Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 14

Xu Qin couldn’t control her body, she could see that her hand almost touches the pointy of the needle, suddenly there’s a hand clutching her and pulling her back.

Her heart is beating so erratically.

Yet the nurse beside her, Xiao Dong, has no person to help her. Xiao Dong’s hand touches the needle. She screams and takes her hand back quickly. Her fresh blood seeps out of her finger.

The family members look at this and feel so surprised.

The doctor and nurses push the bed, Xu Qin asks the nurse. She says: “Later on give me his blood result.”

Then she looks at Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong is still watching her finger and stands there stupidly. Xu Qin pulls her to her side; “Hurry up and wash it. Go to the infection department and then to the observation room to wait.”

The family members keep on apologizing to Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong just tries to straighten her face and wants to say that she is okay. But actually she feels very afraid, wronged and angry. She doesn’t say anything and just leaves with her red eyes.

After this sudden accident.

Xu Qin turns her head and looks at Song Yan’s eyes. Before he was the one that pulls her.

Song Yan looks at her with his indifferent gaze and leaves.

Xu Qin chases after him and clutches his sleeve.

Song Yan stops and sighs. He turns his head to look at her, he acts rudely. His words are ridiculing: “Do you want repay my kindness again?”

Xu Qin shakes her head and points at his back: “Let me treat your wound, other doctors are busy.”

Song Yan: “You mean that I have no choice?”

Xu Qin: “Last time you helped me, I also didn’t choose.”


During the surgery, Xu Qin sits down on the chair and just wears her mask. She says: “Take off your clothes.”

She looks back. Song Yan is standing in front of her and watching her. He takes off his protective suit quickly. He has a green army thin t-shirt inside it. It’s wet and sticky on his body. He takes it off.

Xiao Bei and Xiao Xi are startled to look at him. Their faces turn red. Xu Qin has worn her mask so no one could see her expression. She just blinks.

This man’s body is wet, he is tall. He is so muscly and sexy.

Xu Qin couldn’t help to look for a while and looks away.

Song Yan smiles lightly and turns his body to lay on his stomach on his body and cooperates to let her to treat him.

Xiao Bei and Xiao Xi are blushing heavily, Xu Qin is silent and looks at them for a while till they regain themselves.

Xiao Bei comes over to help Xu Qin to treat Song Yan’s injury. Xiao Xi stands on the side and writes the notes.

Xu Qin uses a ruler to measure the wound. “The right side of the back: 3 cm deep, 13 cm long, the most wide one 2.5 cm.”

Xiao Xi writes it down.

“The cut wound, inside the wound there’s painted fragment, iron shavings, water grass……”

Xiao Xi is in pain when she hears about it, she couldn’t help but to raise her head: “How did it happen?”

Xu Qin doesn’t answer, she just recalls the moment Song Yan pushed her. The broken car frame slashed his back.

Song Yan is laying on his stomach on his back, his head is buried inside his arms. She couldn’t look at his face. She could only see the wounds.

She regains herself and takes the tweezer to treat and clean his wound. The time she just wants to pick the painted fragment, Song Yan’s body suddenly shrinks a bit.

Xu Qin could feel it though she wears her glove.

But very quickly, he turns calmer

Xu Qin stops for a second and asks: “Are you sure you don’t want any pain killer?’

Song Yan says: “Em.”

Xiao Bei and Xiao Xi open their eyes big and look at each other. No right? The time it’s done cleaning, and disinfected, the wound needs to be stitched. It would be so painful.

Xu Qin doesn’t persuade him, she just continues.

This surgery just like the normal surgery she does.

Every time the tool gets inside the wound, his back muscles would strain and taut. She feels from her fingers. It goes through her heart.

She keeps on reminding herself: The one that in front of her is a living person that could feel the pain.

She couldn’t help but to doubt that he does this purposely to build a kind of effect.

At the last part of stitching, Xiao Xi and Xiao Bei have finished their duty to help. Xiao Xi’s phone keeps on vibrating, she takes look at it and her face just changes. She looks at Xiao Nan to signal something then they just leave.

Xu Qin doesn’t mind them, they know the rules very well. They wouldn’t just run away if there’s no emergency case.

Inside the surgery room, there are only Xu Qin and Song Yan left. The room is silent and only has the voice of stitching.

Without her knowing, she also start to sweat.

She suddenly says: “Are you awake?”

Song Yan: “Em.”

It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to chat with her.

They both are speechless.

She looks at him, his hair is sweaty and wet. He is enduring the feeling of pain.

Xu Qin says: “Today thank you for your help at the river before.”

Song Yan says: “It’s my work duty.”

Xu Qin asks: “Before pulling me from the bed is also your work duty?”

Song Yan moves and doesn’t answer.

