickly and says to the nurse: “Prepare the bag of the blood!”

Everyone starts to get busy, the young man is taken to the operating room. Xu Qin immediately goes to change her clothes and disinfect her hands. She goes to wear the glove and mask. A nurse is helping her to change into her surgery gown.

She enters the operating room, the nurses are preparing the tools. Xu Qin picks up the scalpel and looks at the patient. Her sadness and tiredness are gone.

No Song Yan, there’s no herself.

Facing the fainted young man, she just has a thought: With her medical knowledge, she would protect her to have human dignity.

The operation carries on for five hours. Xu Qin stands there and be focused. Even when there’s small earthquake, her attention isn’t diverted.

Time passes, the night passes.

The operation is successful, the time Xu Qin changes out of her operating gown. Her arms are hurt and swollen that she couldn’t lift it up. Her legs are feeling heavy.

The time she is done with the operation, her mind seems to be unsealed. All her memories about Song Yan appear. She immediately goes to find him.

Sad news of the death of a beloved person could make a person is taken by surprise. She just runs toward the surgery room. When she arrives there, the room is opened and someone covers with a white cloth is sent out.

Xu Qin’s whole body trembles, she wants to get closer and uncovers the body. But in next second, she gives out a blood-curdling scream. The dead person is not Song Yan.

She looks at the face and pants.

“We couldn’t save him. He even couldn’t get into the operating table.” The doctor says.

Xu Qin lifts her head: “What about the patient before him? The one that also bled!”

“He is sent to the patient’s room, ay——“

Xu Qin just turns her head and runs.

She goes to the patient’s room. He is in the room with three other patients. He has his IV drip on.

Xu Qin pants and tries to breath properly. Then she goes over and kneels down beside his bed. His eyes are close tightly. His lips are pale. There’s a beard stubble, his face is wan and swallow.

She holds his hand, his hand is clean now. His finger joints are clear, there’re injuries on the hands. She clutches his hand tightly, there’s no warmness on it. She touches his wrist and press lightly.

“Du, Du”.

His pulse beats, she could feel it.

That moment she feels throughly that he is alive.

She lowers her head and buries her had on his palm. Her tears start to all down.

Song Yan, I’m wrong.

I’m wrong, okay?



Song Yan regains his consciousness at the afternoon, there’s glass bottle on the side. The water inside the glass bottle is warm.

After he regains himself, the doctor comes over to check up on him. He asks the nurse to change the medicine, he lets him rest well and doesn’t move around.

Considering the actual situation about how hard to leave the mountain, the doctor doesn’t advise him to return to Di City. He thinks it’s better to let him recover here.

“Ay, who does place this bottle here?” The doctor asks.

“I don’t know.” The nurse answers: “Maybe a family member puts it here to warm hand or warm the medicine.”

When they are chatting, Song Yan senses a familiar figure around. The time the doctor and nurse are leaving, that figure comes in.

It’s Xu Qin.

She comes inside with grape sugar bottle, she asks: “The anesthetic is gone?”

Song Yan shows his teeth: “Em.”

“It’s very painful?”

“It’s okay.”

Xu Qin doesn’t give a lot of comforting words, they both don’t say anything.

Xu Qin stands there for a while and thinks of something. She says: “Right, your members are okay.”

Song Yan nods, she really knows what things are important for him.

Xu Qin stands there for a while and notices that she is holding something. She puts the bottle down and takes away the old bottle.

Xu Qin lets Song Yan holds the bottle for warming his hands up. He says: “Thank you.”

Xu Qin shakes her head.

Song Yan looks at her and notices that her eyes are red. She even has dark circles under her eyes.

He asks hoarsely: “How long have you been awake and not have any sleep?’

Xu Qin says: “I’m busy.”

Song Yan says: “You are quite good in ordering me.”

“………” Xu Qin looks at him. “I find a time to take a rest for ten minutes…. Moreover I am not in dangerous situation as you. Last night if you were buried deeper, you wouldn’t be out now. You would be dead.”

Song Yan: “I——“

Xu Qin suddenly cuts him off: “Didn’t I tell you to stay safe?”

Their eyes meet each other, but they are silent.

Song Yan’s dark eyes are fixed on her.

Xu Qin looks at him and doesn’t dodge.

Her lips are tighten, she frowns.

Just this face, the time there’s aftershock. The time everything was collapsing, he just thought of this face.

Song Yan is silent. He doesn’t choke her for what is her position to mind him.

He explains calmly: “The aftershock was too sudden. That time there’s a nineteen years old kid, I should pull him.

Xu Qin says nothing.

Song Yan looks at her and says: “Next time I’ll pay for more attention.

This time, someone gets inside the room. That person goes to the patient next to Song Yan’s bed. That person looks at Song Yan, Song Yan also looks at him.

They are startled for a moment. That man is Lu Jie. Lu Jie comes over and looks at him with surprised face. He points at Song Yan and opens his mouth. He couldn’t speak for a while. His face shows that he is shock, emotional, excited. His emotions are mixed up. He says: “Song Yan, you are really Song Yan right? It’s impossible there’s a man looking like you. You are Song Yan! You don’t forget me right, you still remember me right? Do you remember me? It’s you.”

“Yes.” Song Yan looks at him, but he is calm. But there’s a stir up emotion on Song Yan’s eyes.

Lu Jie is so happy to get a definite answer: “You are not dead?!!”

Song Yan is startled and glances at Xu Qin for a while, he says to Lu Jie: “Em, I was rescued timely.”

Xu Qin frowns, she feels that this man is too impolite. How could he say those words at this moment.

Lu Jie looks at Xu Qin. He seems to be so emotional to be able to gather again with his ‘war buddy’. He is unable to be calm. He asks: “This, this is Di Mei (Younger brother’s wife) right?”

“………..” Song Yan looks at him, he is warning him with his eyes.

But Lu Jie doesn’t notice it, he looks at Xu Qin: “Di Mei, we’ve met before. Hi, Hi, I am Lu Jie. Song Yan’s war buddy.”

Xu Qin is calm, her frown is even deeper.

This person is too excessive, he is talking incoherently, how could this man be lieutenant commander?

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