Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 5

Xu Qin is the last one to exit the elevator, Xiao Yu Xiao slows down his steps.

Xu Qin asks: “Why are you looking at me?”

Xiao Yu Xiao: “Do you miss Song Yan?”

Xu Qin is cold: “What should I miss from him?”

Xiao Yu Xiao couldn’t answer for a moment, he just laughs and strokes Xu Qin’s head.


The colored lights circulate in the room, it makes the atmosphere be dubious. The screen is playing an oldies song. The waiters are pouring water and beers on the coffee table.

Xu Qin goes to the washing room, Meng Yan Chen is drinking water on the sofa. Xiao Yu Xiao sits beside him and pushes him.

Meng Yan Chen’s glass shakes : “What is it?”

Xiao Yu Xiao: “Recently do you have any woman around you?”

Meng Yan Chen shakes his head.

Xiao Yu Xiao glances at him. “Do you have any embarrassing illness?”

Meng Yan Chen looks back at him: “If not, you want to try?’

Xiao Yu Xiao shows his disgusted expression. “Go away! I have no interest in man.”

One of the female waiter in the room laughs secretly, Xiao Yu Xiao pretends to be angry: “What are you laughing at? Ah?”

The waiter knows that he doesn’t angry, she just smiles.

Xiao Yu Xiao just asks: “Let me ask two of you, is he handsome?”

Meng Yan Chen: “Get lost.”

One of the waiter pursues her lips and blushes.

Xiao Yu Xiao: “Is he handsome? Ah? He.”

The two waiters nods.

Xiao Yu Xiao continues to tease them. “So is he more handsome or me?”

Meng Yan Chen couldn’t be quiet anymore: “Are you bored?”

One of the waiter is bold, she says: “He.”

Xiao Yu Xiao loses his smile and looks at that young woman. After a second, he smiles: “Tonight you would not get any tip.”

The young woman, who is not getting any tip, just stays silent.

Xiao Yu Xiao doesn’t make fuss and just eats his orange. He suddenly says: “That day, Xiao Qin said a sentence to me.”

Meng Yan Chen looks at him.

Xiao Yu Xiao: “She said that your Ma told her of what is called life, it means you couldn’t get what you want the most. Also precisely you want something because you couldn’t get it. But the time you get it, you would toss it away quickly.

Meng Yan Chen watches him intensely.

Xiao Yu Xiao: “A person’s life is really long, if you could enjoy what you have, it’s already a great good fortune. Giving up something for chasing something you want. It’s worthless.”

The time they are speaking, Xu Qin is back. Meng Yan Chen looks away and picks up his wine glass.

The waiter, who is pouring wine asks: “Xiao Ge (Bro Xiao), what do you still want yet you couldn’t get it ah?”

Xiao Yu Xiao is not serious, he just smiles: “I want you, but I couldn’t get you.”

The young woman couldn’t endure the tease, she laughs shyly and blushes.

Suddenly Xiao Yu Xiao’s phone vibrates.

Meng Yan Chen takes a look at it: “Just go down. Before you said you have things to do?”

Xiao Yu Xiao knows that he couldn’t hide it from him “My several business partners turn out to have dinner next door. I just know about it and I want to treat him to drink, but….”

Meng Yan Chen: “But there’s no other room?”

Xiao Yu Xiao: “D*mm*t, it’s too unlucky.”

Meng Yan Chen: “Let them come here, it’s okay.”

Xu Qin sits down and says: “I’m okay too.”

Xiao Yu Xiao laughs: “Okay.”

Five men in their full suit attire come to the room and sit down. Then the head waiter, A Lu, brings over twenty women for accompany drinking along inside the room. All the women are tall and showing their shoulders and long legs. Those five men seem to be the first ones to come here so they aren’t feeling free. They just refuse politely.

Xiao Yi Xiao asks: “You guys don’t like any of them?”

He waves his hand and one of the woman walks out in a line and another row of women come inside. The lines of women come out and in for a while. Xiao Yu Xiao always be someone that direct and simple. The clients don’t choose which ones they wants so they just keep on standing up.

Anyway it’s not really awkward moment.

Xu Qin just eats her fruit and be a bystander there.

Those men are caught in a dead end so each one of them just choose one to accompany them to drink.

A Lu waves the remaining ones to go out. She says to Xiao Yi Xiao: “Xiao Ge, you don’t want one to accompany you to chat?”

Xiao Yi Xiao points at Xu Qin: “How could I dare, my girlfriend is there.”

Xu Qin, who is being dragged into this matter as a ‘shield’, pretends like she doesn’t hear him.

