Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 13

The traffic polices and the polices have blocked the scene, yet there’re masses of the people around watching the scene. There’re all sorts of comments.

A police tells Xu Qin: “That one is the most serious injured one, she didn’t fasten her seatbelt. She is tossed out of the offender’s supercar.”

Xu Qin runs quickly toward that seriously injured victim.

That victim is a young woman. In this chilly spring, she is wearing a thin skirt. Her body is twisted in a strange form. Her whole body is full of blood. There’s a pool of blood there.

Bleeding that way shows that she might not have a chance to live.

Xu Qin still checks on her pulse and pupil, she also touches her bone — cervical vertebra, spine, thigh. Everything is broken.

Xu Qin stands up and says to toward the police: “She is dead.”

That police just sighs: “She is so young —“

Then suddenly there’s a screaming voice: “Song Dui (Leader Song)!”

They look over and notice the Ferrari has lost its shape and the offender is stuck inside the driver’s seat.

The firefighters has no time to arrange their tools, yet the car starts to drown slowly.

Song Yan doesn’t care about anything, he just jumps and passes the fence on the river. Then he just jumps into the river and gets into the out-of-shape car.

The scrap iron gives out a intense click sound.

Everyone is watching and trembling with terror.

A police starts to click his tongue and say: “I’ll go and help!”

Xu Qin pursues her lips and looks back. She turns her body to leave. She goes to check up on the another victim, who was on the motorbike. He is wearing his safety helmet, his eyes are closed and he is laying on the ground. He seems to lose his conscious, but his arms and legs are twitching from time to time like he is entering a nightmare.

Xu Qin examines him and feels that beside scrapes, he has no other obvious injury.

That man suddenly groans, he seems to regain his consciousness, yet he couldn’t open his eyes fully.

Xu Qin asks: “Which parts of your body feel uncomfortable?”

The man just narrows his eyes and grumbles: “Doctor, I was tossed to the ground and my head bumped the asphalt —-“ Then he just faints again.

Xu Qin takes off his helmet and notices that the helmet has cracks. She examines that his head has no injury. For the time being, she could not see whether he has another situation.

Xiao Nan packs up her sphygmomanometer: “His blood pressure is high.”

Xu Qin: “You and Doctor Lu take him to the hospital now.”


They place the victim on the stretcher. Xu Qin then looks at the river.

Song Yan is still helping that offender out of the damage car. She couldn’t see his face. She just could see his orange suit and silhouette —. He is holding that person’s head on his shoulder to let him not drown.

A firefighter also comes over and helps him to share responsibility; the political commissar and the rest team members are investigating the scene and formulating how to rescue the another victim.

The sedan car, where the victim is stuck, has lost its shape. The victim is wailing. His legs are stuck and he couldn’t move it.

Three firefighters are sawing the car’s door. Xu Qin comes over to check up on him, the driver has a fracture arm. Beside that, there’s no other obvious injury. His chest and ribs are okay.

Xu Qin reminds the firefighters to pay attention to the artery on his thigh, when they saw the car. Then she lets one of her colleagues to stay and she just leaves.

This time she notices that the death young woman is still laying there. The autumn wind is cold, it blows that woman’s pale’s arms and legs.

The polices are busy in checking their identities and protecting the public order. No one cares about her. Everyone else is holding their phone or sharing the photos on WeChat.

Xu Qin looks at those people coldly, those people seem to notice that it’s inappropriate so they just put their phone away.

Xu Qin looks displeased. She takes a piece of white fabric and covers that young woman.

The polices still couldn’t find their identities. This moment her family members still don’t know about her death.

Xu Qin goes toward the river side and looks that several firefighters have successfully retrieved the car to the ground. The car has lost its form and shape. It’s hard to move the driver out of the car. So they just saw the car.

When everything is arranged well, Yang Chi just passes earwax to Song Yan.

The electric saw starts to move, it’s so ear-piercing. Xu Qin also wears her earwax.

She frowns and keeps on watching, she goes to the car’s side. She looks at the glass to check up on the fainted injured offender in the car. She glances at the Song Yan. He is standing inside the water. He is holding a steel frame on his shoulder, he bites his lips. His whole face is sweaty.

Xu Qin: “Pass me his hand.”

Sogn Yan is holding the frame of the car with his right hand, his left hand is holding the injured person’s head. He has no other hands, Yang Chi blocks his back, there’s no space.

