Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 8

The third line, six row.

Lu Xing Yan, Chen Xing Ruo.

They are really sitting together.

Chen Xing Ruo is looking at it for three seconds. Then she reads the note below it.

“Attention: Every week, the row would be change from front to back and the line would be change to the left. which means don’t make an excuse that you couldn’t see the board clearly. Everyone would have their own turn. It’s fair. also this semester, there would be no change in your desk-mate.”


On Monday, the weather is fine. It’s not yet 07:00 a.m., but the sun has risen. In the beginning of March, Xing City finally has shown its spring scenery.

Chen Xing Ruo always carries out a principe to sleep till the last minutes of her sleeping time and goes to the school on time.

As for the breakfast, she just brings breads and milk. So the time the first period ends, she could eat it. It’s a great plan.

Today it’s a rare moment. She goes with Shi Qin and Di Jia Jing together to have breakfast nearby. Because she hears that at Ming Li on Monday there would no self-study period, but it would be morning gathering at the sports ground. Standing there for half an hour, she probably would faint.

Since they are out of the dorm, Xu Qin keeps on chattering: “What mistake have I make, unexpectedly I need to sit down together with her for this semester. Everyday I already feel so tired to meet her at the dorm! Look at her attitude this morning. She simply made a call till late at night!”

Xu Qin complains about Li Ting.

Last night LI Ting called someone at the dorm, she called that person till early morning 01:00 a.m. Xu Qin had reminded her so many times to lower her voice, LI Ting just answered: “Okay”, then she lowered her voice yet after a while, it returned to normal voice.

At last Xu Qin couldn’t endure it anymore, she just sat up and yelled at her furiously: “Li Ting, stop talking!”

Li Ting was unhappy and covered her phone, she yelled back at her: “Haven’t I lowered my voice? In the past you also did your homework late at night and I said nothing, You are just looking for trouble with me!”

Xu Qin: “I pulled the curtain and opened the window so I didn’t turn on my light. Moreover I didn’t make any sound. Could you just stop!”

Soon it’s getting noisy. Di Jia Jing just sat up and tried to smooth things up between them.

They also worried about the teacher in-charge and last they just let it go.

At last this morning, Li Ting woke up at 06:00 a.m., she made a great noise at the dorm and purposely made just keeps on banging things. It even woke up the ‘hardest’ one to wake up, Chen Xing Ruo.

“Li Ting is just a bit willful, don’t be angry with her. She is quite okay person.” Di Jia Jing persuades her softly.

“Is it called willful! She dislikes to socialize with us, she likes to be cynical. It seems like we wrong her, she loves to play with the third class’ female students. Why don’t she just move to the third class. You two really have a great temper, you guys could endure her temper!”

Di Jia Jing is a good person, though Li Ting indeed disturbed her sleep, but she wouldn’t fight about it.

As for Chen Xing Ruo, she just wears her earwax and eye masks. She sleeps early so she hears nothing.

They keep on talking till they arrive at the most crowded restaurant nearby the school. The restaurant is full. The lady boss keeps on adding tables and chairs on the front area.

Shi Qin: “Boss, I want mushroom and shredded meat noodles and also preserved egg!”

Di Jia Jing: “I want seafood noodle, and also fried egg.”

The boss scoops out the noodle with strainer: “The flat one right/“


It’s the first time Chen Xing Ruo comes over here, the time Shi Qin and Di Jia Jing order their breakfast, she still looks at the menu on the wall.

When they are done, she just makes a decision. “I want meatball, steamed egg and rice-flour noodle.”

Then suddenly there’s a voice: “Boss, meat ball steamed egg noodle.”

The boss raises his head: “Ay, there’s only one portion left for meatball steamed egg. This student ordered first. Xiao Shuai Ge (Handsome little bro), just order something else, we still have everything ready.”

Chen Xing Ruo turns her head and looks at that male student. It is Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan has recognized her figure earlier, he remains calm and watches her.

