Waiting for You in the City (一座城,在等你) by Jiu Yue Xi 玖月晞 ~ Chapter 11

Song Yan, let’s get back together.

Xu Qin wakes up at the midnight and dreams of the time she said those words.

This time she is much more sober. She said those words without really thinking it through. If he agreed, what should she do next?

Could she dare to let her parents know? No, she doesn’t dare.

Could they last for a long time? Not likely.

Though she knows clearly that it is impossible but that day she seems to be crazy, she likes so immersed in a longing to take him back. He is a driftwood that could help her from drowning.

If she needs to choose, would she really give up everything, everything about her old life and her family for him?

Xu Qin knows the answer clearly so the time he refuses her, she feels painful and desperate yet somehow rejoiced for not need to change.

From the beginning till the last, she never be determined.

The night is silent. She thinks that time her face should be very ugly. Song Yan should see that she was so ugly so he annoyed and despised her; so he doesn’t willing to get back together with her. He even didn’t turn his head to look at her.

In the early morning 03:00 a.m., she sits on the bed. The window is open so it’s cold.

Xu Qin actually was born and raised in Southern area. Before she was ten years old, she lived at Liang City.

Since she was young, her face is delicate and pretty. She has a beautiful hair, her hair is in flax color like she dyes it. Everyone was so envious for her beauty, and also her status. She is the daughter of major of the city.

Since she was young, she lived in a big mansion. She was educated well. But suddenly her fine life was changed.

Papa Mama weren’t loving each other anymore. Everyday they kept on fighting. Mama yelled: “Liar, Liar. I would report you.” Papa would yell back at her: “If you couldn’t endure it, just divorce. what do you want?”

Xu Qin doesn’t know what did Papa lie to Mama, she also doesn’t know what Mama wanted. She never knows the answer of that question. Mama just burnt their house that night. She burnt herself and her husband. Perhaps she also wanted to burn the fruit of their love — Xu Qin.

But Xu Qin was rescued and sent to the orphanage. All the people were gossiping about her. Everyone was looking at her with a strange gaze.

People at the orphanage didn’t like her, they loved to talk bad about her. Sometimes she would fight and being punished to work or starve or couldn’t sleep. A lot of people bullied her. “Xu Qin, where’s your expensive car? Why there’s no one picking you up?” “Xu Qin, where is your Barbie doll?” “Xu Qin, why don’t you wear your calfskin boots?”. They would use her Pa Ma’s story and make a drama with it.

She turned to be quieter. She wanted to be an invisible person.

Till one day, Papa’s comrade, Meng Huai Jin and his wife, Fu Wen Ying, appeared. He said: “Qin Qin, we come to get you home.”

The twelve years old Meng Yan Chen extended his hand and smiled toward her: “Qin Qin, I am Ge Ge (big bro).”

That year she was just ten years old, Xu Qin moved to distant area on the north.

Meng Huai Jin regards Xu Qin as his own daughter, he extremely loves her. He and Xu Qin are like father and daughter. Xu Qin loves him like her own father. Her foster mother, Fu Wen Ying, also showed her care toward her. It’s just Xu Qin’s presence in the family made Fu Wen Ying paid more attention between Meng Yan Chen and Xu Qin.

When Xu Qin just came into the Meng family, Meng Huai Jin was so busy with his work, he really minded anything. Yet Fu Wen Ying was arrogant and harsh. She is a woman with rules and standards. With unfamiliar Xu Qin, she taught her harshly and ruthlessly. Day and night Xu Qin was trembling with fear. She didn’t dare to make Fu Wen Ying dissatisfied, she was afraid that she would be returned back to the orphanage. She didn’t dare to talk much, she didn’t dare to go out of her room. Meng Yan Chen would accompany her to carve her wood. He would accompany her for the whole day; at home, she didn’t dare to make sound as she was afraid that it’ll disturb Fu Wen Ying. Meng Yan Chen used to close an open the door noisily and made Fu Wen Ying angry; She didn’t dare to be picky toward her food, she didn’t dare to choose what she likes, she also didn’t dare to eat too much. She was afraid that Fu Wen Ying would think it’s costly to raise her. Meng Yan Chen would take her to eat out, that time she would eat till she was full; She frequently dreamt about her parents being burnt, how they yelled. She dreamt about those bullies. She used to have difficulty to sleep. Meng Yan Chen just accompanied her to draw.

Gradually they turned into teenagers.

Though they had a good relationship like real brother and sister but after all they aren’t related. For avoiding anything to happen between them, finally one day, Fu Wen Ying suggested to do the formal adoption process and changed Xu Qin into Meng Qin. She wanted her in their household certificate.

Xu Qin wasn’t willing to do it, she sat there on the table and wiped her tears. Though she loves Meng Papa, yet she wants to have the same name as her father.

Meng Huai Jin couldn’t be ruthless, so he suggested not to change it. Though he feels that though Xu Qin has different family name as him, she would still be his daughter.

