Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 14

The quietness doesn’t persist for a long time as the bell rings again.

Lu Xing Yan glances at Chen Xing Ruo, she just be so quiet.

It seems that she is so sad and grieving, but she wants to be strong. Indeed it makes people somewhat feel….. sad?

He regains himself and coughs.

The time the teacher enters the class and asks everyone to stand up to greet him. Lu Xing Yan stands up and looks at her: “It’s okay to not get good scores for the first examinations. Look at me, I never get a good mark even for once.”


Chen Xing Ruo looks at him, her eyes shows ‘how could you degrade me by comparing me with you?’

But Lu Xing Yan just thinks that her eyes as her way of agreeing with him tacitly, he thinks that she is so thankful for his comfort.

During that period, Chen Xing Ruo says nothing. The teacher talks about the exam and she also doesn’t write anything.

For the whole afternoon, everyone is discussing about Chen Xing Ruo’s achievement.

Shi Qin couldn’t control herself, she approaches at Chen Xing Ruo and yells for her to go together to the restroom.

On the way to the restroom, Shi Qin avoids purposely to talk about the achievement. She pretends like nothing happened. She complains for other random things.

Because of Shi Qin, no one mentions about the achievement anymore.

The time they get into the restroom, they hear ——

“Ay, Chen Xing Ruo of your class, I heard that she only get an ordinary score.”

“Em, she is just so-so. In our class she just gets rank 33.”

Chen Xing Ruo hears it and recognizes the voice.

“Ccchh, I thought that she is so smart and could get a great mark. I thought that she got a first place last year. I think she could do something awesome this examination.”

“The male students of our class are too annoying, they keep boasting about her that she is smart and beautiful. I really don’t like her, she is so good at acting.

“Em, ….. she is also too cold.”

Shi Qin comes inside the restroom, her face is sour.

Shi Qin says: “Xing Ruo, don’t listen to them. That female student is from 11.2, her name is Yang Fang. Her words are harsh, she always be jealous toward excellent students!”

Chen Xing Ruo just washes her hands.

Shi Qin is so furious: “A lot of people know that she has crush toward male student of our class, He Si Yue, supposedly she sees that you are close with He Si Yue, so she is unhappy toward you.”

“When did you see that I am close with He Si Yue ?”

Chen Xing Ruo suddenly speaks up, she is confused.

“Could it be no? You guys know each other, moreover you guys used to discuss about something….. previously he also helped you to do cleaning duty.”

Shi Qin is startled.

So this is called that someone is close to each other.

Then what about if someone knows that she lives in Lu Xin Yan’s house, what do they say.

Chen Xing Ruo is speechless.


After the class, Chen Xing Ruo has no appetite, she doesn’t go to have dinner with Shi Qin. She goes to the teachers’ room and then goes to jog at the sport field.

In the evening of the end of March, around five to six o’clock.

A lot of people are going to dinner so there’re few people around. Chen Xing Ruo wears her earphone and runs two rounds. She turns much more relieved and relaxed.

The time she wants to jog for the third time, a basketball goes to her direction without any sign. It almost hit her.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at the basketball field. The basketball near her is the small one. It is in different size from the large one but it’s quite okay.

A lot of men are shouting at her, “Beautiful woman, please throw it back! Thank you.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at them and doesn’t move.

Xu Cheng Zhou wipes his sweat. He pants and says: “Ay, would she throw our basketball to the trash bin again? Could she hear us? Ay, let me go and take it.”

Lu Xing Yan suddenly just says: “Let me go there.”


The time Lu Xing Yan walks toward him, Chen Xing Ruo could recognize him clearly.

She picks up the ball and throws it to him.

“Thank you.”

Lu Xing Yan takes it relaxedly and pats it. He then holds the basketball.

Chen Xing Ruo nods and plans to continue to run. But Lu Xing Yan doesn’t act like he wants to leave. She asks again. “Is there anything else?”

Lu Xing Yan touches his neck and wants to say something. He doesn’t want to talk about her achievement. He suddenly says: “Your Pa’s wedding, you don’t plan to go?”

“……..” Chen Xing Ruo stays silent for while. “Why should I go? Why should I go and watch someone bring children into a second marriage and divide the family properties with me?”

Lu Xing Yan notices something is wrong, he changes his words. “Right, what happened to you for the examination? You shouldn’t have that low score. Is it because you sit down at the back, I see that you usually study hard.”

He says it and the atmosphere turns quiet.

Lu Xing Yan closes his eyes.

very good.

Chen Xing Ruo looks at her him and says: “Actually I feel that I do very good for the examination.”


Chen Xing Ruo: “I still want to run one more round, bye.”

Then she just turns her back and starts to run again.

Lu Xing Yan stands there for a while and looks at Chen Xing Ruo’s figure. He doesn’t know what to think. He just dribbles his ball and returns to the basketball field.


At night.

