Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 18

Near this area of Luo Xing Hu, there’s no place to eat, there are only western restaurants and cafe.

Two of them take taxi and go to the nearest department store.

But the department store closes very early so around 09:30 p.m, it’s already empty. The restaurants basically close around 08:00 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.

They stroll around and two of them are getting even hungrier.

Lu Xing Yan suddenly looks back and says to Chen Xing Ruo: “Are you sure you could eat spicy food?”


“Nearby there’s a famous ‘housefly’ restaurant, we could frogs and fishes hotpot. It opens till 02:00 a.m., but it’s a bit spicy.” He continues: “And the environment is not very good.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “Let’s go.

“Are you sure? That ‘housefly’ restaurant is a bit worn out and small. The tables and chairs are a bit…. old.”

Lu Xing Yan looks at Chen Xing Ruo with full of doubts.

“It’s not clean, but you would not be sick because of it right.” Chen Xing Ruo looks at him and says: “Do you have any obsession with cleanliness?”

No, why this Da Xiao Jie keeps on snatching his words?

Lu Xing Yan nods: “Okay, let’s go.”

Hence, both of them, who look like they are both obsessed with cleanliness, just go to the small alley and enters a worn out little restaurant.

This restaurant is hidden in deep alley. If she doesn’t know Pei Yue or Lu Shan, she might think that Lu Xing Yan is planning to sell her.

The time they arrive in front of the restaurant, she could smell the food.

The restaurant is very crowded. There are several tables outdoor, indoor the tables are fully occupied. Most of the guests are young women and young men. There’re several middle-aged men too. There’re old grandpas too.

Everyone is eating excitedly, they also chat with full passion.

The restaurant has a good business, both of them wait for twenty minutes till they get a table.

Considering that Chen Xing Ruo might be pretending, Lu Xing Yan just starts off leniently. He orders a slightly spicy base soup then orders a pot of clear soup. So she could eat few veggies if she couldn’t enjoy the spicy one.

He orders 30 frogs and a portion of shark fillets, a portion of beef roll, prawn, etc.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t have any kind of idea of the portion size of this restaurant, but she knows that the orders are too much so she just adds order of two portion of vegetables.

The waiter comes over and says with full of surprise: “Shuai Ge Mei Nu (Handsome man, beautiful woman), thirty frogs are too much. You guys should just order fifteen frogs.”

Lu Xing Yan feels that she is so hungry, she says with any expression: “I feel that myself could thirty frogs.”


He seems to be ‘wanting to deliver money to the doorstep’ so the waitress says nothing and just puts on the order.


Chen Xing Ruo never thinks that eating a meal would be this difficult.

They waited an hour for non-existent takeaway, they went to the department store’s restaurant but it closes. They walked around for fifteen minutes, queued for twenty minutes—- then they wait again for thirty minutes for the hotpot to be served out.

Now it’s already 10: 00 p.m.

Both of them are so hungry that they have no strength to chat. When the dishes are out, they just start to eat.

Due to Lu Xing Yan’s too excessive frogs order, there are many frogs couldn’t get inside the hotpot. The waiter just leaves it on the plate and let them to put it inside the pot when they want to eat it.

The frogs in this restaurant are big.

This time both of them just have an idea of how much have they ordered.

After a while, Lu Xing Yan feels that he has regained himself. He has strength to talk now.

He asks: “What do you think?”

The time he asks, he notices Chen Xing Ruo’s gaze. Looking at how calm she is eating, he finally believes that she is someone that could eat spicy food.

Chen Xing Ruo swallows her tofu and lifts up her head to answer him: “You mean the taste? It’s quite good.”

She picks up a prawn and eats it.

The light spicy soup is not really spicy, she dips the prawn to the chili powder.

Lu Xing Yan looks at her.

“You could eat spicy food that good?”

“Just a bit.”

D*mm*t, this is not a bit, Da Xiao Jie.”

Chen Xing Ruo explains: “I have said to you that I could eat spicy. Pei Yi might thinks that I like more light flavor food yet I prefer much strong flavor.”

This Da Xiao Jie is very upright so he should trust her words.

Chen Xing Ruo already feels half full, she moves slower. She eats while asks him: “Oh right, how do you know this restaurant?”

“I had come here twice with my friends previously.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t like to eat spinach so when he is speaking, he just scoops out all the cooked spinach for Chen Xing Ruo and puts it on her plate.

He explained in simple manner, yet in reality his first experience of coming here is not that simple.

Lu Xing Yan is also an unreasonable ‘king’ who needs to wipe the seat thrice before sitting on it. The first time he came to this restaurant, he felt the air is too greasy and let he be suffocated. He just wanted to leave that place.

But Xu Cheng Zhou stopped him, he wiped the chair for him. He even raised his three fingers and swore that the taste of this restaurant is incredible. Moreover that time they were so hungry. So he just sat down unwillingly.

