Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 12

During the examination day, Chen Xing Ruo just sleeps till the last minute and just goes out of the room.

She drinks her milk while listening for English listening ability. At the front of the dorm, she bumps into Lu Xing Yan and his roommates.

There are four of Lu Xing Yan’s roommates. Except Bian He, three of his roommates also have examination in the same venue.

Someone looks at her and greets her: “Ay, Ruo Jie (Sis Ruo), let’s go together.”

Another male student also says: “Ruo Jie, these two days examination, we would depend on you.”

Chen Xing Ruo says nothing.

Another male student says: “Right right right, actually we don’t care much about our score. The most important thing that we have a group effort. It’s okay if we would be embarrassed anyway it’s not the first time. But we couldn’t make our Wang Lao Shi (Teacher Wang) feels embarrassed. Aren’t we right, Ruo Jie?”

“It’s not the first time you guys embarrassed Wang Lao Shi’s face too.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks at them.

Then she seems to hear Lu Xing Yan’s laughter.

She doesn’t know whether she hears it wrongly or not. Then he says lazily: “Stop copying, do it yourself.”

……. Lu Xing Yan turns out to have noble character and unquestionable integrity. It’s a great thing but the time she sees his face ‘D*mm*t, I even could get 750’, Chen Xing Ruo feels a bit blurred.

They enter the classroom.


This time six subjects are divided into two day examination.

When everyone enters the last examination of English, all of them are looking very tired.

Five minutes before the examination, Chen Xing Ruo is playing with Rubik’s cube to move his fingers.

Lu Xing Yan and other male students are chatting. He unconsciously looks at her. He just notices that a male student in front of her, is looking back and starts to chat with her one-sidedly.

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t even look at him.

“Ay…….. Yan Ge (Bro Yan), what are you looking at?”

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t look at him and just asks: “Which class is that man from?”

“That one ah, is Chen Tao of the sixth class. He is repeating a year in school. He was asking for half year leave last year. This semester he resumes classes.”

That male student continues with a low voice: “He seems to make another females student be pregnant. That female student’s family is really awesome, they found someone to beat him up. It made him be in comminuted fracture, he needed to recover so he just asked for a leave….”

Then suddenly Chen Xing Ruo just throws the Rubik’s cube to Chen Tao and stands up.

She stands up very straight and loos very cold.

Chen Tao is a man that could forget past very quickly. These two days examination, he wants to flirt with her.

But Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t mind him.

Looking at how cold Chen Xing Ruo, it makes Chen Tao feels more interested toward her.

He thought that Chen Xing Ruo would only get angry with her or give him cold face.

He doesn’t expect her to just throw away the Rubik’s cube to his face. It makes his half face turns numb.

Chen Tao is so stupefied and just covers his face. He then responds and swears at her: “D*mm*t”

Chen Tao is a tall man, he looks devilish and monstrous. Moreover when he swears, he stands up. He acts like he wants to hit her.

Lu Xing Yan is sitting on the first line so it’s quite far from them. He feels interested with it.

Actually when Chen Xing Ruo said that she wants to light joss stick in front of her burial mound that time he really wanted to fight her.

But he has a good basic manner, he wouldn’t hit female students.

But this Chen Tao seems to have no basic manner.

Actually Lu Xing Yan also wants to know how Chen Xing Ro responds if he hits her.

He raises his eyebrows and plans to watch a ‘good drama’.

Suddenly, there’s a voice ——

“Lu Xing Yan, he wants to hit me.”


The male students around Lu Xing Yan, responds quicker than him. “Wow, Yan Ge, he wants to hit your desk-mate, why don’t you come over!”


The time he blocks Chen Tao by standing in front of Chen Xing Ruo, he also holds Chen Tao’s hand. Lu Xing Yan doesn’t feel like himself.

—— D*mm*t, it feels so unreal.

But Chen Tao doesn’t feel that it’s unreal because he sees Lu Xing Yan shows no expression. It’s clear it’s not a good sign.

Though he is a student who is repeating a year, but he also has heard about Lu Xing Yan’s popularity.

He has heard about how great Lu Xing Yan is in fighting. Yet he doesn’t love to fight.

He has heard the time when he was in Grade 11, Lu Xing Yan fought with someone.

The provoker is a difficult person to deal with. Lu Xing Yan, the rich young master, fought her and beat him up totally.

Moreover Lu Xing Yan’s family has a power and great reputation. Fighting with him might make him injured. But what if he needs to quite school.

Thinking about this, Chen Tao asks: “Lu Xing Yan, this is your girlfriend?”

Lu Xing Yan says nothing.

Chen Tao takes it that he agrees with him silently. He nods: “Okay, I get it. I just returned to school so I don’t want to fight with you. You should tell me earlier. Okay.”

