Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 7

“…….. Yesterday Zhou Yi (Auntie Zhou) came back home, today she brought two self-breed hen from her hometown. I especially asked her to cook it on a slow fire for soup. It’s very good for your health. It’s been cooked from the early morning till the time I was out of the house. The whole house has that savory smell!”

Pei Yue is sitting on the front passenger seat, she keeps on chattering. She seems to not notice the cold atmosphere on the backseat.

Lu Xing Yan shows no expression, his mind is full of her words before “I even could use the lighter to burn a joss stick for your burial mound”. He keeps on repeating those words several times, he imagines the scene where ——

On the isolated peak of mountain range, there’s a small grave mound. All around the area, there’re overgrown weeds.

Chen Xing Ruo is holding three sticks of joss sticks and going forward his grave mound. Then she lights it on. She lights each one of it casually. Then she laughs coldly, then pats her dusty hand.

“….. What’s up with your attitude when I’m talking with you? Lu Xing Yan!” The car stops in front of the red traffic light. Lu Shan couldn’t help to rebuke him.

Lu Xing Yan just regains himself, he lifts up his head and looks at his father. “What is it?”

Pei Yue: “Your Pa asked you about your achievement for your final exam.”

Lu Xing Yan: “……..”

Ming Li is a very humanize school. For letting the students have a nice holiday. Every time the result of the final examination would be published when the next semester starts.

This semester, the result of last the examination is announced on the second day from the beginning of the school year. The table is sticked on the back of the classroom. It takes three pages, it’s very thorough and detailed. It also includes the rank of the overall classes.

Li Ceng Fan felt confident about his result and then he just squawked furiously: “What the school wants?!! How could they humiliate me this way!”

At first no one really paid attention to the last page of the list, but the time they heard his howl, they looked over.

Chen Xing Ruo looked at the list and tried to assess the list to determine Ming Li’s standard.

From the examination, He Si Yue and Di Jia Jing are considered to be the top-notch students, but in total the first class is the lowest-ranking class between three class.

And this Lu Xing Yan, is the genuine underachiever of the class.

Looking at how quiet Lu Xing Yan is, Lu Shan looks at Chen Xing Ruo: “Xing Ruo, tell me, what is his mark?”

Chen Xing Ruo turns silent, “I am not sure, it seems to be 297?”


Lu Xing Yan suddenly speaks up and glances at Chen Xing Ruo, he seems to be unhappy that she underreports his mark by 40.

Lu Shan chokes, he suddenly feels that he shouldn’t have any delusion about unrealistic thing.

Pei Yue is much more settled. The time Lu Xing Yan tells his mark, she just does her photoshops with full focus. She doesn’t look at him, her face shows her thought: “I just know that you only have a low standard”.


For the dinner, they are eating at home. After the dinner, Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo just return to their own room. It’s a peaceful night without any trouble.

The next morning, Lu Shan would fly to Di Du, it seems that he has urgent matter to handle. He even doesn’t have time to have breakfast.

No one knows whether Lu Xing Yan does it in purpose or not, but the moment after Lu Shan goes outside, Lu Xing Yan just goes down from upstair. He is holding his backpack and gets ready go go out.

Pei Yue asks: “It’s early in the morning, where are you going?”

“It’s my classmate’s birthday.” He then just takes a toast and bites it. He drinks his milk too.

Chen Xing Ruo suddenly stops and looks at the glass of milk. She doesn’t blink.

Lu Xing Yan notices her gaze and then looks at the glass on his hold. He then looks at the empty glass on the table. He suddenly understands something.

Pei Yue doesn’t notice anything weird, she just asks: “Your classmate? Then why don’t you bring Ruo Ruo over with you too?”

Lu XIng Yan pretends to be calm and just puts down the glass: “My grade 10’s classmate, she doesn’t know him.”

Pei Yue: “Then would you come home for dinner tonight?”

“No.” Lu Xing Yan is too lazy to talk much about it, he just goes toward the door and just waves.

“Look at him. For the whole day, he doesn’t study well, he just knows how to hang out. He simply has no motivation! I and his Papa weren’t acting like him when we were young, we really don’t know whose gene he has!”

“Ay! Ah! Sooner or later I would have white hair because I keep on being angry with him….”

Chen Xing Ruo just listens to Pei Yue’s nag silently and then she pushes away the glass, which has been contaminated by Lu Xing Yan.


Actually Lu Xing Yan doesn’t come out far away, today is Chen Zhu’s birthday. It’s been decided from the early days that it would be a patter in mansion. She books the mansion near the Lu Xing lake.

Xu Cheng Zhou and friends would prepare the food and drinks. In the afternoon, they have a barbecue party.

No one knows what Lu Xing Yan is thinking about, he just holds a skewer of chicken wings and keep on flipping it on the barbecue pan. It would be burnt soon but he doesn’t pick it up.

“Lu Xing Yan, your chicken wings would be burnt soon. What are you thinking about!” Chen Zhu and another people are talking and she sees Lu Xing Yan’s action.

Lu Xing Yan just regains himself, and just passes the skewer to her: “Eat it.”

Chen Zhu moves back and shows her disgusted face. “No, I don’t dare to try that.”

“Zhu Jie (Sister Zhu), you really not know about your blessing. He is Lu Shao Ye (Master Lu), he condescend to roast the chicken wings for you. Look at yourself, you seem to feel disgusted with it.” That man jokes.

“Why? I couldn’t feel disgusted?”

“Of course you could. Today you are our birthday girl. You could do anything you want.”

For her birthday today, she especially wears red dress. She looks so beautiful.

She also wears a small birthday crown on her head, she looks so lively when she is smiling.

