Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 32

The smoke has dispersed from the hospital, the water is all over the ground. There’s no one over.

The fire drill just passes, every firefighters have gathered and withdrew. There’s no one inside the sickroom. There’s no doctor on the corridor. There’s no nurse in the nurse station.

It’s a bit strange to see that peaceful scene.

Xu Qin takes the stair to go down quickly. The time she exits the building, she sees that everyone is losing his/her head out of fear on the road. Song Yan and friends are on their fire engine and leaves.

In crowd, Xiao Xi and Xiao Bei hold Xu Qin to go to another side: “Xu Yi Sheng, let’s go to that side to evacuate.”

“Before it’s too shocking, do you feel afraid?” Xiao Nan cries in alarm.

But Xu Qin just remembers about Song Yan for the previous earthquake.

She feels that she has a different experience with anyone else.

When she arrives at the open terrain, she just notices that this matter is serious.

The road is full of cars, it’s full of people. The buildings around the hospital also have evacuated their employees. Everyone looks so panic and at loss. They ask each other and comfort each other: “What happened before? It’s too terrifying!”

“Our office is at 20th floor, it’s too shocking!”

“Is it really earthquake?”

“How could we have one here?”

“Would it happen again?”

“Then what should we do?”

“There’s no signal for the phone? Whose phone has signal?” Someone yells. Then everyone starts to take a look at his/her phone.

“That’s right, there’s no signal!”

“How could this be?”

“Would it happen again?”

Everyone’s tone starts to be more panic. They are waiting till the communication signal recovers.

The fire engines suddenly pass by the road. Several firefighters extend out their head and yells: “Move away! Give a way!”

Xu Qin hears Song Yan’s yell and looks at the fire engine. Then she realizes why he is so hurried in going back to the station.

To assist the earthquake, the firefighting department should move the first time. Song Yan has noticed earlier that the situation is serious. This time they should go back to be on standby.

The fire engine starts to disappear. Everyone is in complete loss. Finally someone yells: “The earthquake is from Wang Xiang!”

Everyone turns silent for a second.

It’s a strange kind of silence. Suddenly a woman beside Xu Qin cries again. She cries and calls her parents but it’s not answered.

“My Ma doesn’t answer my call ——“

That woman keeps on crying and calling at the same time.

All around there are sound of cries.

A lot of people start to comfort those people who are crying. Perhaps the Wang Xiang area hasn’t recovered its signal. Or perhaps the family members have no phone.

Wang Xiang, one of the place where she had moments with Song Yan.

Very quickly, there’s a message about the earthquake. “Wang Xiang earthquake, 6.4.

Wang Xiang is a county town which was formerly administred by Di City, the farthest from the city center —- 100 km. Then it’s being transferred to out of Di City jurisdiction, it becomes central government department administrative region. Wang Xiang county town is situated among the mountain range. It’s inconvenient traffic, moreover it’s poor and lag in development.

People are not dispersing, they start to discuss even more intense.

Everyone is busy with his/her own phone whether to call or find news about the earthquake. In this moment, the military people and medical staffs are the ones who need to act first.

Song Yan and his group return to the station quickly, they change their equipment and start to assemble. They are waiting for an order.

Yet Xu Qin and the other medical staffs have gotten back the signal. They get contacted to immediately return to the big meeting room.

The third military hospital is an army hospital, it must sends medical teams to rush over disaster area. The hospital leader calls together the emergency mobilization meeting. He faces all the medical staffs and starts to talk.

All medical staffs also show solemn and respectful attitude.

Xu Qin is calm as usual. She doesn’t really listen to the encouraging and heartfelt speech of the hospital leader. After the meeting ends, she goes to the stage and signs her own name on the table. She chooses to go the first group of the medical staff.

She doesn’t classify herself as someone that sympathize with anyone. But for her, ‘helping’ people is her job. She shouldn’t neglect it, just like that.

At this time this moment, Song yan and group are ready to go on rescue. The higher authority has issued an order for rescuing the disaster area. Shi Li Tai station’s firefighters has gathered in the country’s flag formation.

Fifteen minutes the earthquake, everyone on the street is still there.