Xu Qin looks at this so she just extends her arm and takes the injured person’s hand. The time she wants to take it, her hand passes the bits of broken glass. Song Yan looks at it and says: “Take it back.”

She then takes her hand back.

Song Yan places the head of the injured person on his thigh and uses his hip to hold it up. Then he bends his waist and takes the arm of the injured person. Then he passes it to Xu Qin.

Xu Qin takes it and looks for clean skin to give injection.

The time she does it, she glances at Song Yan. Song Yan is looking at her too and he frowns. It’s hard to fathom her gaze.

Their gazes meet and he just looks away.

Song Yan goes inside the car and holds the injured person’s body; Xu Qin kneels too and uses her hand to hold the IV. Her other hand is holding the victim’s wrist.

The sound of saw is still eye-piercing. After quite some time, it still feels like there’s no progressing.

During the process, without any sign the time the car frame is cut with the saw. The car breaks on the middle. All the firefighters are avoiding it. The rear of the vehicle drowns swiftly and violently. The window of the driver’s cab suddenly breaks off too. Without any preparation, Xu Qin’s whole body also be lifted up because her doctor’s robe is hooked up on the window’s frame.

Song Yan helps her by pushing Xu Qin, Xu Qin falls to the water, the needle of the IV is broken.

Song Yan blocks the car, the body of the vehicle just sticks up and the sharp bit of it slashes Song Yan’s back. It cuts open his protective suit.

Song Yan’s face twists, his lips are pale. He starts to sweat a lot again.

Xu Qin’s voice is no good, she looks and inspects. Song Yan doesn’t show her his back. He says coldly: “You are not changing the needle?”

Xu Qin doesn’t insist on moving forward, she still holds the IV. The needle is broken. This time she should save the injured person.

The injured offender immediately being lifted out. Xu Qin also climbs out to the shore. She changes the IV. When she is done, she follows her colleagues to put the injured offender on the stretcher. The time she is about to lift it up to the ambulance. She accidentally glances at the car, which has a lot of blood.

Xu Qin looks around and notices the firefighters are done packing up. The time Song Yan just gets on the fire engine car, she just rushes toward him.

Song Yan notices Xu Qin is approaching him, but he is too late to respond. She already runs over and holds his arm. His back cloth is cut open. His back has a deep and long cut.

Xu Qin is struck dumb, she doesn’t allow any explanation: “Go to the hospital.”

Song Yan moves her hand away: “I’ll go.”

There’re lots of hospitals, there’s no need to go to her hospital.

Xu Qin looks at him for a second with a slight rage, he acts so casual and relaxed. He acts like she is nothing.

Xu Qin nods: “Okay.”

The time she wants to leave, she hears Suo Jun yells: “Song Yan, what happened to your back? Hurry up go with the ambulance!” Then he waves at the medical staff: “Here, there’s an injured person here.”

Song Yan is impatient, he says: “On the way we also would pass the Lu Jun hospital.”

“There’s an ambulance here! Go, do you want to delay the patient? Ah?”

The ambulance is waiting for him.

Song Yan just bites his lips, there’s no way out so he just runs over and gets on the ambulance.

Xu Qin is helping Doctor Li to give emergency treatment, she doesn’t look at him. The time the car moves, Xu Qin says to Xiao Dong. “Go over and treat the firefighter a bit.”

Xiao Dong comes over and helps Song Yan to stop the bleeding.

It’s a road of silence.

The time they arrive at the hospital, the patient is pushed out. His parents turn out to have come and are waiting for him. They are crying and wailing for him.

Xu Qin pushes aside the other people: “Move away.”

“You need to help him ah. He is just twenty three years old.”

Xu Qin and several doctors are just pushing the hospital bed: “Please move away first!”

The time they enter the lobby of the hospital, the bed knocks on the stone. It makes the sick bed bumps a while. The patient’s parents are so emotional: “Be careful my son!’

It bumps into Xiao Dong and Xu Qin.

Xu Qin is losing her focus and and pounces on the bed, her hand unconsciously holds the edge of a bed to manage her balance. She looks there’s a danger. Between the push and shove before, the needle on the patient’s hand is out. Her hand seems will hold that needle.


That moment seems to be prolonged, yet it is short. She wants to avoid that needle but her body thinks it’s too late.

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