Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 16

Zhao Lang Ming is stupefied because of Lu Xing Yan’s sudden rage.

He Si Yue and Chen Xing Ruo look at Lu XIng Yan, they don’t understand why this boy suddenly has a rage.

Lu Xing Yan seems to realize that his action is a bit unreasonable, but he still shows that he is generous. He turns silent for three seconds and suddenly says to Zhao Lang Ming: “The last time.”

Zhao Ming Lang is still confused, he just waits Lu Xing Yan searches the key inside his backpack impatiently.

After a while, Zhao Ming Lang waits till his legs are numb. Then he turns bold and asks: “Yan Ge, do you also not bring it?’

The atmosphere turns silent.

——D*mm*t the key, why don’t you bring it by your own? even the pig knows how to return back to its own cage, what goldfish brain do you have?

Zhao Lang Ming couldn’t endure, he suddenly laughs. Lu Xing Yan looks at him.


Zhao Lang Ming shuts up.

Luckily the bell rings and saves Lu Xing Yan from further embarrassment.

Lu Xing Yan shows his sour expression like someone owes him 800,000.

He glances at Chen Xing Ruo and their gazes meet each other. He looks that her expression is complicated.


The next period is Wang You Fu’s politics. Everyone has prepared the booklet of examination.

Wang You Fu lets the students greet him first. Then he says the analysis of the Politics’ examination.

“…. For this examination, the whole exam is a bit hard. Our class has average mark is 538.6, we are the second place, at first we were on the third place. But because of Chen Xing Ruo, after her marks are changed. We just three score lower than the first place. We passed the 11.3.”

“Everyone should know who has bad marks, you know guys know clearly about your own score, so I wouldn’t not say too much…..”

“Oh right, for filling the answer form, please pay more attention. Chen Xing Ruo had problem with her 2B pencil. 11.2 homeroom teacher wasn’t allowing anyone to mark without computer. She was afraid that the first place wouldn’t be their class! But luckily the leader of grade 11 teachers agree.”

“But if this is final exam or any national exam, it would not have any change.”

“But please no need to mind worry too much about it. We would provide the pencils that time. Just make sure you don’t fill your ID wrongly and choose the wrong choice.”

He compliments everyone to have a good progress, he uses Chen Xing Ruo as the role model of the class.

Then the five minutes before the class ends, he is back to the subject: “Okay then we would take a look at the questions….”

Lu Xing Yan has fallen asleep for the whole class and just wakes up. He yawns and flips open his paper. He asks lazily: “Where is he now? Is he done?”

Chen Xing Ruo is a bit sleepy, she glances at him. “The first question.”



This Monday, Wang You Fu is analyzing the exam question in the ‘turtle speed’, it makes the whole day passes so slowly.

Chen Xing Ruo is too tired.

At first she didn’t understand how could a teacher who teaches in slow speed like Wang You Fu, could finish the whole grade 11’s politics.

But Wang You Fu usually takes a period of sports and a period of music to talk about Politics so she could understand how could he finish all the materials.

He even seizes the last period on Friday.

She endures forty five minutes of the class, then the bell rings. The ‘brats’ who just wakes up from their sleepiness immediately wakes up and be impatient to start tidy up.

Wang You Fu notices this and slaps the teacher’s stage. “Did I say that the class is finished? You guys are not concentrating. The time the bell rings, you just wake up!”

Those ‘brats’ just stop moving.

Looking at how they are still quite obedient, Wang You Fu doesn’t get angry. “Okay, I’ll just stop here. If you guys still have questions, just find me after the class.”

Don’t worry. No one would be willing to see these Politics’ questions.

Every student is roasting about Wang You Fu and they just tidy up everything.

Wang You Fu drinks his tea calmly: “You guys do that again. Why are you guys so agitated? Why do you want to go home so early! Let me take two minutes of your time, I would tell you the next week plan.”


“First, next week there’re trhee…….”

Since Wang You Fu said “two minutes”, Chen Xing Ruo just has a bad premonition.

Indeed, Wang You is an orderly teacher yet he is not good at keeping his words.

In total he talks about three main points, every main point has three minor point. Then the three three minor points has two more aspects.

—— These two minutes at last turn into half an hour.

Lu Xing Yan just starts to yawn when he hears Wang You Fu’s ‘two minutes’. He leans back on his seat and takes out his scratch pad and starts draw a check.

Chen Xing Ruo feels her head is swelling up, she looks at Lu Xing Yan, who is drawing. She asks: “What are you drawing?”

Lu Xing Yan just passes it to her table: “Do you want to play?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”


He should be so bored that he wants to play with her.

She is mistaken to think that he has a hidden talent of drawing.


“I win.”

“I win.”

“You lose.”

“You lose again.”

Five minutes later, Chen Xing Ruo puts down her pencil with lack of interest.

In five minutes, she could finish four minutes. She is doubting what kind of ‘gold fish’ brain that he has that he could lose a game in a minute and fifteen second. Moreover in those minutes, he uses twenty five seconds for draw the lines.

Lu Xing Yan feels like he is getting an extraordinary shame and humiliation. He looks at the paper for a while and forces Chen Xing Ruo to continue playing.

Chen Xing Ruo just ignores her, he uses his pen to poke at her head. “Hurry up, next one.”

Chen Xing Ruo is unrestrained, she steps on his feet.


“Lu Xing Yan, what are you doing? Why are you poking Chen Xing Ruo’s head?”

Wang You Fu suddenly yells: “I’ve been watching you for some time. You are an adult man, how could you bully a female student!”

Chen Xing Ruo is quick to respond, she sits straight and looks front. Then she just remains calm and collected, she strokes her head.

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