Lu Xing Yan comes night again for the first time ever to attend the night self-study.

The classroom is silent. A lot of people are writing the correct answers for the wrong questions.

After the second period of night self-study time, Wang You Fu suddenly goes to the classroom and knocks on the door. Without any sign: “Hey, He Si Yue, stick this one again. Chen Xing Ruo’s pencil had a problem so most of it couldn’t be read by the computer. Someone has checked her result over.”


Grade 11.1 starts to look at Wang You Fu.

Wang You Fu looks very happy and satisfied.

He Si Yue regains himself and takes the forms from Wnag You Fu and sticks it.

As he expected, this time the first place is taken by someone else.

Chen Xing Ruo: “Literature 133, Mathematics 150, English 149, History 93, Geography 100, total point 718.”

Class Rank: 1

Grade Rank: 1

His score and Chen Xing Ruo are different by 41.

Everyone starts to be stupefied. They feel it’s too magical that her pencil couldn’t be detected so there’s a mistake in grading.

After a while, the bell rings again. It’s the end of night self-study.

Everyone starts to run to the back.

“Wow….. 718!”

“The first for the whole grade!”

“I remember the first rank was announced to Wang Zi Yue of the 11.2 right, 687?”

“Yes 678, a mark higher than He Si Yue.”

“D*mm*t, Chen Xing Ruo gets full marks for both Mathematics and Geography………”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t stand up, he just takes at the back of the classroom. He could see what is going on.

Chen Xing Ruo is doing Mathematic questions. She doesn’t look around.

Lu Xing Yan takes his pen and knocks on her table. “Hey.”

“Don’t disturb me.”

She is calculating for the last problem, it’s a bit complex and she uses to count in her head so she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t know, he is not satisfied with her response so he knocks his pen on her head.

Chen Xing Ruo suddenly stops and looks at him. “Do you want to die?”

Lu Xing Yan: “……..”

Three minutes later, Chen Xing Ruo finally is done with the last question. She puts down her pen and looks around.

Li Cheng Fan’s face is full of shock, he comes over and sits down on He Si Yue’s chair. He reproaches Chen Xing Ruo: “Ruo Jie, you are too awesome? Your mark is twice of Yan Ge’s mark ah!”


Lu Xing Yan takes Chen Xing Ruo’s Rubik’s Cube and throws it to Li Cheng Fan: “Could you die if you just say few words?”

Li Cheng Fan is quick so he could avoid the Rubik’s Cube.

Shi Qin comes over and hugs Chen Xing Ruo’s neck form behind, she says to her that she wants to borrow her exam papers to study.

Chen Xin Ruo isn’t used to the intimacy between girlfriends, yet she doesn’t refuse her, she takes out her exam papers and passes it to Shi QIn.

If Shi Qin is a radio presenter, she should be an expert. The time she gets it, her eyes turn big. “Your score for this literature composition is 58, you are really great!”

“Let me see, let me see!”

A lot of people go and talk a look at it too. All of them start to compliment Chen Xing Ruo.

He Si Yue also looks at Chen Xing Ruo’s Mathematic exam. For him, it’s not incredible hard but he had no time to finish it.

But Chen Xing Ruo could finish it all, her writings and steps are neat. She includes all the steps of problem solving.

He accepts wholeheartedly that Chen Xing Ruo is better than him after he finishes looking at it.

Now those female students, who were laughing and mocking Chen Xing Ruo, turn so quiet. They just return to their seat. They take their backpack and leave.

Shi Qin and LI Cheng Fan are like Chen Xing Ruo’s little fans. They keep on talking about how impressive Chen Xing Ruo is.


Because they still need to line up to have a shower up and freshen up, most students are leaving quickly.

Shi Qin gets back to her seat and tidies up too, Chen Xing Ruo is done so she doesn’t tidy up.

When everyone is leaving, Lu Xing Yan takes Chen Xing Ruo’s examination papers to look.

No wonder she doesn’t write anything.

“Great ah, Da Xiao Jie (Miss high and mighty).”

Lu Xing Yan sneers lightly and teases her.

Chen Xing Ruo: “I told you, I feel that I’m doing well.”

Lu Xing Yan: “…….”

That time at the sport field, he thought she is unwilling to accept the reality.

Chen Xing Ruo takes out the bottle of milk, which she hans’t drunk this morning. She pokes the straw on it. “This morning, why did you help me to speak up?”


“Li Ting and friends.”

Chen Xing Ruo gets ready to drink her milk and looks at him.

He remembers.

“Ao, I wasn’t doing it for you, don’t misunderstand.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “……”

What should I misunderstand?

Then a next moment, her bottle of milk is gone from her hold.

“You are my seat-mate, you also stay at my house. If you being gossiped in bad way by someone else, I might lose my face.”

Lu Xing Yan picks up his backpack and sways Chen Xing Ruo’s bottle. He says: “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

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