Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 6

One of Song Yan’s hands is holding that man’s wrist, he is not using all of his strength, yet that man couldn’t move.

Song Yan ridicules him coldly: “You want to hit a woman? Where did you learn this immature behavior?”

“Let my hand go! If not— I—-.” That man stammers.

Song Yan asks him: “If not?”

He lets go Xu Qin and uses his other hand to attack Song Yan; Song Yan clutches his wrist. Then he pushes him away till he bumps the wall.

The woman points at Song Yan and yells: “Your hospital is hitting people?”

Song Yan doesn’t want to mind them, he turns his head and looks at Xu Qin,who is standing behind him. He points with his chin and says impatiently: “You aren’t helping anyone, what are you doing here? You want to watch drama?”

Xu Qin immediately runs out and just listens to Song Yan’s hoarse voice. He says vulgarly: “I am not from this hospital, the patience is my Xiong Di (Brother), D*mm*t, who dares to make a fuss here and delay his treatment. I would break his leg.”

This is the ways of the world, bully the weak and fear the strong. The rude and unreasonable one should be treated with one who is ruder and more unreasonable. Xu Qin thinks that way.


The injured firefighter’s name is Tong Ming, the one that accompanied him to come over calls Xiao Ge.

Xu Qin cuts the sleeve of Ming Tong’s suit, she gives him a basic cleaning treatment. Tong Ming is in pain.

Xu Qin says: “Endure it a while, after a while, I’ll give you anesthetic.” Then she looks at Xiao Nan to give her a signal. Xiao Nan comes over and wipes clean Tong Ming’s dirty face.

Tong Ming turns embarrassed.

Xiao Nan is hurried: “Why are you keep on avoiding?”

Tong Ming raises his other hand: “Let me do it by myself, let me.”

Xiao Nan: “Your hand is swollen, it’s also dirty.” She says and presses down his hand. She wipes his face clean, his face is red and there’re several scratches.

Xiao Nan knows that he was coming out from the fire. She is empathetic toward him, she doesn’t say anything and just wipes his hand too.

Xu Qin simply cleans Tong Ming’s arm, which is being burnt and injects a painkiller for him. She asks coldly: “There is no ambulance at the fire scene?”

Tong Ming answers stupidly: “I don’t know, I was taken away by Xiao Ge.”

Xiao Ge explains hurriedly: “There are, but it’s not enough. They just took several injured people and left.”

Xu Qin says: “No ambulance stays at the fire scene?”

Xiao Ge doesn’t answer.

Xu Qin says: “Go and appeal.”

Xiao Ge is startled, Tong Ming also turns startled. Xiao Nan Xiao Bei are startled too. Inside their heart, they are saying: “Doctor Xu, that ambulances are from our hospital!”

Tong Ming smiles fatuously and waves his hand: “A dispute between close people who fail to recognize each other, we are all like one family. What should we appeal? Hehe.”

Xu Qin looks at him.

Tong Ming thinks that she still doesn’t understand, she points at Xu Qin and then himself. “Doctor, firefighters, don’t we work to serve the people? We are family, family, it’s difficult.”

Xu Qin lowers her head and continues her work, she says nothing.

After the surgery is done, Xu Qin prescribes medicine and fluid loaded into a syringe for a hypodermic injection. Xiao Nan also takes Tong Ming to get antipyretic injection.

Xu Qin thinks about Song Yan and returns back to the emergency room quickly. He is gone. The doctor in next shift, Doctor Li, is checking on a patience.

Xu Qin returns to the hall and looks around carelessly. She also doesn’t know what she is looking for. Suddenly she notices a tall man comes out of the injection room, she goes straight toward the entrane.

Xu Qin chases after him and passes the crowds of people.

That man walks fast and his figure keeps on going far far away from her.

Xu Qin passes all the people and exits the entrance. She runs down the staircase: “Song Yan!”

That man stops.

That time it’s a day with a gentle and fine weather, the sun is basking on his broad shoulder.

It’s early morning.

Xu Qin tries to calm her breath because she is running. She puts her hands on her pocket and comes closer to him: “Song Yan.”

Song Yan turns his body over and looks at her. He shows no expression.

They both stands under the morning sun and looks at each other, everyone is passing them.

Song Yan: “Is there any problem?”

Xu Qin: “Long time no see.”

Song Yan narrows his eyes and seems to recall something seriously: “It’s quite long indeed.”

Xu Qin: “How is your life right now?”

Song Yan: “Quite good, what about you?”

Xu Qin looks at his eyes and says softly: Not good.”

Song Yan stops smiling, he is observing and judging her face. After half second, he smiles again. His expression looks like he is able to see through she is acting, she is asking for sympathy.

He says: “Oh, is there anything else?”

It’s obvious that he doesn’t care, he also has no mood to talk roundabout with her.

Yet Xu Qin doesn’t feel awkward, she is calm and says: “For what happened before, thank you.”

Song Yan says politely: “I did it for my Xiao Di (Brother).”

Xu Qin nods and says politely: “Also last time……”

“Xu Qin.” Song Yan cuts her off and looks at her eyes, “What actually do you want to say?”

Xu Qin: “If you are free, let’s drink a cup of coffee.”

Song Yan watches her for a while and once again smiles strangely for a while. He couldn’t hide his mockery toward her.

