Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 22

Song Yan is standing on the corridor and smoking. Xu Qin reminds him: “This is not a small case, you really want to report it to her university?”

Song Yan just smokes and says nothing.

Xu Qin guesses: “You just want to scare her off right, let her says that the supplier is Ye Zi?”

Song Yan looks at Xu Qin; “how do you know?”

Xu Qin: “Em, I feel that something is wrong with her.”

Song Yan says: “I hope that Di Miao could make this clear. She should make a stop for this. This is her responsibility, she shouldn’t avoid it; if it’s not her mistake, of course I wouldn’t let her bare it.”

Xu Qin understands him well. He is an upright person, yet he also someone that is very protective. Xu Qin says: “It’s useless to think about it, Di Miao wouldn’t expose her.”

“Supposedly she still looks to continue do this business.” Song Yan ridicules. “If she has that kind of thinking, it’s nothing if her action is recorded by the university….. You also watched how stubborn she is. She is so smart and doesn’t know she should repent and mend her ways. She is using the police’s sympathy. That girl should be beaten.”

Xu Qin says: “If you are her Pa Ma, it doesn’t matter. She could be expelled. But Jiu Jiu Jiu Ma ——“

Song Yan frowns, he looks troubled.

Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma are good people. For this matter they would scold Di Miao. But after all she is an adult now, they would worry about her.

Xu Qin looks at him: “Let me talk with Di Miao. You continue to exert pressure to the police and let Ye Zi speaks up. I observed before that she seems to want to contact someone, but she keeps on being hesitant. No matter how, there’s a way to stop them to do this thing again.”

Song Yan looks at her and suddenly laughs: “one of us pretends to be kind, while the other pretends to be harsh?”


Both of them return to the police room, Di Miao is on alert, she is examining Song Yan. She looks terrified.

Xu Qin says: “Di Miao, come out”

Though Di Miao doesn’t like Xu Qin but looking at how she helps her before, she listens to her and comes out.

Inside the room, there are only three people now. Ye Zi doesn’t dare to take a look at Song Yan.

Song Yan also doesn’t mind her, he looks at the police: “This student and our Di Miao are together?”

“Yes, they are.”

Song Yan asks: “Is the charge divided clearly?”

Ye Zi bites her lips.

The police hesitates: “Not yet….”

Song Yan: “you haven’t asked her?”

Police: “I’ve asked, but she said nothing.”

Song Yan doesn’t speak any nonsense anymore, he looks at Ye Zi and says: “You are Di Miao’s supllier right?”

Ye Zi holds her phone tightly and says nothing.

Song Yan doesn’t want to waste anymore time with her and looks at the police. He says: “Di Miao is doing something wrong, we would bare the consequences; but this student couldn’t get by under false pretense. If Di Miao is the one that drags her into this, we would take responsibility; but if she is the one that drags her, we definitely would see for justice. Now she is alone, she shouldn’t be alone, call her family or friends. If she keeps on being silent, just call her teacher. I know from which university she is, it’s easy to find which department she is from.”

When Song Yan says all of that, he doesn’t look at Ye Zi. Ye Zi hangs her head low.

Di Miao could hear the conversation inside, she is afraid and feels so embarrassed. Her face is blushing and then paled up. In one side she hates that Song Yan be so strict, on the other side, she knows that he is doing this because he loves her.

Xu Qin takes Di Miao to the end of the corridor.

Xu Qin looks at her: “Before you listened to your Ge’s words right?”

Di Miao looks around and doesn’t look at Xu Qin.

Xu Qin asks: “Do you know what is your mistake?”

Di Miao feels so messed up. Looking at how Xu Qin is talking about her, she feels so annoyed: “Don’t think that because you helped me to talk, I would respect you. Stop pretending, no need to care about my business.”

Then she just leaves. Xu Qin just grabs her arm and pulls her back. Di Miao almost falls down.

Xu Qin says coldly: “Di Miao, you have no skill so don’t be unrestrained.”

