Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 7

For the whole week, Xu Qin’s life is peaceful like usual she goes to work. She lives her normal life.

For the celebrating the National’s Day holiday, the medical staffs of outpatient service are on holiday roster, while the medical staffs for emergency department still work as usual.

During the holiday, a lot of patients, who are drunk or eating and drinking unreasonably, come over through the help of 110 center. Every medical staffs keep on being busy and have no time to rest.

At late night there’s a couple of drunk people, Xu Qin comes inside the observation room. The couple are laying next to each other and chatting with each other.

Xu Qin calls over the nurses to give both of them blood pressure medicine. The man is chatting with the woman and glances at Xu Qin. He smiles: “Tian Shi Jie Jie (Angelic sister), you are so beautiful ah.”

That woman points at that woman and laughs: “You are a stupid one, you are drunk. I am the angel, I’m right here!”

That man is unhappy: “You are the one that is drunk, I am not drunk.”

The woman: “Shut up! Do you believe me that I would kiss you? I would turn you into a stone.”

That man lifts up his blanket and wants to get off the bed: “Come on, kiss me! Who doesn’t kiss me would be a grandson!”

The nurses use a lot of energy to press couple back to their own bed.

Xu Qin looks at both of the patients and instructs the nurses: “Just do the routine medical procedure and put them on IV.” Then she notes the situation down and leaves the observation room.

Xiao Nan follows her closely.

Xu Qin: “Those two know each other?”

Xiao Nan: “No, they were sent over from different places.”

Xu Qin: “But they look like they are familiar with each other.”

Xiao Nan: “But these twos are okay. The patients yesterday were worst. They were hugging each other. Their beds are full of pee.”

Xu Qin says calmly: “The government shouldn’t give any holiday. People could be animal, the time they lose their restrain, they don’t understand what control means.

Xiao Nan reminds silently: “Doctor Xu, it means that we also would have no holiday then we would be so tired.”

Xu Qin thinks about it: “…….Oh…….”

But in several hours, Xiao Nan once again experiences what is ‘don’t understand what control means’.

That time it’s early morning 02:00 a.m., Xu Qin and several other surgeons, to the extent several nurses are standing inside the consultation room. They are looking at the same direction, everyone’s face is full of frowns.

A male patient is laying on the bed, his face is red, his legs are curling up. His genital is stuffed in a short steel pipe

Through preliminary check up, because this patient has physiological impulse, he stuffed his genital into short steel pipe to seek for stimulation, but after he stuffed it in, he couldn’t take it out. Because of his genital is constricted with blood, it is unable to soften. It keeps on straightening up for several hours, it is so painful and the man is about to collapse. The patient is in pain, he keeps on crying: “You should save me, Doctor ah. I haven’t had any kid. Our family only have one heir in a generation. Please help.”

“If it’s the case, why don’t you take it easy?”

Xu Qin discusses with them and tires to give him injection, but that thing doesn’t turns soft. She tries to pull out the pipe, but it’s useless. The patient keeps on howling and crying.

When she is unable to find a solution, Xu Qin says: “Call the firefighters over.” Everyone is puzzled and Xu Qin just adds: “They are experts of tool. Just like the case where a kid is locked in a toy box, adult’s leg is locked inside the revolving door, the ring is stuck on the finger. The firefighters could solve that.”

Everyone else just realizes something. The male patient has mind to intervene, he sneers: “Wow, what kind of stupid would have his leg stuck on the revolving door?”

Xu Qin looks at him.

Xiao Nan calls 119.

Doctor Li sighs: “I don’t know if firefighters could do those things.”

Xu Qin says: “Firefighters are experienced prodigies………” Then she looks at everyone else, she says: ………… you should open up your horizon about profession.”

After a while, a fire engine car comes over.

Xu Qin sees a group of men get off the car. From the window, she could see they are wearing orange suits. It’s a bit bright and beautiful outside the fire scene. Yet now it looks a bit eye-catching.

She doesn’t see Song Yan.

The time the firefighters are inside the emergency room, among them there’s no Song Yan.

Xu Qin explains the situation and asks: “Which fire department are you from?”

“Shi Li Dai.”

It’s Song Yan’s fire department, it seems that it’s not his shift. Oh right, how could anyone endure a twenty four hours service.

Xu Qin retreats to a side and looks outside. Could he stay behind inside the car?

Needlenosed pliers, shearing pliers, electric-powered polishing machine….. The firefighters spend half hours to solve that matter. Then they hand over the task to the doctor.

After the matter is solved, the patient wants to thank the firefighters. Yet they are gone.

