Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 11

The basketball field is in short deathly silentness.

“WTF, what is this Jie Jie (Sister) doing?”

“Isn’t this the same female student who last time asked Lu Xing Yan to clean up too?”

“Yes, that’s right. She is Chen Xing Ruo, she is a transfer student.”

“Right that’s her. WTF, is she starting quarreling with Lu Xing Yan?”

“Pfff! No! You guys sound so ambiguous……”

A lot of male students also watch them, they discuss and feel so interested with it.

Xu Cheng Zhou, who is standing beside Lu Xing Yan, is still contemplating about what happened, he seems to recognize this female student.

Then he opens up his photo album in his phone.

Lu Xing Yan just stays quiet all along.

The sunset’s light is a bit glaring, he narrows his eyes and examines Chen Xing Ruo. After a while, he walks closer to Chen Xing Ruo.

Chen Xing Ruo is 165 cm, it’s a normal height for a female. Yet Lu Xing Yan is taller than her about 20 cm. The time they stand closely, he only could lower his head to look at her.

It’s the first time he looks at her closely.

Her skin is white without any flaw, her facial features show that she is gentle and kind. But most of the time she isn’t smiling, so it makes her look cold.

Looking at how Lu Xing Yan doesn’t respond, Chen Xing Ruo already gets ready to attack him back if he says —- “Clean up? D*mm*t”.

This time Lu Xing Yan nods “Okay.”

Chen Xing Ruo waits for a while and Lu Xing Yan just nods: “Okay.”

Chen Xing Ruo waits for a while, but she hasn’t gotten any attack from him. “Wait for it”.


Xu Cheng Zhou stands on the side and looks at the photo album. He sighs.

“Ay, beautiful woman, you…..”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t even glance at him, she says nothing and just leaves.

Xu Cheng Zhou feels so emotional and he just holds his phone to show him.

“Ay ay Ay, she was the one that sprayed the middle-aged man on the train right? Do you remember? She was the one that gave you five dollar. Look at the photo! It’s really her! So she is Chen Xing Ruo!”

Lu Xing Yan shows no expression. “Give me broom.”




As a result, that nightfall all the students at the basketball field could watch a strange moment: Ming Li’s distinguished rich Da Shao Ye, Lu Xing Yan, unexpectedly holds the broom and sweeps the basketball.

He is tall and skinny, he sweeps the ground indifferently.

Chen Xing Ruo goes to the night self-study after the dinner. The time she walks toward the class and she passes the basketball ground, she hears the female students are discussing.

“He is Grade 11 Lu Xing Yan right?”

“Lu Xing Yan really sweeps the basketball field? OMG.”

“That male student is famous?

“You don’t know him, his Papa is Jin Sheng’s CEO.”

“Ao Ao, …… it’s him, I heard someone said it.”

Jin Sheng is Xing City’s leading real estate enterprises, domestically it has a top rank.

In Ming Li, family background is an important standard of allocation.

The female students continue to discuss:

“It’s too odd. Why I could see that he is ‘turning over a new leaf (mend his way)’.”

“What? Ay don’t you think he is so handsome when he is sweeping the ground? He is too handsome. Even when he is sweeping, he attracts a lot of attention.”

Chen Xing Ruo looks over the basketball ground.

It’s quite surprising, a normal person just needs around 10 minutes to clean up. It’s ben half an hour and he still shows no sign it would be done soon.


During the night self-study period, the sky is already dark. The moon shows its dim light.

Today is the rotation of seats so now Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan are sitting on the fourth line and last row, it’s also the most corner seat.

Chen Xing Ruo opens up the window.

The wind on the spring night is very gentle.

After the first period of night self-study, Chen Xing Ruo has finished her homework. The second period of night self-study she plans to review Mathematics questions.

Before she does it, after the bell that reminds the second period of self-study start, Lu Xing Yan comes inside the class with his backpack.

Lu Xing Yan walks toward the seat on the right of Chen Xing Ruo, she hasn’t reviewed anything.

—— This Shao Ye’s existence is so strong.

Chen Xing Ruo examines her and notices that he has come back to the dorm to have a shower. He smells of grass shower gel.

Lu Xing Yan just throws his backpack down: “I forgot about it.”


Looking at how she doesn’t respond to him, Lu Xing Yan is impatient, he repeats once more. “I forgot about it, I didn’t do it in purpose.”


