Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 16

The news of the injured man with HIV virus, spreads quickly. Several firefighters are coming to the infection department of the hospital to register and have a check up. The incubation would take around six weeks, so they need to do checkup result in six weeks.

There are several suspected people. A lot of suspected people also have injury on their hand, especially Jiang Yi, he has a big injury on the back of his hand. That time he didn’t care about his injury and just helped to carry the man out.

Who knows now he has a chance to get AIDS.

This makes the mood among the firefighters to be gloomy.

A group of young firefighters are sitting side by side on the hospital corridor, they are looking at the ceiling.

Song Yan comes over and strokes each of their heads. “Keep your spirit up.”

Jiang Yi sits down on the end of the row, Song Yan walks toward him. He leans on the wall and pats his shoulder: “It’s not decided yet, maybe you are not infected.”

Li Meng also starts to comfort them: “Don’t be too worry. Everything would be alright.

Somehow that kind of comfort is a bit useless.

Yang Chi grumbles with anger: “I’m okay, but Jiang Yi — what if he is infected. This disease couldn’t be treated.”

“D*mm*t, how could we experience this kind of trouble?” Xiao Ge also swears.

Jiang Yi just comforts everyone: “It’s not that serious. Moreover, the chance is low.”

He laughs dryly. Everyone knows that he is still anxious.

Everyone starts to talk at once. Song Yan leans on the wall and turns silent for a while. Then she speaks up: “If you are really infected then just go abroad to treat it. You could treat it with most modern treatment. Then you could live for more ten years. You would get better.”

Yang Chi: “But it requires a lot of money, how could he get better?”

Song Yan glances at him and looks at everyone else: “If one of you are infected, I would take you to the offender and discuss with him. If it’s not good enough, I would report it to the government administration asking for the compensation for injury suffered during working time. I would take care of it.”

It’s a compete silence. Everyone is watching Song Yan.

Jiang Yi: “You could do that?”

“You could say this job is wasting life, everyone has neither complaint nor regret. Even if we need to sacrifice, I believe that you guys wouldn’t even frown. But whoever life shouldn’t be belittle, understand?”

Song Yan: “What are you guys looking at?”

Jiang Yi raises up both of his thumbs, he looks at Song Yan with real admiration gazes: “Ge (Bro), your Qigong is 280 cm.”

Xiao Ge raises her hand: “380 cm.”

Song Yan is confused: “What do you mean?”

Jiang Yi laughs: “It’s internet colloquial, you don’t like to browse. Of course you don’t understand it.”

Song Yan: “It seems that I need to confiscate all the phones.”

Everyone starts to howl: “Don’t!”

Song Yan: “Okay, let’s go back to the camp.”


Everyone starts to walk toward the exit.

Li Meng stays on the back side and says to Song Yan: “I need to report this matter to our superior. The suspected firefighters couldn’t go on duty.”

Song Yan: “I know.”

The other firefighters get on the car first.

Li Meng and Song Yan exit the hospital. Li Meng looks for her car key. “Let me send you back.”

Song Yan says: “No need, I could go by myself.” He said it then takes the plastic bag from her.

Li Meng looks at his expression and suddenly: “Is it her?’

Song Yan is confused: “Em?”

“Your ex-girlfriend.” Li Meng asks: “That Doctor Xu, it’s her right?”

Song Yan narrows his eyes at her and doesn’t answer her question directly, he seems to determine where she got that information.

Li Meng smiles forcefully: “Before at the observation room, when I helped you put on your clothes, you didn’t respond. You also didn’t stop me. I just knew that you were thinking of someone else. — You could be sure that footsteps was her?”

A woman’s sensitivity is very terrifying.

Song Yan looks at her and finally understands: “No wonder without any authorization, you took initiative to pull the cigarette from my mouth. Huh.” He smiles without any intention to smile, “For making her angry?”

He feels that this is getting absurd, he laughs: “Li Meng, don’t you think you are childish?”