In a small space, it’s really a very depressing silence.

Xu Qin cuts the thread and says: “It’s done. Answer me.”

Song Yan is so sweaty, he sits up and says with a controlled rage. “Xu Qin, what do you want?’

Xu Qin: “What?”

Song Yan looks at her: “How could you act strangely, you ran to my house and requested to reconcile with me, what do you want? Em? get back together?” He ridicules her, he despises her: “Have you think carefully about it, how could you just come and say to get back together?”

Xu Qin looks at him. He is full of rage. He strokes her face and pulls down her mask. “How do you want to get together, em? Just accompany you to play around? When you are done, you just kick me out? What do you want? Do you think it’s interesting to fool around? I’m asking you, do you feel it’s interesting?”

Xu Qin is provoked by him, ‘Heh” she laughs coldly and gives tit for tat at him. “Do you think it’s interested? You have forgotten me a long time ago, why should you care about me? The car would break down soon, why should you push me away….”

“That is my job!” Song Yan cuts her off.

Xu Qin answers back sarcastically: “What about the time you pulled me in front of the bed sick?!”

Her sentence chokes Song Yan.

Song Yan straightens his lips and blinks toward Xu Qin. His face shows his boiling rage.

Xu Qin: “Why don’t you answer me? Tell me ah.”

He just bites his lips and doesn’t answer her.

His silence makes her laughs coldly. She starts to ‘press on at every stage’, and doesn’t want to defer politely: “You don’t dare to say anything more? You pulled me because of your work duty?”

“No.” Song Yan looks and answer her.

“What is it then?” She doesn’t willing to let it go.

“After all I used to like you.” Song Yan says.

Xu Qin feels like she is stabbed with a knife.

The answer is exceeding her expectation, she feels that her hope is growing for a while, and very quickly it starts to snow.

“used to”, it’s already passed. It’s so ruthless.

Xu Qin is losing her mind and just regaining herself. She wants to laugh yet it doesn’t make any sound. She has nothing to say.

Song Yan finishes his words then takes his phone. He goes outside the room. He looks tired. All along he doesn’t look back at her even for a while.

Xu Qin sits there for quite some time, then she just takes off her gloves and throws it to the rubbish bin. Her mask is still hanging on her ears. She also throws it away.


Xu Qin finishes washing her hands, she wipes her hands while coming out of the restroom. On the corridor, she encounters the man, who is the victim of the accident that wore a safety helmet and was on the motorbike. He is stroking his back of head.

Xu Qin: “You were in accident, you were—“

That man looks at Xu Qin and recognizes her. He laughs at her: “You were the doctor that saved me right?”

Xu Qin frowns: “Where are you going? You should stay and get rest.”

The man just strokes his head: “I did CT before, overall check up, I’m okay. I should go back and work again.”

He was tossed quite far yet he is quite well.

Xu Qin: “Your safety helmet is broken, remember to buy a new one.”


“Have you talked about the compensation?” Xu Qin asks.

“Compensation?” The man thinks about it. Then he says happily: “They paid for the hospital fee, they also paid for my motorbike’s reparation. It’s enough. I’m okay, I’m not in pain so no need anything else.”

He says it and just leaves happily.

Xu Qin looks at him leave.

Xu Qin then goes to the observation room, Xiao Bei notices her.

Xiao Bei shows her tragic expression. “Doctor Xu!”

Xu Qin: “Where did you with Xiao Xi before?”

Xiao Bei looks around and pulls Xu Qin closer: “The patient before, the offender before, his blood result is out. He has positive HIV, AIDS.”

Xu Qin is startled.

Xiao Bei is so furious, she bites her lips: “His parents know about it, yet they just hide it. Because he loses a lot of blood, without waiting for the blood result, Doctor Li and her group of nurses are inside the surgery room.”

Xu Qin: “They are still in surgery process?”

“Right, no one dares to inform them. We are afraid to make them scared. We change each one of them one by one. We ask the substitutes to wear more gears and do more protective steps.”

It sounds like danger lurks on every side.

Xu Qin is silent for a while, then she asks: “Where is Xiao Dong?”

Xiao Bei’s face changes to nervous expression: “She is crying crazily. —— We need to wait for antibody health checkup till Saturday. These days supposedly would be hard on her.”

Xu Qin is speechless.

If it’s not because of Song Yan’s help, the one that touches that needle will be her. This moment she would be the one that have high chance to be infected.

Song Yan ——

Xu Qin’s heart turns worried. She suddenly recalls the moment before. —- he was inside the water and holding the car frame, he holds the offender’s bleeding head. His back has wound.

A lot of firefighters also help, some of them might have injuries. …..

Xu Qin immediately be shocked, she feels her whole body turns cold.

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