Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 9

No one knows whether Guang Tou Qiang stays silent because he is too amazed with Chen Xing Ruo’s skill of finishing the Rubik’s cube or not.

Just in time the bell rings, Chen Xing Ruo nods and says: “Lao Shi (Teacher), if there’s nothing else, then I’ll go to the restroom first.”

Then she just passes Guang Tou Qiang and walks out of the classroom.

Guang Tou Qiang is standing there and couldn’t find words to save his face.

The time Guang Tou Qiang leaves the class, the peaceful class turns noisy.

“Wow, that Chen Xing Ruo is too awesome!”

“Am I blind! Before Chen Xing Ruo really beat Guang Tou Qiang?!”

“God! She is so bold, I thought she is a soft-hearted girl, I didn’t expect…..”

“Great! She could finish that block in a minute…… how could she do that?!”

Lu Xing Yan looks at the Rubik’s cube, he is lost in thought.

Then at last, his gaze shows the feeling of interest of what coming next.


After the night self-study period ends.

On the way back to the dorm, Shi Qin keeps on tangling Chen Xing Ruo and doesn’t let her go. “Wo woooo wooo Xing Ruo, I announce you to be my goddess! D*mm*! I never saw that Guang Tou Qiang be that stupefied! I don’t know why I am so happy to see it!”

Di Jia Jing is a bit worried, she looks at Chen Xing Ruo She says: “Xu Lao Shi (Teacher Xu) would not make a fuss with you tomorrow right?”

Chen Xing Ruo hasn’t spoken up, Shi Qin answers: “Why should we be afraid! He said it by himself to solve the Rubik’s cube, we all heard about it.”

Di Jia Jing stops talking.

Then they suddenly hear a group of men are laughing behind them. They look back and recognize them to be the male students of the first class.

Lu Xing Yan is in the center. Three of the female students don’t know what the male students are talking about. Yet they could see the rare laughing Lu Xing Yan.

It’s the first time for Chen Xing Ruo to see him laugh.

He slightly bends his head, his bits of bang is hanging low on his forehead. He is laughing and smiling brightly, He shows his white, neat and bright teeth. It seems his teeth aren’t affected by his smoking habit.

Lu Xing Yan usually is a very cold person, but the time he smiles and laughs, his aura just changes to be gentle.

The male students finally notice them.

Someone sees Chen Xing Ruo and whistles at her. He says boldly: “Goddess, you are so awesome!’

Then someone else also says: “Goddess, do you want to eat hot spicy soup ah! I’ll treat you twenty dollar!’

“I treat you thirty dollar!”

“Just eat by yourself, it’s unhealthy!” Li Cheng Fan pokes that two male students’ head and says to Chen Xing Ruo: “Ruo Jie (Sis Ruo), let me treat you to drink farmer mountain spring’s water. It’s the most suitable drink for mantain your body of young female celestial.”

Shi Qin is speechless, she just roars at them. “Li Cheng Fan, Zhao Lang Ming, don’t you feel that you guys are annoying!”

Li Cheng Fan is happy, “I’m not treating you, why should you be so emotional!”

He adds: “Jing Jie (Sis Jing), I would treat you too!”

Shi Qin is unable to stand Li Cheng Fan’s lowly expression. She throws her bottle of water toward Li Cheng Fan.

But Shi Qin couldn’t throw it properly so it just goes to Lu Xing Yan’s front.

It’s over, over….

Shi Qin’s eyes turn big, she looks at the handsome face of Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan just catches it.

The time seems to stop for two seconds.

Then he just throws the bottle of water back to Chen Xing Ruo’s embrace.

Di Jia Jing is startled too and just straightens his lips.


After the last night self-study, Lu Xing Yan doesn’t act friendly toward Chen Xing Ruo. The next day of the class, he still acts coldly with Chen Xing Ruo, they are not communicating with each other.

On Wednesday night, their class leader, He Si Yue, gathers all the male students into a group chat and discusses what should they do for the International Women’s Day for the female students in their class.

Lu Xing Yan opens up the WeChat and notices the discussion has turned even more serious.

There’s a male student suggests to buy candles for the female students and just light on the candles later on and sing for them.

That male student also sends Tao Bao’s webpage screenshot, 23.8 dollar for a pack with a delivery.

Lu Xing Yan opens up the screenshot to look at it. On the screenshot, there’s a writing: “The essential thing for confessing love candle”. Then he looks at the figure of sales made, unexpectedly there are 11493 stupid ones that had bought this toy in attempt to find girlfriend.

But the comments aren’t too much.

“It’s too shabby and ugly, we aren’t lacking of money.”

“We even couldn’t be sure that we could light it on under the dorm building, supposedly before we could arrange it properly, the security guard would come over and kick us.”

“Right, moreover it’s not really practical. I think it’s better to buy few things, more practical things.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t keep on reading it, anyway he wouldn’t sing or buy candles.

