Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 33

Xu Qin turns out to be able to keep the young man’s arm. He doesn’t need to be amputated. If the aftermath rehabilitation is successful and could go smooth, he could recover his ability to grip, but for holding scalpel, it’s impossible.

The young man is sent out of the sickroom, Xu Qin and the nurses are coming out and there’s a new patient and other doctor and medical staffs coming in.

After Xu Qin finishes her surgery, she tidies up the operation tools and medicines. She notices a serious lack. The time she gets ready to report to liaison department. A group of solider carries a big box inside the emergency center department. It’s the medicines.

The leader of military officers says that the medicine would come again soon as some of it are still on the road. They would be sent in tomorrow morning.

The logistic department members are checking the medicines and thanking them.

Xu Qin comes over and looks around whether there’re tools for surgery, but she notices that one of the officer is looking at her. He seems to judge something.

Xu Qin looks at him curiously and the officer smiles and says: “Had I never meet you anywhere?”

In this condition, it seems the act of striking up a conversation is hard.

Xu Qin: “I have no impression.”

She has a desire to turn around, yet the officer says: “It’s very common if you have no impression. It should happen years ago.”

Xu Qin looks at the stars on his shoulder, and looks at him. Her gaze is not friendly.

The military officer explains: “I am XX armored army group third level, I am Lu Jie, I’m not a bad person.”

Xu Qin is quiet. This time there’s a new seriously injured patient sent over. She immediately stands up and takes them. She just leaves him coldly.

A rank-and-file soldier comes over and asks: “Battalion commander, what are you doing? This is a bit inappropriate.”

Lu Jie slaps the rank-and-file soldier’s back of head: “Am I that kind of person? —— You boss is originated from a scout, I would not remember wrongly…. This young woman looks really familiar.

It’s clear that he has a deep impression of her, but that moment she couldn’t remember.

Lu Jie tries to think, he looks back at Xu Qin. She has disappeared.

But very quickly Lu Jie goes away to deal with an emergency.

The first night after the earthquake, Wang Xiang villagers and the rescuers are having no sleep.

Everywhere there’re yells for help. Everywhere there’re people need for help. Medical staffs, soldiers, firefighters are trying hard to help them professionally.

Xu Qin just finishes her third surgery. It’s already 02:00 a.m., she has no time to rest as the new patient has arrived. He breaks his leg and bleeding.

Xu Qin follows the stretcher and helps to press the bleeding injury. The time she passes, she notices Song Yan passing by her.

That time Song Yan just took the injured patient to the emergency center, he doesn’t even care about his own wound and just leaves.

Everyone around the emergency center walks so fast, they are all in hurry. Both Xu Qin and Song Yan don’t look back.


In the early morning 04:30 a.m., the degree of difficulty in rescue increases. The speed of rescuing decreases. There’re only few people sent to the emergency center.

Yet the doctors still have no time to rest. They still need to keep on watch for those patient.

Xu Qin takes initiative to register to go to the rescue spot. Xiao Xi and Xiao Bei are going with her.

When the night time comes, the whole city is so cold.

Xu Qin sits down on the broken and old station wagon.

On the roadside near the ruins, there are several corpses there. No one seems to care to bury them yet.

Suddenly there’s a dog barking like a warning.

The firefighters are standing there and having a short rest. Only Song Yan kneels down on the ground and smokes.

A police dog comes toward Song Yang while barking, then it runs toward the ruins. It barks again.

This is too strange.

Xu Qin comes over and could hear a woman’s cry: “Help me, I beg you guys help me.”

A weak woman is crying, it sounds so miserable.

The police dog seems to understand the human’s cry for help. It barks again. Then it goes to Song Yan again like it is telling him someone is inside. Song Yan comes over.

But no one moves.

A lieutenant commander says: “Lieutenant, you are defying order! The higher authority has said clearly that at once we should hurry to next location.”

Song Yan’s body is full of dirt, even his face is black. On his hand, blood and mud are mixed together. His eyes show how tired he is. He replies hoarsely: “There’s someone under this.”

“You also know that it’s too deep, we couldn’t help her!” The lieutenant commander says and comes forward: “There’re lots of people that need your help. Don’t waste your time of saving her and let tens more people wait. If you save her, and the ruins collapse, it would be wasteful.”

The woman seems to react more emotionally. She cries even more miserable: “Don’t leave. I beg you to not leave me alone! Don’t leave me! I don’t want to die!”

The police dog, Xiao Meng, doesn’t know how human considers, it is so worried and running round and round.