He means about cleaning duty.

Chen Xing Ruo thinks about it and asks: “Have you have your dinner?”

Lu Xing Yan looks at him and seems to feel that there’s something behind her question. But he just answers: “Not yet.”

Chen Xing Ruo puts down her pen and takes out a sandwich from her bag. She places it on his table.

“When did you buy it?”

Lu Xing Yan looks at her.

“Last night, it could be kept for three days.”

This sandwich actually is prepared by Chen Xing Ruo for her breakfast, but today she woke up early and she went with Di Jia Jing and Shi Qing to eat rice noodle, so she didn’t eat it.

Lu Xing Yan doesn’t dislike it, he takes the sandwich and looks around. He then tears open the sandwich package.

Chen Xing Ruo: “Don’t eat anything during the class.”

Lu Xing Yan raises his eyebrow; “Then you still gave me?”

Chen Xing Ruo: “You could eat after the class.”

Lu Xing Yan sneers lowly and turns silence for three seconds. Then he just puts the sandwich down.

A period of night self-study is forty five minutes, Chen Xing Ruo finishes reviewing and Lu Xing Yan just sleeps for the whole period.

After the bell rings, he even doesn’t really awake. He just leans back on his seat and massages his head. He yawns.

The time he is fully awake, he holds his backpack and takes the sandwich. He just leaves freely and easily.

This Shao Ye shouldn’t coming over to the night self-study class just for saying “he is forget’ right.

Chen Xing Ruo wants to pack up her stationeries, she pauses for a while.


It takes a week for Wang You Fu’s anger to completely vanish. He rethinks about it and possibly notices that it is unreasonable to punish Chen Xing Ruo. So during the class, he compliments Chen Xing Ruo a lot.

Not only Wang You Fu does that, even other teachers also start to compliment Chen Xing Ruo. Though she is a transfer student, but a lot of students are regarding her to be a top student.

In the last March, Ming Li’s Grade 11 starts to enter the first examination.

Starting that semester, major or minor examination aren’t delimited by range. At most currently the review only takes the major subjects, they don’t do review for minor subjects.

Before the examination, Shi Qin is too nervous. “I heard that this Mathematic examination would be made Guang Tou Qiang, Guang Tou Qiang is an abnormal! I remember for Grade 10 third time monthly examination, he was the one that made the exam. The whole grade 10 students’ pass rate is less than 30%!”

“It’s okay. If you couldn’t do it, then it means most people also couldn’t do it. Relax” Di Jia Jing always comforts people well.

“It’s not wrong. But my ma said that if my Mathematic doesn’t pass the bar, she would cut my living expenses by half!”

Shi Qin is doing her Mathematics but her mind is in disorder.

Looking at how Chen Xing Ruo is doing sit-up, she raises her head and asks: “Xing Ruo, perhaps doing sit-up makes you not nervous?”


Chen Xing Ruo stops and considers. “In theory it might be possible but the time your body is tired, you would have no time to nervous.”

She adds: “But I just plan to sleep.”

This time Di Jia Jing and Li Ting couldn’t help but to turn their head and look at her.

Di Jia Jing: “Xing Ruo, you don’t plan to read your books again? This time for the literature test it would be made by the leader of literature’s teachers, her questions always come from the Classic, it’s very hard.”

Chen Xing Ruo is done doing her sit-up, she unfolds her blanket. “I’ll pass, I am so sleepy.”

Li Ting feel a bit weird: “Chen Xing Ruo, I heard in the past you are the first rank in Hui Ze’s Yi Zhong?”

“Not always.”

Her Physics and Chemistry aren’t top-notch, she could do well in Biology.

Looking at how Chen Xing Ruo has already laid down calmly, Li Ting wants to ask for more information but she forgets what she wants to ask.


The examination venue just be arranged in the two days before the exam.

Chen Xing Ruo is a transfer student so she is fortunate because she could have the last exam room and last seat.

Lu Xing Yan looks at the seating arrangement for the examination. “I and you are on the same exam room.”

Chen Xing Ruo: “Em.”

Lu Xing Yan: But I’m sitting on the first line, first row, you are the last line, last row.”


Chen Xing Ruo glances at him and doesn’t know why she could sense an indescribable sense of superiority from him.


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