LI Meng looks at how protective he is toward Xu Qin, she is sad and a bit furious: “You still like her? I am really —— I mean, she makes little of you, why should you bother? Are you looking to be mistreated?”

Song Yan’s face changes: “Di Miao told you?”

“Is it important to know who told me?” Li Meng looks at him, she looks miserable. “You are a good man, why should you be devalued by her and be despised? Look at how angry you are with me. Right, I’m a bad person, I purposely helped you with your clothes and took away the cigarette. I just wanted to provoke her. I want her to know that a lot of women like you ——“

“Li Meng,” Song Yan cuts her off: “If you keep on talking about it, this would have no affect.”

Li Meng straightens her lips, her face is blushing red and her eyes open so big at Song Yan. She also tries to figure him out. She is afraid that he would be angry, but she feels unhappy about it. She says: “I am really angry for and to you, couldn’t you be more mature? Why should you act like you are sending yourself to be mistreated. Song Yan, couldn’t you be more stubborn?”

Song Yan feels confused how should he act, he feels that her words are getting unreasonable. “Li Meng—-“

“Would you get back with her?” Li Wen asks, “Being together with somehow that look down at you, wouldn’t it make you unhappy?”

Song Yan: “Just end it right here.”

Li Meng is sensible, she just shuts up.

“You care for me, I thank you for it. But ——“ Song Yan gradually withdraws his smile: “For what happened between me and my ex-girlfriend, no matter it was good or bad, but it’s not up to other person to intervene, understand?”

Li Meng is a good woman, she is a sensitive one. Though his tone is not too serious but his words clearly are still protecting Xu Qin. It makes Li Meng blushes and her eyes are red.

“I’m sorry. Okay. I know I am wrong. But I couldn’t help it.”

Song Yan looks at her and sighs. He takes out a cigarette and smokes it. He looks back at Li Meng, Li Meng is still standing there with her head hanging low.

Song Yan asks: “Have I ever tell you that we are impossible?”

Li Meng nods.

“You asked me why should I bother, then why should you bother too?” Song Yan looks at her: “Why should you lecture me about it.”

Li Meng raises her head: “You don’t like me, you like someone else, I also have no way. But couldn’t you find the one that treats you better so I could accept my defeat?”

Song Yan breaths out: “D*mm*t, you even want me to help you accept your defeat.”

“Let’s go.” Song Yan says to her, then he just takes taxi to leave.

Inside the taxi, he calls Di Miao.

“Ge (Bro), what is it? Why do you have time to call me?”

Song Yan’s mood is bad, he also doesn’t want to talk b*llsh*t with her: “Next time, don’t tell about my past with other people or else I break your leg.”

“What is it?” Di Miao couldn’t remember it: “Why do you want to break my leg?”

Song Yan asks: “What did you tell Li Meng? Is that something that you should tell her?”

Di Miao defends herself: “Meng Meng Jie (Sis Meng Meng) is not a stranger, I want her to be my Sao Zi (sister-in-law).”

Song Yan: “Stop b*llsh*tt*ng.”

Di Miao shouts: “You scold me again. Then you could tell it to my Ma, my Ma really likes her. She said that Meng Meng Jie is her dream Wai Sheng Xi Fu (Sister’s son’s wife). You are just pretending to be deaf.”

Song Yan’s voice just changes: “Di Miao, you really want to fight me right?”

Di Miao notices something is wrong with his voice, she immediately turns to know the manner: “Ahyoo d*mm*t, it’s nothing to do with me.”

“Jiu Ma (Wife of maternal uncle) loves to toss about something, why should you follow her? You don’t want your iPad anymore right?”

Di Miao immediately ‘changes sides in a war’: “Ge, I would support anyone that you like? who else is closer to you than me.”

Song Yan’s mood is bad: “Bye.”