Chen Xing Ruo feels it’s quite weird, why should he look at her this way. He thinks that she would surrender her meatball steamed egg noodle?”

Impossible, don’t dream.

She just returns to her seat.

Chen Xing Ruo enjoys her breakfast. When she is done, she announces: “This restaurant is really good, in the future we could come here frequently.”

Lu Xing Yan is sitting on the table behind her. He settles for second best, he orders a beef noodle. At first he wanted to enjoy it, but after he hear her remark, he just loses his appetite.


Perhaps because today everyone needs to change their seat, so all of them are coming earlier. The classroom is full of noises.

Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan are sitting down together, they completely don’t interact and communicate like other students with their own desk-mate.

In all fairness, how could she interact with someone that says that she just puts an acting? Also how could he interact with someone, who wants to burn a joss stick for his burial mound?

Since both of them are tired of each other, it’s better to not look at each other.

It’s lucky that around them are students that they are familiar with.

He Si Yue sits in front of Chen Xing Ruo, Li Cheng Fan sits beside Lu Xing Yan.

After the morning meeting, the first subject is english. The English teacher, Miss Zhou, likes more energetic and lively classroom. She loves to let the students interact with each other.

During the class, Miss Zhou throws the topic of “Idol Worship” and lets the class to discuss in pairs.

It makes the class turn noisier.

Miss Chou makes her rounds and the time she passes Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan’s side. They both just draw and write, they completely don’t interact with each other. She asks: “Why don’t you guys discuss with each other?”

Chen Xing Ruo’s face shows “I and he could discuss b*llsh*t”, she is indifferent. She looks at Miss Zhou and she answers: “We are finished with our discussion.”

Miss Zhou doesn’t say anything else and just watches them for a while. Then she walks forward.

But after the discussion time ends, she calls Lu Xing Yan to get up and read both of their viewpoints.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t raise up her head, she just passes the book to Lu Xing Yan.

Since she was the one that said that they are done discussing, she feels she should share the duty to let him answer the teacher.

She feels that she is magnanimous person.

But she doesn’t expect that the ‘young master’ couldn’t even read it.

“We had a he…. head……. what is this?”


This is your Papa.

Miss Zhou just looks at Chen Xing Ruo.

Chen Xing Ruo is calm, she looks at Miss Zhou in the eyes and then she looks at Lu Xing Yan.

Maybe because Chen Xing Ruo always gives a good impression, Miss Zhou is startled. She could see from Chen Xing Ruo’s face: “I know nothing, we clearly discussed it well. Perhaps he just loses his mind”. She looks so innocent.

So Miss Zhou just lets them go.


It’s so strange. It’s been two days since they sit together. No one knows what kind of mistake the made. During the class, they would be called for so many times. The chance of their name being called just raises that it gets one’s hackles up.

Sometimes the teacher would call Lu Xing Yan, sometimes the one that is called Chen Xing Ruo, sometimes both of them are being called.

After the class, the literature teacher, Zhang Qiao, goes pass the politics’ teachers’ room. She chats with Wang You Fu.

She pours boiling water into tea,she seems to remember strange thing: “Ay, the new transfer student, Chen Xing Ruo, that one is so beautiful ah.The time she is seated beside Lu Xing Yan, they are really visually attractive.”

She drinks the tea and says: “Moreover their names are very matching!”

“Right! The time I put in the shower to manage the seating arrangement. At first Chen Xing Ruo should sit down in front of Lu Xing Yan! He, but the time I looked at both of their names, it’s quite pleasant so I move them together.”

Wang You Fu feels so proud.

That time Chen Xing Ruo is helping her previous seat-mate, Ruan Wen, to move the politics homework. The time she hears what Wang You Fu said that, she is speechless for quite some time.


At nightfall, the evening sun is set . The night wind is so pleasantly warm.