The group of medical staffs for helping disaster victims of third military hospital have gathered. They are making a vow first before being dispatched. Everyone’s face is full of duty and seriousness.

“I volunteer to go to disaster area, I rely on my conscience and dignity to practice medicine to help people, to help the dying and heal the injured, I would not shrink from hardship….”

Xu Qin reads that vow calmly. Suddenly without she realizes, she remembers the critic from Professor Xu. In a flash, she recalls the days she was studying abroad, the days she said her vow: I would protect medical expertise’ honor and tradition. I would show the greatest respect and honor for human life. Even if in under threat, I wouldn’t use my medical skill and knowledge to harm human rights and righteousness. I am seriously and autonomously make a vow with my life

Xu Qin reads and reads, her lips turn even smaller. She is silent.


Yet at this moment, Shi Li Tai’s firefighters are gathering in the drill ground. They are looking at the flag of the country.


The firefighters are putting their head high and chest out. They keep up their spirit.

Song Yan looks at the flag and then says the vow: “ I volunteer to rush to the disaster area to help the disaster victims!’

The other firefighters in chorus follow after him: “ I volunteer to rush to the disaster area to help the disaster victims!”

“To endure every difficult and dangerous path!”

“To endure every difficult and dangerous path!”

“To race against time to rescue life!”

“To race against time to rescue life!”

“Obey orders and observe strict discipline!”

“Obey orders and observe strict discipline!”

“Promise to tend toward every life!”

“Promise to tend toward every life!”

“We decide to not give up!”

“We decide to not give up!”

Their voice are loud and clear on the drill ground.

Song Yan: “Let’s go!”




Wang Xiang county town is located among the high mountain. On the way they could see the scattered area, steep ruined walls. It is so desolated and uninhabited.

The road into the area has collapsed, the traffic department is repairing it in rush. Xu Qin and team’s car move around through the farther road to go over. They arrive there when it’s in the evening.

It seems the unsophisticated and peaceful small town wouldn’t be returned.

The whole small town is in a mess. It seems no building has survived and unharmed from that earthquake. The winter sunset is surrounding that ruins.

The villagers are shabbily dressed.

They have blood marks on them, they are sitting on their own door; someone is flipping around the ruins, someone is looking for something; there’re people who losing their relatives. They are crying and howling; some people are laying still on the ground, they have turned into corpses.

In just ten seconds, the whole city is destroyed.

The car couldn’t get in any further. The medical staffs should get off, Xu Qin looks forward and notices orange figures. It’s like firefighters’ orange suit. The firefighters are working on lifting the ruins to find people.

“Slower! Take it slow!”

“Lift that one, yes that one!”

“That one push it, pry it open!”

“Be careful, don’t push down on his leg!”

Someone seems to be rescued out.

“There’s someone under that one!”

Xu Qin narrows her eyes to look at those people, they seem to be not on Song Yan’s group.

Xu Qin walks inside and notices that there are a lot of people around.

There’re also soldiers around to help the villagers to retrieve and save their remaining belongings. There’s a group of slider who builds a tent for the villagers. Everyone soldiers from different department are having their own duty to help the villagers.

This time, Song Yan is helping to evacuate people in a collapsed hospital. Luckily there’s also help from the villagers.

They couldn’t use any crane or bulldozer to help. Song Yan instructs his group to lift the ruins by carrying it on their shoulder; They are working hard. In a short hour, they have successfully rescued seven victims.

But under the reinforced concrete, it’s getting complicated and hard to rescue people. Some of them are buried too deep.

The rescuing process slows down.

A person under the ruins keeps on crying: “Help me, help me.” Some of them could be seen, some of them couldn’t.

Song Yan is so sweaty and full of dust. He yells hoarsely: “We would not abandon you guys!”

“Don’t be afraid, we would not leave!”

“Keep your spirit, please don’t fall asleep!”

A police dog, Xiao Meng, has found the nearest survivor. It shakes its tail and makes a sound. That survivor is a young man is pressed down by crushed stones and is under cement precast slab.

Song Yan takes someone to analyze the situation, the young man is so afraid and cries: “Would you guys not help me? Please don’t leave, help me, please.”