This time Xu Qin feels her face is blushing so red, yet she feels no shame. She still speaks up: “Could we?”

“I’m quite busy.” Song Yan slightly leans closer and closes a bit distance between them. He says: “Line up”

Xu Qin’s face shows no response.

Song Yan stands up straight: “When it’s your turn, I’ll call you.”

He walks away.

He leaves delightedly and doesn’t look back.

Xu Qin stands there unmoved for a while, she watches his figure disappears in front of her. Then she turns her body to get into the hospital.

Then she bumps into a colleague of 120 center (Ambulance department), Xu Qin asks: “Before did you prepare an ambulance for the firefighting?”

“Of course, we prepared four ambulances.” He answers.

“Were there so many injured people? Why did the injured firefighter get no help of the medical staffs? At last how could there’s no ambulance staying on the scene to help them?”

“Ay, don’t mention it. At first there’s a car. But those people with light injuries were saying that they couldn’t breath and demand a full check up. They were making fuss to be taken to the hospital. We also had no other way.”

Xu Qin doesn’t say anything else and just changes her clothes to get off work.


Xu Qin just wakes up three hours before she needs to go to work. She eats her takeaways on the balcony. She looks at the tall building and Wu Fang street nearby.

She could see the black burnt Hong Qiang Bai Wa (Red wall white roof).

Xu Qin doesn’t know what she is thinking. The time she just regains herself, she is on the entrance of Wu Fang street.

She gets inside the Wu Fang street.

She looks around the Wu Fang street. She enters the Wu Fang street, she could sense a different vibe from a flourishing city to a crowded village.

She passes the tailors’ stores and hears the sewing machines’ noises; She passes the spice stores. There are lady boss and lining-up several waiters. She could smell the spice; She passes barber’s store; There’s a small restaurant, she could hear the cooking sound: the hot boiled oil. … The kids are making nose.

The air is full of clothing scent, spice scent, shampoo, food, also a scent of the leaves.

Xu Qin passes that busy street and notices that unexpectedly these years, though the world outside Wu Fang street is progressing rapidly. Everything inside the Wu Fang street is still the same. The boss of the spice still has her mole near the lips; the tailor still wears his favorite cheongsam; the barber still has a crew cut…..

She also could find Song Yan’s house easily, it feels like she comes back to her own house. The feeling comes from her bone.

Song Yan is raised by his Jiu Jiu (Maternal uncle) and Jiu Ma (Auntie). The house is in the far away from the alley. It’s a courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard.

In front of the house, there’s a board which is written “Di Ji”.

The wooden door is opened and shows a glimpse of spirit wall (screen wall used to shield an entrance in traditional Chinese architecture), covered corridor (linking two or more buildings), a lot of wooden furnitures inside the courtyard.

Song Yan’s Jiu Jiu is third son of Di family, who specializes in carpentry’s work. His works are fine and meticulous. He is quite popular, he could make from small products like woman’s makeup box to large products of wardrobe. He could make a lot of products.

Xu Qin stands in front of the entrance of the courtyard.

She could hear a faint sound of the television program from the courtyard.

The center building of the courtyard is surrounded by loquat trees, which stand straight with a canopy of leaves. The wisteria, which she planted that year, has reached tall the west-side bedroom. That room is Song Yan’s bedroom.

Everything seems to remain unchanged.

Xu Qin strokes the wood on her hand. She remembers that Di Jiu Jiu (Uncle Di) used to teach her how to carve. He was carving a log of wood and turning it into a headdress flower. She was so happy that she was laughing out loud.

She said: “Song Yan, I really like your courtyard house.”

That young Song Yan knelt on wooden piles, he was holding a cigarette between his fingers. He used to see her while bent his head to another side. He smiled: “It’s useless to just say it, do you dare to get into my residence certificate?”

Xu Qin stopped moving, she also stopped smiling. She just blinked at him.

He leaned closer toward her: “I promise you that this life time till death, I will keep on cherishing you.”

Uncle suddenly came over and slapped Song Yan’s back of the head: “You are smoking again at home, Jiu Ma would be so angry!”

When she hears footsteps from the real world, Xu Qin regains herself.

Di Lao San notices a figure outside the courtyard: “You come to do carpentry?”

Xu Qin turns her head.

Jiu Jiu has turned older.

“Oh, Meng Xiao Jie (Ms Meng).” Di Lao San regains his formality. “Why are you suddenly coming here? Is there any problem?”

Xu Qin: “I am looking for Song Yan….’

When she says those words, suddenly Song Yan’s Biao Mei (Younger female cousin via female line), Di Miao, comes out of her bedroom: “You are a cruel woman, you still have face to come over and find my Ge? That year you almost got him killed,you….”

Jiu Ma comes out and drags Di Miao back to the bedroom.

Xu Qin doesn’t really understand what Di Miao said, she comes forward: “What did she say……”

Jiu Ma cuts her off: “He is not living here.”

Xu Qin glances at his bedroom unconsciously, the door is closed, the curtain is closed. It’s dark.

“Where is he staying right now?” Xu Qin asks: “Is it convenient for you to tell me?”

“It’s convenient.” Jiu Ma smiles, she says: “Now he is a firefighter, he supervises the troop of firefighters. He stays at the camp. It means that he couldn’t come out.”

She couldn’t meet him.

It’s not as easy as that year, now she couldn’t find him here.


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