Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 13

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t show any expression of lacking in confidence, she says everything like it’s fact.

Lu Xing Yan pauses for two minutes and feels that something is wrong. He wants to say something but the time he sees Chen Xing Ruo’s expressionless face, he couldn’t say anything.


At the house, Pei Yue has asked Zhou Yi (Auntie Zhou) to prepare various meals. They both haven’t put down their backpack, Pei Yue has called them to wash their hands and get ready to have meal.

They both sit down and Pei Yue starts to ask about Chen Xing Ruo’s wellbeing. Then she mentions about the exams: “Ruo Ruo, you had your two days examination, you are so tired right?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “No, this examination is arranged in much more relaxed way.”

Pei Yue: “Was it hard?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “It’s okay, it’s not very difficult.”

Pei Yue nods; “Ao…. Then how do you think would it be?”

Chen Xing Ruo: It should be okay.”

Chen Xing Ruo is patience, she just answers every question Pei Yue asks.

Pei Yue still wants to ask more questions, Lu Xing Yan is so impatient: “Don’t chat anymore, let’s eat first oka?”

Pei Yue: “ I even don’t ask you anything.”


Lu Xing Yan is choked with Pei Yue’s expression of ‘I don’t need to ask about how your score for the examination’.

Pei Yue continues to chat with Chen Xing Ruo. “Ruo Ruo ah, you don’t need to pressure yourself too much. You should just display your normal ability.”

Chen Xing Ruo” “Em.” Looking that Pei Yue hasn’t started eating. She says; “Pei Yi (Auntie Pei), let me serve you a bowl of soup.”

Pei Yue is considering whether she wants to say something, she just smiles when she hears Chen Xing Ruo’s words. She nods.

The time Chen Xing Ruo places the bowl in front of her, she smiles so brightly and says: “Today your Lu Shu Shu (Uncle Lu) go to Hui Zhe, he met with your Papa. Papa is so relieved to hear that you are adapting well here.”

Chen Xing Ruo pauses.

Lu Xing Yan finds her words to be strange, he looks up to see Chen Xing Ruo’s face.

The next moment, Chen Xing Ruo continues to eat: “Ao, is Papa’s wedding prepared well? Recently I am so busy with school. I probably couldn’t ask for a day leave, so I wouldn’t go back.”

At first Pei Yue has prepared to say her persuasion but when she hears Chen Xing Ruo’s words, she couldn’t say anything.

Lu Xing Yan is confused. He keeps on thinking of her words and drinking his soup till he just chokes.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t look at him and just eats her food like nothing has happened.

It’s too natural.

After the dinner, Chen Xing Ruo takes her backpack and returns to her room.

Looking that she is gone, Lu Xing Yan, who is sitting lazily on the sofa, suddenly sits up:”Ma, what wedding? Chen Shu is getting married?”

Pei Yue is under pressured because of this matter, she rolls her eyes at Lu Xing Yan and scolds him. “You are a big adult man, how could you be so gossipy!?”

Without waiting for him to answer, Pei Yue just tells him with a low voice.

Then Lu Xing Yan doesn’t say anything else more, he just glances to the staircase.


This weekend passes in calm manner, except having meal, basically she stays inside the room.

Pei Yue finds an excuse to send a glass of milk two times, but Chen Xing Ruo does nothing, she just keeps on doing the exam questions.

Pei Yue feels anxious.

Lu Xing Yan says to her and she just realizes it —- how could there is someone that does the exam paper again so eagerly after the examination ends.

Very quickly it’s Sunday night, it’s the time for them to return to the school.

Chen Xing Ruo brings the fired chicken wing that Auntie Zhou prepared for her.

At first Auntie Zhou prepared one for her and one for Lu Xing Yan, but Lu Xing Yan is too lazy to wash the dishes so the time they get off the car, he just gives it to him.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t act modestly, she just takes two boxes and shares with the female students in her dorm.

Xu Qin eats it so happily, while she feels anxious about her examination result, which would be out tomorrow.

Not only Shi Qin, Chen Xing Ruo could hear how nervous all the female students about their examination mark.


On Monday.

There’s an half hour ceremony in the sport field. Then everyone goes back to the dorm. On the way to the class, they keep on discussing about the examination.

Ming Li’s efficiency is too surprising, The vice-principal goes to the teachers’ office to find Wang You Fu, the exam results are out. It would be printed first.

For the whole morning, everyone is so nervous.

The time it’s Geography subject, the teacher distributes the result.

“What is your score?”


“127, it’s great, how could you gets so high mark!”


“How could I only get 78?!”


Chen Xing Ruo gets her result and looks at it. She doesn’t show any expression, she just places it on her drawer.

