Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 27

Song Yan’s love toward Xu Qin, at first it originates from indescribable desire of protecting her.

He couldn’t understand why, he just wanted to watch her do her things. No matter it’s about her carrying her backpack alone passing the garden, tidying up her desk. Everything is okay for him as long as she likes it.

He wanted her to not be disturbed, criticized, mocked or bullied.

His friend couldn’t understand it, they couldn’t understand why he likes Xu Qin that much. For her beauty, there’re lots of other beautiful girl; For her achievement, she was just on the top average. She is not gentle, she is not that generous too.

A lot of his friends thought that Song Yan deserves more impressive girl.

Xu Qin didn’t like to talk, she couldn’t express herself well. She always lowered her head and didn’t interact with anyone.

She seemed to be so arrogant that no-one else matters.

But Song Yan likes her, so anyone who talked bad about her would be beaten by him.

Everyone was confused what so great about Xu Qin that Song Yan really likes her.

At first Song Yan was confused too but then he thought for this matter, he didn’t really need to understand as long he was happy.

He wrote his own name in big letter on the school jacket and passed it to her. “Wear it.” She took it. She wore it, but it’s too big and could be her dress.

After a long time, she washed the jacket. She waited till he was inside the classroom then she silently took the jacket and passed it to him. He thought that she wants to return it. The time he was about to put the jacket inside the drawer. She didn’t let go.

She pointed to the jacket so turned out the writing was fading. Song Yan was startled, he just understood that she wanted him to write his name again.

He wrote it once more and smiled at her.

Song Yan felt something inside his heart.

She waited for him and wore the jacket, she returned to her own seat and read book. This time she didn’t lower her head.

She felt that finally she could pass the day in peaceful way.

He took her out to play, they passed two to three groups of hooligans and she got close to him involuntary. She clutched his hem of shirt and be relieved.

He took her back home to play. In front of Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma, she was a bit reserved. She just followed him around like his little tail. The time he entered his own bedroom, she also followed him. The time he entered the side room, she would follow too. She followed him everywhere.

He turned his head and smiled: “You also would follow me to the bathroom?”

He would take her to roller skate, he said: “Don’t be afraid, I would guard you on the side.”

He would take her to jump on the bed, he said: “Don’t be afraid, if you couldn’t control it just call me, I would hug you directly.”

She just hopped on the spring bed with any fear.

He would take her to the billiard room. When he was playing, she came over and held his hem of shirt. She pointed to the male student, who was playing billiards too. She reported: “That person used his cue to poke at my palm.”

He stroked her palm and takes out his phone and keys to her: “Help me to hold these.”

He went over and fought with him.

The time the billiard room turned into a chaos, Xu Qin held the keys and phone. She came over and watched over. She also took a cue to smash at that male student. Then she was held by Song Yan and running out of the billiard room together.

They were laughing out loud.

Song Yan smoked his cigarette and looked at her. “You, come here.”

Xu Qin came closer to his side.

He asked: “When men were fighting, why should you meddle?”

She looked away and said nothing.

Song Yan frowned: “Speak up, you have a small physique, how would you hit him? Do you know how much is your weight? Em?”

She lifted up her head and said: “The major thing I want to participate.”

Song Yan: “………”

Everyone around them is still laughing.

“You think this is a game. Fist and feet don’t have eyes, what if you are hurt?’

She said: “With you there, how could I be hurt?”

Song Yan: “…….”

He would take her out to skip the class and play to the outskirts: “I would sell you to earn money?”

She said: “Could you sell me to a better family?”

He clicked his tongue: “I don’t know any good family?”

She didn’t think too much and just said: “Your family ah.”

At late night he would climb Meng family’s house front gate and climb to her window. He would take her out to see the stars.

She also didn’t afraid of night or heavy rain or height. She would hold his hand and stroll with him around the street. She would laugh so happily.

The time they went to Jing Shan to see the stars, he kissed her. She didn’t feel afraid. The time he touched her under her shirt, she also didn’t feel afraid.

Everything feels like a spring rain that wets the ground.

That day at night, he stole her out of her bedroom and took her to a bar to watch and listen to band performance. Young women are singing so freely. She observed them without blinking. She didn’t blend it but she didn’t feel antipathy toward them.

During the concert, she stood up to leave.

Song Yan asked her: “Where are you going?”

Xu Qin answered: “I’ll go to the restroom.”

He stood up to accompany her but Xu Qin said: “No need.”

He insisted on it: “I would wait for you outside.”

On the way, she looked a lot of male students were smoking. There’s also a couple who was hugging and kissing. That man’s hand was lingering on that woman’s body. The woman was moaning.

