Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 23

Xu Qin drives her car back to Meng family house, Meng Yan Chen’s car stops in front of the entrance.

Xu Qin gets inside the house and notices that the atmosphere in the house is different. Meng Yan Chen is sitting down in the dining room and eating his noodle. Fu Wen Ying is sitting dow beside him. She is looking at him with a loving gaze.

Hearing the sound of the door, Meng Yan Chen glances over. His gaze stops at Xu Qin for a second and then he turns away.

Fu Wen Ying seems to be in a great mood, she smiles: “Qin Qin, you are home?”

Xu Qin greets her.

Fu Wen Ying: “You still haven’t eaten your breakfast right? Come over and eat noodle with your Ge. I just told him that I’m afraid that you would forget. I just asked him to call you. Yan Chen said that I don’t need to do it. It seems that I’m too worried.”

Xu Qin takes off her shoes and suddenly remembers that today is Meng Yan Chen’s birthday.

She forgets about it.

She stands up and could feel that Meng Yan Chen is still looking at her.

Being together for so many years as siblings, she knows his temper very well. He has the same temper as her. Though he is constrained to certain extend yet he wouldn’t show it out.

Xu Qin changes into her slippers and sits down on the opposite of Meng Yan Chen.

Fu Wen Ying asks: “Have you eaten?”

At first Xu Qin wanted to lie, but she couldn’t eat anymore, she says: “I have eaten, I’ll just drink soup.”

Fu Wen Ying asks the Jia Yi (Auntie Jia) to serve her a bowl of soup.

Fu Wen Ying smiles at Xu Qin and then looks at Meng Yan Chen. She says: “In a flash, you guys are growing a lot.”

Xu Qin takes a bowl of soup from Jia Yi.

Fu Wen Ying: “When I gave birth to Meng Yan Chen, I was so tossed from side to side. I laid on the hospital bed for whole seven hours and you still didn’t want to go out. Your Pa said that this kid would be so troublesome. He asked me to be grieved.”

Xu Qin and Meng Yan Chen drink their soup.

“At last it’s all nonsense. In this world, there’s no trouble free child as Yan Chen. He never breaks Mama’s heart. I remember when he was little ——“

Fu Wen Ying seems to have a lot of words to talk today, she talks about Meng Yan Chen’s birth process. She always talks about that for every Meng Yan Chen’s birthday but none of the kids are cutting her off.

Meng Yan Chen needs to go to work so after eating his noddle, he goes upstair to get ready.

Xu Qin returns to her bedroom and takes a wood sculpture of little Meng Yan Chen, then she goes to his bedroom. She knocks on the door.

“Get in.”

Xu Qin gets inside. Meng Yan Chen is tidying up his clothes. He has changed his clothes into black shirt and black trousers. He looks very tall and cold.

Xu Qin passes the wood carving to him.

Meng Yan Chen takes it and glances at her. Then he turns his body and walks to his drawer. He opens it up and throws it inside. Inside the drawers there are big and small of Meng Yan Chen.

He closes it.

He doesn’t look at her and just wears his thin sweater.

Xu Qin stands there for a few seconds and speaks up: “Happy birthday, all wishes come true.”

Meng Yan Chen doesn’t answer.

Xu Qin walks toward the door and then hears Meng Yan Chen says: “Is there anything else you want to say?”

Xu Qin stops.

There’s nothing to ask about Ye Zi’s matter. For her, he wouldn’t do that thing.

Maybe that’s for ——

Let it be.

Today is his birthday.

Xu Qin says: “No.” Then she opens the door.

“Didn’t you come home to ask me something?” Meng Yan Chen asks: “Don’t tell me that you come home because you remember that today is my birthday.”

Xu Qin holds the door and says: “You are too much.”

“What?” He looks at the mirror and tidies up his collar. Then he unexpectedly laughs: “You are heartbroken because your miserable self-proud man?”

He always be a good person with self-control, he rarely be unkind. But every time in connection with Song Yan, he would do something extreme. How could for small matters, he called the captain of that small local police station, he even asked his driver to pick that girl up. It’s clearly to draw a line between Song Yan and her.

He never abuses his power, she knows it clearly. But for this time.

Xu Qin closes the door again.

She looks at him. “Meng Yan Chen, what are you doing?”

Meng Yan Chen also looks at her:”What do you want to do?”

Xu Qin says nothing.

