Strawberry Kiss Mark (草莓印)🍓 by Bu Zhi Shi Ke Cai (不知是颗菜) ~Chapter 10

“Lao Shi (Teacher), our class unifies to prepare International Women’s Day, you want to take this for your shoe pad?”

Lu Xing Yan finds this to be so funny, he just places his hands on his pocket and ridicules him.

Guang Tou Qiang just blushes then pales up. His expression shows his inner feeling “No! This is not the evidence of crime I want!”

Lu Xing Yan feels annoyed, he also says: “Go to our class to confiscate things too, maybe you could get several packs. You could have enough shoe pads for a year.”

This time the first class doesn’t study silently like another class. The class is so noisy.

The time the female students of the first class gets the rose, they feel that the male students of their class is so caring and attentive.

But the time they open the present, they feel that the male students of the first class is too shameless! How could they give sanitary towel for International Women’s Day!”

Guang Tou Qiang is so furious. He goes to the class and notices how disorder the class is. Though they could give him a reason but he just humiliates and scold their class.

Wang You Fu notices it so he comes over, Guang Tou Qiang also reports toward Wang You Fu. He even reports the Rubik’s cube’s incident.

No one knows who speaks up: “Xu Lao Shi (Teacher Xu) said by himself that if they could solve the Rubik’s cube, he would not say anything. Chen Xing Ruo just solve it in one minute.”

Then everyone else just starts to laugh.

The bold male student also chimes in, “Right, Xu Lao Shi said those things, he said it by himself.”

They are colleagues, Wang You Fu is also confused what makes this Guang Tou Qiang be so crazy. But he is still a teacher, he still gives him a face.

“I’ve been telling you guys so many times. For the morning self-study, you guys shouldn’t discuss anything else than the subject. The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. Why don’t you start study?”

Wang You Fu talks slowly, he keeps on lecturing for half minute.

Wang You Fu is a famous one to shield someone else shortcomings. Though his class is not obedient, only him could scold and lecture them.

Guang Tou Qiang looks at Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ro to pick fault with them.

Wang You Fu also gives him respect, he coughs and pretends to be strict. He just says to Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo. “Lu Xing Yan, Chen Xing Ruo, how could you guys play Rubik’s cube for the night self-study! Though it could grow your intellectual, practicality and speed. You should play it after the class.”

“Also, Lu Xing Yan, how could you let Xu Lao Shi tears this open and just tell him what is it. You should tell him earlier, why should you make a great misunderstanding?”

Lu XIng Yan always be willing to accept other’s people advice, he nods and turns toward Guang Tou Qiang. “I’m sorry, Xu Lao Shi. Actually I also don’t know inside it is sanitary pad. I should peek at the present first. So before you open it, I could remind you what it is.”

He says it and bows it.

The class suddenly just bursts into laughter.

Guang Tou Qiang looks at it and just snorts at Wang You Fu. He puts down the sanitary pad and just wipes his head and goes upstair.

The students are still laughing so hard.

Wang You Fu looks at Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo and says nothing else. He goes to the stage.



— Wang You Fu slaps down his red thermos, who never leaves her hold, on the stage desk.

“Look at this! What are you guys thinking!’

Wang You Fu’s face is unkind, he wants to scold the class.

Chen Xing Ruo never sees this side of Wang You Fu.

The first class’ students seem to have encountered so in just a second, the students stop laughing. They sit straight and be so silent.

“This grade 11, there are 25 subjects, among them there are 9 subjects of Liberal Arts, 3 subjects of Liberal Arts Practical! The time we divided the class, your standard should make you the first one in those Liberal Art classes! But you guys always be at the bottom rank! How could you guys have time to laugh around during the morning self-study! You don’t feel shame, I even feel shameful to be your teacher!”

“I know that senior high school is hard, I never ask you guys to have a really high achievement. If you couldn’t get a good mark, it means you have an ability trouble! But if you don’t study well, it means that you have attitude problem!”