The sun has risen outside.


Inside the camp, Song Yan is training the officers.

It is said that the mastery of study lies in diligence, even skills. If they don’t practice ten days or even eight days, they would be out of practice. Getting into a fire scene is a matter of life or death, a small mistake would be deadly.

The firefighter military unit formulates a strict schedule of daily practices for physical capability, technical ability, intellectual and psychology practice, by no means an isolated case. Song Yan is a strict group leader. He usually could joke and be happy-go-lucky. Yet during the training, he wouldn’t let anyone be inattentive, lazy or does any cheap trick.

The firefighters already use to his style of leadership, they also know how to cherish their own life so they train seriously and hardly. All the time for every competitions between group of firefighters, Shi Li Dai group always be the first one.

The contents of today’s practice is climbing an overturning wall and doing a prompt drop.

The group is divided into pairs. They assemble downstair. One of the pair climbs first and the other one just helps to hold the chord.

After that, it’s a ten minutes rest.

Song Yan and Yang Chi cooperates to train each other. Yang Chi climbs up first, then throws down the rope. Song Yan takes the rope and and climbs up for ten seconds. When he arrives at the top of the building, Yang Chi says: “Yan Ge (Brother Yan), I heard from Xiao Fei, that this morning they were dispatched to San Jun hospital.”

The matter of the weirdo had his genital stuck on the pipe, is not only known to all the people in the group but also known to the other group of firefighters.

“So?” Song Yan just carries the dummy on his back, then ties him on his waist.

Now it’s the third pair, Song Yan is sweaty, his t-shirt is sticky.

Yang Chi wipes his sweat and carries another dummy behind his back: “They also told me that there’s that cold beautiful female doctor. They said that next time they would find her if they are hurt.”

“If not, let me make you injured now?” Song Yan glances at him and smiles insincerely.

“Don’t.” Yang Chi giggles.

Song Yan climbs down. Yang Chi also follows him. “Ge, do you know that doctor? Last time I felt something was wrong……”

Song Yan straightens his lips, his gaze turns dangerous.

“Is she your ex-girlfriend……”

Song Yan kicks him and Yang Chi just screams.

“I’m wrong.”

Song Yan kicks him again, Yang Chi just howls: “I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

Song Yan just sucks his breath and just kicks him again.


In a flash, it’s the first third of August, the high temperature has passed. The half summer holiday has passed. A lot of cases at the hospital like getting drunk, heatstrokes, fighting, stomachache because of eating Mala hotpot — start to decline.

Xu Qin keeps her working routine, she goes home and visits her parents and meet her friends too.

In period of time once, she also goes with Fu Wen Ying together to enjoy an afternoon tea tea. On the opposite of the tea table, there’s a Tai Tai (Madame) who is as elegant as Fu Wen Ying. She is with a handsome young man around Xu Qin’s age.

Xu Qin displays herself just like Fu Wen Ying’s standards of a perfect woman: Beautiful, fresh, soft, polite.

In Fu Wen Ying’s world, the rule is very simple. Love and feeling, heart and nature could be spread unchecked. But for marriage, Fu Wen Ying wants a well-matched marriage partner. She wouldn’t approve anyone in a lower social status. It’s impossible for her.

So is Meng Yan Chen, Xiao Yi Xiao. Everyone that she knows is that way.

Xu Qin also accepts the elders’ concept and teaching silently. From she was young till now, she is enjoying a prosperous and privileged life. It’s a comfortable living condition that makes her immerse in it and couldn’t run away.

That day the man doesn’t show that he is interested with Xu Qin. Yet two days after, he sends a message to make an appointment with her. Xu Qin just sits down and suddenly she is called to go to the meeting. Then they contact each other less frequent.

Supposedly because the man has great qualifications, he has a lot of choices.

Xu Qin doesn’t mind it, she just forgets about it. In reverse every day for going to work at the hospital till getting off the work, she could see Dao Li’s fire hydrant. She always be absent-minded for a second. She always looks calm and collected.

One day after getting off the work, she answers a call from Xiao Yi Xiao, he is asking her out. His new bar “Mei Se” starts to open.

Xu Qin arrives earlier there than Meng Yan Chen, the time she finds Xiao Yi Xiao. He is sitting down on the booth and chatting with a man. He notices Xu Qin and waves his hand to greet her. That man also turns his head to look at her. Whether it’s coincidental or not, it’s the man who was in a blind-date with a man. — Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looks at Xu Qin and feels surprised.

They both look at each other for a second and has reached a common understanding.