He then looks at Chen Xing Ruo: “Beautiful girl, I’m sorry.”

Chen Tao says it and the bells for the beginning of the examination starts.

The examination observer comes inside the room. She coughs: “We will start the exam soon, everyone please put away those unnecessary things in front on the stage then you could return to your seats.”

Lu Xing Yan wants to say something, he lets go of Chen Tao’s hand and looks at Chen Xing Ruo.

This time he really looks at her with expression “Wait for it”.

Chen Xing Ruo is still calm.


After two hours, the English examination ends.

This is the last exam so a lot of people are discussing about the answers. Chen Xing Ruo is tidying up things, she could hear the male students are planning to go to the internet bar.

She takes her bag and ready to leave.

The time she goes to the front door of the class, Lu Xing Yan is still sitting there silently. He plays with his pen.

“Hey, Chen Xing Ruo.”

Chen Xing Ruo loos at him: “Is there any problem?”

Lu Xing Yan: “You don’t plan to say anything?”


“You act again.”

Chen Xing Ruo thinks about it: “Oh, thank you.”

Then she just leaves.

Lu Xing Yan still toys around with his pen.

He watches her leaving and feels something inside him.

But he doesn’t feel anxious with it. Today is the end of the examination day, they both would go home and he could think through this.


When they are in the third floor of the classrooms building, Chen Xing Ruo bumps into Shi Qin and Li Ting. They are matching their answer.

They are all sixteen years old girl and living in the same dorm. Though they frequently fight but after two days, they would reconcile.

Looking at Chen Xing Ruo, Shi Qin pulls her and asks her to discuss about the exam questions. “Ay, Xing Ruo, those English questions are so hard, I couldn’t understand it.”

“It’s just we need to use the picture and helps Peter to write a letter for Chinese exchange student.”

“Ay? I thought it lets me to sum up Peter’s achievement after staying in China! It’s over over! Over!”

Li Ting: “It’s okay. The teacher would give you mark for writing. I also made mistake last semester and teacher still gave me mark.”

Then she looks at Chen Xing Ruo: “Ay, Chen Xing Ruo, do you feel this time exam is hard?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “It’s quite okay.”

Li Ting doesn’t say anything and just pouts.

They both just go downstair, then they hear female students’ laughter. They look back and Li Ting’s eyes turn bright. She greets them friendly, “Chen Zhu! Yu Meng Meng! Qian Jia Yue!”

Three of that female students also greet her, yet they are not acting so friendly. They also don’t say too much things to her. Then three of them just leave.

Chen Xing Ruo feels the middle female student, whose hair is in bun style, look familiar. Yet because of her bad memory, she couldn’t make out where did she see her.

Looking at how Chen Xing Ruo looks at Chen Zhu, Li Ting speaks up: “That one is third class of Chen Zhu. In the past she was so popular in the junior high school. She and Lu Xing Yan have a good relationship.”

Lu Xing Yan.

Shi Qin of course knows Chen Zhu, she couldn’t help but to start gossiping. “I heard that last winter vacation, their group went to the beach to hang around. Ay, is she really dating Lu Xing Yan ah? I also heard that few weeks ago was Chen Zhu’s birthday? Lu Xing Yan also went there.”

Mentioning Chen Zhu’s birthday, Li Ting feels a bit awkward.

She has prepared present for Chen Zhu, she thought that Chen Zhu would invite her.

But she wasn’t.

Li Ting starts to change the topic, she doesn’t want to chat about it.

Chen Xing Ruo remembers it……….

This female student seems to be one that being slagged by Lu Xing Yan, then she just cried near the Luo Xing lake side.

Looking at her expression, it seems if they aren’t reconciled, perhaps this woman has forgotten him in a speed light.

Chen Xing Ruo thinks that the second option is more likely to be true.

Recently being a desk-mate with Lu Xing Yan, he everyday shows his expression of ‘I could stay asleep for forty eight hours’, he shows a face that it’s impossible for him to date.


Uncle Lu has stopped the car near the Shu Xiang road near the Ming Li school to wait for them.

Chen Xing Ruo returns a while toward the dorm. The time she is on the car, Lu Xing Yan has started to play his game.

The time the game voice says “Victory”, Lu Xing Yan throws the phone away and looks at her.

Chen Xing Ruo’s eyes meet him. Then she sends message for her roommates. After a while, she notices that Lu Xing Yan is still looking at her. She asks: “What is it?”

Lu Xing Yan gets right to the point: “That man wanted to hit you, why did you call me?”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t even blink, “We are in our class, I am your desk-mate too, I live in your house. If I’m being slapped, you supposedly would lose face.”

Lu Xing Yan: “?”


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