Both Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo are chatting, he feels the atmosphere between them is turning better. So he start to bring up an old case: “My Ma said that tomorrow afternoon we would go to Hui Ze, you are really not going? You stay at home alone, there’ll be no one to cook.”

“No, I’ll not go.” Chen Xing Ruo says without lifting her head: “Tomorrow morning, I’ll return to the school.”


Chen Xing Ruo puts down her chopsticks and looks at the hotpot.

Lu Xing Yan stops.

He feels that if he asks another thing, Chen Xing Ruo would pour out the hot soup to her body

She could pour the water to a man, it’s not impossible to pour hot hotpot soup to him.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t plan to continue to talk about that matter.

Actually he doesn’t love to mind other people’s business. If his Ma doesn’t attract him with a double fold of allowance, he really feels so lazy to talk about it.

Chen Xing Ruo just stands up and says: “I’ll go to the restroom first.”


Ten minutes later Chen Xing Ruo returns, Lu Xing Yan also stands up and goes to the restroom.

He passes the cashier and settles the bill.

The restaurant is not handled by modern technology. It still uses handwritten order, for the bill, there’s a cashier to count the order with calculator. It seems the cashier has even worst mathematic skill than him. He needs to count it thrice.

After setting the bill, Lu Xing Yan goes out of the restaurant.

But the waiter scratches his head and feels there’s something wrong.

Inside the private room there’s an extra order so she doesn’t think too much and just gets to work.


They are eating till 11:00 p.m and they couldn’t eat anything more.

There are still a lot of frogs left on the plate, it seems to be ten to eleven frogs so at least they are losing at least 130 Yuan.

The time they came, there’re group of middle-aged men sitting on the table beside them. They are eating and discussing about the demolition project of several milliard Yuan.

“…. This project would definitely go on. This land is wanted by Jin Sheng, so let’s see how much Jin Sheng would spend for that!”

“Boss Wang, last time didn’t you chat and eat together with Director Lu, what did Director Lu say?”

“Director Lu ah, I just ate dinner once with him. In the past for his project of Luo Xing Hu, he and our company discussed about the subcontract. I even went to his house to eat. Director Lu’s house….”

Chen Xing Ruo glances at Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan leans on his chair and his expression shows ‘D*mm*t, no one could be sure that my Pa knows this person or not, but he definitely never comes to our house to eat”.

Lu Xing Yan is too lazy to listen to their conversation, he just moves his neck and says lazily: “Are you done? Let’s go.”

The stove is not off yet. Chen Xing Ruo looks at the frogs on the plate “Didn’t you say that yourself could eat thirty of them?”

The time he boasted, he acts so serious so she almost believes it.

Chen Xing Ruo turns silence for two seconds and asks: “Chen Xing Ruo, do you feel so unhappy when you couldn’t be sarcastic toward me ten times a day?”

“But your notch is really too much.”

Chen Xing ruo is answering seriously.

Lu Xing Yan is speechless but he couldn’t do anything to her. He just picks up his coat and goes out.

At night the area is quite dark. He feels that he couldn’t bear the responsibility if something bad happens to this young woman. Especially a young woman with beautiful face. The chance of something bad happens is too high.


So for safety consideration, Lu Xing Yan doesn’t use his phone to call taxi. They both go to the main road and waits under the dim yellow light.

Lu Xing Yan never goes to Hui Ze. Actually at Hui Ze there’re a lot of delicious restaurants. Chen Xing Ruo tells him a lot of interesting places and foods to try. She just tells him everything that she remembers.

She said that she is afraid that someone with ‘a goldfish brain’ like him would forget it so she would send him through WeChat.

The atmosphere is quite friendly, but Lu Xing Yan always love to suddenly be curious and asks question that could break that harmonious atmosphere.

“You sound like you really like Hui Ze. Then do you transfer here because your Pa is getting married, your soon-to-be stepmother and her child force you to come here?”


“Shut up, I’m the one that want to come over.”

The story is not like his imagination but in a flash Chen Xing Ruo just loses interest to talk.

Very quickly there’s a taxi.

Both of them get on the taxi. Lu Xing Yan feels awkward. Before he had spent money, he wants to get double fold allowance so he wants to persuade her. But suddenly he notices that Chen Xing Ruo is wearing her earphone.

They are silent on the way.

The time they arrive in front of the mansion, Chen Xing Ruo swipes the barcode first to pay.

But there’s a notification: “The balance is not enough.”

“Lu Xing Yan, you pay it first. Perhaps you could transfer 30 for me. Before I paid for the bill so I have no more money.”

Lu Xing Yan pays the taxi.

But he feels there’s something is wrong.

After getting off the car, he suddenly asks; “What bill did you pay?”

“For that hotpot….” Chen Xing Ruo feels there should be something wrong: “Before I went to the bathroom, I paid for the bill. 453. Why?”

Lu Xing Yan’s face turns expressionless: “I also paid it for 450. Maybe she is jealous of you so she does count the small change.”

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