Xiao Yi Xiao doesn’t know there’s anything between them. He just introduces them to each other friendly: “This is my biological sister, Meng Qin; this my friend, Jiang Yu.”

Jiang Yu is polite and asks: “What is your job?”

Xu Qin glances at him. “Doctor.”

“Being a doctor should be busy right? You are here, could you be suddenly called over?” His words are profound.

Xu Qin glances at him and smiles politely.

Xiao Yi Xiao intervenes: “In the past I also said it. Being a doctor is too tiresome. I asked her to go to the University of Medicine, it is much more relaxed. Yet she didn’t want to listen to me.”

Meng Qin unscrews the cap of her bottle of water and says: “Except holding the scalpel, I don’t want to do anything else.” She says. She wants to pour the water to the glass. Her eyes narrow, she notices a small water stain o the glass.

Xu Qin calls after the waiter: “Please change the glass.”

Jiang Yu doesn’t know why she acts that way, Xiao Yi Xiao asks her first.

“Wait, what is wrong with the glass?”

Xu Qin shows him, Xiao Yi Xiao leans closer and just sees it after quite some time. He sighs: “I really couldn’t endure your obsession with cleanliness? Are your eyes a microscope?” Why everything in front of you could be dirty?”

Xu Qin ignores him and takes a new glass. She checks it over and she still feels dissatisfied. She asks for a straw from the waiter. She takes it and wipes it clean. Then she just drinks with it.

Jiang Yu watches her action and feels it’s a bit freakish. Yet in half second, he lowers his head and smiles.

Xiao Yi Xiao: “I heard from your Ma, your Ma arranged a blind date for you?”

Jiang Yu raises his wine glass.

Xu Qin: “Em.”

Xiao Yi Xiao asks: “Do you like him?”

Jiang Yi plays with the glass.

Xu Qin: “I just met him once, I have no deep impression of him.”

Jiang Yu looks at her and shifts his gaze. Meng Yan Chen comes over and pats on Xu Qin’s shoulder. Then she just shifts her body to give him space to sit down.

Jiang Yu looks at Xu Qin and then Meng Yan Chen. He finally smiles and exchanges conventional greetings with Meng Yan Chen.

So it turns out Meng Yan Chen and Jiang Yu know each other, it’s just Xu Qin doesn’t know about it.

Three men are talking about work-related matters. Xu Qin bites her straw and doesn’t listen to them. She just daydreams till at a moment, Xiao Yi Xiao goes away to answer his call. He says something “firefighters suddenly comes for inspection”.

“Firefighters”. That word suddenly pulls Xu Qin back from her daydream. She notices that everything around her is so noisy. She could hear the song: “A returning wild goose, behind it is the ocean. It is going to the north, passing through….”

Xu Qin raises her head; “This song is quite good.”

Xiao Yi Xiao goes far away.

She puts down her glass and stands up: “I’ll go over there to take a look.”

Meng Yan Chen and Jiang Yu just stay there and drink, they don’t want to get in on the action.

Xu Qin notices that Xiao Yi Xiao is going to the sofa area, he just passes the outer of the dance floor and disappears.

She follows him closely.

On the dance floor, the crowd of people are swaying based on the music.

The singer on the stage is holding her guitar and sings: “My love ah, waiting in my grassland. Waiting for me silently, the sun is shinning in the dark.”

Without any sign, a figure flash through the crack. Xu Qin could notice the firefighters on the opposite of the dance floor. The firefighters are wearing a loose green uniform.

A firefighter, two firefighters, come out from the corridor.

Xu Qin doesn’t think about it and just rush through the crowd of people, she is running over there.

Xu Qin goes to the opposite side and enters the corridor. The manager of the bar takes several firefighters for fire safety inspection. A firefighter runs from Xu QIn’s behind and calls after that tall man: “Dui Zhang! (Captain).”

Xu Qin doesn’t listen clearly to him, the bar is too noisy.

Xu Qin stands there and watches them want to leave.

She finally comes forward, suddenly she clutches his hem of a shirt.

He stands still for a second and turns his head slowly.


“Is there any problem?” The man looks confused.

She recognizes a wrong person, his face doesn’t look like Song Yan.

Xu Qin lets go and says: “I recognize a wrong person.”

She turns calm and returns back to the her seat. She passes the dance floor. On the dance floor, everyone is still dancing and jumping excitedly. The time she regains herself, she hears the lyric of the song: “I want to return to his side!! —“

Then the music suddenly stops, the world suddenly turns silent for a while.

Yet in the silence, Xu Qin could hear the voice of her heart so clearly.

She wants to find Song Yan.

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