Di Miao is so furious and comes forward toward her: “Then do you have skill?”

“Now with my one word, you could come out from here and you might also be not able to go out from here. Do you believe me?” Xu Qin asks.

Di Miao chokes.

Xu Qin knows about her temper, so she simply doesn’t do any sweet talk: “You feel you are great? You feel that you are smart right? But today you make a small mistake, your Ge could help you just by paying the fine. But what about the next time? What if the victim suffers a swollen face and is asking you to be jailed. It’s no use even to let your Pa Ma kneels down and beg?”

Di Miao shivers for a while: “Those are not authentic but it’s standard——“

“You want to argue with me?” Xu Qin asks.

Di Miao bites her lips.

“Honestly, I don’t care about you.” Xu Qin says, “But you make trouble for Song Yan. You are an adult now, you should bare responsibility for what you do by yourself.”

Di Miao is speechless, she says: “Xu Qin, you are really a hypocrite.”

Xu Qin says calmly: “I know, I don’t need you to tell me. But you, you don’t know yourself. Your Ge said that you are smart, I think you are the a foolish and in a complete mess.”

Di Miao wants to get angry again, Xu Qin cuts her off. “Your university is very good and has a lot of talented students. After graduated there, you have a great and limitless prospect, it’s waiting for you to strive it. But you, you should study yet you don’t go study well. You just waste your time for selling these fake goods, you just look for a short-term profit. Aren’t you foolish?”

Di Miao feels like she is being slapped.

“Go over and confess to your Ge.” Xu Qin says: “He also doesn’t want to force you to road of destruction. But you don’t know why this is wrong so he should be ruthless.”

Di Miao’s face turns sour yet she is calmer.

Di Miao looks for Song Yan again and admits her mistake. She also admits to him that she takes those fake goods from Ye Zi. But after all they are classmates, she doesn’t feel okay to expose her. Song Yan doesn’t want to mind Ye Zi’s business so he doesn’t force her.

Di Miao apologizes to the police and promises to not doing that again.

“Okay.” The police says: “Pay the fine.”

“The penalty form is out, 2,000.

Di Miao looks at it and be startled. She doesn’t say anything and just holds the paper.

Song Yan says nothing and just looks at the paper. He takes out his wallet and picks out twenty red money paper. She passes it to the police.

The police comes over and counts.

Everyone is quiet, Xu Qin glances at Di Miao. Her lips are tighten. Suddenly she just raises her head and looks at the ceiling, her heart should be really in pain right now.

For earning that 2,000, her Ge should go inside the fire scene for so many times, he should jump from a high building so many times.

The police seems to not the that money is earned by her Ge’s sweat and blood. He just takes the money and says: “Okay, it’s done. Next time don’t do it anymore. If you make mistake again, it’ll not be this lenient. You would be held in custody.”

Di Miao doesn’t say anything.

Song Yan pats her shoulder and says: “He is talking with you.”

“Okay, I got it.” Di Miao says and doesn’t look at Song Yan.

“Okay, it’s great that you got it now.” The police finishes his words and looks at Ye Zi: “You also need to pay for the penalty. —— If you don’t bring any money, let your friend bring it for you.”

“I’ll make a call.” Ye Zi finally speaks up, she stands up and looks at Xu Qin.

Xu Qin could guess who would she call. After a while, she returns.

The police asks: “Are you done?”

“Yes.” Ye Zi says and returns to her seat to sit down.

Less than a minute, a thirty years old man comes over. The police immediately stands up: “Captain.”

The captain looks at those three women and asks the police: “Xiao Chen, who did call Senior Officer Meng?”

The police, Xiao Chen, is stupefied. He points at Ye Zi.

The captain walks over and bends his body. He extends his hand to shake Ye Zi’s hand: “Hi, I’m the captain of this Qi Ye police station, Liu Zi Guang.”

Ye Zi shakes his hand and smiles. She is polite.

Di Miao watches everything and frowns.

