Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 18

The next day, Xu Qin sleeps again for the whole morning. She is getting ready t return to Zong Lu Hua Yuan after the lunch. Unexpectedly there’s a guest for the lunch, Jiang Yu. He said that he comes to find Meng Yan Chen, then he goes out with Xiao Yi Xiao.

Fu Wen Ying calls Xu Qin to go downstair and greets the guest.

Jiang Yu examines Xu Qin and notices that she is skinnier, he asks: “Are you feeling better?”

Xu Qin says: “I’m okay, thank you for your flowers.”

Jiang Yu laughs: “You are acting this modest to everyone?”

Xu Qin says: “It’s good thing to be polite.”

Jiang Yu declines to comment, he asks again: “What did you do before you go downstair?”

Xu Qin says: “I carved a small thing.”

“You also could carve?” Jiang Yi finds this is to be strange: “What are you carving? stone or ——?

“Wood.” Xu Qin says.

“Could I take a look at your pieces?”

“Let’s go.”

Xu Qin’s bedroom s very big, it’s also has its own living room inside the bedroom.

She arranges all of her wood carving on the desk, there are little animals, flowers and something else. They are all looking realistic.

Jiang Yu is so excited in looking at it. Xu Qin sits down and takes the unfinished carving and knife. She said: “I wouldn’t entertain you anymore.”

Jiang Yu: “Okay, I’ll do as I please.”

On the way, Xu Qin suddenly asks: “Do you like me?” She says without lifting her head up.

Jiang Yu is surprised by this, he is startled for a while, he considers and says: “I just have a favorable impression toward you but I couldn’t say that I like you.”

Xu Qin lifts her eyes and asks: “Could you accept the fact of marrying me?”

Jiang Yu scratches his head, yet he doesn’t feel awkward: “Honestly, I just need to find someone who is an appropriate match, then I would marry. I don’t care for who is she.”

“I’m jealous of you—— I couldn’t do it.” Xu Qin smiles and starts to carve again: “I have someone that I like.”

Jiang Yu leans on the chair and picks up a wooden cat. He asks: “Your Pa Ma are opposing you?”


“Then what would you do?” Jiang Yu is curious. He seems to forget that they are partners in a blind date.

She stops.

Last night at this bedroom, Xiao Yi Xiao listened to her words till she was done. He looked at the ceiling of the bedroom and at last, he sighed: “Then just try it.”

“If you don’t try, you would be unwilling to resign yourself. If you have tried it, though you might be hurt. The time you come back and follow your Ma’s arrangement, that time you’ll be more accepting. Right?”

How could it be as easy as he said, Song Yan is unwilling.

At this room too, few years ago at that Saturday, Meng Yan Chen was so angry and blocked her at her bedroom. He didn’t allow her to find Song yan.

She didn’t be noisy or make fuss, she didn’t argue. She just repeated: “I want to go and find Song Yan to play. I promise Song Yan today I’ll come to him.”

She knew that Song Yan is so angry, he was so furious. But if she looked for him, he would forgive her. But if she didn’t, there would be trouble.

Meng Yan Chen stopped her and just locked her inside the room. She opened her window and climbed from the tree from the second floor.

But now, it wouldn’t be easy.

Xu Qin would not do it as Xiao Yi Xiao said to just run over immediately toward Song Yan, Song Yan wouldn’t agree. Their relationship would just enter a worsening step.

She also hasn’t thought it clearly, what would she do in the future, what should she prepare.

“In the past I thought too much and did too little; Now I don’t want to think too much, and just do slowly I——“ Xu Qin raises her head and looks at Jiang Yu, and she says: “I want to do something that makes me happy, but also let nature take its course, I want to see what is my future in front of me.”


Xu Qin returns to her own apartment, she sits on the balcony and smokes. From her view, she could see the crowded Wu Fang street. It’s so different from her apartment complex.

She finishes a cigarette and contacts the butler of the house. She asks about the water, electricity, etc. bill. She takes her notebook and notes it. She also counts every of her expenses.

She has no habit of keeping accounts. A lot of things, she just does it by predicting it. It takes an hour to count everything. Finally she has a rough data, it’s not really expensive.

Xu Qin sighs.

She hasn’t turned on the warmer in the room so it’s cold. Xu Qin feels so sleepy.

The weather forecast shows that tomorrow would be a fine day. She plans to have a good sleep tonight and tomorrow she would go to the park to walk around.

Xu Qin returns to her bedroom and closes the door. She covers the window with the heavy curtain, she makes the bedroom just like a black box.