Years ago A Lu was just a woman who accompanies man to have drink, now she is the leader of them. She is familiar with them. She knows that Xiao Yi Xiao is just joking. “Qin Jie is still that beautiful. I don’t know how to describe her beauty, she is so beautiful two or three folds than us.”

Xiao Yi Xiao’s face change: “What are you taking about?”

Xu Qin just ignores them, she even doesn’t look at them. A Lu notices that something is wrong so she just changes her words quickly: “How could we compare her with us, she has a different status, of course—-“

Xiao Yi Xiao: “Get lost.”

A Lu just leaves directly, she wants to compensate her mistake so she brings two beautiful women inside. She explains to them that these two are newbies. At first they were on holiday, but because of Xiao Yi Xiao, she called them over to come .

Indeed they look much more delicate and pretty, they even don’t wear too much makeup.

Xiao Yi Xiao looks at Meng Yan Chen, he acts like a magnanimous man: “You could choose first, then remaining one would be mine.”

Meng Yan Chen: “I have no interest.”

Then a woman with a white dress thinks that there’s no other matter, she turns her body to leave.

Xiao Yi Xiao’s gaze turns cold, he says: “Where is your manner? Stand back!”

That woman just turns her body back and looks at Xu Qin. Their gaze meets each other, yet Xu Qin is still acts cooly.

Xiao Yi Xiao says: “Where do you get your bad temper?”

A Lu smiles apologetically: “Em, you are impolite.”

That woman doesn’t explain, she says nothing, she even doesn’t apologize. She just shows no expression. Her cold demeanor is similar with Xu Qin.

Meng Yan Chen points at her: “Just her.”

She comes over and sits down beside Meng Yan Chen and Xu Qin. Those clients are now chatting excitedly with those women. But Meng Yan Chen and Xiao Yi Xiao just regard the women are air. Xiao Yi Xiao sometimes asks the woman, yet Meng Yan Chen just stays silent.

The white dress woman is sitting beside Meng Yan Chen, she is drinking her own wine and just minds her own business.

Meng Yan Chen finally asks: “Would you go?”

The white dress woman: “I’m not leaving with a client.”

Meng Yan Chen looks at her, his gaze shows that he has a good self-control. He peeks at Xu Qin. Xu Qin is eating her grapes and doesn’t listen to his words.

The white dress woman seems to understand something, she just sips her wine and says nothing. After a while, she pours another glass of wine for Meng Yan Chen.

Meng Yan Chen asks: “What is your name?”

“Ye Zi.”

“Where are you coming from?”

Ye Zi answers him.

Meng Yan Chen: “It’s a good place.”

Ye Zi: “Have you come over there?”

Meng Yan Chen: “For business trip.”

Xu Qin takes a tissue and wipes her hands, then she stands up.

Xiao Yi Xiao: “Where are you going?“

Xu Qin: “I have a night shift, I’ll leave first.”

Meng Yan Chen: “Let me send you.”

Xu Qin: “No need, it’s quicker to take the subway.”

Meng Yan Chen says nothing, he just grabs a chain of keys and stands up. Xu Qin looks at him and follows him out.

Xiao Yi Xiao turns and looks at them. He doesn’t know whether it’s his illusion or not. These years Meng Yan Chen’s words seem to turn lesser and lesser.


Because it’s the weekend, during the night there’re still a lot of cars on the street.

Meng Yan Chen just stops the car in front of the red light, he turns her head to look at Xu Qin. Xu Qin is watching the night scenery from her window. Her expression is clean and cold.

“What are you looking at?” She looks at the window and asks.

Meng Yan Chen’s fingers are poking the steering wheel. “Today, Mama said something to me.”

Xu Qin: “What kind of things?”

Meng Yan Chen: “Nothing major, she just asked me to ask you.”

Xu Qin waits for a while and waits till he continues. Yet he says nothing so she asks again. “What?”

Meng Yan Chen: “Do you want to get married?”

Xu Qin looks at him and seems to be indifferent: “I haven’t thought about it. I also don’t think I don’t want.”

Meng Yan Chen tries to figure her out, he asks: “Then what kind of man you want to date?”

Xu Qin: “I would listen to mama’s arrangement.”

Meng Yan Chen: “You are still acting the same way when you were young, you have no interest toward anything.”

Xu Qin looks at the window again. She says nothing else.

The time they almost arrive at the hospital, Meng Yan Chen suddenly asks: “Did you talk to Song Yan?”

Xu Qin: “No.”

Meng Yan Chen looks at her.