Xu Qin watched them.

He lowered his head and said on her hear: “What are you looking at?” He turns her head over.

The time they arrived at the restroom, Xu Qin pushed open the door. There’s a man with bare bottom standing near the washing stand and a woman who was sitting on the washing stand. Her white legs were hugging that man’s waist. They were doing a strange action powerfully and dynamically.

Xu Qin watched them while lying her head to one’s side.

Song Yan was waiting outside for her. He was smoking the time he noticed what she was looking. His eyes turn big, he immediately covered her eyes and dragged her out: “Kid couldn’t see this.”

Xu Qin grabbed his hand: “Why couldn’t I?”

Song Yan scolded her: “You, girl, what is so good to see man’s bare bottom? Do you want to look for trouble?”

Xu Qin: “Then whose could I see?”

Song Yan: “Mine.”

Xu Qin didn’t say anything.

He covered her eyes and held her to go back to their seats.

It’s raining heavily outside. He and she ran outside the street. They were wet.

They returned to the Wu Fang street, it’s already late night.

He held her hand and hid her behind his back to get into the house.

Jiu Jiu and the others were asleep. He held her and walked quietly on tiptoe to pass the front door. Jiu Ma suddenly spoke up: “Song Yan, you are home?”

Song Yan: “Ay!”

“You little brat, do you know what time it is?”

Song Yan raised his eyebrows toward her and pushed her inside the bedroom. “11:30 p.m.”

“…….” Jiu Ma reprimanded him: “Then why aren’t you sleeping?!”

Song Yan entered his bedroom and turned on the light. Xu Qin stood in front of him, her whole body was so wet. Because it’s cold, she started to shiver.

Song Yan flipped around his clothes and found a t-shirt. He threw it to her; “Go and take a shower first.”

Xu Qin said in a small voice: “What if someone comes over to go to the bathroom, when I am showering? —- Then I would be found out.”

Song Yan looked at her for few seconds, his face is unease.


Song Yan opened his bedroom’s door and looked around.

Then Xu Qin hid behind his body and followed him into the bathroom. He locked the door.

The bathroom doesn’t have big space, Song Yan tried to look away. He avoided to look at her. He closes the cover of the toilet bowl and sat down. He faced the door and said: “Take a shower, I would smoke first.”

He lowered his head and smoked. She went to his back and started to take off her clothes. She took shower.

They didn’t talk to each other.

There’s only sound of water. His breath unconsciously turns very slow. He finished a cigarette and looked at the cigarette’s butts. He lifted his head and saw her from the mirror. She was naked and standing in front of the shower. Her body is slender and white.

Her body is wet too. Song Yan felt hot and hard to control himself. This should be because the steam from the hot water.

He looked at the mirror. She seemed to notice his gaze and looked at him from the mirror too. None of them look away. They were like having a mutual understanding.

He took a deep breath, his chest was heaving. Finally he frowned and stood up. He took his towel from the rack and covered her body.

Xu Qin was swaying when he did it. Her body was soft. He wiped her dry and went to smoke again. He was silent.

Without his knowing, his breath turned even deep.

The bathroom was peaceful, he was controlling his desire.

Xu Qin didn’t immediately wear her clothes, she just asked: “Did you see before?”

Song Yan knew what she means: “Yes.”

Xu Qin asked: “What were they doing?”

Song Yan said; “Connecting.”

Xu Qin: “Oh.”

Song Yan looked at that mirror again. This time her body was facing him, her gaze was too.

Song Yan’s eyes turned dark and asked: “Do you want to try?’

Xu Qin straightened her lips: “Is it painful?”

Song Yan said: “Just a bit.”

Xu Qin thought about it and didn’t answer.

Song Yan suddenly threw away his cigarette and approached her. He held up her body and placed her on the washing stand. Xu Qin was unprepared and cried in surprised lowly: “Ah —-“

“Hush —— don’t be too loud.” He got closer to her ear, he was panting.

She immediately covered her mouth with her hands and just showed her black eyes.

He sucked her ear and stroked her back; her whole body was trembling under his touch.

Outside the bathroom, the rain was still pouring heavily; Inside the bathroom, the heat was in the air.

She was provoked and teased by him, yet she still remembered his urge to bit her lips and didn’t make any loud sound.

He felt it’s enough to tease her.

He asked: “Are you afraid?”

She shook her head and said: “No.”

“Guai (Good).” He cooed her, his voice was hoarse now. In next second, he entered her.

“Uhh. …. Uh…” She whimpered and he just kissed her.

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