Li Cheng Fan yells excitedly. “Wow I got 90! God seems to be so kind with me, what is your score?!”

Lu Xing Yan looks at him.

Li Cheng Fan’s smile just freezes. Then he laughs dryly: “How about my goddess? What is your mark?”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t talk with Cheng Xing Ruo.

After all this is a sensitive moment, he couldn’t say anything, he doesn’t want this ‘white peacock’ humiliates him.

Chen Xing Ruo also doesn’t talk with Lu Xing Yan.

To be exact today she doesn’t talk much to anyone.

Looking at how silent she is in doing her question, her whole body just shows ‘I don’t want to talk with anyone’. At first everyone wanted to ask her score, but looking at her expression, they don’t dare to ask her.

The next subject is Mathematic. The Mathematic teacher, Liang Dong, gets inside the classroom and brings the exam papers.

Everyone really wants to see their score on it.

“Let’s start.”

Liang Dong: “The result for examination is out. I would distribute it now.”

“He Si Yue, 142, good.”

“Di Jia Jing, 140”

“Xu Wei, 135”


Chen Xing Ruo suddenly understands something.

Liang Dong distributes the exam paper based on the grades.

The underachievers would get their paper lst.

“Li Jia Qi, 127.”

“Zhou Yu Cheng, 120.”


Lu Xing Yan yawns, he suddenly looks at Chen Xing Ruo.

“Shi Qin, 108”.

“Chen Xing Ruo, 90.”

Cheng Xing Ruo shows any expression, she just takes her exam paper.

Everyone is shocked.

The full marks for Mathematic subject is 150, 90 is just meeting a minimum standard. Chen Xing Ruo just gets minimum standard?!”

Lu Xing Yan looks at Chen Xing Ruo’s paper and notices her score, 90.

“Duan Jiang He, 74.”

“Lu Xing Yan, 68.”


For the Mathematic subject, a lot of people are so unfocused. Wang You Fu also takes the list of ranks and marks. He stands in front of the class and asks He Si Yue to stick it on the back of the class.

It means all the exams’ result are out.

The class starts to explode again.

He Si Yue at first wanted to ask Chen XIng Ruo but he had no time.

He Si Yue sticked it close.

As just he expects, his result is on the first page of the list. He Si Yue sighs in relieved.

He looks around the first page and doesn’t see any Chen Xing Ruo.

He looks at the second page and he finally could see her name.


She is in middle place.

Chen Xing Ruo is a new student, she used to be praised by the teachers so everyone thought that she is a top-student.

Everyone is so confused with it.

Her result is too shocking.

“What happened, how could she get that low mark? Is there any problem with the question?”

“It should be no problem for the question, moreover it’s not one or two marks….”

“But wasn’t she a top student of Yi Zhong of Hui Ze. Supposedly she wouldn’t get that low mark……..”

“How could you compare Hui Ze with Ming LI, supposedly their standard is much lower than us…..”

“Not that bad, Hui Ze is very good too……..”

After that everyone still talks about Chen Xing Ruo’s marks. A lot of female students are unhappy toward Chen Xing Ruo. For example, her roommate, Li TIng.

She sits not far away from Chen Xing Ruo, Li Ting chats with her desk mate without any sign of stopping Chen Xing Ruo to listen to her: “…… I also thought that she could get scores in top three, I thought she is a top student, this time her marks is……. Hui Ze is really lacking? How could she not get into the top ten. They just boast.”

“Right, it seems so awkward…..”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t stand up when the class ends, she just reads her book and listens to it calmly.

Actually a lot of people are staying in the classroom and observing it.

—— Actually she doesn’t do anything.

Like she doesn’t hear anyone’s comments.

Except laughing at her, a lot of people want to approach her to comfort her but they feel that supposedly she doesn’t want to be comforted so they just look at her silently.

Even He Si Yue, who wants to comfort her, he just stays and watches her.

Lu Xing Yan goes to the restroom and looks at the ranking list. He knows about his and Chen Xing Ruo’s marks.

He just chews his chewing gum silently and returns to his seat.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t mind him, he doesn’t mind Chen Xing Ruo too.

But those female students are too annoying, they keep on talking and chattering about Chen Xing Ruo’s score like by humiliating her, they would be the stars of the school.

He hears it for three minutes and suddenly throws his phone. He crumples his exam papers into a ball and throws it in front. He says lazily: “You guys, what are you guys doing, are you done?”

His voice is not really loud but everyone looks at him.

Those female students’ face is sour, they grumble in a low voice yet they don’t dare to get in fight with Lu Xing Yan. They just return to their own seats and shut up.

Then the class just turns quiet, it’s too quiet.

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