“You guys should take a look at yourself achievement! What kind of class we are! We are Liberal Art classes! The fourth class is just a normal class, yet we just a mark higher than them! Do they laugh at the teacher like you guys! What university would you go if you keep on doing this!”

Wang You Fu’s words seem to poke on the first class’ students soul, it’s so peaceful and quiet.

Afterwards, Wang You Fu looks at Chen Xing Ruo and Lu Xing Yan;

“Also two of you!”

“Lu Xing Yan, last night you seemed to be so argumentative about the Rubik’s cube! You keep on being sloppy! Stop being arrogant! I am your homeroom teacher, I’m not your Pa Ma. I’m not used to your bad temper!”

“Chen Xing Ruo! You are the top student of Hui Ze. You usually act okay, I know that this matter is unrelated to you!”


“But why do I arrange you to sit down with Lu Xing Yan! It’s because I want you to be his role model! How could you take him as an example and play with him to anger your teacher! Is that what should you do as a top student!”

Lao Shi, you didn’t say that way when you were chatting about the seating arrangement last time……..

It’s rare thing for Lu Xing Yan to stand up and listen quietly for Wang You Fu’s words. He shows no arrogance, he usually shows in his face.

Maybe because his scolding toward Chen Xing Ruo is a bit weak, Wang You Fu doesn’t continue to scold her. He just says: “Two of you just go outside and stand there for the whole period of self-study!”

Then he just leaves while gasping for breath.


It’s the first time she is punished. She never punished since she was in the kindergarten.

This early morning, she suffers an underserved bad luck. She starts to regret to not having breakfast.

She always couldn’t stand up for a long time, especially the time she has no breakfast.

In the past during Grade 10’s military training as a subject in schools, for sleeping few minutes more, she didn’t eat any breakfast, at last she just fainted.

This time her face is so pale, Lu Xing Yan starts to imagine her mood. He glances at her: “Hey, are you okay?”

“Not really.”


What kind of standard method is this? Most people would be strong and stubborn, they would just nod?

Lu Xing Yan has not responded yet and Chen Xing Ruo just kneels down.

Looking at how she kneels down, hugs her legs and buries her face between her knee, Lu Xing Yan thinks that she is crying.

………… This thing indeed is unrelated to her, she should be viewed a top student all of her life. Then suddenly she just being punished by a teacher, she should be very embarrassed.

Thinking about this, Chen Xing Ruo suffers this calamity because of him.

He feels quite unease about this.

He looks around and sees there’s no one.

He closes his mouth and just coughs lightly. He then pats Chen Xing Ruo’s shoulder: “Hey, don’t cry.”

He gets no response from her, he stands there for three seconds then he kneels down again. He pretends to be indifferent. He says: “This time you are being punished when you don’t deserved it. Everyone should know about this, you don’t need to be embarrassed.”

There’s still no reply.

“If there’s someone that comments about it, then I’ll tell them to shut up. Okay.”

Chen Xing Ruo finally speaks up. “…… Please just shut up.”

Lu Xing Yan: “………….”

Chen Xing Ruo finally feels better, she raises her head to breath fresh air. Then she stands up again and reads the book.

Lu Xing Yan says nothing else, but he knows clearly that she would no show her sad expression though she might be embarrassed inside her heart.

Not only Lu Xing Yan thinks that way, the other students also think the same way.

After the punishment time is over, the female students, who are in good relationship, with Chen Xing Ruo come over and comfort her.

There’re also male students coming over to comfort her, Li Cheng Fan also puts a show to amuse her.

Anyway no one believes that her face is pale because she couldn’t stand for a long time.


After that matter, Lu Xing Yan always feels that he owe Chen Xing Ruo something. He doesn’t treat her coldly anymore.

Actually Chen Xing Ruo never does anything bad toward him, except throwing his basketball to the rubbish bin, or wanting to burn the joss stick for his burial mound.

