Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 24

Meng Yan Chen’s birthday, at night there’s a family feast.

The closely related kins are coming over, the ninety five years old Meng Ye Ye (Grandpa Meng) also comes over to the house.

Meng Ye Ye is a person who was born into a well-educated and influential family. He abandoned his love for literature for revolution. He is a founding father. He has three sons and one daughter. Meng Huai Jin is grandpa’s Meng youngest son. Meng Yan Chen is also the youngest grandsons.

As for his great-grandson, the oldest great grandson has graduated and worked. He is in the same PLA military region as Meng Huai Jin

Though it’s only small scale family feast, but it’s so crowded and lively.

There’s no friend coming over as Meng family always avoids the opportunity to receive any gift.

Only Xiao Yi Xiao comes over, he gives Meng Yan Chen a present of Xing Zhan’s model. He also brings a lollipop for Xu Qin.

Meng Yan Chen’s oldest nephew ridicules him: “Why do you always come every year?”

Xiao Yi Xiao responds: “Go to the front gate and serve on sentry duty.”

Because there’re so many people, Xu Qin and Meng Yan Chen don’t need to mind each other.

The dinner ends, at the males are gathering to talk about work, the females are gathering to talk about daily life of families.

Xu Qin accompanies the relatives to sit down for a while. Then when it’s done, she goes upstair to her own room. She takes her wood and starts to carve again.

After a while, she goes downstair again to take a look.

The time she passes the study room, she hears several seniors are chatting, they are discussing a serious matter.

Xu Qin heard from Meng Yan Chen that San Bo (Third uncle) has plan to enter the secretariat, but because of his qualifications, no matter whether it is ability or aptitude or connection. it’s enough. Yet Meng Yan Chen recently is transferred to another post. Meng Yan Chen has progressed impressively.

Xu Qin doesn’t mind those things, she just listens a few isolated phrases.

“…… Let Lao Si and Secretary Jiang Ke Cun get in touch with each other. Lao Si doesn’t like to do this way based on his natural disposition, but for maintaining connection, you should help him.”

Fu Wen Ying: “Don’t worry. We always have a good relationship with each other. Qin Qin and his son, Jiang Yu, had blind date together. Yet there’s no progress. It’s hard to know what they are thinking.”

Er Gu Ma (Second Auntie): “Your kids are very well-behaved. You don’t need to worry. They are unlike the son of Zhan family, who just knows to drink. I heard that he made a female student gets pregnant. Now the female student is sent abroad. The son of Zhan family makes fuss with the family everyday.”

“They are not good at educating their children.” Da Yi (Oldest Auntie) says.

Xu Qin goes toward the corridor and goes downstair.

The maids are quick in cleaning up. All the messy plates are gone. Everything has turned so neat and clean.

She walks around the living room and dining. She walks around and finally she just questions what is her reason to come down.

She stands there blankly for ten seconds and goes back.

She passes by the small reception pavilion and sees there’s an old and middle-aged father, who are sitting down in front of the coffee table. —- Meng Huai Jin is peeling an orange for the old man.

He is patient and peeling the orange one by one for the old man. The old man takes and eats it slowly.

Meng Huai Jin is serving him patiently. Every time the old man swallows it, Meng Huai Jin would pass him another one.

Xu Qin opens the door of the small reception pavilion and gets in. She greets them. “Pa, Ye Ye.”

The old man couldn’t recognize her clearly but Meng Huai Jin could recognize her.

Meng Huai Jin asks Xu Qin. “Your Ma dislikes your job because it’s too tiring. I feel that it’s okay as long as you like it.”

“Thank you Pa.”

Meng Huai Jin laughs and asks: “Except working, do you have anything that you don’t like?”

Xu Qin doesn’t say anything, though she doesn’t love to talk. But Meng Huai Jin could know whether she feels relaxed or gloomy.

“Recently does your Mama ask you to go to blind date?”

Xu Qin doesn’t hide that fact: “Couldn’t I find someone that I like?”

Meng Huai Jin looks at her: “Now you have someone that you like?”

Xu Qin doesn’t answer directly: “I don’t want to live a well-arranged life, I also don’t want to have a life that has everything.”

“Even if that means that the days would be happy and worry-free?”

Xu Qin doesn’t answer and asks: “Pa, do you love Mama?”

“Of course.”

“I heard from Ge, that at first you guys weren’t allowed to date freely too.”

Meng Huai Jin remembers the past and feels something is funny. “Not only that we weren’t allowed to date freely, that time Papa also liked another woman.”

“But why —-“

“She isn’t a suitable one.”

“Then do you have any regret?”

Meng Huai Jin’s smile turns gentle: “I don’t have any regret. If you pursue love, you should pay the price. The price is irreversible. The result is indefinite so I retreat. Time is the best medicine. Then I forget about her and falls in love with your Mama.”

Xu QIn ponders for a while and shakes her head: “That because you guys live a happy and relaxed life together.”

“Right.” Meng Huai Jin looks at Xu Qin once more: “Because having a happy and free life so it creates a new love. In the contrary, if two people in love yet they don’t match with each other, they would have a difficult life. They would bicker and argue. Love might changes into hatred in difficult time.”