The captain says to Xiao Chen: “This should be a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Chen immediately understands what is happening, the captain has said that way so he as a little police shouldn’t do anything reckless.

“Sorry to waste your time. I’ll send you out.” The captain says to Ye Zi. Ye Zi stands up and the captain lets her go. The time she passes by, she bumps into Xu Qin’s shoulder. Yet Xu Qin does’t care, they both just go out. She looks back at Song Yan, they also leave. The police takes out the 2000 Yuan. Xu Qin’s face changes, she hopes that nothing would happen. The captain says nothing.

The police is considering what should he do.

Song Yan doesn’t take it: “She made mistake, she should pay for the penalty.” He says: “My Mei Mei (Younger sister) isn’t together with her.”

Xu Qin doesn’t say anything, the police also feels awkward: “Oh, she isn’t together. Okay.”

Song Yan says those words. Di Miao hears it very clearly. She looks at 2000, her eyes are red, she hangs her head low.

Song Yan strokes her head and says: “Let’s go. Send you back to the university.”

Spending 2,000 to buy her repentance, it’s quite worthwhile for him. So even it would be 20,000. He also wouldn’t blink to pay it.


At the entrance of the local police, the captain is still with Ye Zi, he is accompanying her to wait fo ra car.

A car stops.

Xu Qin looks at that car and she slows her steps. Yet Song Yan and Di Miao are walking in front of her, she couldn’t walk too far away. Song Yan also recognizes that car’s license plate. She doesn’t expect Meng Yan Chen would send a car to pick her up.

The captain opens the door for Ye Zi, Ye Zi gets on the car. The police bids goodbye with Ye Zi.

That car is still waiting there like the driver is waiting for someone.

The driver opens up the window, Xu Qin knows the driver. “Da Xiao Jie (Miss), do you need me to send you there?”

The captain turns his head back and doesn’t know there’s Da Xiao Jie.

Xu Qin says: “No need, my car is in front.”

Di Miao is doubting Ye Zi’s call. Now she is picked up with an expensive car, she also seems to be related to Meng family. She is confused.

She looks back at Song Yan, Song Yan shows no expression. Xu Qin also seems calm. Both of them don’t look at each other, they seem to have a mutual understanding.

In front of police station, there’s seem to be an invisible distinct border between them.

Di Miao feels so heartbroken, she runs to hold Song Yan’s arm. She allows no explanation: “Ge, let’s go.”

Song Yan looks at Xu Qin and says shortly: “I’ll go first.”

Xu Qin: “Em.”

Di Miao holds Song Yan’s arm and walks quickly. Her tears fall down. She hates herself to make Song Yan be humiliated.

Ge, this world is not fair. Really, you are a hundredfold better than that person, really. You are better by a hundredfold.”

Di Miao bites her lips: “Ge, I wouldn’t be foolish anymore. I promise.”

Song Yan understands that she feels unhappy. Actually he doesn’t really care, it’s just —— If it’s not because someone that he likes……..

He smiles and strokes her head. He says nothing.

Di Miao looks at his side face.

Di Miao’s tears fall even faster. She wipes her tears and decides: “Ge, don’t date early and get marry. Wait till I graduate and find a good job. I would buy Porsche for your wedding car, I also would buy Sao Zi (sister-in-law) branded bags, it’ll be authentic ones. Later on if I get marry, I would move all the good things from my husband’s family to your house.”

Song Yan finds that to both funny and annoying: “Nonsense.”

Di Miao keeps on talking and looks back at Xu Qin. Xu Qin is standing there, the captain is standing there. and that car is still there too.

Di Miao feels afraid, she looks at Song Yan and worried that he would look back. She holds his arm and walks faster.

Song Yan knows her thought clearly.

So he didn’t look back.

Xu Qin keeps on watching them. She knows that he wouldn’t look back, yet she keeps on watching them. When they reach the corner and disappears, there only yellow gingko leaves around.

He doesn’t look back at her.

The spring is really wonderful, it’s clear that she should feel warm too but she feels so dull and desolate.


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