At first he was just unhappy to look at her because he thought that she likes to act, she is a double-faced person.

Besides that time because of Chen Zhu’s matter, his mood was not very good and suddenly there’s a stranger coming to the house; A brilliant and bright student.

Chen Xing Ruo actually always be very friendly to most people. But for those who provoke her, she could simply be arrogant just like a white peacock, who could be angry when it feels unhappy.

As an unsuccessful provoker, Chen Xing Ruo has change of mind toward Lu Xing Yan. But it’s hard for him to change his attitude instantly.


Chen Xing Ruo notices that recently Lu Xing Yan seems to be friendlier than before.

She thinks that it might because they receive punishment together. This Da Shao Ye (Old Master) also stood out to sympathize with her and punish together.

She also doesn’t hold any grudge toward him, moreover she also stays in Lu family’s house. It’s better if she could interact well with him.

So she forces herself to accept Lu XIng Yan’s kindness. Their relationship as seat-mates wouldn’t be so friendly, but at least it would be moderate.


The morning when they go out of the room, Di Jia Jing remembers something, she discusses it with Chen Xing Ruo: “Xing Ruo, today I am on cleaning duty but today I need to join meeting for school’s committees? Could you switch with me?”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t think too much about it and just agrees.

Actually doing cleaning duty on Thursday is so much better for her and Lu Xing Yan as Driver Lu wouldn’t wait too long for them.

She enters the classroom and asks the male student, which has Thursday’s cleaning duty, she asks whether he is willing to switch.

That male student just nods frantically.

By the time Lu Xing Yan is inside the classroom, Chen Xing Ruo tells him about it.

Last night Lu Xing Yan seemed to ‘have an affair’ that today he even couldn’t open his eyes. He is full of exhaustion.

Hearing her words, he just could botch “Em.”

Chen Xing Ruo asks once more: “Do you hear me clearly?”

He lays his head on the table and says lazily: “Doing cleaning duty, okay I got it.”


The last subject on Thursday is Politics, Wang You Fu distributes and explains questions from exam booklet.

After the end of the class, he asks Ruan Wen to collect all the exam booklets so he could see whether everyone in the class is serious.

Chen Xing Ruo helps Ruan Wen to take the booklets to the teachers’ room.

The time she is back, there’re only few female students.

Lu Xing Yan and his basketball, which he always places on the bottom of his chair, are gone.

Chen Xing Ruo stands there for a while, she shows no expression and just directly takes the broom. She starts to clean up.


At the nightfall, the sun is setting.

In the basketball field, during the half-tie.

Lu Xing Yan is so sweaty, he lifts up the hem of his cloth and just wipes his sweat. He goes to the field side for a while.

There’re young female students waiting for him for a while, looking at Lu Xing Yan coming over, they just blush.

He has no expression, he just refuses coldly: “No need.”

Xu Cheng Zhou has watched this for a while, he isn’t so surprised. He just throws a bottle of water toward Lu Xing Yan and lets him open it by himself. “What is it, Lu Da Shao Ye (Great Master Lu)? Today you seem unwell.”

Lu Xing Yan just answers casually: “I don’t know, I just feel that I forget something today, but i couldn’t remember it.”

“What kind of goldfish brain do you have—-“

Lu Xing Yan just throws the bottle of water back to him: “D*mm*t, you are the one that has goldfish brain.”

The time he is talking, Lu Xing Yan glances around and notices a female student, who is holding a black trash bag. Hr back is straight, she just walks toward the basketball field.

Chen Xing Ruo?

Lu Xing Yan stands there for a while.

Chen Xing Ruo walks closer and closer to him and at last she stops in front of him.

She says nothing, her expression is calm. In front of Lu Xing Yan, she just rolls the trash bag and pours over everything inside the trash bag.Then she pours it well-distributed around half the basketball field.

“These are from the 3-4 line and lecture stage’s trashes. Clean it.”

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