Xu Qin: “I said something to him, but he just ignored me. —- It’s okay. Between me and him, there’s nothing to be talked about.”

Meng Yan Chen examines Xu Qin’s expression yet he doesn’t notice anything different from her face.

“Qin Qin?”


“That year when you went abroad, what did Mama discuss with you?”

“She asked me whether I want Song Yan or money?” Xu Qin looks at Meng Yan Chen, I says: “Of course I want money.”

Meng Yan Chen looks at her and feels confused.

Xu Qin pouts and looks forward: “It’s green light, let’s go.”


Xu Qin provides assistance for Gao Liang Zhu Ren (Director Gao Liang) to complete a heart surgery. The patient is a middle-aged man, who just had sudden heart attack.

It’s quite difficult to rescue him. When the doctors are out, they notice there are two women are fighting with each other. It turns out that the one who sent the man with heart attack is his lover. Now she bumps into the legal wife. Looking at this, a lot of nurses come over to mediate in a quarrel.

Xu Qin just leaves calmly.

She returns to her office and enjoys thirty minutes of calmness.

But at the last moment before her shift ends, suddenly a lot of things happen. She has experienced a lot of times when she is about to end her shift, a lot of things just happen. Under this condition, the overtime is prolonged.

Ten minutes before her shift ends, there’s a white-collar worker comes over because of a wild cat’s scratches. Xu Qin is helping her to treat the wound. Then suddenly she hears a cry and yell. “The arm is injured, where is the doctor?”

A couple of husband and wife with a crying ten-years old boy come inside the emergency room. “Doctor, my baby has a scald!”

Xu Qin looks at the little boy, his injury isn’t serious. “Just go to the outpatient service and register.”

The mother is worried: “But he is really in pain. How long would we wait if we go to queue there? There’s also no one outside. You should accommodate us by helping us check our Baby.”

The little by is still crying out loud. This moment, there’s no emergency case so Xu Qin says: “Go outside and queue.”

The mother is still unhappy: “But…….”

Xu Qin raises her head: “There’s a patient over here.”

That parents just take the little kid to wait on the side. They just glare at Xu Qin as if it could pressure here and let her to finish her duty soon.

Xu Qin: “Please go out, we should protect this patient and take the registration number.”

The parents are unwilling yet they still take the kid to move back to near the door. They are not going out of the emergency room.

Xu Qin doesn’t bicker with them. She just opens a recipe and passes it to the white-collar worker. “Go to pharmacy to buy the medicine, then go to the injection department to get an injection. Also in the future if you were bitten by a wild dog, just go to the Center for Disease Control. No need to go to here.”

“Thank you Doctor.” The white-collar worker just leaves.

That parents immediately take the boy to sit down on the chair. “Doctor, take a look…..’

Then suddenly two men with ash on their body, rush inside the emergency room.


That man’s wrist is burned. His clothes and skins are sticked close together, They somehow look miserable.

That parents are feeling disgusted about their dirty bodies, they try to avoid them.

Xu Qin notices that both of these men look familiar, she just writes a recipe and gives it to the parents: “Go to the pharmacy and buy this medicine. You should apply it for three days and he would get better.”

Then Xu Qin just turns her body and talks to the nurse; “Xiao Nan? Call her over, prepare for the surgery.”

The parents look at this and says: “Doctor, you aren’t done with my boy!”

Xu Qin turns her head: “You should follow the prescription.” Then she just wants to leave.

The man is angry and suddenly pulls Xu Qin’s arm.

Xu Qin staggers and almost falls down.

“Have you check my boy?! Ah! You even didn’t look at him for ten seconds? How could you just prescribe the medicine randomly? How could you not explain it to us?!”

Xu Qin: “If you want to chat with the doctor, you should go to queue to the outpatient service.” Then she turns her head: “Xiao Bei. Take these people away and prepare the surgery.”

Xu Qin goes outside. That man is holding Xu Qin’s white robe and pulls her back. “Today if you don’t check my son’s condition clearly, I will not let you go you!”

Xu Qin: “Let me go.”

“So what if I don’t let you go?” That man opens up his phone. He positions his phone toward Xu Qin’s face. “This is the best hospital in the city, yet it has this kind of doctor. I’ll record it and show it online.”

Xu Qin raises her hand and that man’s phone just falls down to the ground.


The nurse yells: “What are you doing?!”

Xu Qin struggles hard to get free but she is not strong. She couldn’t avoid it. She could only see that man’s palm coming toward her cheek.

Yet that slap never comes.

A strange yet familiar figure blocks it from her.


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