“Ay Ay Ay, don’t. It’s a rare chance for you to call me.” Di Miao says: “What happened today, why you could me at this time?”

Song Yan doesn’t mention about his injury: “I am out on duty, helping someone to take the ring out from a sewage.”

Di Miao takes a deep breath and smiles: “Then it’s great. I hope that everyday you guys just help people to take ring or key and there’s no fire.”

Song Yan is startled and he just smiles: “Bye.”

“Ge, be safe and sound everyday oh.” Di Miao shouts.

Song Yan puts down his phone and leans back on his seat. He looks at the scenery outside the window and suddenly remembers what happened that year.

That year he was still young, he used to want to fulfill all of her wishes.


Xu Qin returns to the office room. From Xiao Xi’s mouth, she hears that Xiao Dong is getting ready to submit her resignation. No matter what is her result, she doesn’t want to be a nurse anymore.

Hearing this Xiao Nan and Xiao Bei sigh, they don’t criticize her decision.

Xiao Xi says: “I really hope that she would be okay, she would not be infected. She could find another new job safely and soundly.

Xu Qin says: “She should be okay.”


Xu Qin: “I just checked the data. Last year in our city, there were only 10 people who are infected with HIV from work, 3 cases for doctors and nurses. The chance would only be 30%. So we shouldn’t be to be in despair. If she really is infected, then she shouldn’t resign because it’s injury suffered on the job, the hospital should mind it.”

Three of them are quiet and looking and Xu Qin.

Xu Qin is confused:”Why?”

Xiao Nan: “We have been working for some time, we never see you speak a lot. It’s really strange.”


Xu Qin says: “I’ll get off the work first.”

“Wait for a minute.” Xiao Xi jumps, then she holds Xu Qin’s hand. “Xu Yi Sheng (Doctor Xu), do you know that firefighter?”

Xu Qin: “Why?”

Xiao Xi smiles with starry-eyed infatuation: “I feel that he is so handsome ay. If you really know him, then you should introduce us. It would be winter soon, I should find a boyfriend.” Xiao Xi’s eyes are glistening. “Firefighter and nurse are very matching.”

Xu Qin says: “I don’t know him.”

Xiao Xi’s face turns sad: “It’s too pity.”

The time Xu Qin is out, she hears Xiao Bei tells Xiao Xi: “Xiao Nan and one of the firefighters in the group know each other, you could ask her.”

Xu Qin goes to the parking area. It’s so cold that she starts to shiver. She just realizes what Xiao Xi said, it would be winter soon.

The winter season in the North area is coming earlier than other place. That time she met Song Yan again, it’s still summer.

Few days after, it’s her holiday. She returns to Meng family house.

Meng Huai Jin and Meng Yan Chen are business dinner. So for the dinner, there are only Xu Qin and Fu Wen Ying.

Fu Wen Ying of course asks her about her relationship with Jiang Yu. Xu Qin stalls that her work is so busy.

Fu Wen Ying sighs lightly: “You are so busy. Don’t you want to change your work? Let your Papa arrange you work at the University or research institute, it would be more relaxed.”

Xu Qin: “My current job is okay.”

“I even notice that your face is much skinner than before.” Fu Wen Ying places a slice of mutton on her bowl. Then she also prepares a bowl of corn spareribs soup: “Drink it all.”

Xu Qin: “Em.”

“Get marry early.” Fu Wen Ying says: “I don’t know what you guys are thinking. Yan Chen also acts the same way. I have looked for so many women for him to go on blind date, but he likes no one.”

Xu Qin drinks her soup and raises her head: “Ma, I have someone that I like.”

Fu Wen Ying pauses and looks at her: “Is it Jiang Su?”


Fu Wen Ying feels it’s a pity, but she lets go and asks: “Which family he is from?”

Xu Qin: “He is from an ordinary family.”

“Then you couldn’t.” Fu Wen Ying says: “Qin Qin, don’t force Mama to be an evil person okay?”


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