“Love is only temporary thing, but family love would last.” Meng Huai Jin sighs and smiles: “Of course, this is our thought as old people. We are experienced ones. You guys are young and holds up freedom. I don’t really understand it.”

Xu Qin returns back upstair alone.

It’s obvious there are lots of people in the house, but it’s so quiet.

She opens her own bedroom, her table lamp is on. She comes over the table and looks at the small wood figurine with firefighter suit. It’s unfinished—- the face is vague, the head is not completed yet.

Xu Qin stands in front of the table and looks at its face for a long time, suddenly she just throws it to the most bottom drawer and closes it off.


Xu Qin invites Song Yan to have a meal at the fifth-floor restaurant inside Si Xi Di department store of SOHO.

Xu Qin stands on the escalator and looks around. It’s all designed perfectly.

It’s not far away from Christmas so the department is designed in a lot of red balls. It’s too showy.

A lot of couples are passing by, some of them are wearing couple clothes.

That time Xu Qin notices Song Yan, his hands are inside his pocket. He is standing straight and holding the rail of the escalator. He is looking forward, he is thinking about something.

Though there’re lots of people, but Song Yan stands out among them.

Song Yan approaches her and she points toward not-so-far place: “That one.”

They both walk toward the restaurant, they say nothing on the way. The waiter takes them to their table.

The restaurant is styled in Chinese style.

Xu Qin sits down, yet she doesn’t look at Song yan. She finds the waiter and asks for two glasses of water. It’s different from Song Yan, Song Yan sits down and keeps on watching her. He doesn’t look at other places.

After the waiter leaves, Xu Qin looks at Song Yan. “Today you would return to the camp?”

Song Yan: “Em.’

Xu Qin glances at her phone. Now it’ s 11:00 a.m., he would return to the camp around 06:00 p.m.

She says: “You could rest for half day more.”

Song Yan doesn’t answer, he just smiles. He is looking at he with a strange gaze like he is watching an absurd drama.

“This restaurant’s ——“

Song Yan doesn’t want her to talk around: “Xu Qin, just get to the point.”

The waiter comes over with two glasses of water. Xu Qin seizes the gap in time to take her own glass.

Song Yan says to her: “Finish your words before you drink.”

Xu Qin lowers her head for a while and then raises her head again to look at him. “I treat you a meal because I want to thank you for saving me. Just like that.”

Song Yan waits for few seconds and knows that she is done. She has nothing else to say. He moves his gaze and looks at the scenery downstair. He suddenly just snorts.

Then the time he looks at her again, he is not smiling anymore: “Xu Qin, few days ago you wanted to get back with me. Now you back out and feel it’s not worthy. You don’t want to play around. Is it so hard to say it?”

“I thought after few years, at least your personality would be more nimble.” He laughs and mocks her: “Or is it because you have decided but you want to have a little leeway?”

He exposes her base ruthlessly; yet this moment, she feels more relaxed.

She really feels curious how could he know her so well, she is indeed a selfish and greedy person. She is a shilly-shally person, with insatiable desire.

All along in front of him, she always looks so ugly and nasty. At this step, she wants to have an escape route. It’s too shameful.

Finally Xu Qin nods and forces to make a decision. “Em, this meal is my token of thankfulness, then in the future we also —-“

“We would not owe one another anymore.”

It’s a silence.

Suddenly Song Yan has nothing else to say.

He just looks at her. He is very calm and silent. It’s obvious there’re lots of emotions, but it’s too silent that it makes people feel so desperate. Xu Qin feels it’s hard to breath.

Song Yan just keeps on watching her face, that’s all.

He examines at her face. She has been a doctor for quite some time, she has no habit to put on the make up. He looks at her clean forehead, her fine eyelashes, her black eyes, her small nose, her red lips.

It’s better to not meet.


It’s better to not meet each other.

In front of him, it’s the woman that he really likes. She is an artificial, greedy, weak, and ruthless woman.

Xu Qin, if I just know you now, if I just know you at this age, even if you possess millions and millions of assets, I also wouldn’t like you.

That year looking at the window from inside the glass, it’s his fate.

He didn’t expect that just by looking, it’ll take his heart and life.

Yet he says nothing, he has no extra sentence to say to her.

He just smiles and says: “Okay.”

Xu Qin feels her heart is breaking.

She looks at him. Their eyes are looking at each other. Unexpectedly there’s nothing to say between them.

The waiter comes back and Xu Qin just looks at her. She takes the menu from the waiter and flips it open. Yet suddenly she notices that man is standing up.

That’s right. Based on his temper, how could he continue to sit down there? How could he stay calm and eat together with her?”

Xu Qin lifts her head, Song Yan says: “I’ll go.”

She is startled but after a second, she turns calm. She doesn’t urge him to stay: “Okay.”

Song Yan nods like his way of saying goodbye to him.

Xu Qin sits there for a while, she even doesn’t blink. She is afraid whether this really would be the ending between them.

The department store is so crowded, people are coming and leaving.

The waiter is standing there and waiting politely.

Song Yan is about to leave.

Until ——

Suddenly there’s a scream.

“There’s a fire! Help ah!”

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  1. Omg, there’s really a big situation that put them in this kind of sorrow…. I mean lest not blame each other and Song yang little sister is right though


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