“Shi Li Tai’s firefighters!” Song Yan speaks up, the tiredness makes him pants: “Do you still remember your vow before?”

The firefighters on his command nods.

Song Yan throws away his cigarette and stands up: “Then let’s do it.”

Xiao Ge and Yang Chi say nothing and just follows Song Yan toward the ruins.

“You guys!—— Staying here would delay and harm a lot of other people!” The lieutenant commander clenches his fist and looks at his own group of rank-and-file soldiers. “Go to the next place.”

They leave.

Xu Qin looks at the current situation, the survivor is stuck on the bottom part. This are was five-story apartment. Most of the ruins are coming from bearing wall and roof. Though Song Yan and other fighters are men, but it’s also hard for them to move it.

Xu Qin says to a driver of the ambulance: “Now go back and call for help. If you see someone on the way that could help, please ask for their help too.”


Then she looks back at Song Yan and friends, they start to move the wall.

Song Yan and friends are so tired. Their faces are red: “One, two, three——“

Song Yan reminds them: “Make sure you stand up firm! Don’t make a misstep!”

Everyone lifts up the wall and shifts it slowly.

Xu Qin keeps on watching Song Yan, she remembers the night of heavy rain. He is trying so hard to help her too.

The time she is thinking, Song Yan suddenly slips, no one expects it. The wall bumps against Song Yan.

Xu Qin watches anxiously.

Song Yan looks at her for a second, but he just stands up and continues to order the firefighters to concentrate.

Xu Qin and Xiao Xi and others try to help buy moving small rocks. They also feel tired.

Song Yan and friends are really tired, their arms and legs are twisted. Sometimes it feels that all of their bodies are losing its feeling.

They don’t mind their own injury and just do their work.

The time everyone seems to have lose their energy, the driver of the ambulance comes back with a group of people to help.

They use almost an hour at the darkest night to have successfully reach the stuck survivor.

The young woman is there.

Song Yan extends his hand to help her out. His hand is shaking because he is so tired. That woman holds his hand tightly. Song Yan immediately pulls her and passes her to Xu Qin.

Xu Qin comes over and checks the woman’s broken ankle:”Hurry up send her to the emergency center?”

Song Yan asks her: “Is there anyone else at the bottom?”

“I don’t know I live on the second-story.”

Song Yan looks around and suddenly notices a woman is laying on the ground, she doesn’t move.

“Xiao Ge, come here!”

Both of them lift a plank and notices a bleeding woman. Her body is curling up.

Xu Qin checks on that woman’s pulse and eyes. Though she is warm, yet she is dead.

Xu Qin lets her hand go and wants to go take care of a living woman. Song Yan suddenly speaks up: “Wait.”

“She is dead.” Xu Qin says and takes her medicine box.

Then Song Yan yells coldly: “Xu Qin!”

Xu Qin looks back.

Song Yan: “She is a pregnant woman.”

Xu Qin is startled and looks at that woman. That woman is curling up, she is protecting the kid inside her belly.

Xu Qin is shocked, she never makes any mistake in judgement.

She immediately comes back and touches that woman’s belly. Indeed, the baby inside her womb is full term. Xu Qin hasn’t moved her hand away and the belly just moves. The baby kicks her hand.

“The kid is alive.” Xu Qin says, her mind is blank.

She immediately takes her glove and scalpel. She never does any Cesarean operation. This moment, she doesn’t know whether it’s because of unfamiliarity or fear, her hands just keep on trembling.

Her forehead is sweating a lot. The time she is about to do the operation. She closes her eyes and the time she opens it again. She is calmer as usual.

The firefighters and villagers on the side are waiting.

The sky is getting brighter.

Finally there’s a sound of baby’s cry.

Xu Qin is sweating heavily. She cuts the umbilical cord quickly and passes the baby to Xiao Nan. Xiao Nan covers the baby with white cloth. The time Xu Qin is about to let go, the baby’s hand holds her pinky finger.

Xu Qin is startled for two seconds and pries open the baby’s fingers.

Everyone is so happy that the baby could be saved. Xiao Nan returns back to the emergency center with the baby.

Everyone then says: “Thank you, Yi Sheng (Doctor).”

Xu Qin says nothing, she also doesn’t see Song Yan. She sews up that woman’s belly again.

Her nervousness and devotion have gone away.

Song Yan sits down on her side, suddenly he speaks up: “Thank you, Xu Yi Sheng.”

Xu Qin stops and doesn’t move. After a while, she shakes her head.


What is promise?

What is oath?

What is it mean?

She never thinks her words to be valid, she never defends her belief. No matter for the scalpel on her hold or for him, who is by her side.

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