Meng Yan Chen looks at her and then opens up his wardrobe. He chooses one of his coats. “Of course, if you just want to play around, then it’s okay. But if you are getting serious, I advise you to stop it before you are going further.”

He takes off the grey coat from the hanger and hangs the hanger back.

Xu Qin asks: “So now you are using your status as guardian of mine to handle me?”

Meng Yan Chen: “If not?”

For these two, even when they are fighting, they both would act so calm.

Xu Qin watches him wearing his coat and says: “Meng Yan Chen, don’t intervene my business anymore. With whom I would marry, with whom I would go for blind date, with whom I would date, with whom I would play —— it’s all unrelated to you.”

She says it and the room turns silent for few seconds.

Meng Yan Chen doesn’t look at her, he lowers his head and tidies up his sleeve. He always her clothes tidily.

At last, he speaks: “Not him.”

Meng Yan Chen repeats: “Not him.”

Xu Qin finds this is absurd: “Why—-“

“He doesn’t deserve you.” He cuts her off quickly. “I request you to look for someone that deserves you.”

Xu Qin lowers her voice: “Don’t talk too undue.”

“I am undue?” Meng Yan Chen smiles and says lightly: “What has he done for you? As long as he is sincere toward you, that year he should try hard for you for not breaking up for just minor reason; if he is really sincere toward you, he wouldn’t only be firefighter right now, he would strive to provide well for you. He even couldn’t buy you a decent necklace.”

Xu Qin’s face turns tense, she feels like he is opening up her scar.

She is not a naive little girl that lives in a dream, she also doesn’t seek for a platonic love of Plato’s ideology. She is very hypocrite, she is also shrewd, she also could scheme, she could compare and contrast.

But for her to give up everything: Power, status, money, wealth, parent’s affection, for him;

Then why?

What does he have and offer that he asks her to do that way?

This early morning when she stood in front of the local police station, she watched Song Yan walked away, she was thinking about it so she didn’t chase after him.

But that time she couldn’t come up into a conclusion, now she also still doesn’t understand yet she doesn’t want to think about it. She doesn’t want to show her scar to be tore open by Meng Yan Chen.

She smiles lightly and asks: “What have you ever done for me? That time you asked me to not like you anymore, you said that in the future you wouldn’t mind me. It’s you that said you want me to change my family name to be part of Meng family, your Mei Mei. You think that my feeling is a machine? It’s okay, I did what you want that time. Now you still want to intervene and meddle with my business, don’t you think that you are too false?”

Meng Yan Chen listens to her words and opens up his watch cabinet. He takes one of his watch.

“Why did I persuade you? Hah, why did I persuade you? If you didn’t change your family name, Mama would send you out. This lifetime you wouldn’t ——“

Xu Qin is startled, actually she doesn’t know the real reason.

“If I like you, if I like you —-“ He shakes his head and stops talking.

“I have wasted these ten years to accept the fact that one day you would marry to someone else. But Song Yan, he shouldn’t be that someone.”

Meng Yan Chen looks at Xu Qin.

“So what would you do? Em? For him, you would beg Pa Ma, you would make fuss for him? Then what about me? What do you want me to do? You want me to stay on the side and watch? Watch you to beg Pa Ma for a petty person like him? Or do you want me to watch you ruthlessly break us apart? Tell me, this time should I just watch or should I talk you out of it?”

Xu Qin looks at him,she could see a hint of misery and anger on his face. He walks over and wants to hold her shoulder. But suddenly he doesn’t do it, he remembers that it is taboo to touch her.

“Please I beg you, to give me a bit of respect. If you could be together with him, then why ——“

He takes a deep breath. He couldn’t continue his words.

Why I couldn’t be with you?

If for being with him, you are ready to risk everything in your life, why couldn’t you be with me?

Meng Yan Chen turns his body and walks toward the window.

His back is facing her. He opens up the drawer and overturns all the wood carvings inside it.

She couldn’t see what he is doing. He just arranges all the Meng Yan Chen’s wood carvings to stand.

“You wish all my wishes come true?” He strokes the head of the wood carving. “You know clearly what I want, how could you wish that all my wishes come true?”

“Forget it.” Meng Yan Chen leaves the room.

Xu Qin stands there for a while and listens to him walk very fast. She even could hear his car engine. He has left.

She looks at the window. The sun is shinning bright, yellow leaves are everywhere.