“We would not go. We would help you.” Song Yan opens a bottle of water and passes it to him from the crack. “Don’t cry, drink a bit.

The wall is too big and too heavy, they couldn’t push it or move it for a moment.

There’s no way. Song Yan calls other firefighters and let them dig the ruins first. Then Song Yan calls someone to bring a hammer to smash to bits the wall.

The time the hammer starts to break the wall, Song Yan, Yang Chi, Xiao Ge, Xiao Fei are holding it to not it collapses to the victim.

The group, who is smashing the wall, seems to held back his energy.

Song Yan couldn’t endure it anymore: “Jiang Yi, d*mmit, are you not eating before?! How long should we let him wait?”

Finally Jiang Yi and friends smash it hardly.

The dust and crumbs of the cement are going everywhere, Song Yan and friends are quiet and bites their lips.

The young woman knows that they are enduring something for him, he starts to cry again.

“Don’t cry!” Song Yan says. “There’s nothing to cry.

The young man lifts his left hand to wipe his tear, he feels so sad. His right hand is pressed down, it’s bleeding.

Song Yan tries to talk with the boy to shift his attention. Then he asks: “What is your job?”


Song Yan stops for a second: “Which department you are?”

“Surgical department.”

Song Yan turns silent.

“But my hand couldn’t be saved.” The young man says while sobs.

“Today, there’re a lot of people who couldn’t be saved.” Song Yan pants and says: “If you couldn’t do this anymore, then you could change your job. You are still young, living is much more important.”

The young man wipes his tear.

“You are a man, when you fall down, you should look for thousand ways to stand up again.”

The young man cries and nods.

Suddenly there’s a loud sound. The wall is successfully broken. Song Yan waits for everyone to lift it up.

“One, two, three!”

The wall is lifted up. Song Yan immediately lifts up the stone that presses the young man’s hand. He is saved.

The villagers start to take him to the emergency center.

Song Yan and friends immediately goes to rescue another survivor without caring about their own injury on the shoulder when holding the wall.

Thirty minutes ago, Xu Qin and the other medical staffs have rushed to the emergency center and starts to work.

The emergency center is build temporarily by the military soldiers. Before Xu Qin and friends arrive, there are three medical teams from other hospital there. Because everyone has different of working style and there’re lots of injured people. The situation is a bit chaotic and messy. But everyone looks dedicated and responds quickly. They don’t want to delay treating anyone.

Temporarily in the surgery rooms, there are several major surgeries going on. Xu Qin is in the emergency room treating patients with other doctors.

When she is done treating a patient, there’s someone yells: “Severe injury! Is there any more surgeon?!”

Xu Qin immediately comes over: “Me!”

That doctor comes with a group of villagers, who are carrying a young man with an injured right hand. His right hand is smashed and bleeding.

Xu Qin: “Hand him over to me.”

The young man is taken to the simply equipped surgery room. Xiao Don and Xiao Xi clean it up first before the surgery. The young man is weak, he is crying hard.

Xu Qin is on the side, she is doing the sterilization work. The young man keeps on crying, yet Xu Qin acts like she doesn’t listen to him. Till she wears her gloves, she unprecedentedly says: “Don’t cry.”

Xiao Dong and Xiao Xi are surprised at the same time, they look at each other. Xu Yi Sheng is comforting the patient?

She never chats with the patient on the operating table.

The young man asks: “Yi Sheng (Doctor), are you really great?”

Xu Qin: “Em.”

“Could you help me to save my arm and let it recovers to its previous condition?”

Xu Qin puts on her mask: “I couldn’t.”

Xiao Dong, Xiao Xi : “………..”

“Today, there are a lot of people couldn’t be saved.” Xu Qin says calmly.

The young man’s face turns pale, his tears keep on falling down: “I am also a surgeon.”

The nurses are startled.

Xu Qin is calm and says to him: “You are young, after today, live well.”

“I know.” The young man sobs: “Before the firefighter Da Ge (big brother) also said the same thing.”

Xu Qin is silent, she takes the injection from Xiao Nan and injects it into his arm.

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