Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 12

Monday, Song Yan didn’t come to the class.

Tuesday, he didn’t come. Wednesday, he still didn’t come. Thursday, he also didn’t come.

Till the Thursday night, the time Xu Qin was tidying things up inside the dorm and wanted to get ready to sleep. She heard someone climbed over the wall. Then she immediately heard someone climbed the tree.

She walked toward the balcony, and pulled the curtain till it closed. Then she saw that Song Yan was sitting on crotch of a tree and smoking a cigarette. He raised his eyebrow toward her.

Xu Qin asked: “What are you doing here?”

Song Yan didn’t answer and just asked: “Kid, do you miss me?”

Xu Qin shook her head honestly; “No.”

Song Yan’s face turned stiff: “Think about it once more.” His gaze looked dangerous and threatening.

Xu Qin said nothing and they both just looked at each other. After a while, Xu Qin felt bored: “I’ll go inside.”

Song Yan: “Stop.”

Xu Qin stopped moving and looked at him without any expression.

Song Yan: “Go downstair.”

Xu Qin didn’t plan to do what he said.

Song Yan: “I’ll give you five minutes. If you don’t go down, I’ll go up. Even if you are sleeping, I would drag you out.”

Xu Qin went downstair.

Song Yan stood beside the staircase toward the drill ground under the big tree.

She came over and stood three meters away from him. She didn’t move closer and just watched at him silently.

Song Yan also just watched her and didn’t say anything. He took out his cigarette and smoked it. He smoked it while watching her too. Xu Qin had no response.

Both of them were looking at each other without saying anything. Till Song Yan finished smoking a cigarette. He then took something out from his pocket and threw it to her.

Xu Qin took it and looked at it, it’s a pack of plum candies. It looked common, yet Xu Qin’s heart boomed. It’s the plum candies from her hometown, Liang City. No one sold it nearby.

She didn’t know where did he get it, she also didn’t know whether he knew that she was from Liang City. She raised her head to look at him. He could see her surprised and puzzled expression.

His expression was cold, he was smiling proudly but quickly he just acted normal.

Song Yan raised his chin: “Go back.”

Xu Qin looked at the pack of candies, then looked at him. It’s obvious that she was full of questions. Yet she didn’t ask him and just turned her body to leave.

Song Yan looked at her figure and suddenly felt it’s a unsightly scene. He came forward, clutched her shoulder and turned her body away. He said: “Take off your clothes.”

Xu Qin was startled.

He threw away his cigarette. he didn’t explain and just helped her to take off her uniform’s coat —- Her uniform shirt was drawn a tortoise on it with ink.

She was a transfer student, she didn’t like to talk, she had no friend. So she was the target of bullied. The committee of the student didn’t find her homework, but her homework was thrown away to the trash bin. She was asked to do the class duties everyday.

Song Yan could know all of the tricks.

He clenched his fist: “Who bullied you?”

Xu Qin didn’t say anything.

“I’m asking you, are you mute? Ah?”

“I don’t know.” She lowers her head and says it with a low voice.

The next day of school, Xu Qin wore a very loose school uniform, on the back of it, it was written: “Song Yan”

That day Song Yan stayed well-behaved at the classroom for the whole day, for the whole day his gaze was fixed on Xu Qin. From time to time he glanced at those ‘offenders’ who kept on approaching her.

No one dared to bully her again after that.

Xu Qin considered whether Song Yan knows about it, that she especially wore that school uniform and didn’t wash the tortoise drawing that day for him to see it.

It’s okay whether he knows or not, anyway he still likes her.

She recalled what happened that night, does she like Song Yan?



The National Day is the second holiday beside Spring Festival which has a lot of emergency cases than normal. Most of the cases are getting drunk and food poisoning. Those cases keep being sent to the hospital.

Xu Qin feels nothing, she just regulates like a robot.

Xiao Nan is envious toward the outpatient department nurses that could have holiday, she also ridicules the police and 100, who keep on sending people with just minor injury. It’s a chaos in the emergency room.