She looks at how they are blown by the wind, it seems so relaxing.

She is so exhausted.


Song Yan sends Di Miao back to the university. Di Miao hasn’t had her breakfast so she orders a bowl of noodle at the canteen.

Anyway Song Yan has nothing to do, it’s rare chance for him to be this idle. He accompanies her. He orders a bottle of water for himself. He drinks the water and remembers the moment Xu Qin and him part in front of local police station. He knows her thought clearly.

There’re lots of people in the canteen. Song Yan is handsome and mature. He is stylish too, unlike those male students who dress in ordinary way. He attracts a lot of attention from male students.

Di Miao kicks Song Yan’s leg lightly under the table: “Ge, that beautiful woman is looking at you.”

Song Yan doesn’t mind.

Di Miao continues to kick him: “Take a look, take a look whether she is beautiful or not.”

Song Yan is impatient: “Hurry up finish your noodle, then go to the class.”

“This morning I have no class.” Di Miao asks and returns to the topic. “Ge, actually you have a very good standard. If you don’t want to get married soon, then you could date first. Then —-“

Song Yan: “The food couldn’t make you shut up?”

Di Miao glares at him and continues to eat her noodle. After a while, she suddenly raises her head and asks: “Ge, tell me honestly, do you still like her?”

Song Yan frowns and wants to scold her again, but his phone suddenly vibrates. He takes it out. Unexpectedly it’s a message Xu Qin. It’s only one sentence.

“Tomorrow I’ll treat you a meal.”

Then she shares a location.

Song Yan watches that message and be silent for few seconds. He has a bad premonition, it’s not a good thing.

He just replies: “Okay”.

Then he puts away his phone. Di Miao says: “Ge, tell me honestly. I am asking you seriously. Do you still like her?”

This time Song Yan laughs, he says: “It’s better if we don’t met.”

Di Miao asks: “If you guys meet?”

Song Yan: “When we meet, I just don’t want to not meet again.”

Di Miao’s shoulder just collapses, she look so disappointed. Yet at last she accepts it: “Okay, then in the future I’ll be more polite toward her. I wouldn’t make a scene with my Ma.”

Song Yan is speechless and laughs: “Then let me thank you.”

Di Miao stirs her noodle, she has lost her appetite. She considers and says: “Ge, I feel that she also like you. Then why don’t you guys be together and forget everything else?”

Song Yan doesn’t want to talk about it, he just stalls: “You don’t understand.”

Di Miao is unhappy. She puts down her chopsticks and argues with him: “I understand. Isn’t it because of her family? I think you are too conventional. Now what a person pursue, he/she pursues freedom, happiness, pleasure. If you like each other, then be together, the future is too far away. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t get marry for the time being. You could just date and wait and see. Just be together and see whether you guys could continue to be together. If you couldn’t, then just break up. That’s better that what happened to you guys right now. At least you could enjoy your moment of togetherness. No matter it is about your spirit or flesh. Anyway you wouldn’t suffer losses.”

Song Yan: “Nonsense.”

“It’s true. Who makes rule that dating would end well? Let me tell you Ge, you clearly you could date so many times, but why should you be faithful to her to the end?”

Song Yan stands up: “I’ll go home first, study well.”

“Ay, Ay, you are really leaving?”

Song Yan walks out of the canteen quickly, the time he reaches the bypath, he recalls what Di Miao said to him. He feels that it’s unbelievable, but he couldn’t refute.

He and Xu Qin has walked into a dead end, they couldn’t come out anymore.

He looks around the university complex. Students are in twos and threes, they are sitting around the garden on the bench to study. Few of them are jogging around. They are young and full of energy.

Song Yan unconsciously remembers his days during college. That countless days for day and night he would study hard inside the classroom, he would work out on the sports field.

Xu Qin doesn’t know that he used to return to the same school and repeat a course from which one has already graduated as a result of failing to get good enough result to progress to one’s desired higher-level school. He had entered the best military academy. He also had went through the most difficult experience. He thought that he could have a military success and CV to come and show her.

Yet he didn’t expect that it’s too good to be true. There’s someone behind that could make him drop to the abyss with no hope of reprieve.

Song Yan takes out his cigarette and smokes it.

Female students around notice him and watch him.

Song Yan leaves the university and walks toward the subway station, he passes a street. There’s a car, he remembers the license plate, he has ever seen it.

Yet he ignores it, he just smokes and passes it.

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