Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 15

Chen Xing Ruo returns to the dorm a bit late, because Shi Qin said that she should treat her a midnight snack for getting the first rank for the examination.

Chen Xing Ruo hasn’t returned dinner, her milk was snatched away too. She is hungry too.

After having midnight snack with Xu Qin, both of them go to stroll around the stationery’s store. They arrive back at the dorm thirty minutes before the lights should be off.

Li Ting is wearing a mask.

Looking at them, Li Ting doesn’t even greet them. She just continues to play with her phone. They couldn’t make out her expression.

Tonight Di Jia Jing didn’t come out with them because she had a headache so she returned back to the dorm early.

This time she is sleeping soundly.

The atmosphere inside the room is strange.

At first because Shi Qin and Li Ting are desk-mate, their relationship was getting eased up, but today she heard what Li Ting said with several female students. She feels that Li Ting is too much. So she just ignores Li Ting too.

Shi Qin and Chen Xing Ruo are taking turns in taking shower.

After Shi Qin is done, Li Ting wants to take off her mask. She goes to wash her face.

Shi Qin waits for a while and couldn’t help but to ask: “Are you done?”

Li Ting: “Why are you so worried?”

Shi Qin: “You have washed your face for seven to eight minutes, I want to wash my towel.”

Li Ting doesn’t say anything, she continues to wash her face and gurgles.

Chen Xing Ruo just comes inside the bathroom after Shi Qin is done showering. She hears they are communicating. Probably because they are thinking of Di Jia Jing, they are not talking very loudly.

But during her shower she hears two of them start to fight.

“Today how could you say those words toward Xing Ruo, how could you be so shameless and acting this way!”

“What happened to me? I was just discussing about her achievement?”

Li Ting is bold and assured: “Everyone thought that her achievement is very good, then her result wasn’t good, so how could I not talk about it? Moreover shouldn’t it because she acts like she is so smart?

“Shi Qin, stop pretending. You are just want to curry her favor, don’t you think it’s too shameful?”

“I seek her favor? I should be shameful?! Li Ting, listen to your words! Who loves to seek for favor from those rich female students? They even don’t think of you as their friends!”

Xu Qin pokes on Li Ting’s sore spot.

Li Ting immediately explodes, she comes forward and wants to pull Shi Qin’s hair. “What nonsense you are talking about?!”

Shi Qin is also unwilling to be outdone.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t expect that they would fight with their hands, she is startled and says: “Don’t fight.”

No one minds her.

Di Jia Jing, who always be the mediator between them, just sleeping there. She sleeps so soundly that she couldn’t hear anything.

Shi Qin and Li Ting seem to hold a lot of grudges between them.

Chen Xing Ruo is wearing her nightgown, she stands in front of the bathroom.

“I ask you guys to stop fighting —-“

Chen Xing Ruo hasn’t finished her words and suddenly Li Ting turns emotional. She picks up a ceramic glass for mouth-rinsing and throws it to the mirror.


The mirror breaks and the fragments go around the room.

“Ah ——!”

“Ah ——!”

Shi Qin and Li Ting just scream.

The time they regain themselves, they notice that Chen Xing Ruo is standing in front of the bathroom door. Her neck is injured by a fragment, there’s blood coming out from her neck.

Both of their faces are pale.

This time, the supervisor teacher comes over to check up on them. She knocks on the door and says impatiently: “The lights would be turned off soon, why are you guys so noisy?”

Li Ting and Shi Qin’s faces are so pale.

Chen Xing Ruo feels so wronged by what happened.

She dazes, yet she just takes two sheets of tissue and wipes her blood.

Then she goes to the door and opens it up.

Chen Xing Ruo: “Lao Shi (Teacher), we have a rat inside the room.”

The teacher just frowns and wants to get in.

“Lao Shi, could you get in and help us to kick it out?”

The teacher’s face turns sour: “Why should you guys be so afraid, it’s just a rat……. So don’t be afraid. Tomorrow during the meeting, I’ll tell the head of the teachers and ask when would the cleaning time be.”

Chen Xing Ruo covers her injury.

“Okay, sorry to trouble you Lao Shi.”

Chen Xing Ruo closes the door.

Both Xu Qin and Li Ting are relieved. But both of them are still surprised and haven’t regained themselves.

Chen Xing Ruo walks toward her bed.

Shi Qin says cautiously: “Xing Ruo, I’m sorry. Are you in pain? Do you want any band-aid…..”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at them and asks them to be silent.

Li Ting doesn’t look at Chen Xing Ruo.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at her and says: “I never think that I’m a great person because the fact is I’m better than you guys.”

“I also don’t want to make anyone feel shameful. You guys are the ones that start discussing it, you guys should shut up so you guys wouldn’t be shameful for what you said.”

