Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 9

The water keeps on coming inside the car, it is dirty and cold. It makes Xu Qin’s shoes turn wet.

Xu Qin squats on the chair and calls 119. She repeats her condition and adds: “The car is about to slip from the bridge, the water starts to come inside. It might fills with water in four minutes.”

“Ok, we have the nearest firefighter station nearby, we would contact them. Please keep your phone on. Wait for us!”

“Okay.” Xu Qin hangs up and feels it’s hard to breath. She lowers her head and hugs her own legs and let herself to calm down for a second.

The water has reached the seat. Xu Qin looks around and couldn’t find anything sharp to break the window. She calls for help but it’s useless. The sound of the wind and rain are too loud, no one seems to be able to hear her. She yells for several times, yet no one answers she starts to lose her mind.

Along with the car gradually slips down toward the bridge, the inside of the car starts to be dark.

The water has reached Xu Qin’s waist. The space inside the car is getting smaller.

Xu Qin opens up Meng Yan Chen’s contact information. The time she is about to call him, the car starts to move again, it suddenly speeds up to slip down.

Xu Qin is anxious, she knows that the sign this car will drop from the bridge is clearer.

She suddenly knocks on the window: “Help!”


The sound of the rain and wind cover everything else.

She couldn’t look at anything.

Suddenly she sees a flashlight, she starts to scream. The flashlight comes closer. She could see a man with broad shoulder slaps her car window.

Xu Qin sees his orange sleeve, he is a firefighter.

“Help!” Xu Qin slaps at the window.

That man wants to use the hammer to break the window, but the wheel has left the ground, it’s not balanced. He hammers the window and the car just revolves around.

Xu Qin falls from her seat. She starts to grab the seat to stand up. She raises her head to take a breath.

Xu Qin is dizzy and eyes are dimmed. The car suddenly just stops because something is blocking it.

Xu Qin suddenly pants, she looks forward at the tall figure. That man is holding the car bumper, he stands in the front part of the car and uses his strength to push it up and to stop it slides again.

That man stops for a while and seems to gather his strength. After a while, the car could be pushed up. Suddenly a car rushes over and bumps with Xu Qin’s car. It creates a great banging sound. The car slips again, Xu Qin is drowning. That firefighter tries to push it again.

The car comes back to the ground. The rain still pouring heavily, but the water inside the car has decreased.

Xu Qin feels feels afraid, she feels afraid that the car would slip again.

He quickly breaks the window and waves at her: “Come here!”

His hands are bleeding. Xu Qin climbs from the back to the front and holds his hand. That man uses his other hand to protect her head. He holds her out till she reaches the front of the car.

Xu Qin is unprepared and bumps into his chest, she enters his embrace.

That man’s shoulder is broad, his chest is full of muscles. It gives her a sense of security.

Xu Qin is still badly shaken, she just hugs her rescuer tightly.

His body is stiffen.

Under the cold rain, the man’s body is hot and muscly. Xu Qin could smell the scent of rain, sweat and water on him.

She feels his stiffness.

She raises her head and looks at Song Yan’s black wet hair, he is watching her.

It’s really him.

Xu Qin’s face is pale: “Why is it you?”

“You have no choice.” Song Yan says.

Xu Qin: “I don’t mean that way.”

Xu Qin asks: “You were nearby? Why are you alone?”

Song Yan doesn’t look at her, he looks at the car. His temper is bad: “Do you know how many car accidents in this area in an hour? D*mm*t, you know that there’s a warning of rainstorm, how couldn’t you stay at home?”

He goes to the back of the car and suddenly knocks on the back of the car. “Is there anyone else?”

No one answers.

Song Yan opens up his flashlight and takes a look at the inside of the car. Inside the car is all water.

He just carries Xu Qin off the car, he holds to the shallow part of the water. He says nothing.

Xu Qin leans on his embrace and her left hand is clutching his collar. Her fingernails are on his neck.

“Move away.” He is impatient.

Xu Qin looks at him, he frowns.

Xu Qin doesn’t move.

Song Yan looks at her: “Do you believe that I could throw you to the water?”

Xu Qin looks at him, she knows him well. He would throw her inside the water. Yet she wishes for perhaps she wishes for 10% of probability that he wouldn’t, he would be reluctant to do it. So she just looks at her and doesn’t move her hands away.

Under the dim light, his face is clear.

She looks at how his lips are straight, he looks like he is mocking him.

In a next second, Song Yan really throws her away to the water.

Pu Tong, there’s a spray of water.

She feels it’s okay, anyway her whole body is wet.

It’s so cold because of the wind blows so hard.

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