It’s the last day for the long holiday, everyone is so nervous because the last day usually is the day which a lot of car accidents would happen. The broadcasting companies and the street signs have informed and warned the driver to pass the speed limit, to not do drunk driving, not to drive if they feel to tired. But there is still few people that don’t listen and follow the rule.

It turns out that for the last day, the emergency room receives three serious cases of car accidents. Xu Qin and her group need to do the operation till 4:00 a.m in the early morning.

Xu Qin exits the operation room and bumps into the patient’s family members, she feels her waist is in pain.

The family members are rushing toward Doctor Li and hearing the news that the surgery is successful, they hold Xu Qin’s hands and thank her. Xu Qin just retreats and leaves.

Xu Qin returns to her office room and writes the notes, the new-coming nurse, Xiao Bei, also gets inside. She says: “It’s too touching”

“What is it?”

Xiao Nan explain: “Before the family members are kneeling and bowing to thank Doctor Li, they keep on thanking her.”

Xu Qin writes on her note: “If they want to thank her, it’s better for them to let Doctor Li back home to rest.”

Xiao Nan and Xiao Bei are used to Xu Qin’s words, they don’t feel that there’s anything strange.

Xiao Dong couldn’t endure it: “Doctor Xu, the family members are thankful for his work, they are thankful for the doctor’s effort, don’t you feel it’s touching?”

Xu Qin just answers without raising her head: “They would forget it soon.”

Xiao Dong feels Xu Qin is really unbelievable: “How could it be? If a police helps you, would you forget it soon?”

“I would.” Xu Qin says: “People are forgetful beings.”

Just like that rainy night, a firefighter called Song Yan, helped her. She was so touched and felt that he was her hero by the time she was out. But she forgot it, her life is so busy, she couldn’t keep on thinking of his merit of rescuing her everyday.

Just like what’s happened between them, they used to have a lot of fine memories, he could easily forget about her.

Xu Qin stops writing and pauses for a second, then she quickly writes again.

“Have you ever meet a patient that come back again to thank the doctor?” Xu Qin asks.

Xiao Dong is speechless, she looks at Xiao Nan; Xiao Nan just shrugs her shoulder and shakes her head to express that she never meets one.

Xiao Dong is unhappy: “But to thank the doctor on the day, it should be enough. Moreover, when you get their thank you, don’t you feel proud?”

Xu Qin raises her head: “For me, saving people, it’s my work and also responsibility., that’s all. I am not a God, I’m also not the Savior.”

She says it and continues to write.

“You think that you are just completing and doing your job so you don’t need other people’s deeply gratefulness?” Xiao Dong tries to make sense of her words. Though it’s quite conflicted toward what she has experienced, yet it sounds reasonable, “Doctor Xu, your attitude, I’m very respect—-“

“There’s something to add.” Xu Qin looks at her eyes again.

“If I couldn’t save him and he is dead. It’s also not my responsibility, it’s not my mistake.”

Xiao Dong is startled. Xu Qin is really a cold and cool doctor.

“Doctor Xu, if the patient is dead, you really don’t blame yourself?”

“As a nurse, you should accept a fact: The study of medical science is a study of science, there’s a limit on it. If the patient’s illness is exceeded the limit of study of science, his death because of his own fate. I’m not God, I’m just an ordinary person. I wouldn’t blame myself for other people.


The time Xu Qin gets off the work, she passes the corridor. She is surprised to see a group of firefighters are checking on the fire system.

She just remembers that few days ago, the hospital sends a manual book about firefighting. They informed the staff that today, there would be a course of lectures about it. Yet Xu Qin keeps on working so she doesn’t attend it.

If there’s no disaster happens, no one would care.

Indeed Xu Qin goes to the conference room. Inside it everyone just talk for few minutes and leaves.

The speaker is Shi Li Tai firefighting group political instructor, Li Meng. Her subordinates are checking the hospital area and reporting back to her. Most people are packing up to get ready to leave.

Xu Qin stands outside the room and looks around.