Yet Fu Wen Ying insisted.

Xu Qin finally agreed — Meng Yan Chen persuaded her.

A month after, Xu Qin suddenly proposed to go to the boarding school. Fu Wen Ying let her go.

She stayed at the dorm. She wasn’t familiar with all the friendsMeng Huai Jin was afraid that she would be bullied so everyone in the family sent her over to the dorm. Meng Yan Chen also bought several snacks and drinks for her roommates and friends to ‘buy their support’ for Xu Qin.

Yet it produced a little effect.

Xu QIn doesn’t like to talk, she always acts passive. Every female student likes to gather together, yet she just likes to be alone.

After her family was gone, her roommates saw that Xu Qin had Sony walkman, they looked what songs she has in it.

A female student asked her: “Meng Qin…… I never see this one. God, the red one is much prettier than what’s on TV!”

“Could we borrow it?”

Xu Qin just nods.

“Yi, why do you only have classic music.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, we should educate ourself with a good music.”

Those three female students were excited, Xu Qin just stayed there and observed their happy faces.

“Meng Qin, is your family really rich?”

Xu Qin shakes her head: “Only Papa is willing to spend.”

“Before that young, tall and handsome boy is your Ge Ge?”

Xu Qin said nothing.

“Could you introduce him to me? He is my type.”

Xu Qin shook her head.

“Why you couldn’t, don’t be so stingy.” The female student asks.

Xu Qin raised her head and said seriously: “He wouldn’t like you.”

Everyone was surprised to hear it.

“What are you doing?”

“Right, you are too cruel.”

“I’m just joking. If you don’t want to introduce him, then don’t. Why should you hurt our feeling.”

Xu Qin just holds her box and be silent.

“She even doesn’t explain herself, she is too much.”

For the first meal in the new school, she was also eating it alone at the dining hall.

The first day of the school, she also sat alone in the corner.

The homeroom family’s name is Lu. The class started with introduction and questions. Fifteen years old students were very noisy, moreover most of them know each other. So the questions were varied and weird.

When the bell rang, Teacher Lu asked: “Everyone has introduced themselves right then we…”

“Lao Lu!” A male student from the rear row yells, “That girl hasn’t.”

Xu Qin looked back and noticed that he was pointing at her. She looked that male student was wearing a loose clothes. One of his leg was on the chair. He pointed at her with his righthand.

The laughter stopped. Everyone was looking at Xu Qin.

Xu Qin looked at him silently, that male student just stared at her like he was probing her.

Teacher Lu turned apologetic and let Xu Qin came up to the stage.

Xu Qin wasn’t nervous and not excited too. She just said calmly: “Hi everyone. I am Meng Qin.”

She just introduced herself with a sentence and went off the stage.

Teacher Lu wanted to ask her to say more thing so he said: “Meng Qin, what hobby do you have? Could you tell everyone.”

Xu Qin shook her head: “No.

Teacher Lu looked at the student: “Then do you guys have any question?”

It’s an absolute silent.

She was completely unimportant, what could they ask.

This time, that male student on the rear row spoke up again: “Which Meng? Which Qin?”

Xu Qin: “Zi Min of Meng, Shui Xin of Qin.”

“You are really Guai (obedient).” That male student just smiled at her.

“Yan Ge (Brother Yan), you dallies with female student again.”

All the men start to laugh.

“Song Yan!” Teacher Lu scolded him again.

A student responded: “Song Yan also hasn’t introduced himself.”

Everyone cheered for that popular bad boy.

Song Yan doesn’t move: “Everyone should know me so I wouldn’t talk much about me. —- Lao Lu, it’s the end of the class.” Then he goes toward the door.

Everyone seems to be dissatisfied.

“We haven’t asked him anything.”

He exited the door and only left Xu Qin the back of his figure.

After that Xu Qin had no interaction with Song Yan, she also just went to the class and off the class. She would just return to her dorm after the class. She did everything by herself.

But Song Yan had a lot of friends, male ad female friends. As long as he was there, the classroom would be very noisy. Yet he rarely came to school, he loved to skip the class, smoked, fought.

Yet that weekend after the class ended, without any sign, Song Yan stopped Xu Qin on the way and declared that he liked her. Both of them stood there for an hour and finally Song Yan gave in.

He was very unhappy and took out a cigarette to smoke. He just stayed silent and smoked it. Then he glanced at her and showed an expression ‘you, girl, aren’t sensitive’. He kept on looking at her and finally smiled. He raised his hand and stroked her head. “Let’s go.”

Xu Qin walked and passed by his side. She heard him said: “See you next week.”

He let her go, it didn’t mean that he set her free.

“See you next week, Meng Qin.” Song Yan said.

After Xu Qin reached home, she didn’t show any difference. She didn’t tell what happened.

Yet on Monday, Song Yan didn’t come to the class.

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