After the dinner, Chen Xing Ruo, Shi Qin and Di Jia Jing go together to the classroom do the night self-study.

This Saturday is International Working Women’s Day (March 8), these years no one knows why but suddenly it becomes popular to celebrate it together with female student celebration.

Shi Qin hears that every male students in every classes are preparing to celebrate it, she is so excited to talk about it on the way.

Chen Xing Ruo just listens to her, she wants to get back quickly to the classroom and starts to finish her homework.

The time the bell rings for night-self study to start, she suddenly sees a figure.

Lu Xing Yan is back.

In these two days of being his seat-mate, Chen Xing Ruo never sees him go to the night self-study time. She just examines him.

He probably just finishes his basketball game, his forehead is full of sweat. He returns to his seat and drinks his water.

Though he sweats a lot, but there’s no strange scent from him. Instead he smells like green grass scent, it smells quite clean.

Actually he is a good-looking one, he has an intense sense of youthfulness. If not because he has a bad temper, there should be a lot of female students like him.

The time she regains herself, she just notices that Lu Xing Yan’s face shows ‘what are you looking at? You never see any handsome brother? Do you want to look for any longer?’

She pauses and looks at him calmly.

Actually Lu Xing Yan doesn’t want to attend the night self-study, but someone tips her off. Tonight someone would check up.

Though he doesn’t love to study but he rarely adds any burden for the class committee.

He just flips around his book for a while with a great boredom, he glances at Li Cheng Fan’s desk and notices a Rubik’s cube, he just takes it.

Li Cheng Fan is reading a novel so he doesn’t pay any attention to it.

After ten minutes, Chen Xing Ruo finishes her homework, she looks at Lu Xing Yan and suddenly pausues.

Lu Xing Yan just plays around with it seriously like he has a hidden talent of solving it. But to see it throughly and detailed, anyone could see that he doesn’t understand anything about it.

Lu Xing Yan says: “What are you looking at?”


“Looking at my Rubik’s cube.”

My, Rubik’s cube

Lu Xing Yan stops and kicks Li Cheng Fan’s chair.

Li Cheng Fan is surprised and he thought that he is caught by Wan You Fu: “D*mm*t, you surprise me.”

Lu Xing Yan is so lazy to say anything, he just sways the Rubik’s cube: “Yours?”

“No, Am I crazy, how could I play that……” He says with a low voice: “I borrowed it form your seat-mate, I looked for a chance to chat with her. She is a good person…..”

Lu Xing Yan says nothing and kicks Li Cheng Fan’s chair again, then he just throws the Rubik’s cube back to Chen Xing Rou.

Chen Xing Ruo used to learn piano so she has habit to move her fingers. When she stops learning, she would play Rubik’s cube game when she is bored of studying to relax her fingers.

When she just takes the Rubik’s game, the teacher on duty, Xu An Qiang appears in front of the classroom. Xu An Qiang has quite an ‘achievement’, students love to roast and ridicule him. Also because he is bald a lot of them calling him “Guang Tou Qiang (Longger Vick: Boonie Bears Character)”.

Guang Tou Qiang just gets inside the room and walks toward Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan’s table. He yells loudly: “I keep on watching you guys through the CCTV for ten minutes! Now you still play! You guys are too invested in it!”

Actually he just sees Lu Xing Yan plays it, but the time he gets inside the classroom, the Rubik’s cube is with Chen XIng Ruo. So he counts Chen Xing Ruo in.

Guang Tou Qiang is a science teacher, he teaches several classes and also experiment class. “It’s okay if you want to play it. But now how could you not able to finish it in ten minutes!”

Lu Xing Yan used to make fuss with him, this time he just stands up and says calmly: “It’s not her business.”

“Not her business? Then she?”

Then Chen Xing Ruo suddenly puts down the Rubik’s cube and stands up. “Teacher, it’s done.”

Guang Tou Qiang looks over and notices the disorder Rubik’s cube has changed. It is in order.

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