Li Meng smiles and asks: “Is there any problem?”

Xu Qin: “Are you guys from Shi Li Tai?”


“Is Song Yan here?” Xu Qin asks.

Li Meng is startled, she smiles and says: “We are the large group, he is the squadron unit.

Xu Qin just realizes: “Son the division of labor is not the same.”

Li Meng says: “The squadron is handling the actual combat like extinguish a fire, rescuing, yet for educating people about disaster or inspection, it is the large group’s duties.”

Xu Qin thinks about it and summarizes birefly: “So the dangerous things would be handled by them, and the relaxed duties would be done by you guys.”

Li Meng: “………..”

She couldn’t help but to sighs. This woman is too frank and direct.

“Thank you.” Xu Qin just leaves.


People are forgetful beings.

Yes, Xu Qing thinks.

She doesn’t recall the scene of Song Yan rescuing her, perhaps because she knows it’s a wasteful thing to do.

She also rarely remembers about Song Yan because she purposely avoids to pass the fire hydrant on the corridor.

Feeling is an important thing, moreover she is good at adapting to pressure. she could forgets old memories.

A ‘flower’ without fruit, though it could bloom beautifully yet when it’s blown by the wind or rain, what could it do.

For the next two weeks, everything is peaceful and calm.

The spring feels like it’s just come and now it would end soon.

In the last week of October, the north area streets are full of ginkgo trees with yellow leaves. That time, Xu Qin remembers Song Yan.

That time she is holding a cup of coffee and stands in that lively yet chilly intersecting streets to wait for the red light to turn green. Under the blue sky, the red light just flashes. She suddenly remembers the warning lamp of the firefighters.

She thinks that happens should be because of her loneliness.

She follows the crowd to pass the street, she just puts that kind of longing back to her mind.

She gets into the hospital and wants to start the busy day ahead of her.

After the National Day holiday and two weeks of working normally, Xu Qin and friends haven’t gotten their holiday. Xiao Nan starts to boast about how tired she is. Anyway she feels that though she is in holiday, there would be a doctor would help the emergency patients.

Xu Qin looks at her: “Don’t give me anymore trouble. I’m waiting to get off the work.”

Xiao Nan roars: “Doctor Xu, you are really ruthless.”

They would start they holiday after this day. Ten minutes before their holiday start, several people are resting.

Xu Qin takes an opportunity to go and wash her hands, Xiao Nan sighs: “Doctor Xu, I never meets a doctor with an unhealthily obsession with cleanliness as serious as you.”

Xu Qin: “How many minutes left before the getting off the work.”

Xiao Bei: “Eight minutes.”

Xu Qin: “I hope there’s no….”

Xiao Nan, Xiao Bei’s faces just change and starts to cry out in alarm for her to stop: “Don’t talk that way!”

Xu Qin just shuts up and looks at both of them.

Xiao Bei pulls a long face: “That kind of words would be terrible when you say it.”

Xiao Nan puts her palms together before one: “Pah, Pah, Pah, it shouldn’t count.”

The time they are talking, Doctor Li comes over: “Doctor Xu, there’s a major accident in the San Huan, you follow the ambulance.” She then looks at the nurses.

Xiao Nan: “I’ll go.”

Xiao Bei; “I’ll go.”

Following ambulance to the accident scene is quite smooth and easy.

The accident happens near the city moat, A Ferrari exceeded the speed limit and bumped a sedan and motorbike. It also bumped the railing and entered the river.

The ambulance stops nearby, the firefighters’ car also stop on the side.

Xu Qin gets off the ambulance; Song Yan is wearing his orange firefighter suit and trying to help the victim.

Their eyes meet each other. But quickly they return to do their own business.

In the westward, there’s a victim that is tossed out of the car. He is on the roadside.

In the eastward, there’s a victim that is stuck inside the ruined car.

White ambulance cars, red rescue vehicles, both have their warning lamps on. A woman with white doctor’s coat and a man with an orange firefighter suit are there.

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