But no one knows why, someone keeps on talking about Lu Xing Yan: “Ay, Lu Da Shao Ye (Great Master Lu), actually we could just go and pick you up at your house. Why should I go and pick you up before? I wasted around ten minutes to find you.”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t respond and doesn’t raise his eyes like he doesn’t listen to him. He just throws away the unwanted skewer. Then he takes a can of beer.

Chen Zhu starts to interrupt: “It’s my birthday, why should we go to his house. You are really funny”

Actually previously Chen Zhu had contacted Lu Xing Yan through WeChat that for this birthday, they could just go to his house. Their group used to spend a lot of time in the house, she didn’t think too much and just mentioned it to him.

But Lu Xing Yan just replied: “It’s inconvenient.” but he doesn’t explain it in detailed.

She also doesn’t mention anything about it anymore.

During the barbecue time, they also cut the cake. They just enjoy the time by eating the cake and chatting.

“The first class has a new transfer student right. Recently I keep on hearing people mentioning about it”

“Oh right, that transfer student is so beautiful!”

Bian He is at the first class, he approves: “Indeed she is so beautiful.”

“I remember that her name is Chen Xing Ruo, her name is strange but pleasant ot hear.”

“Ay. I think this student should be strange. I have come over to first class for several times, I never see him.” Xu Cheng Zhou is puzzled. He pokes Lu Xing Yan with his elbow: “What do you think?”

He has heard this question for more than eighteen times, he says casually: “With one word of ‘beautiful’, could she be the champion of the world beauty contest?”

Xu Cheng Zhou is chocked; he decides to upgrade Lu Xing Yan have a first place in bickering.


In the afternoon, all of them are singing and playing cards.

Lu Xing Yan joins several games of poker, but Xu Cheng Zhou is a confused person, it takes a long time for him to show his card. It makes Lu Xing Yan be so impatient. He is so impatient and just throws away the card to Bian He. He goes out to have a smoke.

Actually he is not addicted to tobacco, he usually only smokes half of his cigarette.

Suddenly Chen Zhu comes out of the room, she is holding her phone, her eyes are red. Lu Xing Yan knows that something is wrong.

He asks her; “Hey, are you okay?”

Chen Zhu doesn’t look at him and just goes out of the mansion.

At first Lu Xing Yan didn’t want to move, yet outside is Luo Xing lake. There might be bad people outside. He just throws away his cigarette and follows him out.

The time he is outside, Chen Zhu has cried out loud. Her tears keep on coming. “He has a girlfriend! Unexpectedly he has a girlfriend! Woooo Woooo…. It’s my birthday…… he even took photo with her on my birthday!”

Lu Xing Yan takes her phone and look at it. It turns out to be her childhood sweetheart, Xiao Bai Yang. He is posting a loving photo of him and his girlfriend on WeChat’s Moments.

Chen Zhu: “This should be posted but the woman! She is declaring war with me!!!”

“You have too great imagination, this looks like to be the man’s sound.”

Chen Zhu just chokes with emotion for three seconds and cries out loud.

Lu Xing Yan: “……….”

It’s very strange. This time he unexpectedly has no other feeling. He just feels a great headache when he hears her cry.

He also doesn’t know what should he say. After all he wasn’t born with a skill of comforting people. He just stands there and finally says: “Don’t cry.”

Chen Zhu doesn’t listen to him, she completely immerses in a tragic feeling of having one-sided feeling. She keeps on crying excitedly and throws herself in it.

Lu Xing Yan just says there indifferently and he couldn’t endure it. He calls Xu Cheng Zhou and lets him find few female students to come over.

During the time, Lu Xing Yan considers the ultimate question of his life. —- How could I like her? No, it shouldn’t be like.”

Actually at first, their group was playing truth and dare. Lu Xing Yan was asked about the woman he likes. He just said vaguely of several criteria. Then someone ridiculed him of being insincere, they asked her to make a reference.

He thought about it and looked around. He noticed the normal one around is only Chen Zhu so he said: “Just like Chen Zhu.”

So after that, everyone interprets that he likes Chen Zhu. Everyone starts to arrange and make a chance for both of them to be interacting together.

As time passes, he seemed to be brainwashed and felt that he likes Chen Zhu.

This period of time, he knows that Chen Zhu likes her childhood sweetheart. At first he was unhappy because he seemed to be a substitution. But the next day after he got that information, he could accept it. After all, he wouldn’t like her one-sidedly.


On the otherside, Chen Xing Ruo wakes up from her afternoon sleep. She practices to play piano and plans to go to the library to have self-study.

These two years the city government has supported the development of the north of the city, Lu Xing Lake, they also move the library closer to that area. So it only needs ten minutes walking time to get there.

Chen Xing Ruo holds her backpack and starts to walk to go to the library.

Suddenly she notices a familiar figure nearby in front. She pauses.

It’s Lu Xing Yan.

Beside Lu Xing Yan, there’s a female student, who is crying so loudly.

Yet Lu Xing Yan just stands there and looks at her with a cold gaze.

It’s like a scene where a jerk asking a breakup and the woman just feels so sad and wants to urge to stay together.

It seems to hard to rescue the female student so Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t want to be a ‘nosy Parker’ so she just makes a detour to go to the library.


Lu Xing Yan comes home at 11:00 p.m.

Just in time Chen Xing Ruo is downstair and drinking her water, she looks at his tired expression. Her mind is replaying the scene before.

On Sunday both of them are staying at home, yet they don’t interact with each other. Chen Xing Ruo thinks it’s a good thing. After all she hopes that everything would be peaceful and stable.

In the evening when they return to the dorm, she hears from Xu Qin a not so good news: “Xing Ruo, tomorrow we would change our seats. The seating arrangement is posted in group chat, have you seen it? You and Lu Xing Yan are sitting together!”

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