She gets on the bed and covers herself with the blanket till her head. She doesn’t think about anything and just closes her eyes.

This sleep is much more comfortable than what she had in Meng family house.

Suddenly there’s a siren. Xu Qin thinks that she is dreaming. How could she have a dream about the firefighter siren? But suddenly she smells a smoke. This dream is too realistic.

Xu Qin opens her eyes. Her bedroom is dark, she could hear the siren.

It’s real.

She immediately turns on the table lamp and goes to open the curtain. She could see a heavy smoke outside.

It’s a fire from her building.

She wears her coat quickly and takes her keys and phone. She goes to the shoe shelf. Then she hears another ear-piercing siren. Today is working day, most of the apartments are empty.

Before she opens the door, there’s a knocking sound from her door. Someone is yelling: “Is there anyone inside?”

It’s Song Yan’s voice.

Xu Qin is unprepared, her heart stops.

“2701, is there any person inside.”

“Hi, we are…..” Song Yan recognizes Xu Qin so he stops for a while and comes over: “We are from Shi Li firefighters station. There’s a fire from 2601. Because this is combined floor building. The fire downstair is too great. The door couldn’t be open. According to the owner of the apartment, there’s a little kid inside the apartment. We want to go down from your balcony. Could I do it?”

Xu Qin opens up the door completely and moves away: “Get in.”

“Thank you.” Song Yan looks at her briefly. In this dangerous situation, he doesn’t place any unnecessary thought on her. He just looks back at the group of firefighters behind her and they all get inside the room. Several of them go the balcony to tie the rope and the other go to arrange water pipes. Xiao Ge opens up the fire hydrant too.

Song Yan: “Call the tap water company, and tell them to pressurize the tubing here.”

Xiao Ge: “Yes.”

Song Yan is carrying a fire extinguisher on his back: “Tong Ming, Fan Yang, you guys should come with me downstair. The others, please wait for my command.”


Sng Yan brings two firefighters pass the living room. Xu QIn is standing in the middle of the living room and quickly retreats to give them space. He just walks by her.

Xu Qin turns her back and watches Song Yan’s action. Song Yan ties his body with the rope and once again do a safety measure. He steps on the balcony railing and turns his body over to outside the building.

This is twenty seven floor.

Xu Qin is shivering because of the cold wind. She runs toward the balcony to see what is outside and downstair.

Song Yan uses his both hands to hold the safety rope, he goes lower to the 26th floor. The room downstair has a sealed balcony and the windows are closed.

Song Yan is holding the rope tightly. He takes out his hammer and suddenly hammers the window.

Xu Qin watches the rope, she is afraid that it would break off. If he falls down from this height, he would be death.

Song Yan kicks the glass and enters the room.

A thick smoke comes out from the room.

Xu Qin is terrified.

Song Yan gets into the fire scene and looks for the bedroom. He uses the fire extinguisher, flips open the wardrobe and looks at the bottom of the bed. There’s no kid around. There’s even no one inside the bathroom. There’s no one.

On the balcony of Xu Qin’s family, Jiang Chi is passing the water pipe down to Tong Ming, who is in the 26th floor. He starts to spray the water around.

The fire is raging, Song Yan takes the fire extinguisher and leads the way inside. He has looked around yet he still couldn’t find the kid.

Fan Yang comes out from the kitchen and yells: “The fire is from the stove in the kitchen. Supposedly the kid had nothing to do at home so he played with the fire.”

Song Yan comes out of the bathroom and checks around. There’s no kid inside. He is about to go out of the bathroom, then suddenly the door plank is burnt through. It falls down and slaps his head. Song Yan keeps on walking and walks toward the living room

Fan Yang: “The fire is too big, let’s go up and just sprays the water from the 27 th floor.”

Song Yan flips the sofa; “Let’s look for the kid first.”

Song Yan turns back to the fire scene and checks through, he doesn’t know who is the kid. He has looked everywhere.

Then she looks at the balcony again.

He suddenly be startled and goes toward the balcony.

There’re two to three ‘money’ trees, Song Yan pushes aside the leaves and notices a little boy, who is curling at the back of the porcelain. He is fainted.

Song Yan holds the kid quickly and binds the kid with the rope. Then Song Yan shouts hoarsely: “Pull!”

The firefighters on Xu Qin’s balcony start to pull the rope up. Song Yan appears with the kid.

Xu Qin watches him. He is a good man.

Song Yan lifts up his head and looks at her. His gaze passes through the group of firefighters. Her face is pale and she looks terrified. Her half of body is out of the railing, she looks nervous and looks heartbroken.

They both look at each other.

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