The time he just finishes his shower, he takes a look at her phone again. It seems the group has decided on waht to buy for presents. They already start to discuss how to give the present.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t browse through the chat, he just looks of He Si Yue’s words. He said that in the class by chance there are 28 male students and 28 female students. so it’s better for a male gives another male.

Then the male students start to strive to be the first and fear being left behind. They say almost the same things:

“Then I want to give it to Chen Xing Ruo.”

“I want to give to Chen Xing Ruo!!!”

“Di Jia Jiang!!”

“I also want to give to Chen Xing Ruo.”

“Chen Xing Ruo is mine!!!”

Lu Xing Yan smiles

It seems that this group of person feel if they could win in this fight, they could marry with the white peacock.


Everyone is shouting loudly. Finally He Si Yue suggest to solve this matter. Every one needs to draw lots in the male dorm.

The time Lu Xing Yan and Bian He go over his room, there are only few papers left.

Lu Xing Yan just takes one and opens it.


“Yan Ge, your number is 56. Whose student ID number is 56?”


“Wow, 56 is Chen Xing Ruo right.”

Chen Xing Ruo is the transfer student, so her student ID would be the last one. It’s really Chen Xing Ruo.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t show any expression.

Li Cheng Fan just holds his shoulder and asks: “Ay, do you want to change with me? I got Di Jia Jing. Anyway you don’t have a good relationship with Chen Xing Ruo, just change with me.”

“Who said to you that I am not in a good relationship with her?”

“Do I need to explain it to you? You guys never talk with each other, it’s like when you guys talk, one of you would die suddenly. D*mm*t, I’m not a blind person. Hurry up, change with me.”

“D*mm*t, no.”

He shakes Li Cheng Fan’s hand on his shoulder and goes back to his own dorm.


On Friday, the school’s atmosphere is full of International Women’s Dayy vibe.

Ming Li’s school motto is outgoing style. So no matter for the traditional festival or International festival, the school would let the students develop a new concept, they would not disturb or intervene.

Chen Xing Ruo just enters the school building and notices a red color banner.

It turns out there are banners all over the place.

Actually Ming Li and Hui Ze are very different schools. The time she was at Hui Ze, she even couldn’t see any New Year’s celebration there.

Hui Ze also requests the students to need to stay at the dorm, but the dorm and the dining hall are inside the school building so without any special case, everyone could not go out from school complex.

So at Hui Ze, the most relaxing time would be two days holiday in every month.

Looking at how lively it is for Ming Li to celebrate International Women’s Day, Chen Xing Ruo is quite surprised.

The male students of the first class are writing banner the female students of the first class. After all the first class is liberal arts class. They should be able to show their skill in using language.

Shi Qin reads the words: “Ay, male students of our class are great! Compared to the sixth class, ours are better.”

DI Jia Jing look sat it: “They seems to use the poem from <<Corn Poppy>>.

Shi Qin: “That should be thought by He Si Yue. The stroke of the characters are too normal, it’s too normal that I couldn’t dare to believe this is from our class!”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t say anything, yet she thinks of the same thing.


Yesterday before the getting off the class, the literature class, Chen Jiao, looked for Chen Xing Ruo to make a composition. She said that she wants to type it into the computer. That time she would print it out and record it to be in the outstanding composition book in next edition.

After getting into the classrooms building, Chen Xing Ruo, Di Jia Jing, and Shi Qin separate, Chen Xing Ruo goes to the literature teachers’ teacher’s room to submit the composition.

The time she is out of the teachers’ room, the morning self-study period’s bell rings.

The corridor is empty.

Chen Xing Ruo goes to the first class and passes the classroom building’s entrance. She hears footsteps and looks over.

That man is tall, he is roasted by other Ming Li’s students for wearing black ‘mourning’ uniform, yet he still looks handsome.

Lu Xing Yan.

He is holding a pink present box, he also holds a Rose bouquet.

Looking at her, he doesn’t feel surprised. He raises his eyebrow toward her and walks toward her.

“Hey, Chen Xing Ruo.”

“For you.”

He doesn’t say anything more and just passes the things to her. It’s like he is reporting on his task.

Chen Xing Ruo is startled, she hasn’t taken it, then suddenly there’s a roar behind her. “In this broad daylight, what are you guys doing! You don’t think this is school!”

Both of them look over.


It’s Guang Tou Qiang again.

Guang Tou Qiang looks at him. He seems to still remember that night’s self-study.

His speed of talking is too fast, Chen Xing Ruo could hear vaguely: “Violating School Regulations of Dating Early”, “Embarrassing School’s Image”, “Liberal Arts Class is Worthless class”……

The time he is done, he just starts to move while Lu Xing Yan doesn’t pay attention. He moves forward and takes the evidence of a crime on Lu Xing Yan’s hold.

The rose is not enough, he also wants to take the pink box. She attempts to find a love letter from it to make undeniable evidence.

He opens up the pink box and Chen Xing Ruo recognizes that familiar “ABC” words.

Guang Tou Qiang seems to be possessed, he unexpectedly doesn’t read it and just tears open the “ABC” pack.

In next second, the world turns silent.

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