“Having a great imagination indeed is a great thing but please use that for getting higher score. Don’t use it to imagine your roommate.”

Indeed the first time she saw her mark, she knows that there’s something wrong. But she doesn’t think of the score today. If it’s not because of those students’ bad words, she also has no plan to find Wang You Fu.


Li Ting’s face is sour.

Though she knows that she is in the wrong side, but she doesn’t want to admit her wrong. “That glass, it seems to be yours. I, I’ll compensate you.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “Then pay me, 1800.”


Li Ting’s face shows ‘ Are you trying to use this chance to extort me’ expression.

Chen Xing Ruo is too lazy to fight with her, she also doesn’t want to plan to let her compensate. She just looks at the mirror and the fragments on the floor: “Clean all of these up. Use the broom and not your hands. Tomorrow by new mirror to change it.”

Li Ting opens her mouth, she wants to say something.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at her again.

Li Ting just shuts up and cleans up with Shi Qin. She doesn’t dare to say anything.

The room turns so peaceful and quiet.

Chen Xing Ruo finds a band-aid and sticks it on her neck.

It turns out that she has injury on her forehead. It’s not bleeding, but supposedly it would turn green tomorrow.

She applies the medicine and uses the gauze to cover it.

Li Ting is done with cleaning up, then notices that Chen Xing Ruo also has injury on her forehead.

She feels struggle in her heart, she wants to apologize but suddenly the lights are turned off.

At night laying on the bed, Li Ting couldn’t fall asleep. She is thinking if she doesn’t apologize, she should compensate her for her glass.

Chen Xing Ruo’s glass is very beautiful and fine. It has a lot of stars pattern.

She opens up shopping app and tries to find the exact one.

This glass turns out to have a name “Xing Han Can Lan (Splendid Milky Way)”, it is designed by the painters Chen Guang Yao and Leng Fang Zhai. The price 2200, and it’s second-hand product.

Li Ting looks at it and says nothing.

Forget it forget it.

What is so important of dignity?

It’s better for her to apologize?

That night Chen Xing Ruo gets Li Ting’s apology message.

At first, Chen Xing Ruo is getting ready to sleep but then suddenly her phone vibrates.

She looks at it and replies: “If you don’t shut up, tomorrow compensate me a new glass.”

The world finally turns calm.


The next day Chen Xing Ruo comes to the class with a small gauze on her forehead, it’s too attracting people’s eyes.

A lot of people approach and asks her about it, she makes an excuse that she bumps into the door.

During the period of morning self-study, Lu Xing Yan appears in front of the classroom’s door.

He puts down his backpack and sits down on his seat.

He leans back and notices the gauze on Chen Xing Ruo’s forehead. He mocks her casually: “Da Xiao Jie (Big Miss), are you being beaten because you got too high mark?”

Chen Xing Ruo flips open her book and says: “Right, I said that I’m Lu Xing Yan’s desk-mate, but he still hit me. He said that Lu Xing Yan is a d*mn thing.”

Lu Xing Yan: “…………”


For the second period, they would go outdoor for physical exercise.

After the physical exercise, they return to the classroom. Lu Xing Yan remembers something and says to Chen Xing Ruo. This weekend he would go with Pei Yue and Lu Shan to Hui Ze. He is asking whether she would come with them or not.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t answer yet, He Si Yue just comes over and passes an ointment for her: “Before I went to infirmary and I thought of you, I bought this for you. I heard that this is so effective.”

“Thank you.”

Chen Xing Ruo takes a look at it.

Looking that she is smiling, He Si Yue is smiling too. “It’s a small matter. In the future, be more careful. Don’t bump your forehead to the door.”

“I know.”

Lu Xing Yan is pretending to play with phone. Hearing this, he lifts up his head.


Being her desk-mate for a while, he never sees that this ‘white peacock’ gives her any smile. He Si Yue just gives her an ointment, how could she smile so brightly.

This time, Lu Xing Yan’s roommate, Zhao Lang Ming, comes over to take room key.

Zhao Lang Ming also sees He Si Yue gives Chen Xing Ruo an ointment, Zhao Lang Ming teases them: “Ban Zhang (Class leader), few days ago I fell down during soccer game and injured my knee. How could I don’t see you care about me. You even didn’t give me any bottle of water.”

He Si Yue laughs and let him stop.

Zhao Lang Ming holds Lu Xing Yan’s neck and says: “Yan Ge (Bro Yan), give me the key. I ask Wang You Fu for a day leave, I want to go to the room take things.”

Lu Xing Yan: “Why don’t you bring your own key? How could you have a goldfish brain?”


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  1. Their relationship has eased up a little…I believe it’s getting more and more interesting.

    Thanks for the update


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